Who’s Welly Mulia?

(don’t worry Spiderman is not trying to “web swing” me…)

Since 2008 I have not been working at a day job and instead have been running a full time profitable Internet business.

Before I tell you about my Internet business journey, I want to tell you a little about myself (that has nothing to do with Internet business) so that you can get to know me better as a person.


Because I seriously believe that if you want someone to trust you (like I want you to trust me when it comes to helping you REPLACE YOUR JOB on the Internet), you MUST make yourself known first. I’m not talking about getting well-known and enjoy celebrity status. I’m talking about people getting to know you personally so that they have a general idea of who you are and what kind of person you are.

I was born in the capital of Indonesia called Jakarta. I spent the first seven years of my life in this city before going to Singapore (a neighboring country) for my primary and secondary school education.

(primary school is the equivalent of elementary school. Secondary school is the same as junior high school…)

If you’re wondering if my whole family or my parents migrated to Singapore from Indonesia, the answer is no.

At the age of 7, I was handed over to a friend of my mom’s friend. So:

My Mom => Her Friend => Her friend

Maybe I shouldn’t have used the phrase “handed over” as it’s not too appropriate (and wouldn’t be fair to my mom). The correct word should be: I was sent to study in Singapore because my parents want me to be able to learn English and Mandarin, the official Chinese language.

(In my country, Indonesia, the native and official language is Indonesian)

Early Years

In my early years (even to this date actually, but to a much lesser extent), I LOVED playing video games. Depending on your age, back in the late 1980s, Atari was a very popular game console. We had that system in our house (in Indonesia), and whenever I go back to Indonesia during school holidays (twice per year), I’d play all day long.

Then came Nintento, Sega, Super Nintento, Playstation… You name it. I had them all. I was so PASSIONATE about playing games that I often skipped meals just to be able to play longer…

I even bought Nintendo Wii 2 years ago, although I don’t play it as often as I used to (hey we all grow up and have more important things to do right…)

To cut a long story short, my stay in Singapore lasted for almost 10 years. Early 1997 I went to the US to pursue my Bachelor’s degree, and I graduated from the University of Arizona located in the “beautiful desert city” of Tucson.

Looking For A Job

After I graduated in December 2000, I spent 14 months looking for a job in the US, but NOBODY wanted to hire me haha.

(…I was so ashamed and embarrassed at myself because of this that I can remember THAT feeling up till now – probably this feeling is going to stay with me forever)

WHATEVER… I don’t really care…

So I went back to my home country Indonesia In February 2002.

Over the span of 5 years until 2007, I switched 3 jobs.

How My Internet Marketing Career Started…

On my last job (in June 2006 to be specific), I was introduced to the Internet marketing world by accidentally stumbling a website that talked about the potential of making money online.

In the early days of my Internet marketing career, I played a lot with black hat methods to generate money via Google Adsense.

I joined a popular (at that time) membership program called PG Insider. If you’re involved in the Internet marketing world prior to 2008, most likely you knew or have heard about this membership program before. It’s the number 1 community/membership program for mass producing black hat Adsense sites.

I didn’t get rich via Adsense, but I did make some decent money via Adsense. In fact, my FIRST EVER online paycheck is from Adsense in the amount of one hundred plus dollars haha.

The day that I received that Citibank check (from Adsense) is probably one of the happiest days of my life.

YES I know, it’s only a hundred plus dollars. But what made me very emotional about it is because I got this first paycheck ever in May 2007, which means it took me 11 freaking months to make my first online money.

So there you go, the emotions were just too strong for me…

From there, I was more motivated and determined than ever to make even more money with Adsense. So using the software PG Insider provided me as a paying member (I paid $97/month), I started building hundreds upon hundreds of black hat portal Adsense sites that provided NO VALUE at all to visitors landing on these sites.

In fact, the content on these sites do not make sense to the human eyes as they are mass generated and mass spinned using built-in synonyms, thereby making the content unreadable and impossible to understand.

But hey this is EXACTLY the primary objective of these sites – when visitors don’t understand what the content is, they’ll most likely click the Adsense ads that actually make sense and can be understood by the human eyes…

…And when they click these ads, my Adsense earnings, of course, increases.

I Got Fed Up

I continued to dabble with black hat methods of generating Adsense income, when I finally got fed up and tired because of 2 reasons:

1. Because my black hat sites would only generate income for a few weeks, I always need to generate tons of sites every week to sustain my income. If not, my income would go down.

