A Smarter Way To Get Traffic?

I'm smart because I have my powerful tool -- my glasses :-)

Getting new visitors to your site is not easy. Everyone can claim it’s easy, but you and I know that this is not true.

Let’s take a look at some ways people generate new visitors to their site – PPC, SEO, social media marketing, etc.

PPC is expensive these days. SEO takes lots of time and effort, unless you have the luxury of paying to join link networks. Social media marketing is not cheap and easy either.

Since getting new visitors is not easy, it would be wise if we can come up with a way/system to automatically generate visitors on “semi-autopilot”.

By the way, there are a lot of software that promise “instant-push-button, complete autopilot” traffic solution. You don’t actually believe in them right, seriously?

So what is this “semi-autopilot” way/system that I’m talking about?

The Smarter Way

It’s not a new concept. It’s called “recycling” website visitors AUTOMATICALLY – or more commonly known to us as Viral Marketing.

Recycling visitors, or Viral Marketing, if done right, is a very smart, time-efficient, and cost-efficient way to generate new visitors. It costs almost nothing, and consumes very little of your precious time over the long run to implement viral marketing in your business.

What viral marketing works so well is in its key to LEVERAGE on EXISTING visitors to bring in NEW visitors, on semi-autopilot. More on why I say “semi-autopilot” later.

The concept of viral marketing, as you might probably already know, is simple:

  • You provide freebies/rewards on your site
  • You generate an initial wave of visitors to your site
  • These visitors can get your freebies, but to do so they need to tell their friends about your site
  • Their friends visit your site, seeing the same freebie offer
  • They, too, tell their friends about your site in order to get the freebies
  • The cycle continues on and on…

Simple concept, right? Except when it comes to implementation time, it’s not that simple.

Here’s why:

  • How are you going to let visitors tell your site to their friends? By asking them to manually email their friends? Or manually posting to their Facebook wall? Seriously, this is not the 90s guys and gals…
  • How do you know which visitors have referred your site to their friends, if any at all? What if they get your freebies but they don’t tell their friends?
  • Not every visitor is equal – some visitors refer more friends, and some refer less. You need to sort out and know who actually refer more friends and reward them better.
  • How are you going to deliver the freebies? You can’t simply put up a download link because people will simply get the freebie without telling their friends about your site. You also don’t expect to manually check if they have told their friends or not, and then manually sending them the download link via email, do you?

The Solution

We have come up with a pretty neat and smart WordPress plugin called Premium Viral Magnet, which will do all of the above and more, automatically for you.

Again, I want to stress that this is NOT a magic, push-button solution. Push-button solutions do not exist. I am, however, proud to announce that with Premium Viral Magnet in your hands, generating new visitors to your site will become a semi-autopilot process and will make your life so much easier.

I say “semi-autopilot” because you still need to take the time and effort to create/provide the freebie and set everything up the first time. You still need to bring in the first initial wave of visitors to your site. This number doesn’t have to be big, just something to initially feed the system with. Of course, the bigger the number the more viral your campaign is going to be.

Once you’ve set up your Premium Viral Magnet system, it pretty much runs on autopilot.

This Is Cool

The cool part is that while Premium Viral Magnet is generating new visitors for you, it builds your list at the same time. This is because before visitors can tell their friends and get their rewards, they need to subscribe to your list first. This means their friends (who also want to get their rewards) will join your list too, and so on.

So not only will your website visitors explode, your list will too. Two birds with one stone. Sweet.

Every business needs visitors to their site. Whether you currently have a lot of website visitors, or you don’t have many visitors, you always need them on a consistent basis. Premium Viral Magnet can help you get more new visitors to your sites, no matter how much visitors you’re currently getting.

Premium Viral Magnet is 95% retail-ready. Beta is just over, and it will released for sale on Sunday, 18 March 2012 at 10:00 PM EST. As with our previous software, there will be an early-bird discount for fast action-takers.

Stay tuned for updates on this.

In the meantime, please leave your thoughts below…


40 Responses to “A Smarter Way To Get Traffic?”

  • Damien O'Riley

    I am new to your products Welly, but based on the raving fans you have here and their feedback I will be checking this thing out. Plus I am addicted to plugins :)

  • Hi Welly,

    I’m having a free report written at the moment for the purpose of building a list, probably using Awebber. Your plugin sounds like a really great way to distribute it.

    By the way, another reason those expensive link networks like you mention in your article should be avoided, is because the popular “private networks” are being chased down by Google. BMR (Build My Rank) just had its entire network de-indexed by Google a couple of days ago. So spending money on those link networks can not only waste your money, but you can easily end up with a tonne of incoming links from a de-indexed (bad network) pointing to your sites. Very dangerous… The time for viral marketing is now. :)

    BTW – Is the price really about to go up? Say it isn’t so… I hate buying things before I’m ready to use them! lol

    • Hi Margaret

      The price is really going to go up. We don’t play false scarcity tactics. They are lame.

      However, if you’re not going to use it now, then I suggest don’t buy it now. Buy it later when you need it, even at a higher price.

      I always recommend people to not buy anything if they don’t need it NOW :)

      • Agreed that false scarcity is lame, but it does seem to work! lol

        We’re going to be ready very soon anyway, so we’ve just purchased it now at the discounted price.

        Many thanks, Welly!

  • Welly,

    I am a big fan of CommentLuv Premium, so I assume this new plugin will be of the same high quality!

    I love the term “semi-auto pilot”. I would not want to touch any auto-pilot plugin. I am interested in a plugin that speeds up and systematizes but at the same time requires some effort on the part of the blogger. I already have an email list and blog followers to prime the pump, so hopefully this is as great as it sounds!

    Take Care,

    Jupiter Jim

  • Thanks for the comments everyone! The launch on Sunday, 18 March 2012 at 10:00 PM EST is approaching fast, and I’m very excited about it!

