4 Ways To Promote An Affiliate Product And The Most Effective One Is…

There are many ways to do affiliate promotions for a particular product that you want to promote.

The most common ways that affiliates promote these affiliate products are through:

1. Direct linking using PPC

This means that you put up some pay per click (PPC) campaigns such as Google Adwords and when a visitor clicks on your ad, he is taken directly to the sales page of the product.

When he buys the product, you get a commission.

2. Direct linking using some other kinds of promotions

This method is similar to direct linking using PPC; the only difference is that instead of promoting the affiliate products via PPC, you promote them using other resources such as putting up classifieds, or participating in discussion forums using your direct affiliate link as your signature.

3. Setting up a landing page

This tactic involves setting up a mini site on your own hosting and domain, with the primary objective being to capture the contact info of your visitors.

When a visitor reaches your landing page, he is presented with an offer for a freebie in exchange for his name and email address.

The freebie can be in the form of a Free report, Free e-course delivered to his email daily, or Free ebook.

(A quick tip: people tend to devalue your freebie when you say or write the word “e-book”. It would be a lot better to use the term “whitepaper” or “report” as these terms tend to project a higher perceived value in your visitor’s mind).

When a visitor takes you up on your freebie offer, you would have successfully generated a new lead into your database (which simply means that you have just added a new person into your list).

You would then direct this person who has just filled in his contact info into the sales page of the product you are promoting.

This method of doing affiliate promotions is much better and smarter than the 2 ways mentioned above.


Because you can always follow up with your prospects again in the future to offer him similar products.

The above 3 ways are very common techniques practiced by the majority of affiliates out there.

There is, however, another under-utilized way to do affiliate promotions. And the best thing is that using this method of doing affiliate promotions is very subtle.

What this means is that people will not notice that you are actually trying to sell them something. Instead, they’ll think that you are some great person just trying to deliver content and value!

Want to know what this great affiliate promotion method is?

Well, it’s called affiliate marketing through interviews

If you have been online for quite some time now, you should have already known about this technique.

4. Affiliate marketing through interviews

This is a technique that is relatively under-utilized (at least up till now). To bring this concept home, let me just illustrate an example.

Let’s say you are an affiliate promoting a home study course about “how to lose weight fast”.

What you want to do is to contact the owner of this product and arrange to interview him.

The interview could take place over Skype with a Free add-on call recorder that has the ability to record your conversations. Skype to Skype call is also Free. So you don’t really have any additional expense to conduct this interview.

In this interview you would drill him with the most common problems obese people face and how to overcome these problems.

You want to make sure that this interview gives great content and tips and provide real VALUE to your subscribers. However, you also want to make sure that this interview does not give everything away. This is very important! :cool:

The purpose of this is to get your prospects “warmed up and hot”, but the only way to get a complete solution to the problems they are facing is to buy the home study course through your affiliate link. :wink:

The way to do this is to register a new domain which directs to your affiliate link.

For example, let’s say that your affiliate link is www.HowToLoseWeightFast.com/id?=yourname

You’d want to register a new domain that is somewhat related. For instance you could go with: www.LoseWeightQuicklyNow.com

Do you see where I’m going with this?

If you promote using your direct affiliate link (www.HowToLoseWeightFast.com/id?=yourname), people will either:

1. Know that you are trying to sell them something (for the small minority who knows about affiliate marketing) and they would be more reluctant to buy.


2. They will only remember the domain name and skip the “/id?=yourname” part when they type the url into their browsers => which means that you are not getting credit should there be any transactions.

By registering a new domain that redirects to your affiliate link, most of the people will not be aware that you are trying to promote the home study course as an affiliate.

Why won’t they be aware of this fact?

Because there are a lot (and I really mean a lot) of people outside the Internet Marketing world who still don’t have a clue what affiliate marketing is!

These people will think that you are a great person who gives incredible value to your subscribers and they would be more than happy to hear from you again.

You hit two birds with one stone:

1. You successfully promote the affiliate product with commissions going into your account, and your subscribers don’t even know about this!

2. You build great and trusting relationships with your subscribers.

Enjoy! :mrgreen:

14 Responses to “4 Ways To Promote An Affiliate Product And The Most Effective One Is…”

  • Well, The best way to make money online is by affiliate programs. There are several affiliate programs which are making a lot of profit. Your 4 ways to promote an affiliate products are really effective.

  • Welly, what about the copyrights of the interviewee? What about the money that will be charged for the respondent to allow us to use his words?

    • Valter,

      That would depend on your agreement with the expert before the interview. The interviewer usually owns the rights to the audio interview.


  • @dtt: You actually get a new domain BEFORE the interview. This is so that you can tell listeners what the domain is during the interview.

    And what to do with the interview? You give it to your subscribers for free for 2 purposes:

    1. You build good relationships with them because they will think of you as someone who is generous with them

    2. You make affiliate commissions when subscribers listen to the interview and decide to buy the product mentioned in it

    Hope that helps!

  • dtt

    I’m a bit confused with Affiliate marketing through interviews. There seems to be a missing step what you do with the interview. After creating the interview recording you go straight to getting a new domain that redirects to the affiliate link. Can you clarify.

  • Number three and number four are ways that I was not that aware about for promoting affiliates, very useful information. Finding the trusted affiliates though that will give you a respectable cut is the hard part.

  • @Bo: Yep affiliate marketing definitely has a huge potential of earning lots of money if done the right way.

  • Great information. It is important not only that the company is reputable and pays but also to market products that actually help people. If you do you will have repeat customers. You don’t and you will always be building a new list.

    Affiliate marketing has allowed be to not work for anyone since 1998 so I know it works.

    Bo Tipton
    The Ornery Marketer

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  • so it’s better to use white paper or report instead of ebook? nice tips.

  • Make money online – Thanks for the comment. Yes we need to be careful as well when choosing the affiliate progam. Make sure that is a reputable one so that they actually really pay your commissions. Otherwise all your hard work will be gone to waste.

  • Affiliate programs are the best ways to make money online. I have seen many growing well with affiliate programs. The only thing to be very careful with is with the choice of the site which provides the service. Because there are so many fraudulent sites and the four different ways that you have mentioned regarding affiliate promotions are quite interesting. Thank You..

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