A Smarter Way To Get Traffic?

I'm smart because I have my powerful tool -- my glasses :-)

Getting new visitors to your site is not easy. Everyone can claim it’s easy, but you and I know that this is not true.

Let’s take a look at some ways people generate new visitors to their site – PPC, SEO, social media marketing, etc.

PPC is expensive these days. SEO takes lots of time and effort, unless you have the luxury of paying to join link networks. Social media marketing is not cheap and easy either.

Since getting new visitors is not easy, it would be wise if we can come up with a way/system to automatically generate visitors on “semi-autopilot”. read more…

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For the past few months we’ve been working hard at Get Profits Fast lab.

Hey we’ve even had our logo redesigned:

new get profits fast logo

What do you think of our brand new logo?

(if you say bad things I’m going to punch you in the face though…)

Just kidding…

Anyway, after months of development, our read more…

How To Build A List With A Blog

how to build a list with a blog

How to build a list with a blog – We all know how important it is to have your own WordPress blog. If you’re an authority marketer, you want to present yourself as an authority and one excellent way to do that is to have a blog where you share your expertise and experience with your audience.

If you’re into multiple different niche markets, you read more…

How To Build A List From Scratch

how to build a list

I’ve talked before in this list building explained post that the money is in the relationship AND size of your list. But how do you get your first subscriber when you are just starting your list building efforts? read more…

2 Steps To Building A Profitable List

list building explained

List Building Explained – I know this sounds cliché, but let’s REALLY think about this for a second…

WHY do you need to build a list? WHY must you build a list?

I’ve said this a lot of times and I’m going to repeat myself again here…

You build a list because of the ability to read more…

Why You Should Use More Than 1 Autoresponder Service

autoresponder tipsToday I’d like to share with you a painful business experience I recently went through and hopefully you won’t commit the same mistake I did. By sharing this experience with you, it is also my hope to give you some autoresponder tips.

We all know how vital and important read more…

Ad Swaps – Why I Don’t Like It

ad swaps

Before I explain why I don’t like ad swaps, let’s talk about list building for a minute…

Everyone says the money is in the list.

And then there’s another group of people (me included) who say that “the money is in the relationship with the list”.

But read more…

Squeeze Page Design – Your Problems Solved In 2 Minutes!

squeeze page design

Before I reveal how you can solve your squeeze page design problems in 2 minutes, allow me to explain why you need to create a squeeze page in the first place.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that I talk about read more…

Email Marketing Facts (most gurus won’t tell you…)

Email Marketing Facts – All marketers talk about how the money is in the list, but VERY FEW actually talk about the email marketing facts (those negative FACTS you most likely don’t want to know) you ought to know as an online marketer.

Today’s training is exactly about covering these email marketing facts that you most likely haven’t heard before or that are CONTRARY to what you know: read more…

List Building Techniques – The Essential 4 Steps

List building techniques – there is no doubt that you’ve seen and heard it time and time again that “the money is in the list”. While that statement is only partially true (the REAL statement should be “the money is in the RELATIONSHIP with the list”), you should, nevertheless, start building your own list if you haven’t started doing so yet.

But how do you build your list?

Here are read more…