GetResponse 6.0 Is A Terrible Mess!

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Having been a satisfied customer of GetReponse since 2006, I have to say that I’m no longer impressed by its service.

For the sake of people not knowing what GetResponse is, GetResponse is an autoresponder company that provides email marketing services so that marketers can follow up with their prospects/exisiting clients to sell more products and services to them.

I first signed up for GetResponse in mid-to-late 2006 (I forgot the exact date) and have always been a satisfied customer until July 5, 2009 when it did a major upgrade to its system to version 6.0

The Upgrade To Version 6.0

The upgrade was a COMPLETE DISASTER as it turns out that many important features that were previously working were now either not working at all or working only partially.

I was tempted to blog about my frustration with their new upgrade, but managed to suppress my temptations after I’ve reminded myself of the fact that it’s okay to have some bugs in the script when you’re doing a complete system upgrade.

However, in my opinion, this has to happen reasonably.

It is now July 15 as I blog about this (which is 10 days after the major upgrade). 10 days have passed and there are still bugs that affect me and tens of thousands of customers.

This is TOTALLY NOT ACCEPTABLE! These bugs are costing me and other marketers money. Every other day that the bugs are not resolved is money lost!

Though I’ve not done a thorough analysis of the functionality of every single feature they offer, below are some key disappointments that I’ve experienced as a customer. Please note that bugs that have been resolved as of this writing are not included below. I’m ONLY going to report bugs that have not been solved at the time of this writing.

The Frustrating Problems That I’ve Experienced (That Have Not Been Resolved)

1. [[sig]]code for signature that is used in the previous GetResponse is not working in the new GetResponse.

The weird thing is [[sig]] is changed automatically to [[pre signature]] which is also not working. Have to manually change all instances of [[pre signature]] to [[pre sig]] across ALL campaigns to get it to work.

2. Dashboard says “last newsletter” sent out, when in fact it’s not the last newsletter.

3. [[ref]] code is not working.

This is a VERY IMPORTANT feature for tracking how we acquired our subscribers. By knowing where our subscribers came from, we can focus our efforts on the marketing methods that generate the best results, thus giving us the best bang for the buck and time invested.

When querying GetResponse for subscribers that were associated with a particular [[ref]] code, no results were returned. This is true for subscribers acquired BEFORE the upgrade and partially true for subscribers acquired AFTER the upgrade.

I say partially true because for some weird reasons, subscribers acquired AFTER the upgrade sometimes show up and sometimes they don’t.

4. Export via CSV not working properly.

When exporting subscribers’ to CSV format, the results returned under the “ref” column and our own custom fields column are wrong. It’s basically printing the same results from top to bottom.

5. Daily report not working.

Even though I’ve set up a daily report of subscribers that were added to a certain campaign to be emailed to me every day, I did not receive this daily report until only a few days ago. However, even though I’ve now received a daily report, it’s for subscribers added a week earlier and NOT for that actual day.

Essentially, I’m receiving a daily report that’s 1 week old.

Also, the daily report’s “ref” column is blank.

6. Some delivered broadcasts are missing when trying to view their statistics

Statistics such as the open rate and click through rate of a particular message is important in analyzing what kind of subject works and how responsive our lists are. When trying to view the statistics of some of the broadcasts, they were not there.

7. Preload without authorization set to “YES” automatically

Campaigns that were previously set to “NO” preload without authorization is now set to “YES” after the upgrade, making our campaigns prone to be copied by other marketers.

I have contacted support for SOME of the above issues, but they were still not resolved yet. As for number 7, I was so frustrated (because I have a lot of campaigns) that I asked them to manually set the preload without authorization setting back to “NO”.

What I Think Of GetResponse NOW

I seriously think that they could have done a MUCH BETTER job and cause MUCH LESS bugs in their new system. About a month or so before the upgrade to the new system, they conducted a beta test of the new system by inviting existing customers to participate in the test.

With the beta version, they should have discovered most, if not all, of the bugs. With a business as large as GetResponse (mind you they have 93,000+ customers), this is REALLY a shame.

I’m not the typical “complain” guy, but this time GetResponse has gone overboard. I’m not the only one who’s disappointed by their poor service, there are tons more people feeling the same way I do. You can take a look here at this thread from the Warrior Forum.

I should have started with Aweber in the first place 3 years ago. If I did, I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in now.

