Why Motivation Does Not Work

why motivation does not work

Before I get into why motivation does not work, let me first tell you a story…

3 years ago, I watched a video.

After watching it, I was touched and happy at the same time.

I felt it was such a nice feeling if everyone in the world can live in peace and harmony – no wars, crime, or anything like that – just us humans getting to know and respect each other from different parts of the world with different cultures and beliefs.

Now, 3 years later, I still am touched and elated after watching this video again.

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Do A Little More Work

easy ways to make money
Easy ways to make money
– It’s the beginning of the new year. Are you still in high spirits and fully motivated about what you can achieve this year, or are you already beginning to give up (yet) again like you have the previous years?

People are always looking for easy ways to make money or solve whatever problems they are facing. The problem with that is you are just like everyone else out there. You don’t stand out.

Content Example

Let’s say you have a lot of niche blogs and you put content there by read more…

I’m Impressed (and of course satisfied)

increase customer satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction – I usually go to Mardin’s mechanic shop to service my car. Mardin’s shop is an automotive repair shop that services all kinds of cars, not limited to a specific brand.

Once in a while though, I’d go to the local dealership maintenance shop to have my car serviced there, since they are the specialists who only service my car’s brand. A few weeks ago I did just that, and I have to say I’m surprised read more…

Internet Marketing Facts From 166 Respondents

internet marketing facts

Internet marketing facts – Recently I conducted a survey asking some questions related to internet marketing / make money online. The survey managed to get 166 respondents, and as promised everyone who participated will be automatically entered into the lucky draw where one random lucky winner will get my upcoming software/tool (to be retailed @ at least $97) for free.

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Are You A Desperate Beginner?

how to make money online for beginners

How to make money online for beginners – A lot of people are impatient when they try to make money online. I’ve been saying time and time again that the main reason for this is because of all the get-rich-quick courses out there.

There is actually another reason – most of these people are read more…

Busy Doesn’t Mean Productive; Lazy Also Doesn’t Mean Unproductive

how to be more productive

Before we talk about how to be more productive, let’s see what Productivity means.

Productivity, as taken from Wikipedia, means:

Productivity is a measure of output from a production process, per unit of input. For example, labor productivity is typically measured as a ratio of output per labor-hour, an input.

What about you? How do you define productive? What does productive mean to you?

For me, productive means being able to achieve (what I set out to achieve) MORE by doing LESS. Less in this case means read more…

Do This ONE (1) Thing To Overcome Information Overload

internet marketing information overload

We know that most internet marketers or internet marketers wannabe suffer from internet marketing information overload. I’ve talked about this in a previous post titled “Avoid Information Overload“.

I’m not an exception, although my ability to cope with this problem gets better and better over the years, thanks to read more…

Guru Hype (And Scams) Is The Name Of The Game

make money online scams

I always wonder if there is going to be an end to all the crazy, over-hyped IM product launches. I would also categorize some of these launches as make money online scams. Not all, but some of them…

I’m pretty sure most buyers, or should I say “victims”, of these products are read more…

5 “Secrets” To Failing Online

why people fail online

I’ve been talking about how to succeed online all the time. Today let’s have a change of appetite shall we? Let’s talk about why people fail online – more specifically the 5 “secrets” to failing online.

There are a few ways how you can go about to fail online: read more…

Why You Should Use More Than 1 Autoresponder Service

autoresponder tipsToday I’d like to share with you a painful business experience I recently went through and hopefully you won’t commit the same mistake I did. By sharing this experience with you, it is also my hope to give you some autoresponder tips.

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