22 Business Tools

To build a highly successful online business, you need tools/software to help maintain, streamline, and grow your business. Doing everything manually would take up too much of your precious time when you can leverage technology to:

  1. Automate/semi-automate a lot of the routine tasks in your business
  2. Do tasks that you don’t know how to do (e.g. designing and creating websites, coding to achieve a specific function/feature)

Below are tools we recommend using for your business. Some are free, while others are paid. Obviously, if you have no need/use for a specific tool, you don’t have to use it. For example, if your business requires you to write little content (like mine), then you probably don’t need content creation tools.

Disclaimer: some of the links below are our affiliate links, so we will get compensated if you purchase. If you don’t like this, simply do a search in Google for the said tool and you can go directly to the vendor’s page, and we won’t be compensated at all.

Landing Page/Website Creation

Kompozer (free)

If you have design skills and don’t mind messing with HTML and CSS, this is a good, free software you can use to create/edit your html page. It comes with a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor.

1MinuteSites (paid)

This is a WordPress killer. Create landing pages in 60 SECONDS!

Nothing to download. Nothing to install.

1MinuteSites is a web app where you simply login to your account > choose a template> edit the content > and your landing page will be live instantly — in 60 SECONDS or less, even if you’re a brand new beginner.

PT Instant (paid)

If you want more control and flexibility but you don’t mind installing WordPress and WordPress plugin (which requires time), this is for you.

This WordPress plugin creates Mobile-Responsive Pro Marketing Pages in 2 minutes — Corporate Pages/Websites, Product Launch Pages, Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages, Thank You Pages, Legal Pages, and any kind of landing pages you can think of.

Note: we are the developer of this tool.

Membership Site

Easy Quick Member (paid)

With this WordPress Plugin, you can EASILY & QUICKLY Create Fully-Functional, Profitable Membership Sites — In Minutes!

Note: we are the developer of this tool.


Hostgator (paid)

Use this hosting company if you’re just starting out. Since you don’t have much visitors yet, singing up for a shared server will be enough for you. They have great server uptime and customer support.

Note: we have 2 shared server accounts with them.

Servint (paid)

Use this when you’ve outgrown your shared server in Hostgator. You can sign up for a VPS server here. And if VPS is still not enough, you can always use a dedicated server.

Note: we have a dedicated server with them. Great support (response time within minutes) and the downtime is almost zero. Seriously.

List Building

Aweber (paid)

If you’re serious about building an online business, you must build a list of your own. This way, you can send traffic at will to any site you choose, and present whatever offers you want to your audience, instantly. Aweber is widely considered as the best list management/autoresponder service.

Note: we use this service.

Premium List Magnet (paid)

If you run a WordPress blog, this plugin allows you to easily build popups and unobtrusive yet eye-catching sliders that will ask for your visitors email in exchange for a freebie you give them.

Note: we are the developer of this tool.

Safe Swaps (both free and paid)

If your budget is low, you can do ad swaps with other marketers to gain new leads/subscribers. If you don’t mind paying for subscribers, you can purchase solo ads from other marketers. You can also sell your solo ad service to other marketers. Ultimately, this is a very good platform to build your list because it provides you with users’ ratings based on real user feedback – you can use this valuable info to be selective of who you want to do business with.

Note: we currently have a free guest account here because we’re only interested in purchasing solo ads, which does not require us to have a paid account.

Design and Coding Service

Warrior Forum “Warriors For Hire” Section

If you want someone to do custom design and/or coding work, you can go here to shop around. Be sure to check out other people’s reviews of the provider, and don’t be afraid to ask them questions in advance.

Keyword Research

SE Cockpit (paid)

This is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, keyword research tools in the market. Why? Because while most keyword research tool is desktop based – i.e. you install the software on your computer – SE Cockpit runs in the cloud on their high-performing server. This means queries that are run by other users are stored in their database, so the next time the same query is performed by another user, it takes literally only seconds to display the results to you.

Content Creation

The Best Spinner (paid)

If you’re looking for an article/content spinner to turn your 1 article into hundreds of different, unique, highly human-readable articles quickly, this is the tool to use. It also “learns” over time – meaning the spun content it generates gets better and better in terms of quality.

Article Builder (paid)

If you’re looking to create high quality, as close as you can get to “push-button” articles/content from scratch, and you want to do it quickly instantly and easily effortlessly, then this is the tool you want to use. Select the category/niche you want >> choose how many words you want >> then click “create content” and you’re done. No need to do research on the topic, at all. And the best thing? The content quality is very good for an almost “push-button” solution.

IM Courses

Gold Coaching (paid)

This course shows BEGINNERS how to build a consistent 4-figure online business via your own continuity program.

Disclaimer: I’m the creator of this course and I’m biased.

Monthly Mentor Club (paid)

For intermediate and advanced marketers – this is a monthly print newsletter where each month you get to see and learn what’s working TODAY based on real case studies as Terry Dean, the pioneer of IM and creator of the newsletter, shows you how you can earn more, work less, and enjoy life.

Note: we have been a member of this club since 2009.

All-In-One Shopping Cart, Sales Funnel & Affiliate Management

Zaxaa (paid)

Zaxaa is the World’s EASIEST & FASTEST Solution to instantly sell your digital products online, instantly deliver them to your customers, and instantly recruit affiliates to help sell your products.

