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Get Traffic Now? All That Traffic Is Useless…

I’ve noticed a lot of people, or more specifically Internet marketers, talk a lot about things like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as if it is THE MOST important thing in the world. I know they want to get traffic now, but is it just a matter of traffic all the time?

Read on…

Now if you don’t know what SEO is, SEO is simply the process of optimizing your website so that it ranks on the first page of Google or any other search engines for a particular set of keywords.

So let’s say that you have a website about selling anti-virus software. Essentially, what you want to achieve by doing SEO work is to get your website showing up on the first page of Google when someone types in “buy anti-virus software” (without quotes) in Google.

You might think that this is a fantastic way to get visitors to your site.

And it is. No contest about that.

Getting visitors when they have voluntarily typed in a keyword phrase related to our website is of course good news for us as website owners, since they are seeking what we have to offer.

They’re already interested in the subject of “anti virus software” and they’re looking to buy it with their wallet in their hands. That means you don’t have to educate them about the importance of having an anti-virus software and why they should buy one.

The education part is already done for you there.

How do you know?

Because of the fact that they typed in the phrase “buy anti virus software”. Notice the word “buy” there? They won’t want to buy it if they weren’t sure of what “anti virus software” is all about, wouldn’t they?

While you may have achieved number 1 ranking for this keyword phrase, what good is number 1 ranking if you can’t convert your visitors? :roll:

There is simply no point in having a huge influx of visitors if you can’t make them do what you want them to do.

In other words, you have to know and be VERY sure what your goals are. What do you want these visitors to do once they’re on your site?

Do you want them to click on your Adsense ads? Or do you want them to click on your affiliate link which leads to a leading anti-virus software company? Or maybe you want them to subscribe your anti virus newsletter that delivers tips and the latest updates related to combating computer virus?

Whatever your goals/objectives are, you need to define them first before you do all the hard SEO work (or any traffic generation work) that is going to bring all that Google traffic to your site. Otherwise all that traffic will go down to waste as you don’t even know what your goals are.

Make sense?

Now at the start of this article I mentioned that a lot of marketers are so “addicted” to SEO as if it is the most important thing/skill in the world (I may be a little exaggerating here… but I’m sure you get my point).

But achieving that all important 1st position in Google for your targeted keywords really won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to utilize your traffic well.

You have to start thinking about the bigger picture like this: “Okay once visitors land on my site, what do I want them to do? What is my ultimate goal?”

Take this blog for instance. At the time of this writing, this blog is ranked number 1 for the keywords “Internet business make money online”, which also happens to be one of the keywords I’m targeting.

When visitors come to my blog, my goal right then and there is to convert them to subscribers.

I have 3 mechanisms in place to do this:

1. There is an obvious opt-in box to the top right of this blog (on the sidebar) enhanced by a glaring red rectangle surrounding the submit button to make it stand out.

2. A slide-up opt-in box (aff) appears from the bottom of the blog. If you’re a returning visitor, you’ll see this in action for every 3rd revisit. (By the way, this slide-up box has increased the subscription rate of one of my sites by 78.43%).

3. There is the “What would Seth Godin do WordPress plugin” which displays a message box to new visitors and ask them to get my FREE report “How To Earn Your First 100 Dollars Online” (which also pulls them into my list). Visitors returning to this blog after the 5th time would not see this.

But is this my really, really ultimate goal?

Of course not! What good is there to have subscribers if you can’t convert them into… errr….well… money?

But at least my goal when new visitors reach my blog is to ask them to enter their name and email address so that I can follow up with them on a consistent basis to build beneficial and trusting relationships, as well as to sell them products and services related to Internet marketing or Internet business.

Since I know that most people will not buy my products when they’ve just landed on my site because they don’t who I am, my realistic goal is just to have them subscribe to my newsletter, and then sell to them later on.

So in essence, when a new guy lands on my blog and he subscribes to my newsletter, I have achieved my goal (at least at that level).

The ultimate goal is to sell related products and services to my subscribers, be it my own products or affiliate products which I believe will help them.

The end result?

I make Moolah (Money) of course :mrgreen:

Now that I’ve made clear that you need to set what your goals and objectives are for your site before you go out there and get traffic now, the next thing you need to do is to PREPARE before you go out there and try to drive visitors to your site.

After all, simply by knowing your goals is not enough, you need to PREPARE on how to achieve your goals.

And we will take a look at the preparation phase in part 2 of this article, so stay tuned…

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8 Responses to “Get Traffic Now? All That Traffic Is Useless…”

  • Great post bro! Will definitely keep that in mind when I build my website :)

  • Good point here, Welly. Traffic is important but without converting them, it is difficult to focus on what the plan is.

    To focus on the plan, you have to have a goal.

    Right now for the month of May, my first project is to see if I can generate 10,000 visitors to my blog using free and paid mechanisms to see which “system” works for me.

    But I also have another goal, to find out which posts my visitors liked the most.

    And in the end, if my current model generates any leads for sales.

    There’s always more goals than we realize so it is also important to keep things simple, achieve one primary goal and maybe 1 to 3 secondary goals.

    Deadline it, and then learn from it. You have a goal to increase 300 percent subscription to the footer sign up form by X number of days. Did it work? How long did it take to make it happen?

    Great post, really makes people think.

  • Too bad your tips above can’t be used when the goal is for visitor to click on adsense..:D

  • @Chris: Getting to the top spot in Google is hard for competitive keywords. You can try ranking for medium to less competitive keywords and shoot for a bunch of these instead of trying to rank for that 1 super competitive keyword.

    @John: You better do and I’m sure it’ll increase your opt-in rate as well :)

  • Hi Welley, thanks for the slide-up opt-in box tip. I’ll definitely give that a try on my site.

  • Hi Welly,
    Great post! I agree that SEO is important, but getting to the top spots in Google can be quite hard for entrepreneurs without loads of money. I would recommend back links and things like that powered by great content. Once you have the content it is just a matter of great marketing and aligning your goals like you talked about. Keep up the great work!

  • Welley, that’s right. I agree and every marketer should do this if want to success in near future.

  • Hello Welly good post I agree there are times on being on a web site that is confusing as to what the
    person is trying to get across to you or what they actually want you to do so you then you end up leaving confused and dazed. Your website has to be clear and to the point some times I find there putting to many options on the website

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