2. Every day I was always worrying that my Adsense account would be closed by Google (Google doesn’t like black hat sites and is always closing Adsense accounts that are found to be engaging in black hat activities like mine).

So I searched for better and more reliable ways to making money online, until I finally realized that:

It’s NOT just about “making or earning money online”. Rather, it’s more about “building a REAL BUSINESS on the Internet”

And to build a real business, whether online or offline, you need to always PROVIDE VALUE to your customers.

If you can’t provide value, then it’s not really a business – it’s just a TEMPORARY, SHORT TERM income.

Building an Internet business is NEVER easy, and will NEVER be easy.

I wish I could tell you how easy it is and that you can earn thousands of dollars instantly and effortlessly just by clicking a few mouse buttons, but the TRUTH is that it doesn’t work that way…

If it were REALLY that easy, everyone would be quitting their job and building an Internet business full time. But it’s NOT happening right? Instead, 99% people FAIL when they try to earn money online, and they fail MISERABLY!

In my case, it took my 11 months before I finally made my first online money.

YES 11 Months my friend…

(…and even after 11 months, my online income was NOT CONSISTENT. It took me ANOTHER 10 months before my income got steady – meaning it took my 21 months since I first got started in Internet marketing to make a CONSISTENT online income)

Not to discourage you or anything, but you should ASSUME that you’re NOT going to make any money online for the first few months.


The purpose of this blog is to educate and share with you how to build a profitable Internet business MUCH FASTER than 21 months.

However, if you want a Beginners STEP-BY-STEP (and I really do mean STEP-BY-STEP, unlike all the sites out there when they say it’s step by step when it’s actually FAR from it) blueprint to replacing your job on the net, then my “Step 1 do this, Step 2 do that, Step 3 do this, and if you have any questions while building your Internet business ask me…” Get Profits Fast GOLD Coaching is for you.

Apart from the step-by-step guidance, you’re also going to receive $488 of Practical Internet business strategies for free when you join.

Test Drive My Gold Coaching Program For Only $1

Whether you decide to join my coaching program or not, I honestly wish you success in whatever you’re trying to achieve. Remember that success doesn’t come easy. Only those who are willing to work hard and persevere will eventually achieve success.

Apart from my Gold Coaching, we also have some tools that we developed ourselves for internet marketers (that save both time and money) to help them in their online business. Check them out here. In addition, I’ve recently also compiled a list of 22 useful business tools (both free and paid) that you might find useful.

Before I wrap this up, I want to share my personal life story with you (again). I’m currently entering a new phase in my life because I just got married a few years ago. These are some of our fun moments together:

And together we have a beautiful daughter, Kaela:

Finally, thanks for visiting my blog and thank you for reading my PERSONAL story!


38 Responses to “Who’s Welly Mulia?”

  • Great Story and Even Better – Great Plugin !

    Thank you man !

    You Rock !

  • Donna White

    Congratulations on your new baby, Konrad! Hope Mom is doing great.

  • Hi Welly,
    your story and your style both are very interesting.I hope I will got a lot from your blog.Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  • That is indeed a long journey to success but it is actually a sweet journey and it flourished by a wonderful wedding. Congrats Welly, love your story and your products too.

  • Hey Welly,

    What an amazing story my friend and shocking that I always thought that I was younger than you were lol

    Anyway, looking forward to get your Gold Coaching really soon, I’ll e-mail your support desk about it.

    Speak soon my friend and hope you’re still rocking it!


  • Hey Welly,

    Your story is a fascinating one – thanks for sharing it with us. I really like your down to earth approach and honest approach – it’s refreshing!

    Speak soon mate!

  • Welly,
    Great story, it seems harder each day to succeed with internet marketing, but your inspiring blog will make me continue.

  • Bill

    Hi Welly,

    I´m on my way to Berlin, Germany in around 1 hour to visit a good friend of mine there.

    Just one to say one thing, I´ve purchases 2 products of Welly so far (prior to reading his story) and one thing I can say, both products are in active use, in fact my first biz website is working ´cos of Welly´s wp products so yes he is the real deal.

    The support he and his team prvide is top-notch and usually very fast and competent which is crucial if you are buildng a business.

