How To Build A List With A Blog

how to build a list with a blog

How to build a list with a blog – We all know how important it is to have your own WordPress blog. If you’re an authority marketer, you want to present yourself as an authority and one excellent way to do that is to have a blog where you share your expertise and experience with your audience.

If you’re into multiple different niche markets, you read more…

Add A Blog To Boost Your Online Profits

By now, you should have already realized the importance of having your own website.

There are lots of different ways to create websites. You can create them manually like the good old-fashioned static html sites, or use some kind of CMS (content management system) like Joomla or WordPress.

In this post, I’m going to share with you why you need to have your own website in the form of a blog.

There are 6 reasons why I highly recommend you create your website using a blog platform:

1. Blogs are easy and fast to create

I mean it when I say this.

Blogs are really easy to create. You don’t even have to know HTML or PHP and you can create a blog in a matter of seconds.

I’m not exaggerating. You really can create your own blog super fast and not know a thing about coding or programming (although if you know a little HTML it would really help if you want to edit the layout or theme).

2. You can update your blog easily

With blogs, you can update the content of your blog easily. :razz:

You simply need to type what you want to write and then click the “publish” button, and your updated content will appear on your blog instantly.

No more opening up your FTP program just to update the content on your blog.

3. Blogs are easy to maintain

You control your blog from 1 admin control panel.

This control panel is intuitive, so you can guess easily what the different options and buttons are for.

And the best thing is, everything can be done by simply pointing and clicking your mouse. No technical skills required, although it will certainly help.

4. Search engines love blogs

Whenever you make a new blog post, your blog pings the different search engines letting them know that there are fresh content on your blog.

Search engines, especially Google, love fresh content. :mrgreen:

If your site is currently only a HTML site, try adding a blog into your site. As Jonathan Leger pointed out, adding a blog to your site can boost your site’s ranking in Google.

5. You can communicate with visitors

With blogs, you have the ability to communicate with your visitors via the blog comments feature. This is Web 2.0!

You make a blog post, your visitors read it, and if they have any questions or feedback they can use the blog comments feature to convey their messages.

In this way, you get to build relationships with your visitors since you can communicate back and forth with them. :wink:

After you have successfully built great relationships with your visitors so that they trust you, it will be a lot easier to sell them products and services.

This means more profit for you.

6. Placebo effect

When you regularly update your blog with fresh and beneficial content, people are going to assume that you know what you are talking about since your blog seems (at least in their eyes) to be up-to-date with the latest developments and news related to your field.

When your blog starts to become crowded with people leaving comments on it, your visitors are also going to assume that your blog is popular and they will associate this popularity with authority.

What I mean is that they will see you as an authority in your field.

When you are regarded as the authority in your field, people are going to buy from you! :smile:

The Most Straightforward Way To Make Money Online

Newbie trying their hands to make money online are often confused how they can actually “make money online”.

They often ask themselves questions such as: “Where exactly is the online money at and how can I take advantage of this opportunity and make some money myself?”

If you are one of these beginners, I would recommend to you that the most straightforward and simplest way to make money online is through ads marketing or ads monetization.

What exactly is Ads marketing or Ads monetization?

Ads marketing or Ads monetization simply means that you earn money by selling advertising space to advertisers.

As simple and straightforward as that! :cool:

Traditional newspapers and magazines, which have been around for ages, make money by selling advertising space.

In the online world of Internet Marketing, it is practically the same. You can make money by selling advertising space on your website.

To successfully sell advertising space, you need to:

1. Set up a website of your own

Currently, the easiest way to set up you own website is by using a blog. I recommend using a WordPress blog if you have a little money to spare to buy domain and hosting. However, if you have no money, you can also set up a Free Blogger blog.

To find out more about setting up your WordPress or Blogger blog, you can grab my FREE report “Your First $100 Online” just by subscribing to this blog on the top right of this page.

2. Put in valuable content to your blog on a consistent basis

Now that you have your blog set up, the next thing you need to do is to put in valuable content to your blog.

Now pay special attention when I say “valuable content”. You must give valuable content that is beneficial to your blog readers, not just some rubbish and low quality content that you simply copy from another blog and paste it into your own blog.

By entertaining your blog readers on a consistent basis with valuable content that is useful to them, you make them happy they are more likely to return to your blog in the future.

These readers are also likely to recommend their friends to your blog if they feel they have benefited by reading the content on your blog.

The more people who know your blog, the higher your blog’s traffic, which lead us to point number 3…

3. Drive traffic on a consistent basis

Creating great content on your blog is terrific, but you need to do some promotion so that people know your blog exists in the first place.

There are a number of ways to drive traffic to your blog:

- write articles and submit them to article directories like Ezine Articles and Go Articles

- if you have some budget, you can use PPC (pay-per-click) advertising like Google Adwords

- social bookmark your blog’s content on sites such as, StumbleUpon, and Digg

- participate in 1 or 2 forum discussions related to your niche

- trackback to other high profile bloggers’ posts from your posts

- comment on other blogs in the same niche

4. Finally, make money by selling advertising space on your blog

When your blog is visited by a lot of people (hundreds or thousands) daily, you are ready to sell advertising space on your blog to make some money.

You can do this by selling advertising space directly without the help of third party vendors by putting up your own “Advertise here” page on your blog.

Some people, however, don’t want the hassle of handling the administration work of receiving payments, setting up and activating/de-activating ads, etc.

If this is you, then you can always enlist their help of third parties such as Google Adsense or Adbrite. They take care of all the administration processes, so all you need to do is just collect money if there are advertisers who want to advertise on your blog. :lol:

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