Business Tag Line (For Blog) Changed


Just a few days ago, I changed something important on my blog.

Can you spot what change I made to my blog?

If you are a loyal reader, yep, you’ll no doubt have noticed that I changed the business tag line to this blog.

Previously, the tag line was: “Make Money On The Internet With Welly Mulia”.

Now, the new tag line is: “TRUE Results To REPLACE YOUR JOB”.

What do you think? Which is better?

I chose the new tag line because I felt my previous tag line was rather vague. Yes, it was pretty obvious that any visitor who landed on my blog knew that it was an “Internet business” or “make money from the Internet” site, but it just lacked that differentiation from the rest of the competition where all of them say exactly the same thing, which is “how to make money online”.

There are already TONS (read: thousands and tens of thousands) of blogs/sites about “making money online” and “Internet business” and my blog is just another blog lost in a sea of sites.

I wanted my blog to be different (and shine through) from the rest of the sites, and I wanted to cater to a more specific segment of my audience, which is why I’ve changed the tag line.

The new business tag line “TRUE Results To REPLACE YOUR JOB” is A LOT more targeted because just by this phrase alone, people can guest that this a blog catered towards beginners trying to learn how to build an online business so that they can replace their job.

While my posts may sometimes cover some intermediate and advanced strategies, the main focus is covering material catered to the average beginner who is just getting started.

By targeting a SPECIFIC segment of my audience and EXCLUDING others, I’m LASER FOCUSING my time and efforts. This means my REAL prospects and customers are going to feel that I’m talking DIRECTLY to them.

When this happens, it’s a lot easier to close the sale.

Don’t believe me?

If you’ve been following me for some time now, you should already have known that I have a STEP-BY-STEP coaching program where I teach people how to build a CONSISTENT four figure per month online business FAST.

(the tag line ‘How To Build A CONSISTENT Four Figure Per Month Online Business FAST’ is also going to be changed real soon by the way to something even more specific…)

When someone sees this tag line, they almost immediately know that this a program for beginners since it says “four figure per month” instead of “five or six figure per month”.

By doing so, I’m ELIMINATING those intermediate and advanced marketers and I’m projecting my message only to beginners.

Beginners who see this will think to themselves:

“Now this is EXACTLY the program I’ve been searching for all this while. A program EXACTLY for a beginner like me. All the other sites talk about earning a five or six figure fast EASILY. This site talks about making a four figure per month, and it doesn’t say it’s easy. Let’s try it out and see what happens…”

You might say that by excluding people from my audience, I’m actually leaving money on the table.

But the truth is, those people who are not your REAL audience (intermediate and advanced marketers in this case) will NOT join my program anyway. Even if they did join and later found out that the material covered in the program is too basic for them, they’ll leave and request for a refund anyway. So it’s better to not have them in the first place.

(ohhh and there’s also another IMPORTANT benefit…)

By stating on the sales page that “my program is for beginners” and telling those who are NOT my real audience that “my program is NOT for them”, what do you think will happen to my credibility?

YES, my credibility will increase in the eyes of both my target audience and those who are not my target audience.

End Result = I make more sales.

After all, how many marketers/sellers out there are willing to say “No this program is not for you, so please don’t buy…”

What do think about my new business tag line? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so let me know in a comment below…

24 Responses to “Business Tag Line (For Blog) Changed”

  • laser

    nice to read your post again!

    I can remember a few weeks after i installed my blog, i can’t count how many times i changed my “tagline” because i was not sure of it, especially when we need to do they “keyword” researches and its competition as well,

    Argg..but after half a year, i made a decission about my tagline, and i haven’t changed it for months, i am quite happy with it.

    I hope my tagline can be my branding as well though

    Thanks for the post!

  • I know that when I was a complete newbie (which I probably am not far away from even now!) a site dedicated to newbies would have been brilliant. And by that I don’t mean a site that was trying to sell me the lates greatest thing. I mean a site that was genuinely trying to help me. Once they gained my trust I might have purchased off them. Give away lots of free information and the sales will come. But most newbies to this market have been fooled by the instant wealth message, and are expecting to make money without spending any. If you hit them up immediately then they will run a mile!

  • Agree with Don, it’s good to get away from the overly used “Make money on the internet phrase”. It makes me want to steer clear!

