Crazy Guru Promo Emails

If you have been running an Internet business for some time now, or if you are marketing your products and services online, you are probably aware of the significant role of email marketing.

I firmly believe that email marketing can make or break your business. :cool:

How is that so?

Well, it’s very simple actually.

You see, if you keep sending promo emails after promo emails to your subscribers without giving them any real, valuable content that can benefit them, you are bound to break your business.

There are quite a number of well-known Internet marketers who do that, but I won’t name names here.

How do I know?

Because of the simple fact that I’ve been in their lists for quite some time now – and all the emails they sent are 100% ALWAYS promo emails persuading me to buy the “next big thing”.

Luckily I have specifically created a Gmail account for the sole purpose of receiving these “junk” emails so that I can glance at them when I some time to spare. :razz:

And you know what I think as a subscriber when I receive their emails?

Inside my mind I keep wondering how these guys operate?

I mean, here they are sending me promo emails after promo emails saying their “buddies” and “good friends” have just stumbled upon some unbelievable hidden “secrets” since the discovery of slice bread and that these “secrets” are the only thing we need to buy.

Then a few days later we receive another email from the same guy saying the same thing, except this time the product or service they recommend is different.

I thought that the last product they recommend is the last thing we need to buy? :roll:


I figured that the way they operate is simply hammering their email lists cross-promoting each other’s products.

For example, let’s say this network consists of 5 Internet marketing “gurus”.

Guru 1 would promote Guru 2′s products today.

A few days later, Guru 2 would promote Guru 3′s products.

Then a few days later, Guru 3 would promote Guru 4′s products.

So they cycle typically looks like this:

Guru 1 => Guru 2 => Guru 3 => Guru 4 => Guru 5 => Guru 1

Please note that this may not be necessarily true. It is just my own personal opinion. :mrgreen:

Having explained how email marketing can break your business, now I’m going to share with you how email marketing can make your business.

In order to successfully sell your products and services to your subscribers, you first need to build beneficial and trusting relationships with them first.

Today, your subscribers have a lot of choices when it comes to buying products and services related to your industry.

The biggest and most important question (for you as a product/service owner) is: Why should they buy from you?

What makes you unique compared to your competitors?

Sure, price maybe a very important factor. But you can’t just use “low price” as the basis of your unique selling point.

Look at the automotive industry.

Why are people willing to spend twice or triple the money to buy a BMW when they can have a Honda for half or one-third of the price?

Competing on price alone will not get you far, you need some kind of Unique Selling Proposition so that you can thrive and destroy your competition.

One such unique selling point that you can offer to your subscribers or potential customers could be the beneficial and trusting relationships you have with them. :lol:

Remember that a lot of marketers and business owners still don’t understand the importance of building meaningful relationships with their subscribers or potential customers.

The majority of them are simply interested in making a quick sale or two out of you and then they move on to find the next victim customer.

That is why I said email marketing, when done correctly, can take your business to a whole new level you never thought possible. The important thing to remember is that your subscribers and potential clients are humans just like you, and if you are able to make them trust and believe in you, then selling to them becomes much easier.

Before you can engage in email marketing though, you need to have your squeeze page created and set up so that it’s ready to collect leads and subscribers.

If I showed you a way on how you can do exactly that in 2 minutes FLAT, would you be interested?

See the proof here

Also, if you want STEP-BY-STEP guidance on how you can REPLACE YOUR JOB FAST with an Internet business, check out my GOLD Coaching where you’ll receive DIGESTIBLE, WEEKLY training lessons so that you don’t get overwhelmed with too much information at one go.

