1 Simple Reason Why Nobody Wants To Buy Your Product

When it comes to the subject of creating products or services, many marketers make the huge mistake of creating the product or service before doing some due diligence first.

By due diligence I mean doing research to determine if the products or services they offer have some kind of demand or not.

This scenario – where marketers create products and services before gauging if there is any demand at all for their products – is most likely because they are simply too excited to get their feet off the ground and to get the ball rolling…:smile:

…not forgetting to mention also that most of these people are beginners who have just started to learn how to market online.

After all, every successful Internet marketer out there always advocates taking massive action!

If all they do is simply learning without taking any action, they’ll get screamed at. Now that they have taken the courageous first step to actually get the ball rolling, nobody wants to buy their products/services.

So these action-takers can’t totally be blamed can they?

Whilst the aspirations and desires to make a profit marketing products and services is great, one needs to take into account the demand for the kind of products or services being created.

It is simply useless to be creating a perfect, fantastic, super duper powerful product when nobody wants to use it.

So the first step you need to do when it comes to creating products or services to market (both online and offline) is to first determine if there is any demand for that product/service.

If there is no demand or if the demand is very, very little then you should not develop the product/service.

If there is substantial demand, then you can get started on getting your product or service created. :razz:

One effective way I’ve discovered over the past few years to gauge the demand for your product or service is to find out what problems people want to have solved. This means that these people not only have problems, but they want these problems to be solved.

The more desperate these problems the better for you as a product or service owner. :cool:


Because people will be more ready to shell out their money to fix desperate problems. For example, let’s say I’m about to go on a first date next week and I have these huge ugly pimples on my face. In this kind of dire situation, I’d happily shell out my hard earned money to get fast solutions so that I can have a neat and clean pimple-free face.

Now, one way to see what problems people are having is by visiting forums. After all, forums are places where people with the same interests (and problems) hang around!

Let’s take the above example where I’m in the VERY dire situation to get pimples cleared fast.

Go to Google and type “acne forum”. Look through the sites returned by Google.

As a rule of thumb, look through forums that have the following criteria:

1. Alexa Rank

Alexa rank is simply a measure of how much traffic a site is getting. It is not the most accurate thing in the world, but it gives us a picture of how well a particular site is doing in terms of traffic relative to other sites.

If you haven’t installed the Alexa toolbar on your Firefox browser yet, then my advice is to do it now. The toolbar is Free and it’s a great tool to add to your Internet marketing arsenal.

Go to Alexa

Click the “Get Sparky” button and follow the simple steps to install your Alexa toolbar.

When looking for forums, strive to find those with Alexa rank less than 1 million. The less the Alexa rank the better.

At the time of this writing, Yahoo has an Alexa rank of 1, Google 2, and YouTube 3. This means that Yahoo is the most visited site on the planet, Google the second most visited site, and YouTube the third most visited site.

2. How Many Members Are Registered At The Forum

The more registered members the better, because you can gain more insights to the different problems faced by these members.

This way, you can read through the posts to find potential big problems that your product could cater to meet the needs of these people who are desperately seeking solutions.

Strive to find at least 5000 registered members. The more registered members the better.

3. How Many Page Views Are There?

When you land on a forum homepage, typically it will have sub-forums. In our acne forum example, you could have sub-forums on different sub-topics.

For example, using Google I found this acne forum, which is further categorized into sub-forums:

You can see that there are sub-forums on “acne treatments”, “adult acne”, “acne scars”, etc.

Go into one of the sub-forums:

You can see that one of the posts has a VERY high page views (4,524) as seen above. This would be a great thread (post) to browse through to find potential problems these “acne people” are having.

Generally speaking, the more page views the better.

4. How Many Replies Are There?

The more replies to a specific thread (post) the better for you when doing research to discover problems faced by these people.


Because more replies mean that the topic being discussed is more popular than other topics.

When time is limited, strive to read those threads with more replies first. If time permits, then you can, of course, browse through other threads as well.

In this article, you’ve learned how to discover potential problems people have using the power of forum research. Once you have a rough idea about their problems, you can even post a thread in the forum asking if they would be interested in such and such a product or service, which of course is the product or service you will be offering to them in the near future. :mrgreen:

In the next article, I’ll be covering how to market your product or service to these people, which is called effective forum marketing.

Stay tuned…

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  • Yes I agree with Zoey. There are a lot of people ‘trying’ to make money off the internet and often go into it without doing all the research first. This will often mean going after saturated markets, hyper competitive keywords or just keywords that arn’t ‘buyer’ keywords.

    Go for less volume (meaning less competition) and greater conversion instead.

  • Entering a market without knowing if there is a demand is a lot like playing the lottery. You may hit it big, but the odds are stacked against you.

    Competition is a good thing. If there’s competition in a market you know there are buyers there too.

    - J

  • Hi Welly,

    I never thought of using the forum approach but I’ll definitely try it. I like to use the Google Adwords Keyword tool to find out how many people are looking for a specific item.
    What is your opinion of this as a online market research tool?

  • Zoey

    Too many people create web entities (whether they are websites or products), without doing the proper market research. Not only is it not about you but you also have to know what kind of visitors to expect so you can remain congruent to THEM!

