Get Our New List Building Software Free

For the past few months we’ve been working hard at Get Profits Fast lab.

Hey we’ve even had our logo redesigned:

new get profits fast logo

What do you think of our brand new logo?

(if you say bad things I’m going to punch you in the face though…)

Just kidding…

Anyway, after months of development, our new software, Premium List Magnet, is almost ready. It’s going to be released for sale next week. As usual, I’ve decided to give away 2 copies to my loyal subscribers.

Before anything else though, click play below to see what this software (WordPress Plugin) is and what it can do for your business…

How To Get Premium List Magnet Free

I’m giving away 2 copies of Premium List Magnet (to be retailed @ at least $67). If you want to get it for free, leave a comment below and tell me:

1. WHY you deserve to win this

2. WHAT you are going to do with Premium List Magnet if you win

This contest has already ended. I will choose 2 of the best entries, and the 2 winners will be announced on the next blog post.

Remember, you MUST tell me the 2 things above if you want to win a copy of Premium List Magnet. One entry per person please.

Update: This contest has already ended. No more entries will be accepted.

Thanks to everyone who has participated. The 2 lucky winners are announced on this post.

87 Responses to “Get Our New List Building Software Free”

  • stefi dialos

    I loved the presentation and saw what the software can do. it would certainly help me a lot to make optin forms and also give value to any subscribers!! All i can say., Great piece of software!!

  • I know the contest has ended – but i’d surely like to check out your product. I am going to check out premium list magnet now!

  • I am a newbie guy trying to learn how to make decent living from internet marketing. I really need someone who is able to help me along or some awesome software or tools to generate good income thru online marketing.

    • Hi malcolm,

      You can check lot of training videos online on how to make money. Try to sign up in offervault and you will see lot of webinars video there that will help you to know about internet marketing business. Knowing the right software to your market will be a great help for you to make money. I hope i was able to help.

  • Many thanks to everyone who participated in this contest. I see a lot of awesome entries!

    I’ll choose 2 winners from this, and the results will be announced in the next blog post.

    Stay tuned!

  • for me to succeed online,then i have to build my list because that is where the money is.the software will be of pure value to me and my business

  • 1- I’m totally lame, and require the super human like powers of PLM to be cured.

    2- I would finally become the super internet marketer I want to be!

  • KS

    Hello Welly,

    Great plugin and I cannot wait to get it! :)

    However since you are offering up a couple FREE copies I would really appreciate the chance to get one of them.

    Why do I deserve a free copy…….hmmm well here goes! I bought your first plugin and I follow you ever step of the way. I feel you offer great insight and advice into marketing and you care what you do and what you put out into the market place. With the new PLM plugin I would take my website to a whole other level and I would so love to be able to use your new PLM plugin on all my websites in the future.

    Oh, it was also my birthday in the first week of August and this would be a great birthday present having you send me a free copy.

    All the best to you and your staff!


  • Damien

    1. I have been in the corporate life for ten years and want to make a change. I have always been at the top of my game (via sales) and want to begin a career for myself on the internet. I know internet marketing is not easy at first and will take some time to start my path to success. I have purchased your training and Profits Theme, Aweber, hosting and own many domains. I am extremely driven and focused but lack the skills to create what the Premium List Magnet creates with ease, the same reason I purchased Profits Theme.
    2. I will perfect my skills with Premium List Magnet and your other products, finish your training program and promote you and your business through your affiliate program. Being new to internet marketing, I have no bad habits and will be a product of your training.

  • Moishe

    1. Becouse I am chosen one. I survived in Holocaust and deserve it by right!

    2. I will use it to raise money for Holocaust victims memorials and charity.

  • C.J.

    Hi Welly,
    Love the new logo – slick concept! – and definitely impressed by this video for Premium List Magnet. Love the slick functionality and same clean graphics used in Profits Theme, which I own. VERY nice.

    Since it’s still August 17th where I live, I know I’m just squeaking in, but hopefully this is still in time.

    Here’s why I deserve to win this:

    1. I’m finally clearing up company formation, legal, and site structure/SEO issues to build – using Profits Theme – a network of sites that I’ve long had in mind to do. It’s been a long time coming, so I am EXCITED about this, and

    2. I love Spider Man! Yes, I DO read your blog!)

    Here’s what I will do with Premium List Magnet if I win:

    1. I will actively promote this as an affiliate by demonstrating its power through actual use, just as I’m planning to do with Profits Theme.