I’d love to hear to hear your thoughts and opinions about this subject. You can leave them at a comment below… :wink:

38 Responses to “Crazy Guru Promo Emails”

  • tokmomy

    I’m a 0b, so if my comment is way out or in bad taste, pls bear with my ignorance. Thanks for your post. It taught me one aspect of email marketing that is currently being praticed by many im. Bad or good is all in “the eyes of the beholder”. Like you i also have 1 or 2 emails specifically for this. Initially i was upset and frustrated receiving these repeated emails. Once I had subscribed to a programme, then even b4 I could really understand what it was all about I was bombarded with offers one after another. Finally I came to understand that in email marketing You let a heartless machine do all the work for you. What you search for is a customer to buy your product. Not in the case of a client where you first establish a relationship and find great satisfaction in helping your client to make money online. As far as I’m concerned these supposed 2b bad emails have one way or the other been helping me in many ways. Last but not least this post is an eye opener for those who want to really succeed online. Sorry if my English is not so good or my comment comment failed to deliver my message.

  • Hi Welly

    Very true. I have also noted the new tend among “wannabe guru’s” – who send you a “download link” every day…

    So you can sign up to a new list from some one they do ad-swaps with…

    Yes – they DO think we are stupid…:)

    They should read the “Reese Report” so that they can learn about – as you so rightly point out…

    Delivering VALUE

    Which – ironically – Matt Cutts has been advocating for years…:)

    makes you think.

    Keep well


  • Jenni

    Thank you Welly! I thought it was just ME thinking this. I’m tired of all of this nonsense too. I appreciate your rant on this subject. My words exactly!

  • Hello!

    We have the same problem in Europe too…

    When a german Internet Marketer makes a Productlaunch i become a lot of same emails with the same content…

    I think always…”it is so hard work to write a different content in a launch-email?”…

    For you Welly i can say…Thanks for the good job with Profits Theme…i love it!!!

    Csaba Nagy

  • Larrymac

    Cheers, Welly …..

    I like your rant : )….. and your products… have a good perspective….

    Thanks larrymac…

  • Glenn

    Hello Welly,

    can I ask you a question…
    What WP Theme are you using?
    I like the clean look, and easy to read text.


    • Hi Glenn

      I’m using News Blue 0.1 by

      I will be replacing this theme with my own Profits Theme though. Just haven’t had the time to do it :)

  • Hi Welly,

    It make money in internet isn’t easy, but there are a lot of the weird estrategies to “gain” the customers, mainly offering something that needs of support and follow-up to be sucessfull and isn’t done.

  • Hi Welly,

    Well you sure do hit the mark, yes you are absolutely bang on with this one. I too am on a number of lists that pitch ,pitch, pitch and pitch. My solution is to have a purging session once per week. We need to show these people that we are not a number and that we now have decided not to listen to the twaddle that has been peddled for years, with super enticing copy and out and out rehashed garbage. We as individuals have a duty to provide would be clients, and customers, with the very best recommendations that we possibly can. This doesn’t mean that every one of them is a money grabbing chasm that is bottomless, with nothing but immoral ethics. It just takes a little to see through the chirade.

    Keep up the good work Welly

    Long may you prosper


  • Hi

    I ve been following few TOP guru on their advice and tips on how to generate massive residual income through internet or rather online business.

    I am reading the email day by days thus confusing me on which guru’s advise to follow.

    I have decided to reduce and unsubscribe some of the email from so-called guru out there, and keep only a few guru’s emails.

    I wish

    Stanley Chong
    Re-entry to the IM world.

  • James Elliott

    I agree 100%. I also agree with Ryan. Ihave ben told several tines I am disapointed in you. I sent you an email the other day and you did not buy or I sent you an email and you didn’t open it. I don’t open a lot of them. They say the same thing most of the time.

    I am drawing Social Security and can’t get the $97 products. I can’t afford these memberships that are $37-$1000 a month. I read an email awhile about a product that cost more than half of what I get a month. Another thing that has been started is this email swap. Driving me crazy. I am getting offers from s product,ebook,report,software for free. I get email from the person that has the free gift that the other person is giving to me.

