1 Powerful Trick To Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Income

If you have been doing affiliate marketing for some time, it’s good news for you because today I’m going to share a cool little trick that you can use to boost your affiliate promotions.

If you have no idea what affiliate marketing is, then to put it simply – affiliate marketing is the activities you undertake to promote products and services of someone or some companies in exchange for their commissions.

So you promote products and services => people buy => you earn commissions.

If you want a more detailed explanation of what affiliate marketing is, go download my FREE Report “Your First 100 Dollars Online” and consume it! :)

Now let’s get back to the topic at hand.

The normal cycle of affiliate marketing usually goes like this:

1. You choose the market/niche

2. You set up sites that sell your affiliate products

3. You drive traffic to your sites

4. Visitors come to your sites, and a certain small percentage of them will buy your affiliate products, meaning you earn money

Today I’m going to talk about number 3, which is driving traffic to your sites.

And when we are talking about driving traffic to sites, what comes in mind first? :roll:

Probably techniques such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click), forum marketing, article marketing, social bookmarking, etc. right?

For now let’s just focus on SEO and PPC and put aside all the other techniques all right?

Now when we talk about SEO what people usually do is this:

They go all out to optimize their sites for a few keyword phrases using awesome SEO techniques they have just learned.

And when it comes to PPC advertising campaigns, the following scenario is not uncommon:

They bid on a few keyword phrases on Google Adwords in the hope that their sites are shown on the first page of Google. (Just a little quick note to beginners – if you have no idea what Google Adwords is, again, go download my FREE Report “Your First 100 Dollars Online” and read it. :lol:

If you are promoting products or services that are in very high competitive niches/markets, then you will have a hard time trying to do well in your SEO and PPC efforts if you do exactly what everyone else out there is doing – that is, targeting or bidding keywords that are related to the niche in question.

What exactly what do I mean by that?

Suppose you are an affiliate trying to promote products in the weight loss or fat loss niche. I’m using the this niche as an example because it is a very competitive niche.

Now let’s choose a weight loss product to promote. I’d go to Clickbank, and after some time searching I found a great product to promote, which is called “Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle“.

Now if you were the “usual” affiliates like everybody else out there, then you’d surely go after keywords such as “weight loss”, “fat loss”, “lose your weight”, “lose your fat”, etc. for your SEO and PPC efforts.

Am I correct in saying this?

The trick is to NOT target those keywords that are related to the niche in question, but to target the product name in your SEO or PPC efforts. :wink:


Because by targeting the product name instead of the typical keywords related to the niche:

1. The competition is usually much lower (unless the product name is already very, very, very popular such as iPod, Playstation, Nintendo Wii, etc.), which means it will be easier for your SEO or PPC efforts.

If you go to Google and type in the keywords “fat loss” (in quotes), there are 5.470.000 competing web pages:

If you type in the product name “burn the fat feed the muscle” (in quotes), Google tells us that there are 322.000 competing web pages:

2. Traffic that comes to your site will be much more targeted and qualified, because these people voluntarily typed in the product name in Google and searched for it.

This means that he has probably been exposed to the marketing messages or promotions of this product before, and he is searching in Google by the product name to find out more about the product, and the reason he is finding out more about the product is mostly because he is interested in buying the product!

Contrast this when you target typical keywords related to the niche in question, for example “fat loss”.
People typing in “fat loss” do not necessarily mean that they are ready to buy. In fact, more often than not, they just want to get free information about fat loss.

Now there is one last thing that you need to make sure to make this trick effective – and that is to check whether people searching for the product name you are targeting.

If nobody is searching for the product name, why bother trying to rank for that keyword phrase?

Go to Google Adwords Keyword Tool (it’s Free):

Type in the product name, in this case “burn the fat feed the muscle” (without quotes).

Click “Get keyword ideas”

Select “Exact” from the drop-down list under “Match Type” and you will see the screen below:

It tells us that the keyword phrase “burn the fat feed the muscle” is searched in Google approximately an average of 5.400 times per month in the US.