Right now, if I wanted to switch to Aweber, I’d have to run the risk of losing a lot of folks on my list because Aweber is only allowing me to send out a confirmation message once to my current subscribers.

I used to be a satisfied customer of GetResponse, but not anymore.

Bottom line

Lesson learned: If you’re providing a service that SO MANY people rely heavily upon, be sure that when you release or upgrade the service, you test it thoroughly through extensive beta tests, thereby reducing the number of bugs/errors to an acceptable minimum.

If you’re looking for a professional autoresponder company, go for Aweber. I know I will be for my new business venture with my partner. In fact, I will be signing up for a new account tomorrow or later today.

Your Thoughts?

What are your thoughts when a company as big as GetResponse upgrade its services with bugs all over the place? Do you think it’s acceptable? Better yet, if you’re a customer like me who underwent the major upgrade, what do you have to say about this incident?

Let me know in a comment below…

29 Responses to “GetResponse 6.0 Is A Terrible Mess!”

  • Roger Elliott

    I am currently in ‘discussions’ with Implix who run GetResponse’s billing. Somehow (and I’m not discounting the possibility that it may have been one of our staff making a mistake, although that is unlikely) our account got upgraded 3 months ago.

    Despite the fact that we have been using the service for over 4 years, have always used it in precisely the same way, and have not changed in the last 3 months, they are now charging us $800 (yes, eight hundred dollars) more per month than before.

    So 3 months at $800 makes $2400 when we haven’t used one iota more of their service.

    Despite explaining this, Implix support are just saying “we don’t give refunds, it says here in our T&C”.

    I am very annoyed.

  • however, Aweber does not support other language.
    I just got email from customer service. She said

    “I’m sorry, at present, we store text in our database in US ASCII
    character set, so we cannot offer support for other character
    sets at this time.”

  • Although GR seems to be sincere about correcting these issues, I continue to have problems with my account and continue to doubt that only 1 or 2% of users have issues. Some very weeeeeird stuff has happened in my account since the upgrade and just when one thing is solved, another problem pops up. In fact, I don’t think I would know about most of my issues if I didn’t pay close attention to my account overall, which is why I doubt their 1-2% claim. Maybe only 1-2% of their users have complained at this point.

    I realise I’ll be out money if I quit GR. Losing subscribers would be terrible, and far worse than the money lost for my subscription. I am very worried that my subscribers would not opt in to Aweber smoothly. It’s a tough situation to be in.

    It’s a terrible waiting game, yet how long do I wait to see if they will come through? It is now well over a month since the upgrade.

  • ayo

    The issues described are real. Its the 10th of August and all these issues are still alive.

    Getresponse has become a nasty mess, the new pricing sucks and I believe someone else will come up along the block so we all just migrate!

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  • Debbie

    When I get emails with links from Getrepsonse, they always give me a 301 error message. I’ve been unsubsribing from anyone using Getresponse due to this issue.

  • John

    Getresponse has become getsurprised! I found out after a week that some of my opt-ins weren’t working correctly. Also some important features are not available anymore. For example, you cannot change an email from a user that typed his email wrong. I have post three complaints and in all of them they always answer ..we don´t know what happened….

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  • Just when I thought my tech issues were resolved I discovered that some of them aren’t! I was patient for 3 days after the ‘migration’ figuring that was reasonable but now I’m getting upset. I have a strangely long list of inactive subscribers now – maybe optins that haven’t been processed. I have no idea if they are getting my messages or not because I can’t access their e-mail addresses to ask!

    I find it hard to believe that 99% of people have campaigns that are working properly. I bet some of them are not checking their e-mail series. When I checked mine there were formatting changes to the messages that I had not done myself! I had to redo links in some cases.

  • ZyZ,

    If it was re-written from scratch that explains a lot about the new tags, database problems from migration, etc.

    I could have a new email system done in 6 months w/ 2 programmers.


  • Mark

    ZyZ said
    “This gr was re-written from scratch. It took them more than 1,5 year to make this version ( you could make 2 products like gr in this time but that’s another story). I think the main problem was lack of experience. 2 programmers (including me) responsible for previous versions (frontend) left implix almost 2 years ago. We left some junior programmers behind, so they had no one that would tell them how EXACTLY gr works, why there is special handler for client id 4554, what and how other implix products interract with previous version etc. They tried their best and they failed. I wont bash them too hard because i really think they will fix most problems in the next month or two. Whole email engine should work just fine, all they need to do is to figure out why frontend inserts garbage into database”

    AH HA! And now we finally have the truth. Now things make COMPLETE sense. Ok, I was starting to doubt myself. My “spidey sense was tingling” and I knew that something serious was going on whether anyone at GR wanted to admit it or not.

