Continuity Program Training (Lesson 1 Of 2)

continuity program

Just like 99% of the people out there, I started out part-time in my online business while maintaining a full-time day job.

(nope no continuity program of my own YET…)

I still remembered when I was just getting started back in 2006, I would wonder each night before I sleep when I was finally able to achieve a CONSISTENT monthly income so that I can do this full time.

Peace Of Mind

I kept thinking to myself when I can finally able to bring home a fix amount of income monthly that was able to support my life and lifestyle. Because I knew that if I can do that, I would have peace of mind.

(just a sidenote here – back then I was still a bachelor [hey I just got married last month :mrgreen:] and I live in Indonesia, which is fairly a cheap country to live in by American standards. Hence I only need a VERY DECENT amount of income to support and sustain my lifestyle – considering I have no wife or kids to support back then).

I knew that if I can have peace of mind without having to worry if my income this month would cover my business costs, if it could support my lifestyle, then I can really focus my time and efforts to work on my Internet business and take it to the next level .

It doesn’t have to be mouth-watering income. Just an “okay” income that could support my (very basic and decent) lifestyle and that should be enough.

The Answer

I’ve heard about continuity programs a lot and it seems that having a continuity program of my own is the answer to my problem.

Just to make sure that you know what a continuity program is, a continuity program (from our perspective as a business owner) is a business where customers pay us a MONTHLY fee to access our products and/or services.

We see continuity programs every day, even though you may not be aware. For example, the hosting fee you pay every month is a type of continuity program. Your Internet service provider which you pay your monthly fee is another. Your cable TV provider is also another one.

Why Do Businesses Build Continuity Programs?

Because it’s VERY PROFITABLE. You see, there’s only a ONE-TIME INITIAL marketing cost to get that customer to join your continuity program for the FIRST TIME.

Once he joins your continuity program, he will pay you a monthly fee for using your product or service. This means that you incur ZERO marketing costs to attain this customer for the second, third, fourth, and subsequent months.

This translates to you achieving a very high profit margin for this customer since you only pay the marketing cost ONCE at the beginning of your interaction with him.

Your profit margin is going to be even higher if you run an Internet information business where your products are informational and digital in nature like showing and teaching people how to do this and that for a specific topic and delivering your teachings to customers electronically via digital downloads.

You don’t have any manufacturing costs, no inventory costs, and no delivery costs. Most of the time you only pay for hosting services ($10/month for shared hosting and can accommodate unlimited domains), your high speed Internet connection ($30/month), a domain name that you pay yearly ($10/year), and some initial investment in buying a computer and some software, and of course, your electricity bill.

Can you see the power of building a continuity program for your Internet business?

You get CONSISTENT monthly income EVERY month!

Here’s A Tip

When you sell your continuity program (sometimes known as “membership site” as well in the Internet marketing arena), do NOT use the word “continuity program” or “membership site” in your marketing messages.


Because people do NOT want to join a “continuity program” or a “membership site”. Instead use a much more appealing terminology such as “coaching program”.

Coaching program just sounds A LOT more valuable and personalized, and it’s perceived (at least by your customers) to be more “worth their money” than just a “continuity program” or “membership site”.

Think about it: I want you to answer me honestly…

Which one seems/sounds more attractive?

A coaching program that costs $20/month, or a continuity program that costs $20/month?

How about this: $20/month coaching program or $20/month membership site?

How Do You Build A Successful Continuity Program?

Okay, now that you know the importance of building a continuity business and generating CONSISTENT monthly income, the next question is: “how do you build one”?

Well, stay tuned for my next cool training as I’m going to reveal and show you how to do that – that is, How To Build A CONSISTENT Online Business so that you can REPLACE YOUR JOB fAST!

(…and please note FAST is different from INSTANT, because you need to treat this as a REAL business and work hard and smart to be able to successfully build a CONSISTENT business).

And one more thing…

Before you complain that REPLACING YOUR JOB is not appealing to you, think again.

Let me ask you this: I know there are A LOT of places online that teach you how to make a 6 figure per month online income. But if you’re struggling to make any money or if you’re only making a few hundred dollars every month, do you think you can make the BIG jump to a 6 figure every month?


(this is, of course, contrary to what all the sites and gurus say out there… but well, they are just gurus and they don’t tell you the truth!)

Yes there may be a few people who can do that, but these people are EXCEPTIONS who produce EXCEPTIONAL results (and definitely NOT TYPICAL results)!

Learn to walk before you try to run okay?

Stay tuned for my lesson 2. I know you’ll love it!

What do you have to say about continuity program? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so be sure to leave them in a comment below…

13 Responses to “Continuity Program Training (Lesson 1 Of 2)”

  • This is a wonderful post. I have been wanting to start a membership site and this post has been very encouraging. I also read part 2 in this series which all the steps. I think I am going to seriously consider this now. Who doesnt like some stable income.

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  • [...] Revod presents Continuity Program Training (Lesson 1) posted at Internet Business Make Money Online With Welly [...]

  • Good stuff & insights Welly, as usual.

    Thanks again for the excellent “Intern Program’ of 2 months ago. That was some great training.
    I struggled with a couple of um, Ha!
    Got most of them done ok.

    Merry Holidays, and congrats on your wedding.

    Josh in Orlando, FL, USA

  • @Peter: Actually, I do celebrate Christmas. Yep, you got it. Let me spill the beans a little. My coaching program is going to be released in early January 2010 and I’m going to be teaching…

    none other than…

    How To Build A CONSISTENT Online Business so that you can REPLACE YOUR JOB FAST!

    Stay tuned for more info on this.

    PS. Glad you liked the wedding photos.

  • hi Welly merry christmas even if you dont celebrate at least enjoy a break yes another good post
    Ilike the idea of calling it a teaching programe /coaching as it does imply greater value

    Welly are you creating a coaching programme for us
    peter mcgrath
    ps i enjoyed your wedding photos

  • @Heather: Yeah I know, just thought I’d write some content first before heading out for Christmas :)

    Everybody: Thanks for your kind words and compliments. Merry Christmas to all of you :)

  • Hello Welly,
    Good Stuff, I think many people should think of this stuff as its the bread and butter and helps add to the bottom line increasing every month.
    Keep up the great helpful words :)
    Best Regards,

  • A great idea. Making people to subscribe is one of the challenges, making people to sustain(continue) the progam/subscription is another challenge. Maybe you can elaborate further.I’m looking forward to your next posting.

  • I like your clear and informative blogs. Your name distinction here between continuity programs and ‘coaching’ is good!

  • Gwen

    I in am looking forward to your next post – I have been trying to make something for the past six months to no avail. I am hoping that finally I have found someone who can guide me in the right direction. Thank you for the insight into Continuity Programs.


  • Hi Welly
    Hey you should be taking a break, it’s Christmas! But as usual, excellent content! Looking forward to part 2. Happy holidays!

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