Outsourcing Is Bad?

outsourcing is badOutsourcing is bad when you have better options, as you’ll see below…

A little while ago I conducted a survey asking readers of this blog and my subscribers about internet marketing, and one of the questions I asked was: what was the single most troublesome problem they have about making money online? read more…

Online Keyword Research Training

online keyword research

You should write content for your blog on a CONSISTENT basis since you’ll be providing value to your EXISTING audience – meaning people who are already visiting your blog.

Apart from this, your content will also provide food for the search engines so that they index your content, and when people type in a RELATED keyword phrase, hopefully your blog shows up as one of the search engine result pages (even without doing any prior online keyword research).

This way you get NEW visitors.

So by writing content on your blog, read more…

Backlink Analysis Using FREE Tools (Amazingly FAST)

I’ve just recorded a training video on how to do FAST backlink analysis using FREE tools. This is a very powerful method of gauging how difficult or easy it will be to rank a particular set of keyword phrase on the first page of Google.

If you want more free search engine traffic from Google, then you have to see this training video below now!

It’s 25 minutes long, but I promise you’ll get VALUABLE information. So consume this now okay? If you don’t want to view it online, but rather want to save this video to your computer, then you can download the video here (.wmv format; 22.5MB).

(hint: I’m very nervous making this video and you’ll find out WHY in the video below. And please pardon my Asian accent…)

What did you think about this backlink analysis training video? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please them in a comment below…

Internet Marketing Tools (FREE) – The Top 12 (Part 2)

In my last post, I shared with you the first part of the top 12 Internet marketing tools I use in my business.

In this post, let’s finish where we left off from the first post and give you the second part of the top 12 Internet marketing tools.

Stock Xchng

This is a great resource where you can obtain free graphics to use in your website/blog. Though the image resolution for the graphics is limited (meaning if you’re looking for high resolution images you may have a problem getting them here), you have to keep in mind that it’s free.

Fortunately, if you need graphics only for web purposes without actually printing them, this is an excellent place to grab your free graphics.

Almost all the images I’ve used in this blog are taken from here.

VLC Media Player

This is an awesome player that plays all kind of media files. Want to play mp3s and flv files? No problem. Want to play other audio and video formats such as MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, or MPEG-1? This player can play it all.

No more downloading and installing multiple video programs just to be able to watch the different video files on your PC. No more headaches!

Just get VLC Media Player and you’re all set.


This useful piece of software allows you to upload, download, and transfer files to and from your PC and your server (hosting).

FileZilla is pretty easy to use and its menu is intuitive, making it relatively easy to use. Even if you’re a beginner trying to use this software, you should be able to get yourself up and running fast.


DownThemAll is a Firefox plugin that downloads all your files in one, easy-to-read and easy-to-manage location.

In addition, with this plugin you’ll be able to increase your download speed. According to DownThemAll, this software can increase your download speed at up to 400%.

Last but not least, you can also pause and resume downloads with the simple click of a button.

I hope by now you see how powerful Firefox is, and the almost infinite number of plugins available, all aiming to make our lives easier and get things done faster in a more efficient manner.

Still not using Firefox as your default browser? You SHOULD NOW.


This is a free chat program, much like Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger. You can chat via instant text messaging and Skype phone.

When you have a lot of things you want to convey to your business partners or team members, and you want to communicate to them FAST, then you can use Skype phone to call them on their PCs (free), or call their landlines (for a low tariff).

Furthermore, for an affordable fee, you can also get a landline number. When people call this number, they’ll be directed to your Skype account.

With Skye, communication becomes EASY and fast.


Copyscape is an online tool designed to check if your website content has been illegally copied or plagiarized by unscrupulous people.

How can you use this in your online business?

Let me give you one good example.

Suppose you outsource article writing to freelancers. After you’ve got your articles from them, upload your articles to your server. Then go to Copyscape and check to see if there are any duplicate results. If there are, chances are that your freelance writer is plagiarizing other people’s content, which is NOT good.

So there it is the top 12 FREE Internet marketing tools that I use in my business. Thanks to these tools, I’ve been able to save a lot of time and effort. I really can’t imagine running my business without these tools.

