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Recently I got in touch with Facebook Ads expert Ian Fernando and interviewed him about Facebook advertising.

If you’re currently advertising on Facebook, I highly suggest you consume the brief interview below. You might just pick up a tip or two that you can apply to your campaigns and/or online business.

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you first got started with Facebook advertising?

My name is Ian Fernando and I have a blog at The blog talks about my online venture and gives users a sense of accomplishment by learning form my own experiences via case studies and failures. is mainly focused on the overall aspects of online money making – ranging from blogging to paid advertising.

With paid advertising I got into Facebook because I like to test out new traffic sources before anyone else does. I got into Facebook ads even before they called it Facebook Ads, before it was called Facebook Marketplace.

It then evolved into Facebook Flyers, Facebook Social Ads, and now as everyone knows it as Facebook Ads.

Facebook is an easy way to get a campaign running and start targeting users based on their interests instead of keywords. This was easy for me because I already started using this concept when I was doing Google Adwords.

2. Why should marketers rely on Facebook advertising as a viable source of traffic generation? What’s so good about it compared to other advertising methods such as Google Adwords or ezine advertising?

First of all I do not do any type of ezine or article marketing, to me it takes too long to get results. I am all about gathering data now and I am willing to pay for that data.

Users should utilize Facebook Ads because of its simplicity and the amount of targeted demographics you can leverage from. Again, it is about interests and not keywords so targeting users is very easy.

Comparing it to Google Adwords, well both has its advantages and disadvantages. Facebook users are more prone to interact, while Google are more prone for information and solutions. But Facebook delivers higher quality because of the targeting you can do.

In Facebook you can target users by age, male or female, education, their favorite celebrity, etc. It so funneled you can find a specific group of people and target just those group of people.

Where with Google and others, you can be going in blind because you do not know who is specifically clicking on your ad. Is it a male or female, how old are they, etc. With Facebook advertising, you can create your ad geared towards that demographic.

3. What are the roadblocks and problems you encounter while on your way to becoming a Facebook ads expert?

The constant changes with Facebook Ad platform. Even though the Facebook Ad platform is just over 2 years old it is still new and it is constantly changing to fit the demands of the users and the advertisers. There is a median in which Facebook needs to keep the community of Facebook happy while also making money with their advertisers as well.

Change in inevitable, but as advertisers we have to adjust and make sure that we abide by Facebooks TOS.

4. Can you share one of the big tips that have allowed you to achieve success in Facebook ads marketing?

There are several ways to create an ad, a lot of advertisers create general ads because it is easy. Once you start understanding your demographic you should start to combine interests in your ads.

For example a person who likes Michael Jordan and Video Games – you can combine these interests to promote a sport info product or a GameFly offer. The ad copy can relate to both interests so it attracts the end user directly. By creating the comfort of the user the ad doesn’t seem so annoying because it relates to that specific individual.

5. To people who want to succeed with Facebook ads marketing, what should they do on a daily basis?

Optimize your ad and test multiple things. Facebook ads needs almost daily maintenance. You have to play with bidding strategies, change image ads, adjust headline copy, etc. Once you have a profitable campaign where you feel it is the best optimize ad, you then may have to expand related interests.

There are many things you can do on a daily basis to be profitable on Facebook. It is about analyzing your data and making sure that users are looking and clicking on your ad. Once you see a drop, you ask yourself why did it happen and approach your ad as if you were the end user.

It is just daily maintenance, once maintained you can be on your way to be a Facebook expert in your niche.

Author Resource:

Ian Fernando is a Facebook Advertising expert and runs a comprehensive course that teaches people how to profit from Facebook Ads. Because you’re a reader of Welly Mulia’s blog, you can get a 38.96% discount on this hugely popular course. Apart from teaching others about Facebook Ads, he also runs a blog over at

5 Responses to “How To Profit From Facebook Advertising”

  • Denton on March 24, 2012

    “Facebook is taking over even Google.”

    I believe this comment is a little pre-mature. I don’t know of anybody who searches for any product via facebook.

    Thanks, for the info, I didn’t realize the how facebook advertisements worked.

    For me though, I have only clicked an a couple facebook ads, so I am not sure it would be worth the time for me or the company I am with.

  • Clare on October 24, 2011

    I looked at advertising on Facebook earlier this year but it all looked so complicated. And now I find in order to do it properly and to get results it requires attention on a daily basis.

    Surely if you’re advertising your business you really need to spend the time you have free for advertising as wisely as possible. Constantly playing around with your Facebook Ads to find what works isn’t a wise use of time in my eyes. I think I’ll stick to Google for now.

  • Graham McAndrew on August 1, 2011

    Facebook has become the new frontier for marketing spam now. The original ideal was great, but the reality now is of a faceless marketing giant.


  • Kim Moore on October 24, 2010

    What a great post my friend. I am a facebook fan and mostly spend my time playing some facebook games and just talking out with my colleages. Surely, there are so many ways we can use facebook and I really love using it. I hope they have something more new to come for all of us.

  • Listbuilders-R-Us on October 21, 2010

    Facebook is taking over even Google.

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