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After a hard time deciding (there were about 150 entries), I’ve selected the 2 winners for the Premium List Magnet contest I held a few days ago.

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I’m Slow

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GetResponse 6.0 Is A Terrible Mess!

make money on the internet

Having been a satisfied customer of GetReponse since 2006, I have to say that I’m no longer impressed by its service.

For the sake of people not knowing what GetResponse is, GetResponse is an autoresponder company that provides email marketing services so that marketers can follow up with their prospects/exisiting clients to sell more products and services to them.

I first signed up for GetResponse in mid-to-late 2006 (I forgot the exact date) and have always been a satisfied customer until July 5, 2009 when it did a major upgrade to its system to version 6.0

The Upgrade To Version 6.0

The upgrade was a COMPLETE DISASTER as it turns out that many important features that were previously working were now either not working at all or working only partially.

I was tempted to blog about my frustration with their new upgrade, but managed to suppress my temptations after I’ve reminded myself of the fact that it’s okay to have some bugs in the script when you’re doing a complete system upgrade.

However, in my opinion, this has to happen reasonably.

It is now July 15 as I blog about this (which is 10 days after the major upgrade). 10 days have passed and there are still bugs that affect me and tens of thousands of customers.

This is TOTALLY NOT ACCEPTABLE! These bugs are costing me and other marketers money. Every other day that the bugs are not resolved is money lost!

Though I’ve not done a thorough analysis of the functionality of every single feature they offer, below are some key disappointments that I’ve experienced as a customer. Please note that bugs that have been resolved as of this writing are not included below. I’m ONLY going to report bugs that have not been solved at the time of this writing.

The Frustrating Problems That I’ve Experienced (That Have Not Been Resolved)

1. [[sig]]code for signature that is used in the previous GetResponse is not working in the new GetResponse.

The weird thing is [[sig]] is changed automatically to [[pre signature]] which is also not working. Have to manually change all instances of [[pre signature]] to [[pre sig]] across ALL campaigns to get it to work.

2. Dashboard says “last newsletter” sent out, when in fact it’s not the last newsletter.

3. [[ref]] code is not working.

This is a VERY IMPORTANT feature for tracking how we acquired our subscribers. By knowing where our subscribers came from, we can focus our efforts on the marketing methods that generate the best results, thus giving us the best bang for the buck and time invested.

When querying GetResponse for subscribers that were associated with a particular [[ref]] code, no results were returned. This is true for subscribers acquired BEFORE the upgrade and partially true for subscribers acquired AFTER the upgrade.

I say partially true because for some weird reasons, subscribers acquired AFTER the upgrade sometimes show up and sometimes they don’t.

4. Export via CSV not working properly.

When exporting subscribers’ to CSV format, the results returned under the “ref” column and our own custom fields column are wrong. It’s basically printing the same results from top to bottom.

5. Daily report not working.

Even though I’ve set up a daily report of subscribers that were added to a certain campaign to be emailed to me every day, I did not receive this daily report until only a few days ago. However, even though I’ve now received a daily report, it’s for subscribers added a week earlier and NOT for that actual day.

Essentially, I’m receiving a daily report that’s 1 week old.

Also, the daily report’s “ref” column is blank.

6. Some delivered broadcasts are missing when trying to view their statistics

Statistics such as the open rate and click through rate of a particular message is important in analyzing what kind of subject works and how responsive our lists are. When trying to view the statistics of some of the broadcasts, they were not there.

7. Preload without authorization set to “YES” automatically

Campaigns that were previously set to “NO” preload without authorization is now set to “YES” after the upgrade, making our campaigns prone to be copied by other marketers.

I have contacted support for SOME of the above issues, but they were still not resolved yet. As for number 7, I was so frustrated (because I have a lot of campaigns) that I asked them to manually set the preload without authorization setting back to “NO”.

What I Think Of GetResponse NOW

I seriously think that they could have done a MUCH BETTER job and cause MUCH LESS bugs in their new system. About a month or so before the upgrade to the new system, they conducted a beta test of the new system by inviting existing customers to participate in the test.