    Then the very next email is from the second person giving me something from the first person. If I even open the email and it says I have something from a friend it gets read no father and the last week I have started with the delete button. Some times they are giving me something I got six months ago. You get some that say my friend gust wrote this yesterday you need to get it because I don’t know how much longer it will be free. I have had it for several months.

    Stay with Welly every thing I have receive from him has been great.

  • @Peggy: You’re right. If you’re a newbie, $3000 courses will most likely overwhelm you. In my opinion these courses should be for intermediate marketers who are already making some money online.

  • Bravo to all the posts. I don’t know what else to say: because all of you have covered the ground really well. Let me say at this point I couldn’t agree with everyone more.
    I also receive about 200 or 300 emails a day and I am fairly new to this game. I do enjoy reading the items that have some quality and finding out what is new in the market. However, the $3,000.00 price tags on some of this stuff is way out of my reach. As would be the $297.00 a month membership. I hate to unsubscribe from everyone’s list just to keep from
    receiving 10 offers on the same subject. I surely do not know how these guys with the high ticket items ever got my name? I certainly do not aspire to that income level.

    Well I guess I had more than enough to rant on about.



  • @Sean: Writing on your blog shouldn’t be that hard. Just start writing short posts if you’re uncomfortable. You WILL get more and more used to it the more you do it. As time goes by, you’ll unconsciously find your flow.

    Just remember to write on your blog as though you’re talking one on one with your buddy. This means writing informally (unless, of course, your blog is purposefully positioned to be formal).

    Hope that helps!

  • Sorry to be off topic, but I like your posts and I wanted some feedback for my blog. I have a hard time writing, but I do want to share my experiences. Am I stuck between a rock and a hard place? Or should I just do it?

  • @Imran: Hey there fellow neighbor :) I suggest that you focus on what you want to do in your IM venture. For beginners, you should know how to build a blog, know how to ftp, a little html would help. My beginners blog profits guide will help you with this.

    Stop buying courses that are too advanced such as Google Adwords, how to JV; and definitely stop jumping from one biz op to the next too :P

    Remember that focus and perseverance is key. Good luck there!

  • Imran Abd Hamid

    Hi Welly,

    Imran here from Malaysia. Apa khabar Pak? Actually what your saying is very true. How am I going to make money on the net if I keep on spending it?? Actaully I’m a totally beginner in this Internet Marketing thing but I am very ambitious. My only problem is I don’t know where to start? I’ve recently purchased Plug-In-Profit site but I’m still not making any money yet.. Why is that Welly? Any tips for beginners like me.. Anyway keep up the good work. Hope to hear from you soon. Bye.

    Imran Abd Hamid.

  • @Ryan: You’re right about segmenting your list. Of course people won’t buy a $997 product if they have not yet bought a $27 product :D . Great stuff!

  • Here are a three more things that “gurus” – and I mean gurus – do that would guarantee I will unsubscribe. First, tell me I’m stupid for passing up an offer. Believe me there is someone who does this. Two. market a $997 or $1497 package to people who have not spent more than $27 in the past. Three, market a subscription for a membership site for another ridiculous price like $297 a month. I call this spaghetti marketing. Like throwing spaghetti at the ceiling and see what sticks. These people should have more than 1 autoresponder and subscriber goes on whichever list that his history dictates. If someone bought a $27 product then send him offers that are under $97. If that person buys a $97 product then bump him up to the list for the next level etc.

  • @TheToolWiz: I’m actually referring to big name marketers when I say “gurus” in my post. Because if they’re just lazy people who are not big name marketers, then they’ll have no “cross-promo” partners to start with.

    @Nando: Indeed! Let us build a strong relationship with our followers instead :)

  • Hey Welly,

    An interesting twist to this is that those “Crazy Guru’s” are giving us “non-guru’s” an unfair advantage.

    We can literally slip in under the radar and develop quality lists by building solid relationships with our subscribers.

    In the end, more with less.

    Nice post.


  • I think you’re barking up the wrong tree here. The only thing worse than all of these duplicate emails, IMO, are people who throw around the “g” with no regard to anything it relates to.