    2. Since this plugin appears to combine features of a few others that I own, I may very well keep those on the shelf and use this exclusively, and

    3. I will definitely be using this plugin’s cutting Facebook technology on the lead-in fan pages for each of my sites. Are Facebook sliders like those offered by Slide-In Code a future possibility?

    I knew when I bought Profits Theme that it would
    be a good investment, and feel that the continuing improvements you’ve made to it have proven me right.

    Thanks for alerting me to this fantastic new product, and have a great day!

  • Why: Because if Premium List Magnet is as good as your demo I will want to sell it but I always like to buy what I promote.

    WHAT: Make fairy cakes! No Install it of course and use it on client sites, I can already think of a number of sites where it will increase opt-ins.

    If I don’t win, good luck to all the others above and whatever you do DON’T click on my name.

    All the best Welly!

  • 1. I deserve to win one of the two Premium List Magnet because I am Passionately Loving the Magical power of this tool and also because quite simply wining it will be defining my objective as well as fulfilling it! After all, the main key to achieving is to define where you want to go, and then you go for it. I want PLM….so I’ve entered the competition!

    2. If I win the Premium List Magnet, I am going to use it to Pull Leads and then Monetise!

  • Marquerite

    I might not be as advanced as some of the other Internet marketers, but hey, with products like yours, you make it as easy as pie!!

    I have bought your previous product – Profits Theme. How else could I not, with whatever known marketer telling me what an excellent product it is?
    I can say with honesty, what an excellent investment.

    By looking at the introduction video, once again I must congratulate you on excelling on Profits Theme. Truly you understand the market and know what is required to make a success.

    I cannot tell you that I am going to do this and that and whatever with you brandnew product, because like I said before, there are marketers out there that has got much more skills than I have. But if you ask me why I deserve to receive a free copy, then it is because I am already a follower of yours, and are as deserving as the next person.

  • Roger

    This is a pretty slick plugin, and I will implement it immediately.

    Hopefully I will win it because I have never won anything before, and I’ve got my fingers crossed for good luck.



  • MariaL

    Welly first my congratulations for your excellent products and a great person. I am very interested in this plugin that is truly an indispensable tool for anyone who is doing business online and in this part of the world does not always have access to what is really good and it works. I live in Argentina and we Latinos have everything a little hard because we do not arrive, we do not have access or the prices when we complicate life dollars. I was able to acquire PT and am delighted with this wonderful but now I have to work harder to raise money to buy this plugin. In short this is the situation. If you think I can prove worthy of free and I will dance I will be eternally grateful. Otherwise I will have to wait to buy it.
    Again my congratulations, thanks and best wishes for you.

    Maria – Cordoba – Argentina

  • Hey,
    I do not know why I need this software or what I could do with it. I suffer from macular degeneration and it is difficult for me to spot moving text and to read a font that is not very regular.
    If you make a fancy video please remember that there are people that cannot respond or perceive fancy and that you mis a significant portion of your market i.e. colour blind people will have ifficulty reading the red lettering. Please substantiate your message with either audio or regular text.
    Thank you,

  • ZeJohn

    Very Nice indeed, Win or lose, I’ll get PLM, and I will be a winner either way. Thanks for the opportunity. Great Job


  • Because my name is Bob. Isn’t that enough? Have you noticed that it’s one of those names that people just laugh at. If there’s a movie with Bob in it then he’s always the underling or the butt of all the jokes. Why is that?

    But seriously, this plugin is awesome, it’s like Pop-Up Domination on Steroids. I’m creating a new list at the moment using PUD and I’m suddenly jealous about Premium List Magnet. There are just so much more that you can do with it.

    So if I win I’d be doing some serious testing with my existing campaigns to see which plugin performs the best. Although I think I already know the answer.

    Thanks Welly, another great product.

  • Hey Welly,

    You really do go above and behind when you release some new software or a piece of kit!

    There are many other plugins that do similar things to Premium List Magnet, but it is if you have taken a little piece from all these similar plugins and created this on master piece.

    I feel that I deserve this plugin as I would put it to use and not just leave it collecting dust on my digital HD. I have tried other plugins that either don’t really work or crash my site from time to time.

    As for the cool integration with facebook, you can really collect subscribers true emails and not just some made up random name and email.

    Good luck to everyone!