    If you build an (online) busines you have to make sure that you provide value to your prospect and the mighty Google´s outthere – since this is their mission and should be your mission.

    What i like about Welly is that he is low-key, but pro guy and delivers.
    @ Welly G, I am actually wating for more (wp) products from you as I like your approach and execution!

    In fact my lifestory is in many ways similar somehow. I was born in south africa and “sent” at young age to Europe for educational reason as back then wasn´t possible due to polital reasons.

    I managed to get a job, so no problems there, but I was sacked after 6 months and the entire company went down 2 years later.

    I too stumbled by chance into the IM, however made zero income from adwords affiliate and quit!

    got a regular job for 3years, relatively successful, but it was a gilbert cube thing – me just a ant caught in the system and buero politics…to make a long story short- I went back to IM paywd my dues and finally went offline, since then I am an online marketing consultant.

    I help my locale biz people succeed online. I create value. I am happy and only at the beginning.

    So to all newbies and struggling ones outthere – be persistent, honest, don´t take push-button, get quick short cuts (there only shorten your back account so say so and demotivate you).

    Go for an honest guy like Welly and other similar coaching (even the bid dogs take coaching, think about it, even Michale Jordan, Tiger Woods and so on have 1:1 coaching, thing about it).

    If an Indosian, an South African or whatsoever boy or gal can make it – you can make it.
    It´s 2011 everyone can make it – if you approach this as a business where you provide value and work with integrity.

    Free yourself.

    I hope to see Indonesia one day (once had a school girlfriend from Bali, Indonesia:)

    Then I´ll visit Welly for sure and say hi!

    these were my 2cents on the topic,

    Good luck to everyone, Berlin is calling

    • Hey Bill

      Thank you for the kind comments. They are truly appreciated! School girlfriend from Bali, eh? She must be gorgeous!

      Have fun in Berlin! :-)


      • Hey Welly, you’ve got a bad background. I’m really proud of you.

        What an Inspiring story?

  • Hey Welley it’s great to read your inspiring story. It does seem to be a long hard road to make internet marketing work consistently. Its good to know your background and it certainly inspires me to trust you. Hope I can be as successful as you in a year or two. Anne

  • Thank you very much for your honest sharing on Adsense Mini-sites.
    I have been building a website using Adsense as one moneymaking method, the income from Adsense increases gradually so far. By the way, I started building the site in May 2008.
    Yes, “to build a real business, whether online or offline, you need to always PROVIDE VALUE to your customers.”
    Congratulations on your “ProfitsTheme”!

  • Welly Have read,bought & still learning how to make money.Problem is no niche’.Have PLRs collecting “dust” on hard drive.Wanting to “create” until niche’ is decided.does “replace your job” teach other ways to earn money? Like creating or writing articles. Don’t & WILL NOT give UP.Bound n Determined. Please advise. Thank you.

  • Welly, i am going to join your coaching program, i think your the first Internet Marketer that has real products form a real product development standpoint…
    I would count it an honor to become your friend..
    Charles Grooms

  • wow welly your girlfriend is so hot!

  • Thanks for the post, It was sweet to finally read a great blog that actually makes sense. I will be back soon to read some more. Great job

  • [...] marketing. See Welly is a newlywed and a brand new father. So it was refreshing to read his bio and talk to a real person. I think it is important we offer the personal side of people. Welly Was [...]

  • Lee

    Thanks for your honesty, so often we’re told that it is so easy to make money from IM. Like you say many of these program are not step-by-step they leave out knowledge they assume most people know.

    Great Blog…

  • great welly,glad to know you,perhap we can work together
    thanks bro…
    P.S keep me posted

  • Hi Welly, I like your content. I wonder if you could expound on some of your best traffic methods. This is where I struggle. Thanks for all your help

  • Thanks Welly, it is always inspiring hearing a real story of how one makes it online, the real work that is involved and how one needs struggle to get there.

  • Enjoyed reading this post, very inspiring for people that want to make money online or for those who are trying but haven’t yet received that first pay cheque.

  • Hi,

    In one of your emails to me, you said this and it is a quote copied from the email:

    “No easy pizzy stuff. No ‘even your grandmas can do it’ nonsense. No
    ‘push this button and you’ll be laughing your way to the bank’ crap.”

