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Generating Traffic To Your Website – So Many Advice? Which One Do You Follow?

generating traffic to your website

Generating traffic to your website – It’s pretty obvious why you would want to drive visitors to your site. If your site does not have any visitors, then nobody is going to know your existence or the existence of your products and services.

Sure you can have the best product out there, but it’d be useless.

It’s just like a restaurant that serves excellent food but nobody knows about the restaurant in the first place. No one is going to dine in there.

When it comes to generating traffic to your website, there are many ways to do that. One of the BIGGEST mistakes, if not the biggest mistake, that people (especially beginners) commit is trying to learn ALL the different ways of generating traffic.

Today they learn about SEO. Instead of implementing what they’ve learned, tomorrow they go learn about PPC. The cycle continues on. The next day is article marketing. After that comes social media, then video marketing, forum marketing, etc.

The list goes on.

The skills learned are almost never put into action.

Okay, sometimes they are put into action.

But for how long? One day? Two days max?

People implement these methods and expect immediate results. This is not going to happen. As with most things, it takes time to see results.

Instead of trying to learn everything at once, you should instead learn and master ONE form of traffic generation method first.

I know this is not easy as it sounds, especially since we as entrepreneurs love NEW ideas and concepts and just plainly hate doing the same task over and over again because repeating tasks just scream “BORING” to us!

By learning one traffic method at a time, information overload and action paralysis will be reduced to a huge extent. These 2 reasons are why people fail to be successful at a particular method of generating traffic.

People suffer BADLY from information overload because they are bombarded with so much information (both free and paid) every single day.

Guru X advises them to go with article marketing. Guru Y says Twitter marketing is the way. Guru Z claims SEO is king.

So many different CONFLICTING advice? Whose advice do you follow to start generating traffic to your website?

You follow ONE of them.

Just one.

Let’s say you decide to go with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for generating traffic to your website. The steps you need to follow are:

1. Study and learn from the SEO expert

2. Implement what you’ve learned

3. Analyze and refine

You don’t have to master every traffic generation method out there. You can outsource the other methods. Go to places such as the Warrior Forum or freelance sites like freelancer.com to find other people to do the work for you.

TIP: Even if you outsource most of the traffic work, you should become at least good at ONE of the traffic generation methods.

Word Of Caution: There are a lot of sites that claim they can drive hundreds of thousands or millions of visitors to your site for a few hundred dollars. Do NOT trust these sites and do NOT buy from them as you’ll be simply washing your money down the drain.

As the saying goes: If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

The takeaway of this post:

Learn ONE way of generating traffic to your website. Implement it and be patient. Outsource other traffic methods so that you don’t become overwhelmed. It’s better to be an expert at ONE field than to be average at a lot of fields.

21 Responses to “Generating Traffic To Your Website – So Many Advice? Which One Do You Follow?”

  • Most of the comments here are relevant and helpful. With SO MUCH information out there, you really need to stay focused and master one technique at a time. If you spread yourself too thin, you’ll never get good results with any single method. Put on your horse blinders and block out all the “noise” from so-called gurus!

  • SEO really hasn’t changed *that* much over the years. Yes, there are always new tricks and new advances in technology, but the fundamentals remain the same. Don’t fall for all the scams out there… some of them can even get you penalized or banned.

    Good unique content + clean code & navigation + solid backlinks are the best foundation you can build. Social media and other new strategies help, but only if you get the fundamentals in place first!

  • I still get emails in my inbox that try to take me off on new tangents with regard to traffic generation, and I have to be really strict with myself to stick with the tedious job of link building and seo to drive traffic, why? because of everything I’ve tried it still works the best!

  • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there, the hardest part about getting traffic is sticking to ONE repetitive task and mastering it.
    Results are slow and most people give up to early

  • Many people jump from product to product looking for the next best thing and don’t just take one method and concentrate on that. I used to buy WSO after WSO and finally just stopped myself and started to take action. I have found that article marketing is a very good way of driving traffic to a site and that’s what I have been concentrating on. People that succeed in Internet Marketing are those that take action. Thank you for a wonderful post.

  • I guess the problem actualy lies in the fact, that people prefer to learn something new than to actualy get the work done. I actually recognized the behavioural pattern you were talking about in myself, thanks.

  • I think a mix between Social Media and SEO brings the most advantages. You have to have a full-spectrum strategy and should not focus only on one part of Online-Marketing. :)

  • You given the most useful advices that very important for me.SEO is very important concept for generating traffic to your website. Thanks a lot for this valuable service…

  • Hi Welly! Many people are really facing information overload, hearing about 1000 things to do and in the end they are not able to realize even one. Best is to start with one method as you mention it, master it and work on it constantly. Then people can master a second strategy and work it out.

  • genertaing traffic is one of the hardest things to do. you need unique and fresh content to make people want to come back and read your blog. I have been trying to add content daily and it has been helping out. good write up!

  • This is a good point, internet marketers can become fixated about learning the next hot thing, they hover around the forums reading, posating and asking questions until the next new thing is discovered, and so the process repeats itself. They never actually end up doing any work to put what they’ve learned into practice. SEO needs discipline.

  • I think that article marketing is a very important part of SEO, because of the quality of links. By writing good quality articles and building links with it, you can guarantee your website to get higher rankings.

  • What really should I do to have my web page towards the top of google do I will need to hire an seo business or can I do it myself thanks for the help

  • Nice Article and keep posting
    I agree with achong ,the focus on one thing gives much better results

  • It is wise to follow one or two guidance to get better traffic to our blogs. Too many advice will just make us not focus what must be done and just will give no result

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  • I’ve noticed the same sort of information overload in the real estate business. People always want to move on to the bigger and better method of making money. I wholeheartedly agree with picking one method and mastering it. You can then always move on to something else if you get really good at it. Thanks for the tips!

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