Internet Marketing Lessons From A Legend

internet marketing lessons

Internet Marketing Lessons

It’s an honor for me to be able to able to interview an Internet Marketing Legend that I’m sure most of you already know of. He is none other than Terry Dean.

Terry has been in this business since 1996, so when it comes to delivering rock-solid internet marketing lessons and advice – who better to ask than the legend himself?

There are 5 questions in this interview, and if you pay careful attention and try to understand DEEPER the answers given by Terry, read more…

Email Marketing Facts (most gurus won’t tell you…)

Email Marketing Facts – All marketers talk about how the money is in the list, but VERY FEW actually talk about the email marketing facts (those negative FACTS you most likely don’t want to know) you ought to know as an online marketer.

Today’s training is exactly about covering these email marketing facts that you most likely haven’t heard before or that are CONTRARY to what you know: read more…

Information Product Creation The FAST Way

Most of the time when we think about creating information products, we tremble with fear. The truth is that information product creation doesn’t have to be complicated and hard.

There is a VERY FAST method of creating an information product from scratch.

Ready to know what this FAST method is?

Drum roll please… read more…

Internet Marketing Cost – How Much To Start?

Before getting started on their Internet marketing journey, people often ask me: “How much money do I have to invest in Internet marketing? What is the Internet marketing cost involved?”

And today’s article is about answering this question.

Side note: When talking about Internet marketing, I’m assuming read more…

List Building Techniques – The Essential 4 Steps

List building techniques – there is no doubt that you’ve seen and heard it time and time again that “the money is in the list”. While that statement is only partially true (the REAL statement should be “the money is in the RELATIONSHIP with the list”), you should, nevertheless, start building your own list if you haven’t started doing so yet.

But how do you build your list?

Here are read more…

Affiliate Traffic – How To REALLY Get It

There are many ways to generate visitors to your website or blog. However as marketers, at the end of the day, the purpose of driving visitors is to earn money from them, not just for fun or personal excitement. I’m going to be covering some affiliate traffic strategies in a moment, but for now let me ask you this question:

“Do you know why a lot of people fail to earn substantial money online?”

The answer is: read more…

Step By Step Internet Marketing

People like step by step information that provides clear, “step 1 do this, step 2 do that” type of instructions. It’s no different when it comes to learning the ropes of Internet marketing, and that is why this article is written to provide step by step internet marketing instructions.

Here are the step by step internet marketing instructions: read more…

Earn Money Online Today

We humans want FAST results. We are impatient and don’t want to wait too long for whatever we’re trying to achieve. This is why most, if not all, beginners who just got started in the Internet marketing arena want to earn money online today.

This is almost impossible, because read more…

How To Be A LIKEABLE Person

In the last post, I mentioned that you should become a likeable person so that your audience like, know, and trust you – and the end result is that they’d want to buy from you. In this post I want to share 5 ways on how to be a likeable person. read more…

Internet Marketing Basics – What’s Your Story?

internet marketing basics

Sometimes when I browse around the net and I come across INTERESTING and USEFUL blogs (not necessarily blogs in the Internet marketing area), I’d like to find out who the creator of the blog is. However, not all blogs have an “About Me” page. Even when they have that page (meaning it’s clickable), some of them are empty. This is a HUGE read more…