What about you? What Free Internet marketing tools are you using in your Internet business? If you have one and it’s not covered here, please share with us in a comment below so that all of us can benefit. Thanks in advance!

Internet Marketing Tools (FREE) – The Top 12 (Part 1)

I’d like to share with you the top 12 Free Internet marketing tools that I use in my Internet business. Simply put, I can’t afford NOT to have them. Without them, my business will be in a mess!

Below is a list of the top 6 Free Internet business tools in no particular order. The remaining 6 will covered in part 2 of this series.

Last Pass

Lastpass is an excellent free program where you can store all your online passwords into one neat little place on the Internet (so that you can access it anytime and from anywhere). In my Internet business I have so many different usernames and passwords that I couldn’t simply remember off the top of my head.

Yes I could create an excel spreadsheet to record all the different usernames and passwords (and I’ve done that), but having a safe online place to store them would be a lot better as this would save me a lot of time and effort when trying to access my private area from a remote location.

Previously, if I didn’t bring my laptop with me (which contains the master password excel file), then I can’t login to my private area. But with Last Pass, all the problems are eliminated.

Yes, there may be dangers in storing your usernames and passwords in a single location, but so far my data has always been kept intact and safe. It saves me A LOT of time and effort, so why not use it?

SEO Quake

This is a Firefox plugin that actually tells you some very valuable and useful data. No more manually trying to figure out a particular web page’s Alexa rank, Google PageRank, how many pages are indexed in the search engines, how many backlinks it has, when the domain was first registered, etc.

You can get all these data without almost doing anything as they are automatically shown to you when the web page loads.

Valuable and useful data retrieval is just eyeballs away.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

This tool is actually meant for Adwords advertisers to gauge how popular a keyword phrase is and to expand on keywords that are related to the base keywords advertisers are bidding on.

However, even though this tool is intended for Adwords advertisers, you can also utilize it to:

1. Guest estimate the demand for a particular keyword phrase (in other words, how many times the keyword phrase is searched for every month)

2. Find related keyword phrases. For example, if you type in “tennis shoes” into the tool, it will return related keyword phrases such as “red tennis shoes”, “professional tennis shoes”, and so on.

Download Helper

With this Firefox plugin you can download every online video that you encounter to your hard drive. Not only that, you can also convert the default .flv file type to .wmv or other popular video extensions.

Can’t download YouTube videos? Not anymore with this plugin!

Also, allow me to reveal one neat trick. This is especially useful if you spend a lot of time watching training videos.

Who has the time to watch 6 or 12-hours video courses? In this day and age, everyone wants instant results!

With Download Helper, your 6-hours video course can be easily consumed in 3 hours. Simply convert the default .flv file to .wmv file.

Then open Windows Media Player >> click “Now Playing” >> click “Enhancements” >> click “Play Speed Settings”.

A speed bar will appear and you can watch your video at a speed that’s comfortable for you (for me, it’s usually 1.5 to 2x speed depending on how fast the person in the video is speaking).

A major time saver!

Google Alerts

This is a handy tool by Google that notifies you by email on topics that you want to monitor on. Everytime Google finds an entry (web page, news) related to your query (determined by the keywords you enter into Google Alerts), you’ll be notified by email.

You might be thinking “That’s all fine and dandy Welly, but how am I going to utilize this tool”?

Let’s take this post for example. This post is about the top Free Internet business tools. Now I can go ahead and go to Google Alerts and enter “free Internet business tools” as the keyword phrase I want to monitor.

Whenever Google finds anything related to this phrase, I’ll automatically be notified by email. I can then go to the original web page/blog that talks about “free Internet business tools” and leave my comment there, saying that they can get a comprehensive list of the top 14 Free Internet business tools. Of course, I’d be leaving valuable comments so as not to appear spammy.

Google Analytics

This is also a Free program provided by Google that tracks how your website is doing in terms of the number of visitors, how they came to know about your site (from Google, article directories, some other sites, etc), how long they stay on your site, what’s your conversion rate, and so on.

