Deliver Customer Satisfaction = No Cost Marketing?

deliver customer satisfaction

Back To Where It All Started

About 3 weeks ago, a customer of WOW Minisites placed a design order to have an ecover created for one of her products. For simplicity reasons, let’s just call this customer C.

(By the way if you’re still in the dark, WOW Minisites is a minisite and ecover design service specifically catered for Internet marketers and product owners, and WOW Minisites is one of my Internet businesses).

The turnaround time for delivering an ecover is 3 working days or less. Yet, after a week we still have not designed C’s ecover.

You see, for some weird reasons (I‘m guessing a human error on our part), our team did not receive C’s order, even though she had paid in full.

So a week passed and realizing there still weren’t any updates on her ecover, C contacted us and asked about her order. It was then that we realized that we missed C’s order and had not even started on designing her ecover.

We immediately refunded C’s money completely and offered to design her ecover for Free PLUS another completely different ecover Free of charge as well. In addition, we started work on C’s order at once and in a few hours time, we completed her ecover design.

Very Impressed

C was so impressed by what we did for her that she said she’ll come back to us for ALL her graphic needs PLUS she is going to refer our service to LOTS of people.

This is real proof that if you provide GREAT customer service and deliver customer satisfaction, then people are going to be so impressed with you (even after you’ve disappoint them) that there’s a chance that they become your customer for life.

And the really AWESOME thing is they will talk about us and refer their friends to our service.

How cool is that? This is word of mouth marketing at its best! And you don’t even have to spend a single red cent!

Customer Service Is THAT Important

In running a business, you simply can’t SURVIVE without providing customer service.

In running a SUCCESSFUL business, you simply CAN’T DO WELL without providing GREAT customer service.

I hope you pay very close attention to the 2 statements above as they are THAT important.

As humans, we are prone to make mistakes. Even computers make mistakes too when they start to crash. Computer programs and softwares also have bugs in them.

That said, it is okay to make mistakes. The most important things are:

1. Learn from the mistakes so as not to commit the same ones in the future

2. Compensating our clients for the mistakes we’re responsible for

Saying “Sorry” Is NOT Enough

Number 1 is pretty self-explanatory.

Number 2 means saying a mere “sorry” to our customers is NOT enough. It may be enough a few years ago when you don’t really have a lot of competitors and apologizing for something you’ve done wrong can get you by.

With the fierce competition out there today in virtually every market, doing “just enough” to “get by” is almost guaranteed to doom your business.

Customers have a lot of choices today when it comes time for them to buy whatever they want to buy. Why should they choose you over your competitors? More importantly, everything else being equal, why would they WANT to choose you when your customer service is subpar compared to that of your competitors?

Though price is an important factor, competing on price alone is not enough in this day and age.

While there are a few different ways to differentiate yourself from the competition, one of the best ways is through EXCELLENT customer service.

Because when you provide excellent customer service and customers are satisfied, then they’ll keep coming back for more and they’ll be very eager to tell their friends about you.

Customer service experience is a BIG DEAL to most, if not all, customers.

Summing Up

To sum up this post, we’ve learned that:

Providing above-average (GREAT) customer service to deliver customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors that will determine the success of your business. Be sure not to disappoint your customers. If you do disappoint them, make sure you find a way to compensate them for the error on your part. Don’t simply say I’m sorry because sorry is not enough.

By the way, if you’re interested in learning more about satisfying your customers, you can take a look at an article I wrote some time back.

Please post your thoughts and feedback in a comment below as me and other blog readers would love to hear what you have to say…

7 Responses to “Deliver Customer Satisfaction = No Cost Marketing?”

  • Maria Contreras

    In this competitive world, losing a customer just because of poor customer service will ruin your business.

    Customer service play an integral part in building your business and brand value. If you deliver great customer service, your client will definitely give you positive response in terms of more work and goodwill.

    Companies understanding the situation and considering their mistake is a big thing. In today’s world companies tend to take out client’s fault only. WOW Minisites has done a great job by providing great services.

    Another tip that companies can adopt is doing a follow up survey, meaning contact people who had bought your products and ask them whether the products are working fine for them or is there anything they can help them with, etc. This helps in building your business to a new level.

    Maria Contreras
    Webmaster, Pressure Calibration

  • Very nice article I just can’t say enough about good customer service one that act quickly when you have a concern and politely answers all you question i think you acted professional you are the type of people i would enjoy doing business with

  • @Jack: Great work on your “if I miss something let me know” attitude. Keep it up and I’m sure your business will prosper even more!

  • You’re right – sorry is not enough! I’m always pleasantly suprised when a company offers great dispute resolution and offers me more than I expected. It really does foster loyalty and brings referrals. On my About page, I offer a five-point “My Personal Service Commitment to You.” The fifth point ends with ‘If I miss something, please let me know right away so I can fix it.’ And. I do mean FIX it. I want to WOW my clients and that means making them feel GOOD when something bad happens.
    You really made a good impression on me with this and I am sure that C tells people this story! Great work!

  • @Mitch: So “over servicing” customers is considered as negative as well? Lol. Customers pay money for our products/services, and they’ve chosen us over our competitors, so they should be treated with the utmost respect (with the exception of a few customers who will always complain and not be satisfied no matter how good our product or service is – in this case I suggest to NOT do business with this people).

    @Prosper Gift: Bravo to you and welcome to the club!

  • Yes, this scenario also happens to me. I am selling mouse pads on eBay.

    Last Sunday, one of my customers from Greece contact me because I was sent to him wrong quantity/number of mouse pads.

    Actually, he ordered 5 designs (with 2 of them have 2 quantities) but I just sent 5 (1 for each design). Then I said to him, this is my fault because not properly check his order and promise to re-send it back.

    Then after few hours, he orders 5 more mouse pads from me. What a nice day!

  • mitch carver

    It’s good to read about someone actually providing customer service these days. Almost everybody online hides behind the “But you agreed to our terms” so there is nothing we can do. All the customer has left to do is hang up and be upset. Usually out of pocket for money that they should have gotten back.

    I was let go from a company years ago and they gave me a great letter of recommendation. The only negative comment in the letter was that “I over serviced the customers”. They are now out of business. Imagine that.

    So thanks for being one of the few that knows the value of customer service!

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