    They can recover. And the good news is that the junior programmers will learn from this and get it together. The really important thing is to demand documentation and make sure there is some longevity in the programming staff, usually by giving them a piece of the pie. But anyway…

    Good grief, now it all makes complete sense. For GR to have attempted this huge complete rewrite with this programming staff who obviously don’t know the product inside and out, is no less than complete stupidity.

    Obviously they should have started out with a module and tested their skills first. Man oh man. Seen this before, I’ve even been a part of a team having to figure things out on our own and in some cases reverse engineer. I do not envy those guys at all.

    BUT… GR has made things MUCH worse on themselves by trying to cover this up and claiming 98-99% of customers are just fine. What a crock of you know what…

    Thank you so much for explaining this to us here. The light has come on. This is VERY helpful.

    Thank you

  • @Brian: Heard about constantcontact before but never tried them before. Hope everything goes well for you.

    @ZyZ: Interesting… thanks for sharing. Email engine fixed in the next month or two? My oh my… Would have lost a lot more money by then :(

  • ZyZ

    >> What are your thoughts when a company as big as
    >> GetResponse upgrade its services with bugs all over
    >> the place? Do you think it’s acceptable?

    You already know what people think ;)

    This gr was re-written from scratch. It took them more than 1,5 year to make this version ( you could make 2 products like gr in this time but that’s another story). I think the main problem was lack of experience. 2 programmers (including me) responsible for previous versions (frontend) left implix almost 2 years ago. We left some junior programmers behind, so they had no one that would tell them how EXACTLY gr works, why there is special handler for client id 4554, what and how other implix products interract with previous version etc. They tried their best and they failed. I wont bash them too hard because i really think they will fix most problems in the next month or two. Whole email engine should work just fine, all they need to do is to figure out why frontend inserts garbage into database :)

  • Brian Temecula

    I’ve been totally screwed over by GetResponse, and have now switched to Anyone looking for an autoresponder needs to read the GetResponse terms of service, which includes statements to the effect that they don’t ever give refunds, under any circumstances. No matter how bad they hurt you, you will never get a dime. Think you might sue? Good luck, they’re in Poland.

  • @Proson: Thanks GOD you’re a customer of Aweber and don’t use GetResponse much!

    @Randy: Will certainly take a look at your service mate :)

    @Phil: Thanks for the recommendation

    @Simon: Please have your team work hard around the clock to ensure the bugs are taken care of ASAP because me and other maketers are REALLY affected heavily by them. Sadly, it’s hard to win my confidence back though.

    @Darrell: You bet!

    @Fran: Glad that you’re with Aweber. Don’t switch!

    @Eddie: Yeah these problems suck up my time and money. Hopefully this will be over soon.

    @Heather: Thanks for the recommendation. Our friend Randy above is also from WizardResponder :)

    @Joe: Huh? Guess GR might have control over how WF runs? I sympathize you buddy.

    @Internet marketing maven: For integration with ultimate footer ad, I’m still using the old code, which is working fine now. Try using the old code, they should work.

    @Sheryl: I’m sorry to hear that. Yup You’ll probably have to ask your customers to manually sign up to your customer list for the time being.

    @Clyde: Thanks for the info. Will take a look at it.

  • Welly,
    Sorry to hear about your bad experience with GetResponse since th upgrade. Mind if I give a piece of information? We have a great web host and autresponder service plus a lot more for only $19.95 per month. Unlimited disk space, unlimited transferr, unlimited domains, unlimited autoresponders. Should I go one? We have never experienced and down time even during the recent upgrade and customer support is great. Take a look. You can get it all for th same or less than AWeber’s autoresponders.

  • Hey Welly, I agree, the upgrade has been terrible. I was happy to give them a few days to get things sorted but it’s over a week now and the issues I’m having still aren’t solved.

    I am unable to view my performance stats – apparently because I use Internet Explorer and they are more compatible with Firefox – that’s the answer I got from them anyway – so I guess if I want to view my stats I need to change to Firefox – NO WAY!!!! Where did they ever say that Firefox was a pre-requisite to using their system???

