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Do These 5 Steps In 2009 To Ensure Great Success

2008 is almost over and 2009 is coming up in just a few days… How was 2008 for you?

For me, 2008 is definitely a great year. It moves me a step closer to my ultimate goal, which is to achieve a dream Internet lifestyle. :smile:

While I’m currently enjoying a decent 4-figure online monthly income, I’d certainly want to make that to a 5 and 6 figure on autopilot as I continue to build upon my online business.

Do you want to know how I was able to quit my job and earn a nice 4-figure online monthly income?

Let me tell you a Secret…

I was able to do that because I took massive ACTION!

Rather than planning and analyzing every single possible detail, I simply took Action…Massive Action.

While my friends partied all night long, I’m sat in front of my laptop building my Internet business and online assets every weekday, at times scratching my head trying to learn new Internet Marketing skills.

Yes, I don’t know everything and I’m proud to admit that I don’t know everything about Internet Marketing. :razz:

And you know what?

No Internet marketer on this planet knows everything there is to know about Internet Marketing! If they tell you they do, they are lying to you simply just to impress you or they are simply embarrassed to tell you that they don’t know everything.

But me… I’m proud to say that I’m always trying to learn new things to keep myself updated. If I don’t do this, I’d be annihilated sooner or later by the fierce competition out there.

But hey that’s okay – we all need to keep learning don’t we?

Coming back to the topic at hand, I became a full time Internet Marketer at the beginning of 2008, and I created my first ever product in March 2008 (for the Indonesian market – which is where I’m from).

From then on till today (December 2008), I have developed and marketed a total of 6 products in the Internet Marketing niche.

5 for the Indonesian market, and 1 for the International market (Beginners Blog Profits).

I consider myself very lucky and blessed to have come this far. Although it is by no means an excellent feat, I’m still proud to what I have achieved nonetheless. :mrgreen:

Why am I telling you all these?

You see, 2008 is almost history and 2009 is coming up in just a few short days.

I want you to have a fantastically successful 2009. Picture yourself living that dream Internet lifestyle. 99.999% of the time, you won’t be able to live this dream lifestyle in the span of just one year. It takes more time and hard work.

But that’s okay because as long as you are moving closer to your ultimate goals with each passing year, you are in good shape.

Success in any endeavor, not just in business, is built upon consistent hard work and perseverance. This is a very important fact you must keep in mind. With that said, the next time someone promises you instant riches without having to do any work, RUN as far as you can!

Okay, so these are the things I want you to do TODAY to start carving a path leading towards success in 2009:

1. Always arm yourself with the right mindset and attitude

The first step that you MUST (no exception) is to start believing in yourself that you can become a successful Internet entrepreneur.

No exception! :evil:

Think about this carefully and seriously

If you don’t believe in yourself, how the heck do you expect others to believe in you? If you have this kind of weak attitude, your customers, affiliates, JV partners, team members will NOT believe in you either.

I mean, why should they believe in someone who doesn’t even believe in himself? I certainly won’t, and I bet you won’t either!

Let me tell you a harsh fact – if you don’t believe in yourself, you will 100% definitely FAIL!

Only when you start believing in yourself can you start to make things happen.

However this doesn’t mean that you will surely succeed even though you believe in yourself. It takes more than that, even though believing in yourself is a very good first step towards achieving your goals.

So let me take you to the next step I want you to do…

2. To achieve real Success, Failure is a MUST

Before you jumped at me shouting: “That is so not true, because I know some people who have achieved great success without experiencing any failure at all!”

Let me tell you that these people who have achieved great success without any failure at all is very, very, very, very, very, very rare. :cool:

The reason why I said “To achieve real success, Failure is a must” is because 99.999999% of the time you will fail first before achieving any success, unless you belong to the group of people who are very, very, very rare.

By preparing you for the worst (failure), you won’t be as disappointed as had I not equipped you with this kind of mindset and attitude, when you indeed do fail.

