2 Proven Ways To Build Your List Fast

In any business, be it online or offline, if you want your business to thrive, you need to be able to sell products or services successfully to customers.

There are sellers, and there are buyers. This is what makes the world goes around.

With the ever increasing competition, it is getting harder and harder to successfully sell your products or services to people.

It is said that the average stranger (one who hasn’t heard or come into contact with you before) needs to see your marketing message at least 7 times before he buys from you. I forgot where I got this number from; I just remembered it from the top of my head.

This means that if you are trying to sell a product or service to someone and this person has not heard of you before, then you need to follow up with him at least 7 times before he buys from you.

Of course, this does not apply to every industry. :cool:

For example if you own a convenience store located at a local gas station, then someone who is looking to buy a cold drink to quench his thirst does not need to see your marketing message at least 7 times before he actually buys a cold drink from you.

I’m sure you get what I mean and what I’m trying to convey. :smile:

My point is this:

If you are currently marketing a product or service that is not a household name like Coke or iPod, then it would be very difficult to successfully sell to people during your first encounter.

This is precisely why you need to grab their contact information so that you can follow up with them in the future to build relationships with them and hopefully be able to successfully sell to them later on.

I’ve talked about this before in this post.

I hope by now you’ve realized the importance of getting your prospects’ contact information. In the online world, this is called building your list.

I’m sure you’ve probably heard of the phrase “the money is in the list” umpteen times. This is partially true and not exactly correct though. But I’m not going to elaborate on this post as that warrants another blog post on a different day.

For now, just remember that building your list is a very, very, very vital and important task if you want to succeed online and earn oodles of money!

Heck! Building my list, at least for me, is a matter of life and death! :grin:

So how do you build your list fast then?

Well, if you are a product or owner, the fastest way to build your list is to:

- Joint Venture (JV) with other product owners

- Create an affiliate program

Joint Venture (JV) with other product owners

If you own a product or service, then you can find other product owners who are in the same industry as you but don’t have a product or service like you offer.

What you can do is contact them and ask for a collaboration of some sort. The most common way to do collaboration is to give his subscribers a discount on your product or service and then giving him a certain percentage (usually at least 50% if the product is digital in nature) of the sales made.

For example if you sell a $100 product, you might want to give his subscribers a $30 off so that the price is slashed to $70. And from this $70 you could grant him a 50% commission, resulting in $35 nett profit for him per sale.

One important point you must take note is that you need to always stress the benefit to him. What is he getting? What’s in it for him if he promotes your product?

Most product owners aren’t going to be interested just for the sake of the commission they’ll be getting. I mean, sure, they love money. But it isn’t always about how much money they will make if they promote your product.

Your product has to demonstrate to them first that it delivers value and benefit to their subscribers.

When they finally decide to promote your product to their subscribers, not only will you be getting sales and profits, you will also be getting BUYERS and their contact information.

And you can follow up with them later on to sell your other products or services…

Talk about building your list for free, and getting paid in the process! And it’s not just any list where there are lots of freebie seekers, this is a BUYER list! :mrgreen:

A buyer list is 100x more valuable than a freebie list!

Create an affiliate program

Apart from doing JV with other product owners, you can also set up an affiliate program for your product.

If you are selling a digital product, set at least a 50% commission rate for affiliates. The higher the commission rate, the better. This will attract more affiliates to promote your product for you.

Just recently, I opened up an affiliate program for my Beginners Blog Profits product and affiliates get 100% commission for every sale they make.

Why am I granting 100% commission? Won’t I make zero profits?

The answer is Yes and No. :cool:

Yes because if an affiliate successfully sells Beginners Blog Profits, I won’t make a single dime. Zero profits!

No because if you project a longer term vision, then you’ll realize that even though I make zero immediate profits, I’m steadily building both my freebie list and buyer list so that I can offer them my other products or services in the future. :wink:

Remember to put some kind of opt-in form on your sales page to capture the contact info of visitors, since first-time visitors who reach your sales page are very unlikely to buy from you right then and there.