You need to know these metrics if you want to truly maximize your visitor value. I’ve talked about this in this post some time ago.

All my sites are tracked by Google Analytics and you should give it a try as well if you haven’t yet.

We’ll take a look at the next 6 Free Internet marketing tools in my next post. Stay tuned as I’m very sure you’ll benefit a lot from these tools.

GetResponse 6.0 Is A Terrible Mess!

make money on the internet

Having been a satisfied customer of GetReponse since 2006, I have to say that I’m no longer impressed by its service.

For the sake of people not knowing what GetResponse is, GetResponse is an autoresponder company that provides email marketing services so that marketers can follow up with their prospects/exisiting clients to sell more products and services to them.

I first signed up for GetResponse in mid-to-late 2006 (I forgot the exact date) and have always been a satisfied customer until July 5, 2009 when it did a major upgrade to its system to version 6.0

The Upgrade To Version 6.0

The upgrade was a COMPLETE DISASTER as it turns out that many important features that were previously working were now either not working at all or working only partially.

I was tempted to blog about my frustration with their new upgrade, but managed to suppress my temptations after I’ve reminded myself of the fact that it’s okay to have some bugs in the script when you’re doing a complete system upgrade.

However, in my opinion, this has to happen reasonably.

It is now July 15 as I blog about this (which is 10 days after the major upgrade). 10 days have passed and there are still bugs that affect me and tens of thousands of customers.

This is TOTALLY NOT ACCEPTABLE! These bugs are costing me and other marketers money. Every other day that the bugs are not resolved is money lost!

Though I’ve not done a thorough analysis of the functionality of every single feature they offer, below are some key disappointments that I’ve experienced as a customer. Please note that bugs that have been resolved as of this writing are not included below. I’m ONLY going to report bugs that have not been solved at the time of this writing.

The Frustrating Problems That I’ve Experienced (That Have Not Been Resolved)

1. [[sig]]code for signature that is used in the previous GetResponse is not working in the new GetResponse.

The weird thing is [[sig]] is changed automatically to [[pre signature]] which is also not working. Have to manually change all instances of [[pre signature]] to [[pre sig]] across ALL campaigns to get it to work.

2. Dashboard says “last newsletter” sent out, when in fact it’s not the last newsletter.

3. [[ref]] code is not working.

This is a VERY IMPORTANT feature for tracking how we acquired our subscribers. By knowing where our subscribers came from, we can focus our efforts on the marketing methods that generate the best results, thus giving us the best bang for the buck and time invested.

When querying GetResponse for subscribers that were associated with a particular [[ref]] code, no results were returned. This is true for subscribers acquired BEFORE the upgrade and partially true for subscribers acquired AFTER the upgrade.

I say partially true because for some weird reasons, subscribers acquired AFTER the upgrade sometimes show up and sometimes they don’t.

4. Export via CSV not working properly.

When exporting subscribers’ to CSV format, the results returned under the “ref” column and our own custom fields column are wrong. It’s basically printing the same results from top to bottom.

5. Daily report not working.

Even though I’ve set up a daily report of subscribers that were added to a certain campaign to be emailed to me every day, I did not receive this daily report until only a few days ago. However, even though I’ve now received a daily report, it’s for subscribers added a week earlier and NOT for that actual day.

Essentially, I’m receiving a daily report that’s 1 week old.

Also, the daily report’s “ref” column is blank.

6. Some delivered broadcasts are missing when trying to view their statistics

Statistics such as the open rate and click through rate of a particular message is important in analyzing what kind of subject works and how responsive our lists are. When trying to view the statistics of some of the broadcasts, they were not there.

7. Preload without authorization set to “YES” automatically

Campaigns that were previously set to “NO” preload without authorization is now set to “YES” after the upgrade, making our campaigns prone to be copied by other marketers.

I have contacted support for SOME of the above issues, but they were still not resolved yet. As for number 7, I was so frustrated (because I have a lot of campaigns) that I asked them to manually set the preload without authorization setting back to “NO”.

What I Think Of GetResponse NOW

I seriously think that they could have done a MUCH BETTER job and cause MUCH LESS bugs in their new system. About a month or so before the upgrade to the new system, they conducted a beta test of the new system by inviting existing customers to participate in the test.

With the beta version, they should have discovered most, if not all, of the bugs. With a business as large as GetResponse (mind you they have 93,000+ customers), this is REALLY a shame.

I’m not the typical “complain” guy, but this time GetResponse has gone overboard. I’m not the only one who’s disappointed by their poor service, there are tons more people feeling the same way I do. You can take a look here at this thread from the Warrior Forum.

I should have started with Aweber in the first place 3 years ago. If I did, I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in now.

Right now, if I wanted to switch to Aweber, I’d have to run the risk of losing a lot of folks on my list because Aweber is only allowing me to send out a confirmation message once to my current subscribers.

I used to be a satisfied customer of GetResponse, but not anymore.

Bottom line

Lesson learned: If you’re providing a service that SO MANY people rely heavily upon, be sure that when you release or upgrade the service, you test it thoroughly through extensive beta tests, thereby reducing the number of bugs/errors to an acceptable minimum.

If you’re looking for a professional autoresponder company, go for Aweber. I know I will be for my new business venture with my partner. In fact, I will be signing up for a new account tomorrow or later today.

Your Thoughts?

What are your thoughts when a company as big as GetResponse upgrade its services with bugs all over the place? Do you think it’s acceptable? Better yet, if you’re a customer like me who underwent the major upgrade, what do you have to say about this incident?

Let me know in a comment below…

Ultimate Footer Ad Review (Case Study + $10 Discount…)

Update: I’m no longer recommending Ultimate Footer Ad since we at Get Profits Fast lab have come up with our own version that is much, much more powerful than Ultimate Footer Ad.

I don’t like to toot my own horn, but give Premium List Magnet a risk-free try. This is the most powerful list building WordPress plugin in the market today, hands down.

Ultimate Footer Ad doesn’t even come close…

ultimate footer ad review

Loyal readers of this blog most likely would have noticed that I put up a slide up opt-in form on the bottom of this blog a few months ago.

This slide up opt-in form is called Ultimate Footer Ad.

In addition to using Ultimate Footer Ad for this blog, I’ve also been installing it on my other sites. And today I’d like to share my results with you.

Apart from this blog, I’m also running an Internet Marketing blog for my local Indonesian folks in the Indonesian language (be warned thought that you won’t understand a single word there since it’s written in the Indonesian language).

I installed Ultimate Footer Ad on this Indonesian blog on March 17, 2009. Before the existence of this opt-in form (February 15 to March 15, 2009 to be exact), there were 16,469 visits and 1,488 opt-ins according to Google Anayltics. This equates to a conversion rate of 9.04%.

From March 17 to April 17, 2009, 17,788 visits and 2,869 opt-ins were recorded. This means a conversion rate of 16.13%.

By leaving everything the same except the addition of Ultimate Footer Ad, I’ve managed to increase my opt-in conversion rate from 9.04% to 16.13%, which is a 78.43% INCREASE.

If only Ultimate Footer Ad had come out earlier to the market, I’d have grabbed this great script and would’ve have increased my subscribers my 78.43% earlier!

Ultimate Footer Ad Pros

1. Increase Your Conversions (Like In My Case)

Right now, there are not many scripts like this in the market where you literally capture the visitors’ attention by having something “slide up” from below.

It’s too obvious not to notice it, yet not too disturbing and intrusive compared to a pop-up. It gets the job done by increasing the conversion rate, especially if you’re installing this script on a blog where you have a lot of outgoing links that distract visitors. The more links you have on your blog/site, the lower your conversion rate will be.

Did I also mention that Ultimate Footer Ad can also be used to display whatever ad or sales message you want to display to visitors? If you don’t want an opt-in form to slide up, and instead want a sales message or some kind of ads to show up, no problem!

2. Very Affordable

At a retail price of just $47, Ultimate Footer Ad is very affordable. Any serious business owner and marketer who markets on the Internet MUST have this tool to boost their profits.

3. License Is Good For UNLIMITED Domains

You can install Ultimate Footer Ad on as many domains or websites as you like. No more paying additional fee just to install this script on different domains or websites.

Pay ONCE and you can use it infinitely.

4. FREE Lifetime Updates

When you purchase Ultimate Footer Ad, you’re also entitled to receive FREE lifetime updates of the script.

A lot of people do not understand this, but having a script that provides Free lifetime updates is AWESOME!


Because due to the nature of scripts, there is a high possibility (almost certain) that scripts contain bugs that need to be fixed. In addition, as time passes by and new technologies and methods are found, the script needs to be updated as well in order for it to work effectively.

Just three months into the purchase of the script, it has undergone one update from version 1.0 to version 2.0 (Just a few days ago, I’ve also updated my 1.0 to the 2.0 version).

5. Several Pre-Made Design Templates

Another thing to note about Ultimate Footer Ad is that it comes with several different design templates ready for you to use in your slide up opt-in form.

However, if you want to have a custom design that matches your website or the offer you’re giving away, then you need to enlist the help of a graphic designer to help you do that.

In my case study above, I used an existing pre-made design template that was included in the package. I’m pretty sure that if I were to custom design my opt-in form to match the offer I’m giving away, my conversion will increase even more.

Ultimate Footer Ad Cons

One of the cons of this script is that some people might find slide up opt-in forms to be disturbing and intrusive, although this is A LOT LESS annoying than pop-ups.

That said, it must be noted that you can’t please every single person out there. As the saying goes “you can’t make everyone happy”.

My advice is to make the MAJORITY of your CUSTOMERS happy.

Do you know that most people who complain all the time are those freebie seekers who will never buy anything from you. Forget about them and instead focus in making the majority of your CUSTOMERS happy.


At $47, Ultimate Footer Ad is VERY affordable.

Actually, it’s a STEAL!

Can you imagine increasing your opt-in conversion rate by 78.43% like I did for just ONE of my sites?

I highly endorse this product as I know the small investment you make will pay itself MANY times over!

However if you currently don’t have a website/blog yet, then please don’t buy it because you’ll simply be wasting your money as you simply can’t put it to good use.


The good news I have in store for you is that you can secure a 21.28% discount by buying Ultimate Footer Ad from my link (but don’t buy it from the link I’ve given you above). This means the regular retail price of $47 is going to come down to $37.

IMPORTANT: To claim your $10 (21.28%) discount, DO NOT BUY from the link I’ve given you above. Instead submit a support ticket and I’ll be sure to give you the discount link. I’m sorry for the extra step, but Graham Cox, the owner of the script, does not want me to publicly advertise this discount link to everybody.

Hence the reason for having to contact me via my support desk to ask for the discount link. Click here now to submit a support ticket and you’ll be on your way to getting yourself a very powerful Ultimate Footer Ad script that will boost your conversions at a discounted price.


PS. Let me know your comments and feedback in a comment below…

5 Reasons Why You Need To Track Your Visitors

I don’t know if you have noticed this or not, but over the past few years, the number of websites is definitely growing at an alarming rate. Everyone and his dog (yes there are even websites dedicated to a person’s pet!) seem to have their own websites.

Blogs are probably one of the most common ways to develop these sites nowadays.

If you do business on the Internet, my very important question to you is: “Do you know your website metrics? Are you tracking your visitors?”

What exactly do I mean by website metrics and tracking visitors?

By that I mean you need to know how your current website is performing so that you can make it better, and so that you can improve your website performance.

Of course the end result is that you maximize your profit earnings!

But before you can undertake any work to improve your current website, you need to first know how it is performing NOW.

I recommend using Google Analytics to track your visitors. It is a great program provided by Google for Free.

There are basically 5 reasons why you need to track your visitors. By tracking your visitors, you’ll be able to know things like:

1. How they found your website

This information is very valuable because if you know that the majority of your visitors are coming from one or two sources only, you can focus your effort and time on these sources.

For example, let’s say that after you have done your homework, you discover that most of your visitors are coming from Google using a certain keyword phrase, and very few of them are coming from a banner ad that you pay to put up on website x.

This means that you should focus your time and effort optimizing for that keyword phrase, so that your website appears on the first page of Google.

2. How many visitors visit your site each day

This information is also very important to you as a website owner. Knowing this number will allow you to get an idea of how popular your site is.

When you know this number, you can strive to find ways to increase the number of visitors to your site.

But before you can judge if your promotion efforts are in fact bringing in any results or not, you must know your current position first – in this case the number of visitors who go to your site daily.

Get this number first before you start finding ways to increase traffic :wink:

3. How long they stay on your site

The longer your visitors stay on your site, usually the better your content is. Of course, just one person staying on your site for 1 hour does not warranty that your site’s content is superb.

You need to have more visitors who stay longer on your site to justify that your site’s content is indeed great.

The converse is also true as well. If most of your visitors stay only very briefly on your site, usually it is a sign that you need to improve on your content.

4. Which pages they visit

By knowing which pages they visit, you can get an idea of what topics garner the most interests by your visitors.

For example, topics like “make money with Adsense” are usually more popular than topics such as “make money through typist job”.

Well I think you get the idea :)

When you have this handy information at your fingertips, you can post more content that is related with “make money with Adsense”, which your visitors like.

5. How well do they convert to subscribers and buyers

By effectively tracking your visitors, you can also get specific numbers like how many percent of your visitors become free subscribers, and how many percent of your visitors become buyers.

Terry Dean has done an awesome job outlining this. Head on to his blog now to see what he has to say.

Having read this far, you should have seen and understood the benefits of tracking your visitors. If you don’t track, you don’t know your metrics. And if you don’t know your metrics, you can’t improve your conversions, and if you can’t improve your conversions, you can’t maximize your profits.

If you are currently not tracking your website visitors, you are losing money every single second!

Go to Google Analytics and open a free account now. Do not procrastinate, just do it now!:mrgreen:

Yay! Google Adwords Keyword Tool Update

Just a few days ago, Google had just updated its Google Adwords Keyword Tool in a way that will definitely benefit us as Internet Marketers. :smile:

So what’s the update about?

Well, if you have used this tool previously, you should know that this tool used to present the volume of searches for a specific set of keywords in a green bar fashion, and when you hover your mouse over these green bars, it would say “low search volume”, “avg search volume”, “high search volume”, etc.

In other words, it does not give us the exact number of searches performed for that specific set of keywords. It just gave us an idea of how popular they are.

Not very helpful isn’t it? (Although it’s still better than nothing).

We still need to use other sources to guestimate (guest estimate) the number of searches performed on that specific set of keywords.

Well now you don’t have to do any guestimate work anymore because Google Adwords Keyword Tool will give you the volume of searches not in a green bar fashion anymore, but instead it will give it to you in numbers!

Talk about convenience and how this will help us to more accurately predict the demand for a given set of keywords.

And when you know the demand for that given set of keywords, you can predict how popular that niche is.

Enough of the talk, let’s see this tool in action shall we? :lol:

Go to Google Keyword Tool:

Type in “home theater” as shown above and click “get keyword ideas”.

As can be seen from above, the keyword phrase “home theater” is searched 3,350,000 times in the US for the month of June 2008.

This means that “home theater” is searched 111,666 times in the US per day. This indicates “home theater” is a very popular keyword.

If you go down the list and take “home theater system”, “home theater design”, “home theater installation”, etc. into consideration, you will discover that the home theater niche is indeed a very popular niche that is in very high demand.

For your case, you simply need to type in the keywords you are interested in researching, and then click the “get keyword ideas” button.

So it can be seen that with this updated tool that will give us the search volume of a specific set of keywords in numbers, we can definitely predict the popularity of any niche more accurately than before.

Now we don’t have to stare at those green bars and wonder how much “low search volume”, “avg search volume”, or “high search volume” translates into numbers anymore. No more guestimating.

Excellent job, Google! :mrgreen:

Seriously, I really am happy and excited about this updated tool as I am sure that it will benefit me and other Internet Marketers in terms of doing keyword and niche research.

What about you? What do you think of this updated tool?

Please post your thoughts in a comment below…