  • Wow Welly.

    I only wished I stumbled upon this post a few years ago.

    This was the MOST CRUCIAL mistake I made when I entered into a market thanks to a so-called “Guru”. He told me to enter a market that is completely untapped (which is pretty much impossible as of today). But yeah, like you mentioned, it has to be IN DEMAND

    You’re cool bro, helping your reader to avoid making such mistakes.

    Kudos to you. Bookmarked.

    Mark Derulo
    Wichita, KS

  • There really is no excuse for not researching your market before creating a product these days with sites like Google, Ebay and Amazon prodviding so many stats on keyword searches and product searches etc … you’re right its crazy how many people still produce the product first though!

  • Ieftin

    I think the most important thing when you sell a product is to present the idea of the product in good light and to show to the people wish are the advantages of your product.

  • “By due diligence I mean doing research to determine if the products or services they offer have some kind of demand or not.”

    There is a classic story about this having to do with no less than Thomas Edison. When Edison demonstrated his first major invention, an automatic vote-counting machine for legislative assemblies, all the lawmakers were duly impressed. “That’s a clever invention,” they told him. “Of no use to us, but a clever invention.”

    Edison hadn’t done his market research. If he had, he would have known that the parliamentary game of the time involved delaying votes, not expediting them.

    Thomas Edison then resolved never again to invent something for which there was no market.

    Lesson learned.

  • I am sorry but I don’t agree. You won’t be notice if you will be competing with the giants of the same product. Why not create your own identity and make the people think that they need your own business?

    • This post is about discovering potential problems that people have so that you can create your own product to market to these people.

      In this day and age, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll discover a new untapped niche. It doesn’t matter if you have your own identity when you can’t sell your product because nobody wants to buy it.

      • I agree that as long as the niche is in demand, there will be buyers looking for your product.

        I think it boils down to how you market yourself, your business and how you build relationship. First thing, I think Welly does a great job by providing real value-added contents that can help people build their online business. Secondly, when he does that, credibility builds up and people have trust in him before they will buy his product.

        So to me, it doesn’t really matter much if you are competing with giants as long as you know what you are doing and really helping people. By doing that, business will come automatically when people know you :)


  • If he customers does not avail your product, there is really a problem. Maybe because the product does not have any use or the presentation of your product is not pleasant.

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  • @Ryan: It depends on the niche you’re in, though I’d put an Alexa rank of 100,000 or less to be quite popular and crowded.

  • I went to the Alexa web site and subsequently went to the Firefox reviews for Sparky. Most people give Sparky a thumbs down because Alexa collects information and sends it back to Alexa. Most gave it poor marks. I have the Google PageRank tool in the google toolbar. I was just wondering what kind of rank I should be shooting for when I search for forums?

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  • @Fancy Traveler: You’d have to do the research for yourself :roll:

  • Which forum that is suitable for my site above?

  • [...] Belle presents 1 Simple Reason Why Nobody Wants To Buy Your Product posted at Internet Business Make Money Online With Welly [...]

  • [...] Belle presents 1 Simple Reason Why Nobody Wants To Buy Your Product posted at Internet Business Make Money Online With Welly [...]

  • 1 Simple Reason Why Nobody Wants To Buy Your Product | Internet Business Make Money Online With Welly Mulia…

    When it comes to the subject of creating products or services, many marketers make the huge mistake of creating the product or service before doing some due diligence first….

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  • Catherine – Alexa is a great tool for gauging how much traffic your site is getting relative to other sites, but it’s not the most accurate tool in the world though.

    Tim – Welcome to my blog and hope you find the articles here useful!

    JJ – I get a lot of emails like that as well! You’re right. When you are new, it’s very hard to sell to someone. :wink:

  • Hi Welly, Great post you have here. I think it’s important like you mentioned to make sure that there is a market for what you are going to sell. Even before you sell I guess you do have to think about it the product before you are ready to market. I get a bunch of emails from unknowns trying to sell ebooks that have been done and over done but by people we recognize. When some of the ebooks are by unknowns I’m afraid that I’m not going to shell out any $$ for it and so you wonder why this person even went through all the work of writing that book. :lol: thanks for a good post. :lol:

  • Tim

    Great information thanks. I am learning new things all the time. Keep it up I am still wet behind the ears on how some of the network marketing works.

    Tim Sprinkle

  • Catherine

    Thank you Welly,
    Great reminder for anyone in business or going into business. Must know your market. There are some rules and some rules to marketing can not be looked over if you want results. So thanks all makes sense. Also, as a newbie I appreciate knowing about Alexa and how it works.

  • Rick – Exactly. This is a very important point that most people neglect when they try to create products.

    Ebrahim – Firstly, could you please not write in caps lock?

    Secondly, I share my teachings here based on experience, therefore I’m practicing what I preach.

    Thirdly, what do you mean I never respond to your comment? I have already responded to your comment yesterday (less than 24 hours after you posted yours):

  • ebrahim babamia


  • Absolutely.

    We tend to forget that it’s all about the end user and that’s that.

    Having a nice shiny widget that no one wants to spend money on isn’t going to help you grow an online (or any) business.

    “Find a hungry crowd and feed it.

    Thanks Welly

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