Do A Little More Work

easy ways to make money
Easy ways to make money
– It’s the beginning of the new year. Are you still in high spirits and fully motivated about what you can achieve this year, or are you already beginning to give up (yet) again like you have the previous years?

People are always looking for easy ways to make money or solve whatever problems they are facing. The problem with that is you are just like everyone else out there. You don’t stand out.

Content Example

Let’s say you have a lot of niche blogs and you put content there by copying and pasting articles from article directories and blogs (of course leaving the author resource box intact). Most people do that. Most people also use an article spinner to make the copied content unique (even though most of the time the content is gibberish that is only meant to be read by search engine robots and not humans).

That is what most people do.

If you do what they do, you’ll be like them. Sadly, most of them fail at making money online. That means you’ll have a high chance of failing as well if you follow their footsteps.

Why not do a little more work than them? If they simply copy and paste their content as is from some other blogs or article directories, you make them more unique by adding in your own introduction paragraph and ending paragraph, like I’ve shared in this content marketing training post.

Better yet, in the ending paragraph add a link to your squeeze page (or even directly insert your opt-in box) or add an affiliate link for a related product.

JV Example

If you are looking for respectable JV partners (who is somewhat “famous” in your marketplace) to promote your product, stop asking them to promote all the time. Do you even know them in the first place?

If you don’t and you blatantly ask them to promote, you are going to be utterly disappointed because they are not going to promote. Period!

You can now do 2 things:

1. Find someone “your own size” to cross promote each other’s products and stop chasing the top guns in your marketplace

2. Impress respectable JV partners (the top guns) by giving first instead of receiving (doing a little more work than most people)

Provide value to them without seeking anything in return (even though you are actually seeking for something in return). What skills do you have? If you have design skills, design their website for them for free. If you have programming skills, offer to do programming work for free. If you are good at creating content, provide unique and quality content for their members. Unique means the content is exclusive to them and you have not and will not use it anywhere else.

Since most people don’t want to take the trouble of doing these, you’ll have a really good chance to stand out and impress these top guns JV partners, provided your work quality is great.

Traffic Example

While everyone else is busy chasing after and buying the next flash in the pan, push-button, magic traffic software that is selling for $37 and supposedly in “limited quantity”, you avoid them like the plague and you understand you need to put in real work and hence work harder than them to generate visitors to your site.

Most people drop spammy blog comments, give low quality forum answers, write sub-par articles.

While everyone else is looking for easy ways to make money and easy ways to generate traffic, you do a little more work and make your blog comments more relevant, provide higher quality answers in forum discussions, write better articles, etc.

Stand out.

Vacation Example

I live in a country where heavy traffic congestion is part and parcel of daily life (lucky for me that I work from my home and don’t have to commute).

There is this popular getaway rural city called Puncak, some 2 hours drive from Jakarta (the city I live in). So just last week I celebrated new year by hanging out with a few close relatives and family members for 2 days and 2 nights there.

I knew there was going to be unbearable traffic if I go to Puncak just like everybody else on the 30th and 31st of December during the day. So I went there on the 29th at 11 pm when most people are getting ready to sleep.

The road was very clear. Awesome.

Then when it was time to return, I also knew that most people would return home on the last day and 2nd last day of the holiday – meaning 1st and 2nd January – during the day. So we packed up our bags and headed home on 1st January at 4 am (when most people are still snoring). Yes, a bit extreme. But I really don’t want to be stuck in traffic for 10 hours when I can return in 2 hours just by doing a little more work – and that is to wake up earlier than most people.

Yes people do get stuck for 10 hours every single year. I am not exaggerating. I know because I have friends and other relatives who go through the exact same thing year after year, and yet they never change. They expect the traffic conditions to change, but they themselves don’t want to change. They leave their fate unto other external factors.

Yes, some things are uncontrollable. We can, however, control other things to counteract these uncontrollable circumstances. As the saying goes: “Don’t try to change the wind, change the sails”.