That is 180 times per day. And this is only for the keyword phrase “burn the fat feed the muscle”, which is the product name. :razz:

You can be more creative by targeting other combinations of keyword phrases which have the product name in them. Looking at the above screen, you could probably also target “burn the fat feed the muscle ebook” or “burn the fat feed the muscle pdf”, etc.

And let’s not forget the above numbers are only for people searching in the US. You can also do some research for people searching in other countries?

How do you do that?

Well, if go back to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool you will see the following screen:

Click “edit”.

Just select the country that you want to do research on, type in the keywords, and click “get keyword ideas” and you’ll have a new research!

If you are hitting a bottleneck where you can’t seem to rank well for your targeted keywords in your SEO or PPC efforts, try out this “target the product name” trick now.

Not today or tomorrow, but now.

Remember, procrastination destroys your business! :cool:

41 Responses to “1 Powerful Trick To Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Income”

  • Organic SEO is the way to go. Highest ROI and your SERP rankings don’t drop as soon as you stop funding like PPC.

  • What may be a powerful trick in boosting your affiliate marketing income today, is old news in a few months. The Internet keeps us on tenterhooks wondering what’s next.

    Five years ago, SEO was predicted to flop and lose face. Even social media’s role in the marketing society today was never predicted.

  • Very complete and helpful article. The google keyword tool is something that I use daily adn has been helping me create some micro niche sites. Its a very powerful tool and you taught me a couple of things that i didnt even know existed.

  • Let me add one more- connect with those the same niche as yours. Readers would easily notice you if they are looking for the niche that you have.

  • organic SEO is always the best coz google likes natural link building.;*

  • If you made use of an effective and reliable technique, you are certain that your marketing income will increase and will improve as time pass by.

  • This is great. Google marketing is always the best way to gain traffic. The rules keep changing but doing things right should result in great results for a long time.

  • i love to do affiliate marketing on the net because it is easy to earn lots of money ..

  • Organic SEO is always the best as Google likes you to optimize your page in an organic way.~,*

  • Well, organic SEO is the way to do it because you won’t get banned by major search engine.`.,

  • my PPC advertising on Google Adwords is really effective in promoting my affiliate links. my Adbrite PPC advertising cost seems to be higher than Adwords.,”`

  • This post goes to show that unique ideas are hard to kill. Over a year in Internet marketing is a lifetime for techniques but I have to believe this is just as relevant today.

    My mind’s racing with PPC campaigns right now!

  • Yeah, but all keywords have to be “watered” by other similar keywords, for example for keyword “blog” – “nice blog” “blog about %productname%” etc

  • I just started a business working with affiliate marketing and blog development. More web 2.0 then SEO. This is a great article. It fits inline with what I am doing. I have worked for some major advertising firms and have found one thing in common with them all…Way to expensive. Things are about to change :) Keep up the good article writing and helpful tips. Check out http://www.ebarsolutions.com any feedback prior to launch would be helpful.


  • I believe the the technique you stated is the long tail SEO wherein the keyword phrase should at least 3 words or more in order to get into your site. This method is quite simple to increase your site ranking. The good thing about this is there’s a higher chance of conversion into sales.

  • the secret to affiliate marketing is always targeted traffic from developed countries like us, uk and canada. affiliate marketing would not give you a good income if you try it on asian internet traffic.

  • Good stuff Welly,

    I’m learning Bum Marketing, Pot Pie Girl style, using a lot of Squidoo lenses, and am going to use this trick, not only to sell the product, but to sell other products that I think are better than the product keyword I’ll be targeting.

    Squidoo’s an incredible free resource. If anyone wants a free Squidoo guide they should go to http://tinyurl.com/squidoopotpie

  • This is a real good post. Even i have been doing affiliate marketing for sometime now. I am just glad i went through your post. Keep up the good work.

  • To be frank, I didn’t know about the Google Keyword tool. I mean i thought that it isn’t free for all. Before that i was using yahoo’s keyword tool. Thanks for the great information, its really useful for me as i am a seasonal affiliate marketer.

  • It is a great blog which gave much information on the seo techniques like keyword search , pager ranking …. and more…. can you suggest me a tool to find do follow blogs .