    It doesn’t take much smarts to have an autoresponder and paste a copy of the promo email copy into your AR and send it to your list. You seem to think these “repeaters” are “gurus”. They’re not, and I don’t think even THEY believe they are.

    The sad truth is, 95% of all affiliates never send out anything. Of the rest, all but one or two will send out either a copy of the text given to them by the seller, or they’ll send out something that says, “Hey, just a quick head’s-up on this hot new widget that you MUST look at RIGHT NOW!”


    They’re just lazy-ass marketers who can’t be bothered to write their own words, or even look at a product before announcing it to the world.

    In the US, there was a chain called Circuit City that used to employ people who knew a little bit about the products they sold, things like digital cameras, computers, flat panel TVs and whatnot. The problem is, the company’s web site quoted prices that never agreed with what you’d get in the store. Employees would pull up a web page and show you the price, and it was clearly different than what appeared on your computer at home 30 minutes earlier. The company figured consumers aren’t smart enough to catch little things like that.

    Predictably, people got leery and ended up going to Best Buy instead.

    To cut costs, rather than fix the problem with their web vs. in-store pricing, they got rid of their sales people and hired dummies at minimum wage who couldn’t answer ANY questions. A year later, they shut down 90% of their retail stores because they weren’t making money. Go figure.

    The point is, you don’t increase sales by “dumbing-down” your customer communications channel. Calling people “gurus” who cannot express the value or benefits of products they’ve never seen or tried, in their own words, is just plain silly.

    The “big marketers” try to out-do each other with bonuses. You’ll notice that most of them DO, in fact, have original copy in their emails much of the time. They’re also among a small cadre of people who DO get to preview the products most of the time. Sometimes these folks are mistaken as “gurus” just because they’ve got big mailing lists and they make lots of noise.

    The rest of the affiliates have never seen the products they’re promoting, and they simply send out pre-written messages given to them by the seller. THESE are the guys I think you’re complaining about. And I agree with your sentiments about them.

    I’m just as sick of seeing these things as the next guy. I’m also tired of affiliates who can’t seem to write two original paragraphs on products they’re promoting.

    But please …. if you’re not getting original and useful information from people, they do NOT deserve to be even distantly referred to as some kind of “guru” or even “expert”.

    Unless, of course, you consider anybody with an autoresponder account to be a “guru”.

  • @Don: Setting up an email account just for the sake of collecting the freebies is a good way to not get your inbox flooded with emails. Nice tip! :D

  • @Dax: Sad but true. A lot of beginners are conditioned this way – and they really can’t be blamed can they? With all the promo emails they receive every single day.

  • Yes I can relate to this,is it not part of the Learning curve Everyone is trying to make some money on line and we are told “The Money is in the List”
    Where else do you get a List if not via Emails.

    So the lesson here is “Get yourself a Junk Mail box. is a good one.and only rec.the mail you are Interested in, in one of your other mailboxes.

    There is usually a button that says “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of Autoresponder mails.Use it!
    If it Looks Too Good to be True it probably is.

    Vote for the person who promises least,That way you will not be Too Dissapointed!

    Good Luck in your Search for Success.
    Regards D.G.

  • WOW! I was wondering when someone was going to post something like this—and make it both true and intellectual. I agree with you in every respect.
    It seems to get worse every year…plus many new people are exposed to this—and think it is the RIGHT way to operate an online business.
    Thanks for getting your point across.

  • Interesting comment, I have seen plenty of posts like this one but you always have a refreshing way of putting things, RSs subscribed, thanks.

  • While I tend to agree with you in many aspects, and I think that the idea of somehow really connecting with your prospects through the use of an autoresponder alone is one of the most widespread myths on the Internet. Most of us will find the products that we want to purchase through a search on our own. There are people that search their own email boxes (and it is increasing, but there is a ‘right” way to exploit this). Other places where people do searches are Google and other search engines, peer to peer networks, social media sites, and even their own desktop. Are you giving your prospects the types of written and other content, tools, and entertaining and instructional products that they are likely to say “I want to keep that”, or are you following the traditional slash and burn techniques that will surely burn both you and your prospects out in a short amount of time?