Give them some kind of valuable freebie (not just any freebie) in exchange for their email address.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, so please share them in a comment below…

24 Responses to “2 Proven Ways To Build Your List Fast”

  • No doubt the money is in the list but to build your list its about following up with good content building a relationship not just sending out emails pitching your product or service its letting that person know that your sincerely interested in helping them with thier problem.

  • @Macdean: Definitely. You can sell other people’s products and services first if you’re not comfortable with creating your own products at this stage. Once you get a better understanding of how Internet marketing works, you can then create your own products.

  • Good info.
    What about someone like me who doesn’t have any product or service to sell,can i make money online too ?

  • Great information Welly. Just learning this great
    truth rather late! Welly, don’t be offended since
    you allow your affiliates to sell your book, “Beginners
    Blog Profits”, and keep all the profits, can you make
    a copy available to me? Thanks.

    Pastor Joshua.

  • This is a very good information, thanks a lot.
    Sometimes we tend to forget about the very basics of the business and it´s always good to be reminded by a real pro like you.
    Thanks again, Welly.

  • This information is good to help us newbies keep it up

  • victor James

    Yes ind is \Yes indeed that is specifically why product owners are giving away 100% commissions

    Thanks for the compliments. Good l love to building my list who will l build it, and l need a (JV) and create an affiliate program l need your help.
    victor James

  • @Jason: I’d stay away from promoting every product launch there is out there. Choose a select few that you like, or even better yet if you have the cash go ahead and buy the product first, review it, and if you find it useful and beneficial, then promote it. Do not ever promote a crappy product simply because of the commissions. This will certainly ruin your relationship with your subscribers.

  • I like the post and like what you have to say, but I have a question that I am wrestling with… How do I rationalize monetizing my list with offers for different programs? I feel like I’m doing my list a disservice by bombarding them with all these program launches… I’d appreciate your thoughts.
    Mahalo much, Jason

  • @Mark: I’ve been using Getresponse(affiliate link) for my Internet business and have been very pleased with their service.

    If you want to promote affiliate products, instead of driving traffic to the sales letter, you want to drive traffic to your squeeze page so that you can capture your visitors’ email addresses. Only then do you direct them to the sales letter.

    Meanwhile in your autoresponder follow up series, you want to build relationships with them and do your sales pitch, making sure there is a balance between the two.

    Hope that helps! :)

  • Very good article. I am beginning to understand the high commission rates now, it is really about laying the foundation for future business with “repeat” customers.

    Can you recommend some tools for the opt-in form? How does this work with affiliate sales? That’s the only question I have. I do understand autoresponders but using WordPress, how does one go about creating an opt-in form for affiliate sales?

    Any feedback would greatly help. Keep up the awesome job, Welly.

  • @Suwandi: Glad you liked it! :)

  • I love your post Welly.
    List building strategy that you mentioned above is very powerful.
    Suwandi Chow

  • @Birmingham Lawyer: Absolutely agree 100%

    @Bo: If your subscriber has not bought anything from you yet, continue to follow up with them until they buy! :D

  • Very Good post. Those who do not offer quality products and build relationships with their customers as the Internet evolves and improves will be left behind. Yes, if someone is on your list but has not bought anything they are still your customer and should be treated as such.

    Bo Tipton
    The Ornery Marketer

  • Service is a must. You must care about what is best for the client and provide a service that the client needs.
    I have found that quality service leads to life-long clients and produces good referrals.

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  • “The Money is in the Relationship you Built with your List”. You need continuously provide valueble information and added value service to your list.

    Once you built the “Trust” with your list, they will buy from you. “Give first before you receive”. Autoresponder will automate all the process for you.

    To Your Success
    Bryan Hee

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  • Deryl – Yes indeed that is specifically why product owners are giving away 100% commissions :wink:

    Mike – Thanks for the compliments. Good luck in your list building efforts :razz: Sharing your personal experience so that others can learn from it is great!

  • Great info, Welly.

    My plan to build my list is very similar in that I’m almost ready to offer a free e-book based on my past failures and giving newbies some top-notch info. And then I’m going to offer it for free…all to get my list going.

    Keep it up! I’m sure others need to read this type of article from time to time…I know I do! :mrgreen:

  • Excellent post, so that’s why vendors are offering 100% comissions. Now I get it!

    Thanks for the really nice article and keep more coming :lol:

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