Are You A Freebie Finder?

freebie finder

If you are a freebie finder, that’s because you want to save money. That is very understandable, especially during these times of economic downturn.

Do you, however, think that you can run a REAL business (offline or online) without incurring any costs whatsoever? In other words, do you think that there’s such a thing as running a business for free?

The answer is NO!

In our IM world, we’ve often heard of the term “freebie seeker” or “freebie finder” and that we shouldn’t target them as our potential customers because these people are not going to spend money to buy from us.

Nevertheless, from their own (the freebie finders’) perspective, it’s sometimes tough to judge whether what they do (seek freebies all the time without wanting to pay for anything) is right or wrong.

Most, if not all, freebie finders have not made a single penny from the internet and thus they have every reason to be as thrifty as they can.

Yet from the perspective of product owners, they are deemed as stingy because they want everything for free. If only these freebie finders change their attitude and regard buying products (info products as well as tools and software) as something that is going to help them in achieving online business success. From the minds of product owners, these freebie finders are going to attain success faster.

So what’s a freebie finder to do?

Continue to seek for freebies only as they’ve always done?

Or start treating their online business SERIOUSLY and understand that to run a real SUCCESSFUL business, there are costs involved (OPTIONAL costs mentioned above and INEVITABLE costs like domain registration, hosting, and autoresponder fees)?

If you’re strapped for cash yet you want to run a serious internet business, one good way to come up for a solution for your situation is to rethink and reorganize your priorities.

Rethink And Reorganize Priorities

We all have our priorities.

For example, which one is more important to you: your online business future or hanging out with friends in a cafe? If you view your future as more important than having fun with your friends in a cafe (which you will no doubt spend money there), then you should sacrifice short-term pleasure and replace it with long-term income.

Another example:

If you have money to buy the latest gadget (iPhone, iPad, etc.) that you don’t really need (other than the fact that they look cool and trendy), why don’t you invest your money instead on your business (which is likely to pay itself back multiple times in the future)?

Most people buy the latest gadgets because they claim these gadgets will help them work more efficiently and effectively. But is it really the case?

Most of the time, I don’t think so. I bet that 9 out of 10 times the REAL HIDDEN purpose of buying them is to look cool and trendy, especially in front of their friends and peers.

Your decision rests FULLY in your hands. Don’t let others decide it for you. For me, I’d gladly sacrifice instant gratification for long-term wealth. What about you?

You are what you are today because of the things you did yesterday. In other words, what you decide and do today determines what you are tomorrow. So don’t go around blaming other people when you see other people moving forward and you are the only being left behind. After all, you made the decision to fool around instead of working hard on your business didn’t you?

Please note that there is nothing wrong with being a freebie finder. I’m a freebie finder myself from time to time. Just keep in mind that if you want to build a REAL SUCCESSFUL internet business, business costs are inevitable.

By the way, if you’re looking for a freebie, here’s a freebie minisite template you can instantly plug-and-play for your own use (no opt-in required) :grin:

7 Responses to “Are You A Freebie Finder?”

  • Jason on February 23, 2012

    websites that gives off freebies are the one’s that are prone with viral links. I like freebies too but I don’t rush things when it comes to the web world.

    I personally see to it that the website is a credible one, results are I get good freebies and viral infections avoided

  • Elinor Crone on January 4, 2012

    Hi there! Great post Welly. I totally agree with what Jared said above. Colleagues of mine have spent time and energy trying to create tools and systems for us to use that are “free”. However, normally I find that there is already a tool out there we could be using for a small monthly fee which has the support system to back it up if anything goes wrong. What we now refer to as our “homemade technology” often fails and we have no one’s support to fix it. The value of time in our company is very high and therefore we have learned our lesson!

  • on July 14, 2010

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    TGIF Links, a new social bookmarking section of my website that works like a mini Digg clone. Plus, 20 blogging tips from expert bloggers, a weekly blog carnival on thatgirlisfunny…….

  • Jared Detroit on July 10, 2010

    I find for the most part that there are so many freebies out there that you don’t have to spend much money to get good products. I’m talking about really good products. The people that will spend 10 hours searching for a free product that they could buy for $50 don’t understand the value of time.

  • Sue on July 5, 2010

    Great post…..I agree there is nothing wrong with “freebies”, however people do need to understand that any business costs money (and takes time and effort). You will get out of your business what you put into it.

  • Marcus DeVries on June 29, 2010

    Hi Welly,

    Good post, however I feel one of the main reasons for people LOOKING for freebies is that they have had BS rammed down their throats by BS copy that promises the earth if you pay me $$$$$$$$$$$$, so it is quite understandable that people are becoming more wary, savvy, prudent……because they do not know what to believe in any more. As with any endeavour the cream always rises to the top….usually, not always, through facing adversity in it’s many guises, let’s concentrate on giving great advice and indications towards successful endeavours and give give give……WHY? Giving is natural, and when people are ready, they reciprocate and the world is a much better place for it. Let’s help people garner a better understanding of Internet Marketing….we all started off knowing nothing…..let’s pass on what we know. Then we will earn a legit living from the universal information highway. We are in at the infancy stage of the age of communication, and those who learn to operate correctly WILL be justly rewarded.

    Love, Light and Cyberethics


  • John Leary III on June 29, 2010

    Aloha Welly,

    This is my initial visit to your blog and I enjoyed your post. I often wonder about folks that refuse to spend any money and yet complain that they’re not making any. All business, online and offline, take some prudent planning and an occasional investment in some item your business needs.

    I have an ad I run occasionally about my first year online….I did make about $5,0000.00 BUT I spent about $9,000.00 learning. I now make a profit but in the beginning, that was not the case. I would imagine other folks have has similar experiences.

    Yes, there is a big learning curve but so worthwhile should you survive!

    I’ll be back to read some more…keep up the great work!

    John Leary III
    Big Kahuna Ventures LLC

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