With the beta version, they should have discovered most, if not all, of the bugs. With a business as large as GetResponse (mind you they have 93,000+ customers), this is REALLY a shame.

I’m not the typical “complain” guy, but this time GetResponse has gone overboard. I’m not the only one who’s disappointed by their poor service, there are tons more people feeling the same way I do. You can take a look here at this thread from the Warrior Forum.

I should have started with Aweber in the first place 3 years ago. If I did, I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in now.

Right now, if I wanted to switch to Aweber, I’d have to run the risk of losing a lot of folks on my list because Aweber is only allowing me to send out a confirmation message once to my current subscribers.

I used to be a satisfied customer of GetResponse, but not anymore.

Bottom line

Lesson learned: If you’re providing a service that SO MANY people rely heavily upon, be sure that when you release or upgrade the service, you test it thoroughly through extensive beta tests, thereby reducing the number of bugs/errors to an acceptable minimum.

If you’re looking for a professional autoresponder company, go for Aweber. I know I will be for my new business venture with my partner. In fact, I will be signing up for a new account tomorrow or later today.

Your Thoughts?

What are your thoughts when a company as big as GetResponse upgrade its services with bugs all over the place? Do you think it’s acceptable? Better yet, if you’re a customer like me who underwent the major upgrade, what do you have to say about this incident?

Let me know in a comment below…

What Graphics Can Do To Your Business

I’ve always believed in investing in high quality graphics when it comes to selling products or services, both online and offline. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words and having high quality graphics will “WOW” your prospects at the first point of contact, thereby leave a lasting, great impression.

Let’s take a look at the offline business. Product manufacturers couldn’t simply just sell their products and services without some form of accompanying graphics. They could, but it just wouldn’t convert that well.

Can you imagine going to the local grocery store and buying a bottle of milk that simply has an ugly “Fresh MILK” label on it without any kind of graphic ornaments on it? Would you buy this bottle of milk or would you buy the bottle beside it that is professionally packaged with its colorful and attractive graphic elements?

High Quality Graphics In Action

The automotive industry, food industry, telecommunications industry, and all other industries – they all have great quality graphics attached to their products. It makes perfect sense actually.

These huge companies with huge budget set aside a certain amount of money for graphic design purposes to “beautify” (so to speak) their products and services so that they attract more buyers.

You might argue that big name manufacturers don’t need to have those fancy-looking graphics because their brands are already famous and people will buy regardless of how ugly the graphics are. That may be true in certain cases; but the FACT is, there is not a single product and service out there by a big company that actually use poorly designed graphics – at least not that I know of.

Automotive industry – take a look at the high quality brochures car manufacturers have.

Food industry – those food pictures attached to the packaging of the product that are so “REAL” and juicy that make our mouth salivates uncontrollably.

I could go on and on… but you get my point.

The power of these high quality graphics and the impact they have on your business is even more obvious when it comes to selling products and services on the Internet.

As we all know, anyone can sell on the Internet. And we also know that everyone is “hiding” behind a computer when they’re selling online.

Please note that the term “hiding” is not meant to discredit people selling online (Hey I sell products and services online too).

Think about when a prospect comes across your product/service when shopping online. Think about their thoughts and emotions just when they’re about to decide if they want to buy from you or not.

Since they don’t know who you are and they have no previous experience buying from you, they’re definitely afraid of being cheated of their money.

Scams are becoming more and more commonplace nowadays. Thus they have every right to be wary, especially when shopping online, since like I’ve said above everyone is literally “hiding” behind a computer.

The Disadvantage Of Running An Online Business

A lot of online marketers talk about how great it is to run an Internet business where you can profit almost 100% when selling digital goods. Very few of them, though, talk about the disadvantages of running an online business.

Everything else being equal, it is harder to convince a person to place their trust on you when it comes to buying online than offline since when buying online, they can’t see the real person behind that website and they perceive it would be harder for them to settle any dispute should there be any in the future. They perceive that the website owner can simply “run away” and not respond to emails, etc.