  • Robert Lang

    At this point I don’t care about getting your software for free. I just want to buy it. Are you good with that? Great! Then send me your PayPal link and we’ll call it a sale:)

  • Donovan

    You’ve done it again. We all need your new software if we are serious about growing our business. I don’t know that I deserve to win it.

    But I can tell you that should I be fortunate enough to win a copy of your “Premium List Magnet,” I would put it to use in the site I am currently building. Your “Profits Theme” program was a lot easier to use than others I had looked at, so I can only imagine how easy, to use, this program is going to be. Either way I’ll have to get a copy.


  • Bill

    Hi Welly & Team,

    somehow my first feedback didn´t come through!

    Anyhow, PLM rocks harder than lyrics from the infamous Eminem!
    This baby is definately a winner, just like profitstheme and the support been fantastic!

    i don´t know about ya, but i´m gonna take action and get my hands on PLM, with the help of Welly or my nearly dry paypal account;)

    Welly, again thx, look forward bra,
    P.S. sorry, logo is the only thing to improve on…just kidding rocks!

  • 1. I’ll be perfectly honest here… I have done nothing to deserve the plugin free. Yes, I own Profits Theme and use it and would be willing to bet that this will be of the same high quality.

    2. I work with WordPress almost exclusively now and *really* like the functionality it looks to offer. I can probably dump a half dozen plugins and use this one exclusively. If I won one of the two copies, I’d use it on my sites, of course, but also on client sites. If I don’t win, I’ll be buying a developer license anyway. Good luck with this as it looks slick!

  • Hello Welly ,
    Great plug in , i love the features , i guess it’s somenthing really new and this is enough to say you DID IT! So many variation for the pop up ….i was looking at the video in extasy , it is what everybody need into a blog to grab visitors attention and to build a list or else. I give you AAA+. About why i should win the free one : because i simply dream of gettin the chance to do all what your plug in does and because i love it. But i have to say that i’m not alone so it’s up to you to make someone happy and many deluded …. Take care and go on with great invention like this one .
    best regards
    Ps: profit theme is great but i suggest to make better template or to give us a way to customize the basic template , like border , margin ,all the background , menu the more the better……

  • Great entries so far this is Going to be hard to win.

    I would like to try a copy of the new software as I have been a loyal profits theme customer from the launch in the WSO. My testimonial appears on the front page of the profits theme site and i use the theme exclusively on multiple sites.

    You can count on me for thorough analysis of the product and a review that will state the facts and point out the best parts of the software from a USERS point of view.

    I am experienced with wordpress and could integrate with Facebook and Normal wordpress. I have profits theme operating in Facebook. (nearly ready for launch)

    Look forward to hearing if I am successful.

    Thanks Welli and the team for a Theme that changed the way I do business online.

    Happy Days!


  • Alex Barboza

    Hi Welly. This plugin looks awesome! I really want to get a copy of this. The potential with this is huuuugeeee!

    So to answer your questions:

    1. I deserve this plugin because I am one of your Profits Theme customers, and an evangelist ;) I really love this tool and has made my life much easier.

    2. I am going to use it to grow my list, of course. But also I am going to make use of the Facebook button to make some viral campaigns.

    I am really looking forward to this.


  • Hi Welly
    Excellent compliment to the other “profitable themes” you have already given us to boost our profits.

    Having people easily able to “like” me on FB is something I like!

    Marketers need to call people to action. The Premium List Magnet leads people to the place they need to be… simply!

    Phil Tozer

  • Man Alive

    If this is as good as the profits theme win or loose I will own it.

    As Im re building my IM from the ground up I have no intention wasting money agian on crap so just put my name on one…!

    Looks like another top grade product

  • Awesome software Welly,
    All I am asking is that you offer your subscribers and previous customers a great deal on this PLM software!
    Looking forward to the release date.
    Thanks Bigguy

  • Hi Welly,

    I have just started using your theme after having a critical error on my site and I have had to get my site up and running again. I am in the process of putting my first ebook together and it would be great to have that extra help with list building , and I am even flying to the UK this week to get some guidance from friends who work on line. All the best and thanks for all your work and innovation. All the best Rosemary

  • I am to win Premium List Magnet only if it is to serve as an invaluable tool to help others achieve their dreams and help avoid the threat of imminent eviction.

    I will use Premium List Magnet to help make the world a better place, one plug-in at a time. Yes, that’s a good byline. And it’s mine. ;-) I’ll be using it with Premium List Magnet on Facebook and twitter. Even if I don’t win I’ll finally use PLM after I scrounge up the dough and as long as I don’t wind up on the street. But I guess there’s always the library computers, eh?

    Thank you for being there, Welly.

  • Hi,

    I likely don’t deserve it since I haven’t made my first online buck yet, while having about 30 domains, my newest marketing push is in listbuilding.

    I just completed a JV event that added dozens of double opt-ins to the list fed by this site and I just had a pro sales funnel attached to monitize.

    What I would propose to do is to compare the performance of this package against the list growth w/o SEO or promotion over the last few months against the JV give away event’s little promoted traffic and conversions by the new pro funnel’s monitization.



  • Gustavo P.

    Its the perfect complement for my bussines blog :)
    1. I will generate a lot of personas for my e-mail
    2. It really looks great and professional, and I love to make professional websites and plugins, and I dont know how I do this.

  • Hi Welly, it seems that you have again taken the best of everything and put it in one place, like you did with Profits Theme.

    I know I deserve this because one winter’s night, many many years ago, I was awoken by a strange, glowing figure in chains. “I am the ghost of Internet future” he said. “One day”, he continued, “a man will contact you. He will tell you that he has developed a wonderful tool which will lead to the explosion of your business. Your list will increase many fold and you will then teach others to do likewise.”

    “What’s a list?” I asked.

    “Shut up” said the ghost, “This is my story. You’ll find out what a list is soon enough. And when you do, all your worries will be over.”

    Then, suddenly we were transported to a small room in a cottage in Scotland. A handsome 30 something man was sitting at a computer that looked like something out of a Star Trek episode. (I know now it was a lap top but back then I had no idea). “I recognise that handsome man” I said. “Is he a film star?”

    “No” said the ghost, “that is you on or around the end of August 2011. It is the turning point of your life.”

    I looked closer and could see the handsome, older, wiser me creating what looked like a ‘campaign’. It was over in a couple of minutes and the older, wiser me looked very pleased with himself.

    “What happens now?” I asked the ghost.

    “I cannot tell you” he replied “but look out for the sign, it will come when you least expect it”.

    Suddenly he was gone and my room was silent once more.

    I have waited for the sign for many years and now, here it is. How freaky is that?

    As to what I will do with it, the options are many. Obviously I will build a huge list and provide exceptional value to everyone on it. I will tell them all about Welly Mulia and the day his email was predicted by a ghost one quiet winter’s night, so long ago.

    The end….Or is it..

    (PS I already posted this in FB comments and I repeat it here in case here’s where it needs to be.)

  • 1. I deserve to win because I´m your customer and trust in you

    2. I am going to use premium list magnet to build a very important massive email list

    Thanks Welly, your a graet teacher

  • Hi Welly,

    I am just open your email today, then i am proceed to your blog just see it by myself what happen. Then, after going through your post including fantastic your intro video, i am totally shock with you guys already prepared with this fantastic software.

    Here is my response with this great offer.

    1. WHY you deserve to win this?

    - My Personal opinion, the main major thing on running a business is a cost. Actually, to get this similiar+seperate functional software like this involving a some big cost.

    Even with what the price you offered above is actually is not a big deal compare with what ‘ll i am get with this software.

    I am deserve for it is because i like simple & Effective (toward time and Money). This software itself cover it need.

    (Imagine if i am myself to develop all this functional software like this. What the major ‘cost’ i ‘ll involve instead of money; it is TIME).

    You give it away this software for free is like you give it your valued money+precious time. Definitely anybody who are appreciate a time and money and have a chance to get it will be mostly appreaciated it. :)

    2. WHAT you are going to do with Premium List Magnet if you win?

    - As usual, definitely everybody ‘ll answer what they are going to do with this software is same like as shown from the above video. (i am just kidding) :)

    But one thing is the best part about this software that are not shown on that above video is (maybe i am not notice it);

    - This software is very useful for VIRAL Marketing. and i am definitely use this software mainly focus on make my website going viral plus build my list. Definitely!.

    As i said before, major factor in developing a business is an effective time usage and cost involve. Definitely this software cover it up both.

    Anyway, Congrate my friend in developin this fantastic adn useful software. You are make it up!

