Backlink Analysis Using FREE Tools (Amazingly FAST)

I’ve just recorded a training video on how to do FAST backlink analysis using FREE tools. This is a very powerful method of gauging how difficult or easy it will be to rank a particular set of keyword phrase on the first page of Google.

If you want more free search engine traffic from Google, then you have to see this training video below now!

It’s 25 minutes long, but I promise you’ll get VALUABLE information. So consume this now okay? If you don’t want to view it online, but rather want to save this video to your computer, then you can download the video here (.wmv format; 22.5MB).

(hint: I’m very nervous making this video and you’ll find out WHY in the video below. And please pardon my Asian accent…)

What did you think about this backlink analysis training video? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please them in a comment below…

17 Responses to “Backlink Analysis Using FREE Tools (Amazingly FAST)”

  • Welly,

    Thanks for this. I just started using SEO Quake myself and am really impressed with the amount of information you can get from this.

    By the way, very understandable. No problems for me on the listening end.

    - M

  • Brilliant! I really appreciate the info! It will for sure save me time!

  • Ohhhh thank you for this! this really will help me save a lot of my precious time and energy! at least i won’t be working too much on keywords that really don’t yield much1 thanks again1

  • Welly,

    I love you! Your info is top notch. I have been following you for quite some time now and will soon start promoting your products.

    Thanks for all you do to help newbies.


  • finally i begin understand the whole thing about seo!

  • @Arif: I’m NOT an SEO expert and I really don’t know the answer to that, but I read somewhere (forgot where) that Google deliberately hides some of the backlink results so that we can’t assess the true backlink power of a particular web page. Not sure how true this is though. You may want to Google this for more accurate info.

  • I want to ask you why backlink from different Search Engine is have different result. Why the different is so big like in google I have found 4 backlink, but in Yahoo 381 backlink. It’s happen ini another too like bing, altavista, alexa, exalead, and gigablast.

    Please tell me how the works / algorithm of backlink search in search engine.

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  • Thanks Welly, that´s something I didn´t know and it is of great help.
    It is indeed the kind of behind the curtain information tha let us know much better why we do so bad sometimes.
    Thanks again.

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  • Wow, very useful video wel..
    Thanks for your share.. :D

  • @Colin: Glad that I sounded clear in the video, and thanks for your kind comments :)

    @Alan: You’re welcome

  • Dear Welly

    This is a fantastic video and thanks for the information on SEO Quake. Very helpful

  • Hi Welly,

    thanks for a great video and the heads up on SEO Quake!
    It certainly speeds up the process of backlink research and saves a lot of time.
    Thanks again,

    p.s. I wouldn’t worry about your accent, everything was clear and concise!

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