Follow Up Tips For Your Internet Business

It is no longer a secret that people buy from those people that they trust. This is especially true:

1. In the online world where every product owner is “hiding” his/her face behind a computer.

2. When you’re selling a product that is not a popular brand (meaning people haven’t heard of the brand before).

These potential customers can’t be blamed either, since it is very easy to scam people nowadays simply by using the power of the Internet.

Armed with this knowledge, we as Internet business owners should build beneficial and trusting relationships with our prospects so that they know who we are, what we do, what our expertise are – so that they trust us and want to buy from us. :grin:

If you’ve been a loyal reader of this blog, you should have already known that I talk and advocate this a lot.

Without a good relationship with your prospects, it is VERY hard to sell them your products and services. Without a good relationship with your customers, it is also EXTREMELY difficult to sell other related products to them.

The key to successfully sell to them is to build, as I’ve said before, beneficial and trusting relationships with them. You do this by first creating some kind of valuable Freebie to “bait” your visitors to hand you their email addresses.

If you don’t want to create a freebie yet, you can also use some PLR freebies. Just make sure that they are high quality freebies and that you put your name as the creator of the freebie.

After your visitors hand over their email addresses, you want to impress them by giving much more than they expected of you. At this stage, your visitors have been converted to leads/prospects, thanks to the squeeze page that you’ve created. :mrgreen:

For example, let’s say that on the squeeze page you promised to give them a Free report on how to train their dogs effectively. However on the download page, in addition to giving them this Free report, you might also give them another surprise freebie that shows them how to make sure their dogs are eating healthy, balanced diets.

The surprise freebie should be somewhat related to the main freebie that you promised.

A few days after they’ve subscribed to get your freebie, you ought to follow up with them to check how they are doing and if they have successfully downloaded the freebie (and surprise freebie) yet. You also want to remind them to implement what they’ve learned and that if they have any questions they can feel free to ask you.

Then a few days later you follow up with them again to give more free valuable content. It is very important that on the first few follow-ups with them you don’t sell them anything but instead concentrate on providing great content to educate them.

This is to impress them that you care for them and you know what you’re talking about. When they see you as someone who they can trust because you’ve stood out from the crowd by giving, giving, and giving first without even trying to sell them anything, their resistance barrier towards you will decrease. :wink:

Let’s say that your visitors are on 30 other marketers’ lists. 29 of them send out sales pitches all the time every day promoting the next big product launch, while the remaining one marketer (that’s YOU) give, give, and give, which one do you think will stand out from the crowd and get their attention?

I’m not saying you can’t send them sales pitches. At the end of the day, you and I are still marketers. We need to sell stuff in order to make money.

I’m simply saying that you should focus your efforts when you first come into contact with a person who doesn’t know you yet with the right approach, and that right approach is to impress them that you’re different than the rest of the pack and that you truly care for them.

You need to demonstrate that you’re in this business for the long term and that they can count on you to provide them with the stuff they need. In other words, you want them to buy from you.

I would say after 3 – 5 follow-ups with them, you can insert your first sales pitch to them. After this sales pitch, you would then educate them again with free, valuable content. Then once in while do your sales pitch again.

You need to have a balance between free content and sales pitch, and be sure to send more free content than sales pitch. In my current Internet business I’m using a 3:1 approach – meaning for every 3 content messages, I would send a sales pitch.

Different markets respond differently, so you need to test what works best for your market.

Please drop your comments below, I’d like to see what your opinions are…

9 Responses to “Follow Up Tips For Your Internet Business”

  • Strengthening your customer relationships also plays a very important role in the internet business. Once you have gained their trust, there’s a big chance that they will refer you to other people.

  • I agree with you on the frequency. I have found a few that offered freebies only to end up sending emails every single day.

    Nearly 80 percent of those emails are quickly scanned and then trashed. What I did notice was the ones I do end up “starring”, only seems to send an email every few days, saying this or that.

    It does work. That’s something I will have to plan for my first campaign next month.

  • @Right choice: Absolutely. Don’t you just love it! :P

  • I agree with you also.If you have a great business, a great product, and great service, the money will follow as it has for me.

  • @Adi: Yeah me too I’m fed up with the get rich quick schemes that seem to pop up every week! And the sad thing is there are always newbies falling for this.

    @Leon: The reason why I’m doing business this way is because I’m after long term profits instead of short term gains :)

    @Arya: Robert Kiyosaki eh? :P

    @Bo: Absolutely, you nailed it!

  • Great post Welly and you are right it is about building trust and a relationship. So many fail to make sure that if they recommend something they have used it or know that it will help the people who are buying and not just fill up their hard drive.

    Bo Tipton
    The Ornery Marketer

  • Maybe that’s why we should not follow the money, but make money following you :smile: .
    Thx 4 the article anyway… :grin:

  • Great advice Welly! We all want to make money from our list, but I agree it is much better to take the slow approach and build a relationship with them first. I’m on many internet marketing lists and very few of them take this approach. The ones that do, like you, earn my respect and business when the right products come along.

    All the best,

  • Everyone soon will realize that internet business, just like any other offline business, requires hard work and much thought to be incurred, in order for the business to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    That is, before they see the first dollar coming into their pocket.

    I think everyone, myself included, is already fed up with those get-rich-quick schemes.

    As the saying goes ‘the money is in the list’, you’ve provided good tips for fellow Internet Marketer wannabes out there. Again, me included.

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