Another important point to note – unless you or your Internet business are already well-established and people have had a positive buying experience from you before, then convincing them to trust you when it comes to buying online is also going to be harder.

How To Lower The Barrier

For us Internet marketers, one very good way to alleviate this problem so that people trust us more and want to buy from us online is through the use of high quality graphics to demonstrate our products and services.

Why is this effective?

Because with high quality graphics on our products and services:

- You increase your credibility

- You are perceived as being serious in your business (a professional) as you wouldn’t have taken the trouble to have those high quality graphics designed if you weren’t serious about your business. People want to buy from professionals.

The above two points lower your prospects’ resistance to buy from you, which means higher conversions.

In short if you have any kind of product or service that you want to sell, especially if you want to sell online, then you really need to attach high quality, attention-grabbing, professional graphics to your products and services.

New Minisite Design Service For Internet Marketers

I bet you didn’t see this coming, but in conjunction with this, I want to make an announcement. Me and my partner, Adi Djohari, have just started a minisite and eCover design service specifically catered towards Internet marketers who sell their products and services online.

Our minisite design service is called WOW Minisites, and we’ll custom-design your minisite and eCover based on what YOU want (NOT what we want). Since we’re also Internet marketers who’re heavily involved in the IM niche, we really do know what YOU want from an Internet marketer’s perspective.

In the interest of full disclosure, I don’t design the minisites and eCover design. Adi along with our team do the design.

You may be wondering why I don’t take part in designing minisites?

Well it’s because I don’t know a thing about graphic design. Seriously. I’d be a lot of better off focusing on my strengths, which is marketing on the Internet.

If you’re currently about to release your product or service, do seriously consider getting a professional minisite design done.

If you’re currently already selling a product or service but you don’t have great quality graphics to accompany it, also consider getting a professional minisite designed for you.

You don’t have to use my professional minisite design service if you don’t want to (though I highly recommend it because I’m sure you’ll be VERY satisfied with our top-notch quality design at a price much less than what other minisite design services are charging).

Whatever you decide, just get a professional minisite designed for your product or service okay?

In summing up, high quality, professional graphics that accompany your product or service will increase your credibility and lower your prospects’ resistance to buy, thereby increasing your conversion rate and and bring you more profits.

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And The Winner Of The Beginners Blog Profits Contest Is…

Melissa Tyran! :smile:

Though only a few people participated in the contest, I really appreciate everyone who has participated.

In the end, there can only be 1 winner, and I chose Melissa because she gives more than just a simple reason as to why she wants to Beginners Blog Profits.

She gave stronger reasons – that failure is not an option and she wants to provide better life for her family.

So Congrats Melissa and thanks everyone who has participated. :wink:

To Melissa – I’ve emailed you the details on how to claim your prize.

P/S: Beginners Blog Profits is out in a few days time, and I’m really excited about it…

Subscribers Contest With A Cool Prize

Want a cool prize? :cool:

Great, see below for more details because I’m looking for 1 (one) lucky winner…

Early next week I’ll releasing a brand new product called Beginners Blog Profits. This product is excellent for beginners who are still struggling to make any money online.

Beginners Blog Profits, as you might have already guessed, is about making money online through blogging.

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So please note that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme and you need to put in real work and effort in order to make money.

When I first got started in Internet Marketing, it was back in June 2006. It wasn’t until January 2008 that I become a full-time Internet Marketer.

It took me a long time (1.5 years) to finally be able to see the big picture of running an Internet business.

While Beginners Blog Profits is not about making tens or hundreds of thousands monthly, it does however show and teach beginners how to start making REAL money from scratch through blogging.

Having said that, do you want a copy of Beginners Blog Profits for FREE?

If the answer is yes then you simply need to tell me why you want Beginners Blog Profits AND what you will do with it, in a comment below…

This contest will run from Wednesday October 22 – Sunday October 26, 2008.

You can post as many entries as you like, and anyone can participate. I’ll pick 1 (one) lucky winner to receive Beginners Blog Profits for FREE at the end of the contest.

So post your entries now and good luck! :mrgreen: