The best way to contact me is via my support center.

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  • Hello, I bought your Premiun List Magnet plugin, and I have an issue.

    Your Support site ( don’t work, so, I need to contact you by this way.

    I use a wordpress them called “bobv3″ and your pluggin don’t work with them.

    Could you help me ?



  • Hi Welly,

    I really thanking for your most suitable product for the online marketing customers. But there are some problem exist with the tutorials. Because there are some fact relate with wordpress configuration is hidden.
    I purchased PCL with more expectation from your support . But still i have no response from your side for setting up PCL with my WordPress site. I am not a wordpress upgraded member.If you like to concern me as your colleague , please help me to setting me up.
    I like a harmonious relationship with you if you don’t mind. As per you , you are not just another stranger on the other side of the world :-) . But i not believe that if we connect through the web only with a Delegation.
    Thanking you for allow me to download your most valuable hot mini site templates. But i need your support to build my wordpress with PCL first. After earning with i will join your coaching program.And be a fully supported member.
    Thank you,
    Jaison James.

    • Hi Jaison,

      Support is not provided here on this blog. Please go to our support desk to get assistance:

      “I purchased PCL with more expectation from your support . But still i have no response from your side for setting up PCL with my WordPress site”

      => I just checked and we have never received a support request from you.


  • Hello Welly. Really cool, clear and good looking site; and I’m in a related niche. Would you possibly like a JV..?

    As I don’t have a list, but can provide you with an authentic perspective, which will help people, make them think and simplify things for them, maybe you’d like me to guest-blog/guest-write? Have a look at my blog, on and see if you see valuable stuff. Get back to me if there’s any interest. Thanks/Simon

  • Hi,

    Sorry to have to post this here but I really am not getting any response from your support for my Profits theme. It’s not working and I’m not getting answers. It was working fine but now when you login as a customer it automatically throws you back to the landing page, then if you click any of the menu items again it sends you back to the landing page. I have def got the redirect page set as the members home page and I have been on it for hours now. I need to launch in the next week or so, but your support have not replied in 4 days – do I have to drop it and seek a refund or will you respond?


    • I have checked and your ticket has been replied. Bear in mind that support does not operate during the weekend. We reply all tickets within 1×24 WORKING hours (Monday – Friday), often times sooner than that. We have never ignored customer support requests. And it’s not 4 days as you claimed — it’s 2.5 days (because we don’t work on weekends).

  • pat obryan

    I really didn’t know how to contact you so I thought I’d just post here.. I hope that is okay. I signed up to be an affiliate marketer for you products you have convinced me that you are reputable and
    I would like to promote your products ,but I am trying to learn the business. I was on your website reading your information and I didn’t see anything on there about teaching someone how to promote your products.Does your training program teach that? Is all your training program teach is bloggs . How about Amazon,do you teach that? Do you supply free hosting? Who do you recommend for a domain site? I would like to promote products that are reputable and really work I am finding there is a lot of junk out there , you don’t know who’s product to promote. I am leaning towards learning how to promote amazon . I been searching the net for 3 months now trying to learn the business , but with no luck. I need to supplement my income , I had to retire from my job to take care of my wife who has become bed-fast . I really have a lot of time on my hands and would love to learn the business. You say your program teaches once a week .Can you learn faster? Sorry this email is long I am just trying to find something that will work.
    Respectfully Yours ,
    Pat O’Bryan

    • Hi Pat

      You can contact us via our support desk:

      We currently have a Gold Coaching program that teaches you how to start and build a profitable continuity online business. However, this is about creating and marketing your own products, not other people’s products. So we don’t teach how to promote products on Amazon.


  • KTS

    Hi I would like to enquire the minisite designs you offer but I don’t see a email I could forward to.

    What would be the price for a Silver Package but adding in another eCover + membership card design?

  • Houstin

    I attempted to order your “Squeeze Page Templates”.
    Filled in all of order form including billing info.
    It reurned me next to the previous order page 3 times.

    What am I doing wrong?


    • Hmm, must be a technical glitch. I just checked and it’s working fine now. Could you please try again?

  • Jerome

    Hi Welly,

    I’ve been browsing to the net one day and saw your sight.I have been about money making online and just wonderin how could I start to make money? Since I don’t know much from the internet. I believe there is a process that a internet marketer does to earn from $ 0-$xxx,xxx. I hope you could help me on this since I want to prove myself this really works and can provide me a substantial passive income.Thanks!

  • Welly,

    There are a few typographical and grammatical errors in the report/cheat sheet. Good content, though. You come across as genuine and really want to share what to do in order to become successful on the internet. I look forward to learning from you as I have signed up for your coaching program. I have been struggling since July trying to put the pieces together for successful internet marketing business without cheating, scamming or ripping people off with stuff that does not deliver.

    • Welcome and thanks for joining! Regarding grammatical errors, I’m not an English teacher so please forgive me. I’m sure you don’t mind as long as you understand my message :)

  • Hi Welly,

    I really like to try the 14 days trial of but I really hate when the trial period ends, the payment for monthly is automatic ripped on my paypal account. Is there any way?


    • Hi Tessa

      The Get Profits Fast GOLD Coaching is a paid coaching program. It’s not free, so there is no other way to join the coaching program if you don’t pay.

  • which autorepsonder are you using in the ultimate footer ad that you have on your main page?
    i am new to this and wanted to know what to get

    • I’m using a private label of Aweber.

  • David Laverie

    I want support.
    The “Captcha” code is not working. I have tried over 20 times, and none of them work.
    I need help NOW.

    • Hi David,

      I’m sorry that the captcha code isn’t working.

      When that happens and the message says “sorry the security code is incorrect”, you simply need to click your mouse once over the captcha image, and a new captcha image will be shown to you. Enter the new captcha code and it should work fine.

      Anyway, I’ve went ahead and created a support ticket for you.


  • Hi welly,

    I have just read Terry Dean’s Interview with you. It is truly inspiring… =)

    By the way, let me know if you need an additional writer on your team… I have written for some US-based websites, and I also have submissions in…

    Let me know if I can be of service. I’d love to hear from you. Thank you.

  • Rowena Hji Asri

    Hello Welly,

    I am interested in internet business, but I don’t know how to sstart. At the moment I am brooked because honestly speaking I am scamp so many times.
    So I don’t have money to build a business.

    Thank you

  • murtash

    hello, i am enjoying your good tips and guide line you guy are very good for me people right now i have start learning from your report but i need to know more about Google adwords that is why i contacted have great business good guy

    thank you

  • Hey Welly, my name is Thearon.. i a 24 and about to use my blog to make some money. I am glad i found this blog a few days ago, my ppc business starts Friday with my movie website. I did my homework and your tips will be a big part of my marketing plan and i will let everybody here know how my campaigns are going so the newbies like myself can learn more. Again i am glad i found this blog and you will be hearing from me a lot!

  • Hi Welly,

    Like your blog. Also, FYI, I have just recently offered your First 100 Dollars report to my list. You give good information.


  • @CJ: I’ve just checked and they seemed to be working fine. Could you give me the 403 forbidden page link so that I can sort this out asap?


  • Your email confirmation for the free eBook signup lead me to a 403 FORBIDDEN access page. Just an FYI.

  • Hi Welly,

    Good job. welldone.
    I lived almots 10 years in indonesia and like to groom indonesian young people to become offline and net entrepreneurs . Iam also interested to sell ecourse/eseminars,teleseminars regarding leadership.entrepreneurship on line . Business on line can boost the income of many people in indonesia have the degrees and education ,know to use PC,s as they have not the avialble jobs pay high salaries.
    Good luck to you and welcome to hear from you
    Leo Mattheos

  • @Lucas: Once logged in to mybloglog >> add a website >> click widgets. From there you can customize what you want the widget to look like. Good luck!

  • hi dude, nice blog, i just want to know, how to add the banner of “recent readers” that showing people who visit in my blog. Just like in your blog, and it’s said well i have signed up then what? how can i put it in my blog. hit me back huh ? please…..

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