    Keep it up! :)

  • Stefan

    1. Well, every IM-er needs a must have plugin like this for his success online, and I’m one of them. There is 100s if not 1000s reasons why.
    2. If I’ll be that lucky person (if not, I’ll buy it) then I’ll sing up as affiliate and support this launch to earn some nice money, instal the plugin on all my WP sites and hardly recommend it to my list include jv partners. And then?? Open a botle of champagne. :)

  • Hi Welly
    First I like the new Logo and Premium List Magnet looks Like another great product.
    Why do I deserve to win it because I am a loyal subscriber who uses your products and training.
    and What I am going to do with Premium List Magnet if I win it. I will use it on my website build my list faster and Promote it to other through my affiliated link.
    Keep up the good work

  • Dean

    The PLM is Awesome until it can help newbies like me earn some money. But the truth is you guys are Awesome for creating this plugin that is useful to everyone!

  • I need this great software to finally make my business profitable.
    Thank you in advance

  • Hello Welly,

    Thank you for notify me the opportunity to get PLM for free. I can see the great value of this tool, and I think I can obtain it because…

    Firtst, I think I deserve PLM because I have made a big effort in the last months in order to understand all the internet marketing english information. It is very dificult when you don’t speak this language, and you learn by yourself, but it is worth. In fact, I use google traductor yet, jaja.

    But, because of this effort, I got to your blog and the lee mcintyre’s blog too. And that brings to me a lot of excellent information.

    And second, the first thing I’m going to do with PLM is to install it in my blog, then I’m going to measure the rate of my list growth and if all works like I think, I’m going to notify you and make a small video to show it to all the people in my list who don’t speak english but can benefit themselves with PLM too.

    Thank you welly and I’m going to be pending for the contest results.

    Omar Pacheco.

  • I fell I could really use this product to help build my list.
    I have been having a hard time with building my list and I need all the help I can get.
    I have profits theme and it is really a great product.
    I just know this tool can help me reach my internet marketing goals alot easier.
    I only have a little bit of time each day to work on the internet because of my regular job. I feel this tool can help me reach my goal to work from home.

    • 1 because I can not wait to replace my current “pop domination” with this product and are ready to drop in the investment process earlier.

      2. I install it on my wordpress blog and I want to create as many campaigns imaginable on every single page, and I want to experience the popoup video.

  • Hi Welly

    I don’t know if I can say I deserve to win, not really in my nature to do so. Although it would be Totally Awesome if I did win one of the copies available!

    I love the Absolute Power of your new WP Plugin and I would use it on all of my Profit Theme Blogs should I win. I would also Highly recommend my new plugin to my lists.

    By the way, the new Logo looks Great!


  • Mike Russell

    I want it for free, just ‘because’. I know I’m not likely to win anyway, so I thought I’d just ask ;-)

  • In the process of learning how it all works… seems like i never have enough time or anyone who is will to just help someone else with a hand up… I find myself helping others when ever and how ever i can. So hopefully one day soon that will all change for me. I am a success in everything i do, so this is no different. So at 52 i find re-inventing myself into an Internet Marketer quite a challenge. I hope the person who needs this awesome tool the most get’s it… Welly thanks for all the wonderful technology you and your partner are developing:-)

  • Welly, this is so jejune man… requiring grown men and women to play this game… answering questions to get a free copy (I think it’s a shame). Just put up the buy button for those who like to pay their way and stop the games… you are a grown man now with a new kid. Stop these silly competitions man… put up the buy button. Okay. Love you brother!

  • Well, to be honest I wasn’t impressed at first. There are other popup plugins already available.

    But, once I saw the video pop-up, the sliders and facebook connect I changed my mind. This is cool!

    I deserve to win because my site is making money but not yet enough to purchase the plugin. I need to start an email list to get things to the next level and I think this could help me get things going quickly. This could potentially be a good case study too.

    If I win, I will start with an optin form in the sidebar and sliders across my website and try some targeted video pop-ups on certain pages in my site.

    Whether you pick me or not. Cool plugin. I’m really digging this and profits theme.

    Oh yeah, and August 18th is my Birthday! (no joke!)

  • 1. i deserve to win this, because i’m a newbie and i still don’t have a list. :P

    2. if i’m going to win the Premium List Magnet, first, i will use it to build my list, then i will re-tweet and write an honest-to-goodness review about it on my blog. =)

  • 1. Aged 73 living i Denmark, I have started to try building a life with internet marketing. I want to do more for my family, and I think that WordPress blogging could be one of the best solutions. As you can watch I’m also going to try with a ready made membership site: that I purchased at a much reasonable price.

    2. My next project is to upload 10-20 PLR blogs.
    The first test (not yet 100% ready) is:
    If I’m one of the lucky 2 winners I’m going to use “Premium List Magnet” on each of the WP blogs.
    From the video your product seems to be able to perform many functions. I think that this plugin can help me – a newbie – to make better results faster.

  • Hi Welly

    Looks like another winner, simple to use and yet offering the user a fast and highly profession result

    This is the fawning bit, why do I deserve to win this? because as I said above, it looks simple to use and yet produces a fast professional result, can’t see a parrot on my shoulder

    What would I do with it, well I would increase my own opt ins dramatically and I would let my people know so they could share in the benefits

    Thanks for sharing Tony

  • I absolutely LOVE Profits Theme.

    I would love to get a free copy of this software, HOWEVER, I have been blessed in my life and my abilities, and have the resources to buy it, so I think it should go to someone more deserving.

    I have been looking for a reliable pop up software like this for quite a while and have tested numerous ones with little luck, so if I did win this one for some reason (or when I buy it), I will put it to use on 4 sites I currently own.

    My goal is to completely replace my full time income in the next year and I think this can help get me there faster!

    Thanks for such quality products!

  • Cool Tool Welly. I do not need a free copy thank you, as I am sure that I will buy it, and there are others out there who may need it, and don’t have the means. It looks like another GREAT GPF product that I hope does well for both you and for those who get it and use it. All The Best. Keep up the good work.

  • I run a number of websites for the company I work for a commercial office cleaning company and have been totally unable to find any list building plugin that I could install on any of those sites. They just do not have the flexibility to work in a corporate website (even one built with WP) without putting off potential customers.

    I also have a dozen websites of my own which need to have a list adding to them. One gets over 600 visitors per day and I have not rebuilt the list which got totally lost when my server company went out of business. I had a working copy of the pages/posts but the list backup was corrupt and I lost 40,000 subscribers over night.

    I need to rescue this situation very soon to make some money from it as I retire in two years from my full time job. Yes That is right I am not a teenager anymore not even during the last forty plus years I only act it now according to my wife.

  • Adjia

    Hi Welly.
    I am a struggling but determined newbie who needs all the help I can get.
    I would use Premium List Magnet to start my first list. I was seriously considering buying Pop Up Domination but this is a much better product and does so much more.
    I have no doubt that this will be a tremendous help to anyone who is list building.

  • Hey Welly…I love the profits theme and am certain this will be the best LB plugin available to date. It looks fantastic. It would be better if instead of giving 2 away let everyone who comments here get a WSO Price..$17-$27…That way everyone wins and you get many more reviews and create good karma..

  • adhy

    first off, I never found kind of plugin that completely doing job like that. Excellent.
    I hope you send me the free one, cos I just want to start my journey. and If I succeed build my list with your PLM then I’m so sure that everyone try to build list with your plugin will success either. Even they are a newbie or advance marketer. Iwill crreate short report how to build a list and share it to my friend and upload with my facebook wall.

    thank you

  • I am a huge fan of profits theme and have been working very hard to build my list for several years. I think I deserve to win Premium List Magnet because my on- line efforts ( I have multiple websites) are centered around:

    #1 Helping families who have an addicted loved one.
    #2 Prevention of drug and alcohol use in teens and pre-teens.

    If your Premium List Magnet helps ANY ONE struggling with addiction get information from me that helps turn things around, you are “paying it forward”.

  • I was looking for a premium theme and thanks to Alex Whalley to recommend Profits Theme which I’m using in two of my websites now. Truly love it.

    I can smell how useful the software can be for a website like which offers exclusive contents for registered members. After testing your Profits, I don’t have any doubt that List Magnet too is a master piece.

    I will use it in ICT Trends to collect members of the course and will talk good about it in and

  • I wish to win this plugin.

    I have no subsciber now and I hope I will get my first subsriber because of this plugin. I deserve to win this plugin because I really need it.

    I will combine this plugin with profits theme on my money sites and hope this combination will boost my commission.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi guys,

    since the launch of Profits Theme I’m your greatest fan here in Germany.

    I have even created a website with German instructions for Profits Theme ( So odds are in favour that you get German customers who aren’t so familiar with the English language.