    My other big issue is that I sell a product through Clickbank using DLGuard. I chose to use DLGuard because of their simple integration with GetResponse so they automatically collect the details of my customers – which I need to be able to send my customers updates. Well this function doesn’t work anymore and I’m currently not collecting any customer details. This is the BIGGEST issue for me as it’s just not acceptable for me not to have those customer details.

    I also have a couple of posts on my blog about the Great Getresponse Stuffup – one with issues, the other a reply from one of the managers at Getresponse

    I don’t really want to change to Aweber, but it’s looking more and more like I may have to.


  • I’m so frustrated with GetResponse 6.0. The form I create doesn’t work with Unique Footer ad. Nothing shows up. Are you having this problem too? There’s also no flexibility in creating the GetResponse forms, and that was my major complaint in the previous version. I don’t think they did enough testing.

  • Hey,
    Found this blog through the post on WarriorForum.
    I started a poll on WF to ask if, in light of these problems, people would be staying with GR or switching.. guess what happend??

    I was banned from the Warrior forum!!!

    Take a look at my blog here to see the screen shot and my personal thoughts

    do members of GR moderate the Warrior Forum??
    they let the poll run just long enough for the figures to show that most would move away from GR… i guess the truth hurts…

  • Hi Welly
    That’s interesting. I see Jim Edwards (who I bought “write an ebook in 7 days” ( has changed from Get Response to He said he lost a whole week of data.

    I recommend Wizard Autoresponder. They are also cheaper. They recently had an upgrade, and while it took me a while to figure out the new system, they did respond to my queries. And that’s what counts. Very nice guy (British) Pete Crossman who was helping me. He also helped me export all my leads without having that confirm thing necessary from both freeautobot (which I was using) and my gmail (where I started off). It was quite funny with all the back and forth mailing between him and myself at one stage (with the importing) once my problems had been solved I told him I was sorry not to not talk to him every day (he responds within 24 hours)!
    Check it out:

    Thanks Welly
    I always read your mails.

  • Hi Wendy — this is great information. Thank you. Fortunately, I’m relatively new and have an account at GR, but I had already moved to a differenct service before the upgrade and I will be canceling the GR service (with little real effect on me). I really appreciate your heads up. Looks like it turned out as I had expected – unfortunately. Sorry for your trouble.

  • Sounds like you’re having a horrible experience for
    10 days now – I sympathize with you…maybe they got
    some new guy or gal with big ideas that went sour…

    I’ve been with AWeber for a long time so I’ll guess
    I’ll stay there!

    Hope things better for you,

    Fran :)


  • I have to say I am totally aghast at Getresponse’s terrible poorly planned upgrade.

    I think we should all use the hashtag #getresponseaid and *offer* to tweet the problems we have found on the new platform…

  • Welly,

    I’ll work on the punch list you posted and get all
    of these issues ironed out ASAP.

    98-99% of our 93,000+ active users are not
    having any issues with GR. All of the
    mission-critical features are working fine
    (including web-forms, web subscriptions, email
    subscriptions, follow-ups). Over 12M
    permission-based emails were sent yesterday

    We are working 24/7 now to ensure that the
    1-2% users (yourself included) have their issues
    worked out urgently (including the 7 issues you
    brought up). I understand your frustration and
    I’m sorry you had to post this blog article.

    We’re working the hardest to win your confidence back.

  • I’m using Autoresponse plus and the product is superb, the support has been 7/24 fabulous and they have kept every promise they made. And it is my code sitting on my server, so I have some control over upgrades. And it is relatively inexpensive to change over, with just a table load from csv. I should post an affiliate link, but heck…just google them for the stuff.

  • Hey Welly,

    Before you jump in with Aweber – you may want to check out

    We’ve just had another respected marketer switch over to us and are getting a few enquires from other dissatisfied GR customers.

    Other than the fact we have been operating for over a year now and have isp relationships in place to ensure high deliverability….

    We also have a facility to allow respected marketers to import their lists with no further optin required (only on asking)
    PLUS – we are only $8.97 a month for the first 10,000 names.
    So we’re also very affordable for newbies too
    (Though the experienced marketers do love the features within our control panel)

    You know where to reach me if you have any questions Welly :)

    Warm Regards

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  • Hey Welly, well I don’t use GetResponse much. I am a customer of Aweber and recently signed up with getresponse because they support UTF-8 which I want to set up a blog which offer Chinese newsletter.

    Anyway will test what happened for their new system…

    Thanks for the headup!


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