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6 Traits You Should Possess To Succeed In Internet Marketing

In my previous post, I’ve laid out 5 reasons why most people attempting to make money online fail.

Today we are going to look at what traits or characteristics you really need in order to be successful in building a real Internet business.

There are 6 traits that you should possess:

1. Just do it

Human beings tend to over-analyze and over-complicate things and situations. This is especially true if you’re new at something.

Beginners trying their hands in making money online typically suffer action-paralysis. They are so afraid of making a wrong move that they end up not taking any action at all.

Doing something, even though it’s wrong, is still better than not doing anything at all.

If you just sit there and do nothing, you are bound to learn and accomplish nothing.

If you do something, you are bound to learn something and may or may not accomplish something.

Hello? Can you see how you are missing out when you don’t do anything at all? :shock:

And the other thing is that people tend to want to become perfectionists.

How can you do things perfectly when you’re just starting out and you don’t really know much about the subject?

Heck, even advanced Internet marketers still do wrong things every day, yet they continue to make money!

So my advice is to just do it! Just like Nike’s slogan J Making that first move is always the hardest, but once you start going, it will be easier consequently.

2. Open mindset, positive attitude, and a desire to learn

You must possess an open mindset and a desire to learn so that you can learn and absorb new things every day.

Your attitude plays a major role in determining your success in whatever field you choose to indulge in, not just in Internet Marketing.

Be confident of yourself, think positive. DO NOT say discouraging things to yourself such as “I can’t do this” or “I’m not a techie guy therefore I can’t succeed” bla bla bla…

Have you heard of the saying “You become what you think”? Well, let me tell you that this is very true indeed.

So instead of reinforcing negative beliefs that you are not capable of doing this and that, why don’t you install positive beliefs to yourself? :razz:

3. Treat it as a real business

To succeed in any endeavor, you need to focus and put a lot of effort and time in doing things that will eventually lead to your goals.

You must treat Internet Marketing as a real business, just like you would if you were to open a brick and mortar business.

You can’t say things like “Well, I’m just trying so it’s okay if I don’t do this right”, or “I’ll just try and see if this works, if not then I’ll try something else different”.

The problem with saying these kinds of things to yourself is that you don’t treat it seriously and if you don’t treat is seriously you simply can’t get any results!

4. Stay consistent

Do small things on a consistent basis to ensure that you build your online assets over time.

Success in the Internet business or in any kind of business is not about doing what is required only once or twice or thrice. It’s about putting in your effort consistently.

When you are just starting out, you can definitely start working on your Internet business part time. It’s definitely not a problem.

Hey, I started part time too 2 years ago :P

The important thing to always remember is to build your Internet business on a consistent basis over time.

Little baby steps can eventually lead to big results too.

5. Stay motivated

Initially when you are just starting out, you won’t see any results. You must, however, stay motivated and just keep on going.

It’s not because it’s Internet Marketing that you are not seeing results. It takes time and dedication to see real results, and it applies to any new endeavor you embark.

When you are feeling down or discouraged, seek ways to motivate yourself by going to your local bookstore and buy motivational and inspirational books, audios, or videos. You can also go to Google and do a search on motivational sites.

Get yourself pumped up whenever you are feeling down alright? :mrgreen:

6. Stay humble

Always stay humble.

Yes, even when you are already making some money, do stay humble please. :lol:

Nobody knows everything, and by staying humble you’ll always be able to learn new things.

If you are arrogant, you will think that you know everything and that you are the best out there. When this happens, you stop learning.

Given the rate at how technology advances every day, when you stop learning you will eventually be left behind. When this happens, be prepared to say goodbye to your Internet business!

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8 Responses to “6 Traits You Should Possess To Succeed In Internet Marketing”

  • I’m a newbie in Internet marketer. I like reading self-help articles like this. It keeps me motivated. A shared knowledge and experience is worthy to keep in the heart and mind. I really hope to succeed in this business.

  • I couldn’t agree more with these 6 traits. IM’ers need a strong mindset and guiding traits to help them make the most of their journey online.

    I still find the trait of “just do it” is probably the most important of the bunch. It’s been my mantra for years now!

  • Spot on with this write-up, I truly think this web site needs much more consideration. probably be once more to read rather more, thanks for that info.

  • @Ryan: Consistency really is key to building a really successful Internet business. When you have enough capital, it’s also wise to bring in team members to do the daily routine tasks.

  • #1 and #4 are so important. Keep putting stuff out there and you’ll be rewarded. I’m just doing it a couple of hours a day and I’m so tempted to take a day off but I notice that traffic drops off if I don’t promote my web sites.

  • I like your #6. This is very important, not only in online business but in life as well

  • Jerry,

    I’m not surprised at all. I guess 99% (just a wild guess here) people over analyze things and situations, and that’s how it works in this world??? :roll:

  • Too many people simply just make things more complicated than they are. In the end they analyze everything and do nothing!

    hehehehe I was once like that too. Actually I still am, except to a much lesser extent.

    Ok back to work :cool:

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