    Why do I deserve to win?

    Very simple… the same I would do with Premium List Magnet.

    That would be for you another good ability to promote Premium List Magnet to German customers ( … and to earn big bucks for you). LOL

    All the best for your launch!

    Greetings from good old Germany,

  • Looks awesome Welly,

    1. I deserve to win because I love using email campaigns to build relationships with visitors and turn them into customers, so this plugin will fit right into my marketing plan.

    2. If I win, I am going to use premium list magnet to build a massive email list of loyal followers and promote profits theme and PLM to them. With products as good as yours they sell themselves.
    So in short I plan on making both of us rich!!

    Thanks Welly, your a legend love your products.

  • Looks like a robust software. One would like to think that the two winners will put it to good use and not leave it in their hard drives gathering cyber dust as is often the fate of product acquired for free.

  • I deserve to win this product because I have literally spent hundreds of dollars recently trying to make sure that I have EVERYTHING that could possibly make my new business profitable and PLM is the one thing that I don’t have to pull it all together to promote it on my site, blog and on facebook. I have been struggling with how to create the exact float ins that it creates with little to no effort and how to make my facebook campaign better so I can build my first list fast and easy. PLM is the answer!
    I just finished my first product. It is a free ebook on how to start marketing online. It took about 80 hours in 10 days on top of my full time job to write it and I plan for it to go viral! I promote Profits Theme in the ebook as the ONLY theme to consider for WordPress. Since PLM will be coming out next week, I have time to add it in my ebook and promote it to my readers so they will be on the right track too. It is what my ebook is all about.
    I also deserve to win because I am trying to quit my day job and I spend almost all of my free time on my business with very little fun. It has taken me about 8 years to get to this point, and I need all the breaks with time and money that I can get right now to make sure the promotion of my first product is a success. Thanks for this awesome plugin! I will buy it and promote it even if I don’t win the free copy. In the end, it is still a winning situation for me!


  • I deserve to win because, being a senior citizen, I’ve been trying to teach other seniors how to make ends meet by learning the benefits of affiliate marketing.

    This is a tool that seniors could master relatively easy to add to their blogs to build a list to make additional money. Many are eager to learn.

    If I win, I will teach seniors how to use it, myself included, so that we can become part of the internet marketing successful.

  • G’day Welly,

    1. WHY I deserve to win this : To be honest it would be nice just to win something.

    2. WHAT am I going to do with Premium List Magnet if I win it : Use it obviously :)

    Nice job on the PLM plugin I like the diversity you have given it.
    It reminds me of about 6 different plugins I have seen all rolled into 1.

    You guys really do take things to the top level well done.


    Rob P.

  • WayneU

    1. I probably do not deserve to win any more than any other guys trying to make it as an IMer, but if I do win this software it will be because I never give up, and maybe this will be a reward for my endeavours, as I truely do like to help others I think this would be a bonus to carrying that to much bigger ways to helping others to get what they want….

    2. With the right tool I could generate tons of subscribers giving them the things they need to succeed at internet marketing. And this way be able to recommend awesome programs that can really help other IMers 100% their ROI, point them to programs that are really usefull for their benefit, and hopefully keep them away from the scammer types who seem to be rising up from everywhere with their push one button and make millions. I know with the right tools I could cut some off the would be’s from getting caught up in the lies.

  • Killer plugin!

    Welly, what is the main difference between this and “subscribers magnet” by MaxBlogPress?

    I’m always on the lookout to boost my niche sites :)


  • Over the pass few years I have tried just about every way to make a dollar online, with little reward. I see that Premium List Magnet will open lots of doors to build my business in the coming years.

  • Hi,
    Wow, really great features with Premium List Magnet. The reason I deserve the win this is because it’s time to build my own list. I’ve been promoting others for many years and now I’m stepping out with my own offerings. I’ve been asked to do some teleseminars in the coming month and I’ve been looking for a creative way to build a list on my blog. I’ve tried some other list building techniques but have only gotten ‘stuck in the mud’ and haven’t been able to implement the software due to having to plow through the technical process that is so cumbersome. Premium List Magnet looks so user friendly and quick to apply that I can finally move forward. I’ll finally be able to reach more people with my message. Thanks fo reading this and considering me in this contest. – Jamee

