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Get Out Of Comfort Zone – I have. What About You?

get out of comfort zone

Sometimes Most of the time, in business (and in life), to be able to make a breakthrough, you almost always need to get out of comfort zone (YES your own comfort zone) and do things that you’re really not comfortable with.

What do I mean by that?

Well, that just means doing things that you know ARE GOING to move you forward, even though doing them makes you uneasy and uncomfortable, so much so that you feel like giving up before you even try.

Everybody is guilty of this.

You and I are. So do your best friends, your friends, your colleagues. Everyone. PERIOD.

Let me illustrate a real life example.

Back in September, I FINALLY recorded a training video on how to do FAST backlink analysis using free tools. I was VERY nervous when I recorded that training video because of my CRAZY Asian accent. I was afraid that my audience (the majority of them being Americans by the way) wouldn’t have a clue what I was saying in the video.

Turns out I was DEAD wrong!

I received a number of comments on my blog and support desk THANKING me for the video and that it provided valuable and awesome training.

I was thrilled!

Who would have thought that an Indonesian guy with this crazy Asian accent would be thanked for making a training video? You know what was going through my mind BEFORE I made that video?

Yep, I was trying to convince myself:

“Nahhh I can’t do it. My audience won’t even know what the heck I’m talking about. I have this Asian accent, so it’s impossible!”

But I went ahead and made that video ANYWAY and REGARDLESS of what was going to happen. And I was in for a surprise because my audience actually liked it…

…And boy was I thankful and glad that I made it! If I hadn’t made it, I wouldn’t be making more training videos now (more on this in a moment…)

The point I’m trying to get across to you is:

Doing things that you know will move you forward, even though you’re NOT comfortable with doing it, will pave a way that will lead you closer towards SUCCESS.

You will be a step closer to your goal.

This is true. Try it before you whine and make any negative judgments.

If I hadn’t made that video, I will always be wondering (for the rest of my life most likely) if I really could share my knowledge and expertise through videos.

And the answer to that will most likely be “NO, I can’t possibly do video training because of my Asian accent bla bla bla”.

And this WILL hunt me for the rest of my life. I know it will…

Here’s what I’ve learned by getting out of my comfort zone:

1. Your original fear BEFORE you step out of your comfort zone is very insignificant. Most of the time, you’re A LOT better than what you think of yourself, so give yourself more credit!

2. Doing that uncomfortable thing that you really don’t like for the FIRST time is the hardest. Once you’ve done that for first time, doing it for the second and consecutive times become much easier and more natural.

3. You’ll be REALLY glad that you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone because by doing so, you’ll inevitably move forward in whatever you’re trying to achieve. Why? Because you’ve just learned how to overcome your fears by doing things that you really are not comfortable with.

When similar circumstances occur in the future that require you to step out of your comfort zone, you’ll be ready.

Because of that training video I made in September, I’m using my courage I attained by the thankful and grateful comments about that video to make more additional training videos.

(…just a little side note, I’m currently in the process of creating a coaching program where I show and teach people how to build a real, profitable Internet business from scratch; more information on this coaching program to follow, so stay tuned okay?)

Almost all of my interactions with YOU so far (with the exception of that first training video I made in September) have always been in the form of text. I want to connect more with my audience, my prospects, and my customers on a DEEPER level.

And that means YOU!

So you can expect more video interaction from me in the future (and please forgive my CRAZY Asian accent and FOCUS instead on the VALUE I’m delivering on these videos alright?)

Anyway, that’s all for me now.

What are your thoughts on stepping out of YOUR own comfort zone? Have you stepped out of your comfort zone or are you simply just one of those persons who PROCRASTINATES all the time by LYING to yourself “Yeah I’m gonna do that SOON… but not now since I’m so busy with bla bla bla…”

Come on PROCRASTINATORS; defend yourself by proving me wrong. Leave your public statement below that you’re going to get out of your comfort zone TODAY!

9 Responses to “Get Out Of Comfort Zone – I have. What About You?”

  • This is true most of the time because a lot of people really have to suffer just to make things work and be successful with what they are doing.

  • do something that you dont like to do today, in order to get somebody else to do something that they dont like to do today , we can all help each other come out of comfort zone just by this action,leadership is leading from the front .jennifer “bon-vie”

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  • @Randolph: Yep you better start taking action :)

    @Joseph: You’re welcome, glad that you liked what I shared here.

    @Rendy: Hey thanks for the recommendation buddy. Will keep it in my list.

    @Leo: Welcome to my city :) I’m under a tight schedule right now, but I got your email and will contact you when I’ve find the right time.

    @Heather: Thanks for the motivation, really appreciate it. Bali eh? It’s a nice place to be. If you haven’t been there, you ought to! Nice to know that someone from South Africa is reading my blog too hehe

  • Hi Welly
    I finally got around to watching your video and I thought it was very interesting. You really are a “content rich” provider! So thank you.
    By the way I thought your accent was fine and clear. I am from South Africa and also have a wierd accent.
    On the last day of school (remember my day job is a teacher) we had our celebration all about Bali and I made a pamplet for the kids to colour in and fill in facts which was fun.
    So it’s good to learn about each other, no matter where in the world we are :)

  • Leo Mattheos

    Hello from jakarta

    I am currently in jakarta and welcome the possibility to meet you in person if you reside here in indonesia
    Kindly email me if there is such possibility
    Leo Mattheos

  • The weird thing is. I figure that you need to handle any problems that comes into your life. Handle all problems and adversity in comfort.

    I never thought it is humanly possible. But it is possible.

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    Do follow me on twitter @markidguru

  • Joseph

    Thank you for this an inspiring article – “Get Out of Comfort Zone” You ‘ve really demonstrated how to go about this. There’s a saying in my language that state “Procrstination is a thief of time”

    I want every person who reads this piece to give it a thought by taking a massive action on our next set goal(s) immediately.
    Thank you WELLY for this.
    From Pastor Ogunleye

  • Randolph

    Oh thank you so much for this blog. I can’t wait till I get started putting these stratgies into place next week when I get around to it. Thank you so much Randolph

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