  • You might want to include the specific figure as well?

    For example, what is the amount needed to replace a day job? Maybe 3000 per month or 100 per day?

    Or maybe even something like ‘$88.75 per day’ to invoke more curiosity?

  • Good move on your part to get away from the overly used “Make Money On The Internet” phrase that immediately invites skepticism. The word “True” is okay, but “Real” is perhaps a little easier to accept unless you provide numerous testimonials throughout home page. You’re in a tough competitive niche… good luck to you.

  • I agree with you on this one, I like the idea of a more specific tagline then the plain old how to make money online…

    You might want to say something about the time and freedom aspect of online income?

    keep up the good posts

  • Targetted and focus is always better for most cases. It is really about identifying what your customers really want and make sure your provide them with relevant valuable services.

  • “Wellys Proven System To Help You Replace Your Day Job. Watch As He Reveals What It Really Takes To Replace Your Job.”

    While I might take issue with some of the verbiage I think your suggestion actually has merit. You’ve suggested twice that if I pay attention I may be able to replace my day job, and you’ve compelled me to take action by using the active verb ‘Watch’.

  • Hi Welly,
    I agree with what Mike said. You should create a title that includes your name. For example: Welly’s Step by Step System to Replace Your Day Job or 4 Figure per Month Proven System to Replace Your Day Job by Welly Mulia.


  • “I wanted my blog to be different (and shine through) from the rest of the sites, and I wanted to cater to a more specific segment of my audience, which is why I’ve changed the tag line.”

    –I agree when you pointed this out. There are a lot of money making websites out there that really sounds like the same to me. It does not appeal to me at all because I would always conclude that they are all the same. Some are even scams!

    Changing it up and setting an approach in a different light apart from everyone else’s makes people like me look in to what you are trying to say even more. I might even consider signing up! I think I am your target audience.

  • I still prefer your previous tagline. For me, it sounds like you are encouraging those who are working to quit and just switch to this. What if they don’t actually fit in here, what they will do?

  • It will really depend on the user on what he or she prefers to believe and use. Majority of the users choose something wherein they will get something useful.

  • Our home business in our village is a small catering service. The profit is good in the food and beverage business. .*

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  • Hey everyone (James, Joe, Peter, Mike, Peggy, and Chris) – Thanks for your suggestions and thoughts.

    Putting my name there is a good idea for branding purposes – will definitely seriously consider that :)

    Thanks again!

  • As a total beginner at stuff like this, I like what you’re saying. Looking forward to checking back here to learn more cool stuff.

  • Peggy

    I like it a lot…..Looks good and sounds good. Although, I must admit I like Mike’s spin on it also.
    Maybe he should consider a career in Copy Writing?

    Best to you,


  • Hi Welly,
    I agree with everyones answer on the new heading and new sub heading. My spin on it would be something like… Wellys Proven System To Help You Replace Your Day Job. Watch As He Reveals What It Really Takes To Replace Your Job. Oh well, this is why I’m not a copy writer :=>

  • hi Welly

    i think its a good idea targeting real beginners and
    i agree with the post above its god to have your name in the frame

    i think of a blog like shoemoney its got a huge readership how about welliesRealBeginnersBlog

    just a throught keep up the good work
    peter mcgrath

  • I totally agree with your changing of your blog name its is definatley more targetted but that said I would suggest ” Replace Your Job with Wellia Mulias 4 Figure Monthly Income* I think you definatly need your name in there to promote yourself as well as as well as targeting people looking to find a 4 figure income either to relace thier income or supplement thier income from home. Welly let me Know what you think of my suggestion Thanks

  • James Elliott

    I think it is a great idea. Because you are helping us”the beginner” then when a beginner serching for information comes across this he will know it it could be what he is looking for and you could be the person to get him/her started in the right direction.

    Wish I could get in your coaching program but right now it is not possable. To many kids and grandkids living with Papa and Nanny and only one of the three kids working. The three year old granddaughter tries to get Nanny to let her help.

    The other night her dad was washing, she was rinsing and uncle was putting in drainer. She wants to help which is more than her mother will do.

    Got a picture of it but not saved on computer.

    Thanks Welly for all you do to help every one.


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