Zaxaa can even automatically pay out instant commissions to your affiliates at the point-of-sale without waiting for the refund period to clear (if you want).

In short, Zaxaa automates the product management and sales funnel aspects of your business so you can focus on what matters most instead of worrying on technical know-how. As with our other software solutions, everything is super point-n-click EASY and FAST.

Note: we are the developer of this platform.

Support Desk

Hesk (free)

For beginners, I suggest using this free support desk script. You download the script and upload it to your server. Don’t use email for customer support. Email is unreliable (goes to spam folder, etc) and it’s difficult to keep track of previous conversation with your customers.

Zendesk (paid)

This is THE ultimate support desk platform. The only bad thing I can say about them is that they are a bit pricey. But you get what you pay for. That’s why if you have little to no budget, you’re better off using Hesk (the free support desk platform mentioned above). Once your business starts growing and you see revenue coming in, do give Zendesk a try. They have a 30-day free trial. They will save you tons of time and money in providing customer service.

Note: we have 2 accounts here.

Project Management

Remember The Milk (free)

Simple, free tool you can use to manage your tasks as well as your team’s tasks.

Note: we used to use this before we over to a premium service (Basecamp) because we have outgrown it.

Basecamp (paid)

If you want something more robust and has the ability to collaborate with your team better and more seamlessly, look no further than Basecamp. Very easy to use, simple, yet it gets the job done.

Note: we currently use this in the company to collaborate with team members.

Time Management

My Action Generator (paid)

There are so many tasks (both business and personal) we need to do that often times, we get confused as to do which tasks first. Add to that the fact that there are a lot of distractions (social media, email, checking stats, personal errands, etc) that it’s really difficult to manage your time well and focus on doing the important tasks first.

With this tool, your mind will be in total clarity as you will know exactly what tasks you are going to be doing for the day, for how long you are going to spend completing them, and which important tasks to start doing first.

Note: we own this tool

Website Tracking

Google Analytics (free)

Using this tool, you’ll know how many visitors your site gets each day, what pages they are visiting, for how long, which city/country they come from, which traffic sources referred them to your site, and many more features. You can even track your conversion (e.g. squeeze page and sales page conversion), even though I personally dislike setting up the conversion tracking part because I find them a bit complicated.

Website Uptime Monitoring

Pingdom (paid)

If you want something that checks if your websites are up and running each and every minute, along with the response time of your sites, this service gets the job done well. If your sites are down for even 1 minute, they will instantly notify you via email, smart phone notifications, or sms.

Note: we use this service.

Password Manager

LastPass (free)

For security reasons, you should use different passwords for different sites. That way, if one of your sites is hacked, your other sites are safe. With LastPass, you can keep track hundreds of different passwords for hundreds of different sites securely, anytime and anywhere.

Note: of course we use this too.

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  • Thanks for sharing this great list of tools Welly. I also use the Profits Theme and am very happy with it.

    Alex Zemkus

  • myke ngo

    Good list to know for a starter in internet marketing. I rather start with the right than tried and error.
    Tks again and bookmarked.

  • Hi Welly,
    Well, another great complete tools/service lists. Thanks for creating this complete list, it is useful for me, no need to search anywhere anymore.
    Bookmark! :D

  • Thanks Welly, I was looking for a password protector. Will try this out.

  • Thanks Welly,It is very useful list indeed.I am already using Google analytic but I did’nt know about all these tools.

  • realy very good i hope you can help me one line how to create good website i learn to much thing i pay too much but but i can not find good coach to train and guid me to this work from the basic secret

  • Great Publication ! Thank you so much, dear Welly !

  • Thanks for the info Welly. I just joined your Zaxxa service right now. And I do hope many will take advantage of it today…

  • These tools are wonderful. I think it’s best for my bussiness. Thanks Welly !

  • Thanks for taking the time, Welly. I’ve already got some of them but am grateful for the other free ones, especially Zaxaa, Hest and Remember the Milk. “Free” is the magic word at the moment :>)

  • Great list, it goes straight to my Instapaper. The article spinning tool looks interesting, I might give it a go.
    Regarding Profits Theme…I heard that Optimize Press is more complex and it’s easier to use than Profits.

    • Actually, Profits Theme has more features than Optimize Press, the most prominent being PT can protect your downloads from unauthorized access, drip-feed your content, and offer unlimited level membership (silver, gold, platinum, etc) — all without the need of additional software/plugin. With OP, you need additional software to achieve this.

      Regarding ease of use, it’s subjective and I’m obviously biased, so I’ll let users be the judge :-)

      • I’ll give it a go when you’ll run some sales. I know you guys only release great products because I’ve use some of them in the past. Cheers!

  • hi Welly
    Nice list – I found some very usefull sites to
    use in my business.
    Thanks :-)

  • Nice list here. I appreciate the Hest referral as I’ve often thought about how to handle support when I launch. May vey well use Zaxaa, too!

  • This is a good set of tools. However, it would have been good if you included some SEO tools too! Cheers!

    • I’m not fond of SEO and I think it’s overrated, and I rarely use it nowadays, so I don’t know which service is good CURRENTLY. That’s why I have not included it in the list. But it may change in the future, and when it does I’ll update the list.

  • This is a really good, well thought out list. I didn’t know about hesk, zaxaa or servint! So, many thanks to you!

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