    FYI, I am a grandma, actually a great-grandma. And I’ve been using computers since 1981 with an Apple II+ if anyone remebers them. No monitor (used a TV) No hard disk, used floppies (5 1/4 inch); Before floppies, had to use an audio tape recorder. However, still haven’t made any money from Internet marketing. Have put up websites, tho. One of the sites is: http:www.familytree-center.com

    • Hey Dorothy

      It’s inspiring that you still want to learn despite your age. That’s really an amazing attitude you have there :)

      If you haven’t yet made any money, you might want to check out my beginners guide “How to replace your job on the internet”:


  • Hey Welly, I’ve only been following you a week or two, and out of all the 30-50 e-mails I get from other e-mail/web marketers dail, you’re already of those people I like and trust. And now I do feel I know you a little better.

    Thanks for sharing your family pics and your story! I like you and your stuff…



  • ricky

    welly rock..!
    you’re a really great entrepreneur mr welly..
    congrats..! :)

  • Hi, I feel really touched by your story. I am pretty new in Internet Marketing, and reading about people like you makes me keep motivated. Thank you, Welly!!!

  • Rowena

    Hello Welly,

    Thanks for sharing with me. I am very interested in building business from Internet. the problem is I don’t know how to start. And for the truth….at the moment I am broke…..paying my credit cards, paying debts….I can’t even build my business when it comes to pay for the fee. Hope you understand my situation.
    Thank you Welly. I love your lifestyle..

  • Hello Welly, it’s nice reading your story, giving me some clue what to expect when I start putting my self into affiliate marketing. Especially the language barrier here, I should probably hire writers to do all the writing stuff ;)

  • Welly,

    I have just found your story and it is pretty inspirational.

    Yes, it is possible to make a serious money on the net but you need to have a plan.

    Thanks for being so open and sharing,


  • Hi Mario,

    My support assistant has already answered your ticket on Tuesday 9 February 2010 at 8:55 AM, but we didn’t hear back from you.

    We’ve replied again to your ticket. You can see it here:

    I’ll also copy paste our response here for your convenience:


    We have already replied your query on Tue 9 Feb 2010, 8:55am as you can see from the above ticket.

    You can get your training sessions by going to:

    Step 1:

    Step 2:
    Under email, insert:

    => please note, since you used your yahoo email when you paid and NOT your gmail, therefore you must use your yahoo email

    Under password:
    enter your password

    Step 3:
    When you’ve entered the members area, you can directly see on the right of that page which says:
    “Training Sessions” (in Blue Font color)
    You can easily choose your training session from the 1st session onwards by just clicking on the link.
    For example you want to choose “Session 1″
    Click on the “Session 1 – Quickstart Guide”

    Step 4:
    When you entered the “Session 1 – Quickstart Guide” page
    Read all information line by line.

    To get your video training session you can click the link under the “Training” tittle

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    If you don’t know how to whitelist, see here:

    If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to get back to us.


  • Mario Alexandre

    I’ve been sending you messages through submitting tickets and there is no answer from you.

    Welly, I need to know how to get to the 2 videos you sent me from ” Gold Coaching” in order to learn the Internet Business. The problem is, Welly, the site wantsme to buy a product that I don;t need nor want to buy, before I could get to my lessons.

    I need for you to resend me lessons on Video 1,2 without offering products Welly. All I want for npow is the training first and after, I could be interested in products.

    I need an answer soon, otherwise, I’ll have to drop out. Thank you. Mario, malex500@gmail.com

  • Great story, I know all too well how difficult it can be to get your IM business up and running consistently. But the key is consistency and never give up.

  • Hello Welly,

    I’m your new found list and also your country neighbor(Malaysia).Its really great for me to know that there’s also successes internet marketer coming from our Asian country.Anyway,I’m also newbies in this world of Internet Marketting and not even’setahun jagung’but I found your blog content was really impressive…
    Wow..can you sent me your Indonesian website url,I’m really would like to give you a visit..
    Thanks and Regards,

  • John Robert

    Hi Welly,

    Nice founding internet marketing sites. I sent you several emails regarding the web content writer position, however, I never heard from you since. Just wondering if you are still considering my employment. Thanks!

  • Great site. I’m always cautious about reading would-be IM’s talking about how to rank #1, but your info is high-level, and I tell it’s sound, practical advice. I’ve been in IM for about 1 year and find myself agreeing with 90% of what you say.

  • Hello Welley,

    You have some great information here.
    Thanks for inviting me to check it out.

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