  • Hey i know i am like a yr late with this comment but i am glad i ran across this information. I plan on starting my ppc business Friday morning by promoting dvd movies and video games. I will be using Amazon to start off just to see how my sales go at start. My keywords will be ultra targeted, i will be using the movie names that get at lease 5,000 to 10,000 searches a month with low competition. I am great with words and my keyword will used a lot. I am hoping that i can have some success with this. What do you guys think?

  • Affiliate marketing is the easiest and the most lucrative way to start your internet marketing career. Once you get the feel of the business you can then venture on to others. And remember, success is not by chance, it’s by choice!.

  • Hey,

    Nice post and right on the money. Most people who conduct PPC campaigns lose thier shirt to the high traffic keywords they have no hope of ranking for.

    Longtail and obscure is definately the route to go. Afterall if someone is prepared to type in what is refered to as a “buyer keyword” then they are as qualified for your offer as hungry man in a pizza shop.

    Well explained and great read.



  • Thanks for the very helpful trick. I have been using a similar technique to promote problems by name. I look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  • To make money online with the affiliate business program requires that you will get targeted web site traffic to your principal´s web site ( or to your own ), who will purchase. To be successful at the affiliate program marketing business and to make an income online, you´ll need two things: a strong will and a successful affiliate business program, which matches to you, i.e. you like the kind of affiliate business and you already know a lot of the topic or are willing to learn.

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  • Wow, great tip there, and to be honest, I’m sad I never thought about it. I should give that shot though, as like you said, a lot of keywords out there are WAYYYY too oversaturated.

  • This is a nice tip and I have been using it for some time now. But with the increasing number of affiliates, no secret is a secret. You have to be innovative all throughout if you are to be ahead of the competition. These days you will find that most affiliates use the product name to be competitive. Hence it becomes important that you do a bit of research and come with some quality long-tail keywords from the product name as the base keyword. It is only then that you will win.

  • Thanks for showing us another way to use the adwords keywords tool. I’m going to try it right now.

  • I agree with this. Google certainly does have an excellent keyword tool. I actually discovered something earlier about two of my keywords in one of my AdWords campaign. They both had an 8/10 quality score but were not showing in the U.S.

    However, they were showing in the U.K. and Australia. It will be interesting to see how that turns out. It gave me an idea to test the max. bids to see if it will show up in the U.S.

    I will have to post about that sometime. Good post, Welly.

  • Hello,
    It’s a good article. Bear in mind though, that Google kewyword tool gives you only PPC searches and the number of those is HUGELY different form natural searches. I did comparative research recently and found that wordtracker stats have very little in common with google adwords!

    So my advise to people – do not trust too much to adwords stats, it’ s much more reliable to use natural searches.


  • Bartolomo – Incredible tool isn’t it? I used it almost exclusively for my keyword and niche research :cool:

    Wealth – Many thanks for the compliments. I’m glad you found it useful :razz:

  • Hey, you should have kept this as a secret, ahaha. Thanks for sharing such a valuable information. This is definitely helpful for new and seasoned affiliate marketers alike.

  • Great article. I’ve been using Google keyword tool lately, and once you get the hang of it, it’s great.

  • Eddie – Yep that’s true. Forgot to mention that :P Thanks!

    Jan – Thanks for sharing the info. Long tail keywords will definitely help in ranking your site since they are less competitive, just like what you said.

  • Very good post I agree with everything you said however I have found that targeting long tail keywords with little competition is another easy way to get to the first page of google. If you go to my blog http://www.perfectnetworkmarketing.com and click on free keword research tool you will see I found this tool that shows you how many time a keyword is searched everyday just like the regular wordtracker tool but this tool also shows you how many sites are competing for that keyword which makes it a great free tool.


  • Great information Welly. Also when it comes to focusing your SEO on the product names I’ve found that adding “review” or “reviews” can also help out a lot.

  • Terry,

    Glad it could of use to you!

  • Terry E

    Eye opening article. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to implementing this trick with my affiliate campaigns.

  • Hey Devil blogger,

    Thanks for the inclusion. Glad you liked it :mrgreen:

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