    Talk soon! :)

  • Graeme

    Hello Welly,

    I’ve not long been involved in your Get Profits learning centre, but have read some very insightful info on your blog and like most others will be curious to see your new Premium Viral Magnet plugin in action


  • REALLY looking forward to this! If it is anything like your other products, it will be killer.

  • Hello Welly,

    I think this is will going to be a great plugin, as usual.
    Can’t wait for your Viral Premium Magnet.


  • Hey Welly! You know I’m all over this plugin and it’s initial promotion. Can’t wait to see more details!

  • Hi Welly,
    Your products have always been top notch in the past.
    This sounds like a good concept, I just wonder how well these new subscribers convert into buyers. You may load up your list with more freebie seekers.


  • I’d like to see an Affiliate WP Plugin offer cash rewards to the top three affiliates after they brought in more than a basic number of sales which also converted customers into affiliates …

    Offering a free gift only works once … the first time!

    Who wants more than one copy of the same ebook, software or digital gizmo? … :)

  • It’s a 2 on 1 product, seems to be awesome. Waiting for the launch to buy at early-bird discount.

  • Sounds like you have been working hard-AGAIN, Welly. I do like your refreshing honesty in a field that usually has so little. I even wrote aboout it in a book. Yes, you specifically, as the way to run an internet business with value and integity. Keep up the good work.

  • Hi Welly,

    Now this does look to be a very interesting plugin, I shall await its release with eager anticipation – looking forward to getting my hands on it! :)

  • Sounds like a nice new twist on the TAF script. Love to hear more, thanks.

  • Stew

    Hey Welly, this sounds like another winner. Can’t wait to learn more about this plugin and see it in action!

  • Ha ha… seems a lot of folk commenting had ‘viral’ on their minds and strangely enough I read something by Allen Says from 2005 the other days. He said he tried to add a viral component to everything he did… looks like you really have timed this well! Looking forward to seeing the launch.

  • Hey, Welly – looking forward for updates on this.

    Just one simple request – make it internationally translatable! This is a MUST.

  • Sounds like something I definitely need. Can’t wait

  • Hello Welly ,

    Thanks for information on your blog regarding Viral Plugin.
    I know that this plugin will give amazing results.
    Can not wait to see…

    Nur Wijaya Asmara

  • hmm sounds very interesting. Nothing like nonstop traffic. Can’t wait to see the “Premium Viral Magnet” plugin in action.

    Sounds like a winner

  • This is not a new concept, I had a similar script before WordPress was so popular that had your visitor email several friends to gain access to a bonus, but in actual practice it didn’t work for me. People don’t like bugging their friends and find all kinds of devious methods to avoid being pushed into doing it, but time will tell. I would rather find a way to make money that required less people and let them go invite friends because they WANT to. That’s what I call viral.

  • G’day Welly,

    As always I will be there when you release this even it is just to have a look.

    But to date everything you have released has been top shelf and well worth my money spent on it.

    Looking forward to the release of Premium Viral Magnet and the best part your stuff is always aimed at WordPress my favourite platform.

    Bring it on now I am itching to see.


    Rob P.

  • Hey Welly! This is cool news. I am a huge fan of viral marketing. My business is where it is today thanks to it. Looking forward to checking out your new tool and letting my customers know about it too.

    Stu Sensei

  • Ralph

    Hey Welly;well; looks like you’re pulling out all the stops
    now;great, want to find out what it can do.I’m starting
    some new video campaigns soon;with a twist?

  • Hello Welly,

    This is a very funny post for me, because … I asked me exactly this question a few days ago ! And SuperWelly was working on this subject !!! I’m waiting for your new wonderfull plug ins, stay in touch,


  • Leveraging the traffic that you get to your site instead of having to get new visitors exclusively is certainly a good concept. I am very interested what this plugin will do.

  • Hi Welly,

    Sounds like a terrific plugin and a great solution to get more free traffic.
    Hope you will be offering a developer license.


  • I’m interested to see what you deliver. You are up against some competition as there are several plugins of this type on the market at the moment. Most just work with Facebook and Twitter so if you can work with more social sites then you’ll be onto a winner.

  • Welly,

    Sounds like you may have hit another home run with this “Premium Viral Magnet” plugin.

    Looking forward to giving it a go. Will it be able to be used on all my blogs or will that be an additional up-sale?

    Will this also be a WSO and if so will your subscribers
    get it for the same price?

    Do great stuff
    Al Garretson

  • Jay Fjeldsted

    Hey Welly,

    Good timing on this as I am setting up new websites and it sounds like it will be a perfect addition. I assume
    we will be able to use on multiple sites.

    Thanks and looking forward to further info,


  • Hey Welly,

    Nice to see someone expand on the old “Tell A Friend” script idea.

    Looking forward to this.


  • Love your Premium list magnet plugin. Look forward to your viral plugin. It would be great to see a demo page to get a feel how it works.

  • Hi Welly,

    Thanks for the blog information and
    I look forward to receiving more info
    on the new plugin.



  • Hey Welly, It is like you read my mind, I’m sure it will be the solution for my main freebie.

    I’ll be waiting for more info.

  • Awesome Welly,

    Just can’t wait! I’m already enjoying your famous wordpress theme … the best on the internet and anxious for this “Premium Viral Magnet” plugin! :)


  • Hey Welly,

    Can wait to learn more about your new plugin and see exactly how I can start recycling my traffic.

    All the best,
    Cedric Aubry

  • Hi Welly,

    Seems to be an interesting plugin. So I am assuming the plugin will post automatically on the FB wall of the person or on his twitter account so that he shares it with other people.
    What are the other accounts where it will share – linkedin, etc? Will he also be able to bookmark the page?


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