    The simple fact that the gurus names change every so often (usually every few months), but that the pitch does not, should tell you something.

    The benefit of this system goes solely to the product creator (or the product owner if the creation was outsourced). Many will try to make it big and fail, even though they may succeed in making a few sales. These small trickles of sales profits add up when you are using an army of newbie dolts to copy an autoresponder campaign and then flood millions of mail boxes over a short period of time.

    So I guess the moral of the story is “original content is king”, even if you use duplication slavery to distribute it.

    So, if your looking to make it big, write your own content and create your own products, or hire someone to do it for you. If you want to create a true relationship with your prospects (and they will love you all the way to the bank for it), then continue to provide them with relevant goodies. If you just want to play the numbers game and piss alot of your true prospects off, then give your affiliates a script to duplicate and spam to the world.

  • I too don’t like these emails, so I unsubscribe from any list that does that sort of thing.

  • You are right. I receive a ton of emails on each product launch with heavy competition to see who can offer the best bonus for buying. If the product is as great as they say it is why do they need to give us a bonus to buy it.

    It would be like some one saying, “Go to my buddy’s Cadillac dealership buy a Cadillac form him and I will give us a new Chevrolet if you buy my buddy’s Cadillac.” Someone told us that off the Internet and we would run the other way knowing it was not right.

    Great post keep it up.

    Bo Tipton
    The Ornery Marketer

  • Hi Welly,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I receive an average of 200-300 emails each day and many of them are promoting the same product. Only difference is, who has the best bonus. :roll:
    Since suffering from the dreaded information overload disease, :razz: I’ve learned to scan and delete all those emails. By doing that, I’ve been able to free up valuable time and become more productive. I think I’ve now narrowed my list to those marketers who provide info of value. What they say about building a relationship with your subscribers is very true.


  • Tony Douglas


    I tend to agree with your summation. As a potential customer I do not like my intelligence insulted by lame, redundant emails pressuring me to buy. After I receive those types of emails over and over again I eventually unsubscribe. Your right relevant useful content is needed as well. There should at least be some balance. Marketing is a give and take relationship. To keep subscribers happy there must be some giving on the part of the marketer to balance the relationship.


  • I disagree with you.

    I learn about problems and missing info according to their offers. It is just a couple of minutes reading.


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  • Vit – If you haven’t already done so, you should set up an email account just for the sole purpose of receiving these crazy emails so that your inbox won’t get overflooded :)

    Peter – I believe you have the ability to help others! Keep shining!

    JJ – Thanks fot the compliment. I’m glad you liked some of the posts :D

    Welcome to the Internet Marketing Guru industry hehe :lol:

  • :smile: Hi Welly, First time for me here at your blog, and I’m finding alot of very useful posts that I’ve had a chance to read 2-3 of them. This last post re: email gurus.. is one that particularly hits a nerve with me,I too like many others have quite a few coming in from different gurus and there is really nothing in the emails. It started to get so baaad that I’ve been unsubcribing from a few of them. I find that the more that one sends me (seems like I get one in am. and then one in p.m. but who knows) the more it irrates me. So that guru is going to have to be deleted and unsubscribed. There is of course the good side to email promotions and that is what I’m striving for once I get my newsletter ready.So thanks for your input. Great blog I will certainly be back.

  • Hi this Peter thanks for all the information and idea’s on how to make money from home. I really like to find ways on how to improve my online business and also on helping others to succeed online you have a very useful blog.

  • Vit Bynings

    I receive a lot of those guru emails as well. Almost everyday asking me to buy this and that. It is exactly like what you said Welly.

    Agree 100% with you and thank for sharing this great article.

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