Do a little more work than the most people and you will achieve BETTER results. Stop looking for easy ways to make money because that is what most people are searching for. Please leave your comments below as I look forward to hearing them…

9 Responses to “Do A Little More Work”

  • Ejeke P C. on January 30, 2012

    Hi there Welly,

    You are absolutely right, I have known since I was in the university that being a job seeker sucks but for almost a decade I have been looking for the fast way out. It’s just recently that I realized that there is no free launch anymore and that nothing good comes easy, so I started taking my online business seriously

    Believe me am paying the price, each time I think of what I would have achieved if I had started back then in 1991 I feel like kicking myself all the time. If I had started writing and posting articles on my blog even if it’s just once a week, that would have been a lot of content by now but here I am trying hard to catch up, trying to learn what I should have learnt years back.

    For anyone who is just starting out, they better roll up their sleeves and get to work, because that’s the only to success online. Though it’s a lot easier now to get access to the information one needs online but the hard work is still the same, it didn’t change and am not sure it will for now.

    Take care and cheers.

  • Welly on January 5, 2011

    Spot on Craig.

    When sharing my IM knowledge, I also always compare IM to a brick and mortar business. IM is no different in terms of the amount of hard work and dedication needed to succeed.

  • Craig Sowerby on January 4, 2011

    Hi Welly,

    Happy New Year To You!!

    Many people fail because they think there is a silver bullet, magic pill or push button software. There are programmes and software to help and make our lives easier but it will not turn your computer into an ATM.

    Until newbie or even advanced marketers realise this they will not be getting very far. If you look at a traditional brick and mortar business, do they do less and make more money. Hell no they work their butt off all the time, the beauty of the Internet is that the overheads are so low and your shop window/site is open to the world.

    So you need to work and work hard once you making a substantial income then you look at outsourcing some of the work to a cheaper employee over seas to free up your time.


  • Paul McCarthy on January 4, 2011

    Hey Welly – Boy does this post ring true.

    I did a video about this very recently – it talked about how only the top 10% in any market place will ever thrive.

    So, as you correctly say, if you’re not going above and beyond the next guy, then you’ll never make yourself a success.

    On a side note: I split tested four of your squeeze page templates as a customer of yours – top performing page = 68% conversion :) The worst is still good at 53%.

    That’s a really great product, right there.

    Here’s to 2011!

    • Welly on January 5, 2011

      Hey Paul

      Glad you liked the squeeze templates :) Really happy you got such high conversions!

      Happy 2011!

  • Allen Walker on January 4, 2011

    Happy New Year, Welly.

    LOL. Great example of doing something different in order to achieve different results. :)

    I will need to try that if I ever run into that situation. :P

    Hope you had a great new year with your family.

    Many people don’t realize that you can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results. To get different results, you need to change the path you take…

    Also, sometimes it’s much easier to do the hard stuff rather than doing the easy stuff because everyone is doing the easy stuff and the competition is just so much more in that area.

    Once of the key essences of marketing is standing out from the crowd… :)


    • Welly on January 5, 2011

      Yes Allen.

      Expecting different results yet always doing the same things over and over again is — as Einstein calls it — insanity!

      The path of least resistance is not always REALLY the path of least resistance, because as you said it — there are too much competition.

  • PLR Blogs on January 4, 2011

    Hi Welly,

    Happy New Year to you mate! :)

    This is a great post. I completely agree that in order to succeed, you must be different. That can mean many things, but what I get most out of your post is that even newbies should take their online “business” serious, just like any business.

    Trying to take shortcuts, and putting in very little effort usually sets one up for failure. There are a lot of factors that go into a successful online business and I think the sooner one takes it seriously and tries to do better than the next (lazy) guy/girl, then they’re already on the path to success.

    I mention “path” because it’s a journey and it can be an enjoyable one, even if a tough one at times.

    Yet another great post and best of luck for 2011! :)



    • Welly on January 5, 2011

      Hey Scott

      Definitely — the path becomes enjoyable when you undergo the learning curve and transform from a newbie and experienced marketer to seasoned pro who knows what he is doing :)

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