When the time comes for you to fail, I advise you to fail graciously, learn from your mistakes, and become even stronger and wiser to move closer towards your goals.

3. I want you to think ahead what you want to achieve for 2009. What are your goals?

Write them down on your whiteboard so that you can see them and be reminded of them every single day. If you don’t have a whiteboard, write them down on a piece of paper and stick it in your room.

I’m serious…

We need to be reminded of our goals every day. If not, we’ll get sidetracked and spend time and do things that are totally not related to what our ultimate goals are. When we do this, we are wasting our precious time.

There are a lot of distractions out there, and by seeing our goals every day, we’ll always be reminded what we should be doing and what we should not be doing.

Stop that useless chat on Skype, MSN or Yahoo Messenger!

Stop checking your freaking inbox every 5 minutes.

You have better things to do – and that is to build upon your business consistently, so start thinking today what you want to achieve in 2009 and write down your goals.

4. Start taking Massive ACTION

Simply having a goal or goals that you want to achieve is not enough. You need to take Massive Action.

Plan on how you are going to achieve your goals. What will you do? What strategies will you undertake?

Don’t spend too much time planning though, because if you do you’ll probably end up planning all day long without actually doing! And that is a disaster because you’ll remain where you are now come end of 2009 – still the same, old you.

We don’t want that to happen, so start taking Massive Action once you have done some kind of planning.

Remember – don’t try to be a perfectionist who needs to have every single little detail planned out first before taking any kind of action.

Just do it first, and correct as well as improve as you go. Garner the momentum and start doing first and the rest will follow. :wink:

Trust me!

5. Do It TODAY!!!

Most people who have read this far will think and say to themselves: “Yeah I agree with all of the above Welly, but since this is the end of 2008 and new year celebrations is coming, therefore I’ll just take action at the beginning of next year.”

…and you know what?

YES, these people will NOT take any kind of action come beginning of next year. They will continue to procrastinate forever

But I know you, loyal reader of this blog, is different from them right? I know you will take massive action TODAY and start moving towards your goals! :lol:

By taking action today, you are slowly but surely building your business every single day. It is through consistent action and perseverance that one will actually succeed in his or her endeavor.

Alright, I’m going to sign off for now. Remember to do the 5 steps above TODAY to start carving your own success path in 2009!

Don’t let others determine your destiny, create yours TODAY.

Cheers, Merry Christmas and to a Happy 2009 New Year! Please leave any thoughts or comments below…

10 Responses to “Do These 5 Steps In 2009 To Ensure Great Success”

  • Gary Balley is so right that there are no secrets of your success. According to Serena Williams everything you want in your life should be determination to achieve your goal and don’t forget that you should put hard work to it. So, it means that there are no guides or Feng Shui in attaining success, just keep believing, and survive from the tribulations that will encompass in our lives.

  • Excellent article. It’s 2009 now, but this sage wisdom applies to every year. Thank you!

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  • Life will never be easy to handle, so don’t be scared of failure. Your all points were great. M sure a person can be easily very successful if he follows all the inspiration given by you :smile:

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  • Siti Hadijah


    Happy New Year

  • Herna – Merry Xmas and Happy New Year too :razz:

    Gary – Exactly! It’s about keeping yourself updated with the latest methods and techniques that work NOW. :mrgreen:

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  • Congratulations on your success in 2008! But as you say – there’s really no secret to it – it’s just about putting in the effort and learning all the time. And you make a great point about “experts” – 5 years ago, blogs were unheard of and it was all about search engines – today you HAVE to have a blog to be successful online. So yesterday’s expert is nowhere today.

    Great article – and here’s to an even stronger 2009!

  • Herna

    I found that your articles are very inspiring.
    Thanks, Welly!
    Hopefully I can follow your success in this Internet business.
    Wish me luck :grin:
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 2009.

    Best wishes,

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