  • Hey what an amazing plug-in. It looks very simple to use and very (I mean very) versatile. I would love to own it. I have others that are too complicated and don’t allow the flexibility to change up what optin is on each Post. This is huge! Your’s allows a slide up (which I really like) to a normal pop-up, and then throw in the pop up ad as a bonus. I’ll stop before people think you are paying me to promote (which by the way, I hope you will have an affiliate program to go with it). Questions (1) I think I deserve this plugin for free becaus I’m a good guy who is struggling like everyone else. I constantly run over budget each month and it would be nice to get something that is so vital to list building success for free (2) I plan to use the plugin to replace my standard opt-in box on sites where I’m currently building a list in multiple niches, and I would be thrilled to promote to my list in an upcoming site in the IM niche that I’m in the process of building. I plan to recommend/review several stellar products and I would like to include this one.


  • Hello Welly, I´m a absolutely fan of Profit Theme and so I´m excited about this software. I will put it on all my websites and let it work for me…also I will do my work as an affiliate :-) I´ll promote it all over Middle Europe.
    Best Wishes

  • Why: Because you randomly selected me

    What: I have a couple Profits Theme Licenses, and a few sites with it installed, and several others in progress… this is the perfect companion for them!

    P.S. This looks great!

  • Hi there!

    I deserve to win because my current supposedly-most-popular opt-in plugin doesn’t work in IE, has non-existent support, the owners just keep pestering me to buy the new version (which I refused!)

    If I win, I’m going to change ALL my sites to use PLM immediately and watch my list grows exponentially :-)

  • I definetly need this software for free because I’ve been straggling for 2 years to learn how to make money on line and I think I invested way too much time and money in this! It’s working… but not the way it should! Time to get rewarded for my hard work!!

  • ian

    hai welly mulia

    im indonesian man too :)

    but im a newbie bro :) not like you, and i want to learned a lot from you. especially about list building technique.
    of course i need your premium list magnet, this is the one i need. if i get the chance, i’ll use for my blog and make the review for you, so people will love your plugin

    thanks and best regards


    ps : awesome a new logo welly :)

  • HI Welly, I just watched the video and it looks fantastic! I have done 15 weeks of your Get Profits Fast GOLD Coaching Program, which has been really helpful. I am just developing my squeeze page now, and think this Premium List Magnet will add the final touch to my new website. I think I deserve to win this prize, because I am a good student, and always do my homework (hee hee). Hope I am lucky enough to be one of the winners!
    Kind regards

  • Hi Welly,

    Great plugin. Looks easy to use for a newbie like me.

    Answers to Questions:
    1. Why do I deserve to win this? My optin forms are very plain and Premium List Magnet will certainly attract attention.

    2.WHAT you are going to do with Premium List Magnet if you win? I will put it to use on my sites for list building. Very eye catching optin forms. I can see my lists growing!

  • Because I have promote PT to others successfully and I want to use Premium List Magnet and promote it too!

  • That’s sooo cool! I am loving it.

    1. I deserve to win this because I worked so hard to make money and I was looking for something like this just 2 weeks ago to make optin inside the blog but did not succeed. So fate must have bought me here for all my efforts and working hard! I just so need something like this. I have no money now left…

    2. With Premium List Magnet, I definately going to use it on my blog to grow my list and I will guard my list jealousy. I would. however, tell you how much this has helped me and if I could, in my own simple way, help you with things like testimonials or if you want to test some software or things like that.

    I am amazed how I found this while I was looking for such a thing. AWESOME! Thank you!

  • Allen

    1) Because I have put up with your “(guy with the) asian accent” for the last 8 months and have not punched you in the face!

    2) let you help me to make more money online ofcourse.

  • bizace

    I’m not make any money online, so I need a software that can help me that really helps me or else my wife will be very angry of me wasting by time with this internet trashes, she used to say.More ever Welly Mulia is a real deal, he seem to be a honest guy wanting to help people to succeed on line. I hope he answer my prayer!

  • Because I feel it will help me build my list faster… its a great design, what would I do, I would install it in my blog and use it to build my list…

  • This tool is for me. I would give a great testimonial to promote this product.

  • 1. Because I am always looking to help people, I have integrity and I love you guys! So did I win yet? Oh, right, second question…
    2. I will generate a ton of subscribers and recommend awesome programs that can really help people maximize their ROI, programs like Profits Theme and Premium List Magnet for example :D

  • Hello, I absolutely need the software from you because I want to build an existence with high incomes. Thank you.

    Greeting Thomas

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