How To Build A $20,000/Month Business

lee mcintyre

Generating $20,000/month from your online business the Lee McIntyre way.

Does that interest and excite you?

I’m pretty sure it does, even if you don’t know who Lee McIntyre is…

But what if you can generate $20,000/month for only 1 month? Not too excited now right?

How about generating it consistently month in and month out?

Makes You Salivate Doesn’t It?

There Are Many Ways

There are many ways to generate $20,000/month, and I’m not going to list all of them here. Fact is, I don’t know every single method out there, and I don’t intend to know either.

You only need read more…

PayPal Dispute – Does PayPal Favor Buyers Over Sellers?

paypal dispute - face

PayPal Dispute – What do you think of the title above? Does PayPal favor buyers over sellers?

My recent experience says yes to that question.

There were 2 incidents that led me to that conclusion.

The First Incident

This happened about 2 months ago. read more…

Simple Online Business – Don’t Overcomplicate!

simple online business

Simple Online Business – I’ve said it a lot of times on this blog. Building an online business is not easy. But it’s simple. So don’t overcomplicate things!

The first thing you want to do is determine read more…

Selling Information Products Is Totally CRAP?

Selling information products – Okay, so you are interested in selling information products online.

I compliment your enthusiasm. However, it’s worth noting down that the majority of people just starting out in this business are NOT going to be able to sell a lot of products within a short period of time.

There I’ve said it…

Not the read more…

Internet Marketing Lessons From A Legend

internet marketing lessons

Internet Marketing Lessons

It’s an honor for me to be able to able to interview an Internet Marketing Legend that I’m sure most of you already know of. He is none other than Terry Dean.

Terry has been in this business since 1996, so when it comes to delivering rock-solid internet marketing lessons and advice – who better to ask than the legend himself?

There are 5 questions in this interview, and if you pay careful attention and try to understand DEEPER the answers given by Terry, read more…

Information Product Creation The FAST Way

Most of the time when we think about creating information products, we tremble with fear. The truth is that information product creation doesn’t have to be complicated and hard.

There is a VERY FAST method of creating an information product from scratch.

Ready to know what this FAST method is?

Drum roll please… read more…

Internet Marketing Cost – How Much To Start?

Before getting started on their Internet marketing journey, people often ask me: “How much money do I have to invest in Internet marketing? What is the Internet marketing cost involved?”

And today’s article is about answering this question.

Side note: When talking about Internet marketing, I’m assuming read more…

Step By Step Internet Marketing

People like step by step information that provides clear, “step 1 do this, step 2 do that” type of instructions. It’s no different when it comes to learning the ropes of Internet marketing, and that is why this article is written to provide step by step internet marketing instructions.

Here are the step by step internet marketing instructions: read more…

Internet Marketing Product – Do You Really Need It?

internet marketing product

We Internet marketers buy a lot of products to help us in our business. I’m talking about information products and software.

Let’s say I’m a beginner who wants to learn about building a profitable Internet business. I will go out there and buy an internet marketing product that teaches me how to do what I want to learn – and that is to build an online business.

(Sure I can get free information about building an Internet business by searching on Google, but this will take me A LOT more time and effort as I need to weed through the good and accurate information from the bad ones…)

If I want to do a monotonous task over and over again, I’ll buy software that will help me do this.

So buying information products and/or software that will help us in our business is definitely a good investment.

The point of this article is not to argue about this.

The point is to remind you that before you buy any products, make sure you take the following factors into consideration first:

1. Do You CURRENTLY Need It?

There is no point in buying a product that you CURRENTLY do not have a need for. You might say that you’re going to buy now because of the special one-time-offer discount or early bird discount, but trust me, you’re going to forget that you’ve actually bought the product when the time comes to actually use it.

I’ve been a victim to this a lot in the past and still fall victim up to this date (although the frequency is a lot less now).

Suppose you’re a beginner Internet marketer trying to learn what domain and hosting is, and how to use an FTP program to transfer files from and to your server. It’s useless to buy an information product that teaches you how to JV (joint venture) with other established marketers because these marketers are NOT going to JV with you.


Come on, put yourself in these established marketers’ shoes. If you’re a respected marketer and a newbie comes along and proposes that you promote his new, unproven product, would you do it?

The answer is of course: NO!

Therefore, a beginner should NOT buy the product that teaches how to JV with other marketers because he does not need it NOW. It’s going to be useless for him NOW.

If, however, I’m an established marketer CURRENTLY looking for ways to extend my network and get as many JV partners as I can, then yes I CURRENTLY do need this product and could possibly buy it if other criteria explained below are met.

Always assess your current situation to determine whether you need the product now or not. If you don’t need the product NOW, then do NOT buy it now. Buy it later when you need it later.

2. Are You Buying Based On Your Emotions?

The answer to this is of course “YES”!

As bad as you don’t want to admit it, YOU buy based on your emotions. Me too. So is everyone else.

Remember that sales letters (especially sales letters for information products and Internet business related software) typically contain A LOT of HYPE.

This hype is designed to send your emotions through the roof so that you’ll be “hypnotized” to buy the product in question.

The point here is NOT to ask you to COMPLETELY avoid using your emotions when buying products, since it’s almost impossible to do that (because of the fact that we are humans).

The point is to LESSEN your emotions when you are making a buying decision. Realize and understand that the sales letter for the product you’re eager in buying most likely contains A LOT of HYPE and therefore you should control your excitement.

Face the fact that 99.99% of the time, the product is NOT going to be as good and amazing as the sales letter makes it out to be.

When you can tone down your emotions, your buying judgment becomes a lot better.

3. Who Created The Product?

This is also an important factor to consider.

Do a Google search on the product creator’s name in quotes. For example, if the product creator is Welly Mulia, you go to Google and type in “Welly Mulia” (in quotes).

If no results show up, then DO NOT buy the product because the product creator has no previous track record and do not have a reputation yet. It would be a lot better to buy from someone who has a proven track record, or at the very least has an online presence of some kind.

If Google results show up when you run his name, check out the websites that show up.

Does he have a blog? If yes, spend some time browsing his blog and find out if he really is the real deal. Check out the quality of the blog posts. Observe the comments on his blog posts. See the Alexa rank for the blog to get a general idea of how much traffic the blog is getting.

What are other websites saying about him? Use common sense and your own discretion to judge whether he really is the real deal or just another scammer.

The more results Google return the better, as this will allow you more references to do your research.

If your research indicates that he is an honest product creator who knows what he’s talking about, then his product is probably worth buying.

(…but do NOT buy the product just because he’s an honest product creator; remember to also use the other 2 criteria explained above when making buying decisions)

The Takeaway:

The next time you want to buy an information product or software, make sure that you go over the 3 criteria above first.

If the product passes ALL 3 criteria, then you may go ahead and buy the product in question.

Remember, the internet marketing product must pass ALL 3 criteria; if it fails to pass even one of them, then you should NOT buy it.

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