Give And Create Value First, Receive Second

If you are like most people out there, then you probably agree with me if I say that you like to receive better than you like to give.

Confused? :roll:

Let me explain a little.

If you were to choose between:

A. Taking/receiving something good


B. Giving away something good

I seriously believe that you would choose A over B anytime.

Am I right? :wink:

You see, by nature we humans are selfish creatures. That is why almost everyone wants to take rather than to give.

I seriously believe that in today’s world if you want to thrive and move forward in your Internet business, you need to give, give, and give first before you can receive.

If you are just like every marketer or business owner out there who just want to sell, sell, and sell, it is very hard for you to make good impressions in your customers’ or would-be-customers’ eyes.

Well, actually you can still thrive and do very well in your business even if you sell, sell, and sell all the time, provided that:

1. You already have an established brand that people know, or

2. Your products and services are so unique and great that all your competitors can’t compare (let alone compete) with you.

However, if you or your business does not belong to the two categories stated above, yet the only thing you do is sell, sell, and sell, then you seriously need to consider doing things differently starting from now.

You need to create VALUE first for other people before they are willing to buy from you.

You need to start giving and stop selling (or taking)!

I’m not implying that you don’t have to sell. At the end of the day, we are still marketers and we need to sell to be able to make profits. :cool:

I’m simply saying that if you want to acquire new customers, you need to give first before you can receive. You need to create value for them first before they will buy from you (unless of course one of the two reasons above applies to you).

So how exactly do you create value?

Well, you can give them some kind of freebie that is related to the niche/field you are in. Do make sure that this freebie can benefit them in one way or another; otherwise your freebie will simply go down the drain.

For example, if you are talking about doing business online, you can always give them a free report, e-course, ebook, audio, or video tutorial. The point is to give them something useful that can benefit them.

If they feel that your freebie has benefited them, they will be more receptive to you and your products. If you continue to provide more value for them, they will slowly but surely trust you. :smile:

When you are at this stage, it will be a lot easier to sell your products and services to them.

Having said what I’ve said above, I want to point out that there are a lot of sites out there who simply sell and sell. There is, of course, nothing wrong with having sites who want to sell you something.

Yes, these sites may produce a few sales every day if their sales copy, traffic, and follow up “hard-sell” email messages are great.

But, I seriously believe that if you can build relationships and provide value first without the “hard-sell, pushy” email sales pitches, then you’ll be able to sell much more effectively.

Think about if for a moment.

The last time you went to the mall and some “pushy” salesman tries to hard-sell you on something, do you feel comfortable? Would you buy from him then and in the future?

Of course not! :evil:

Nobody wants to buy from a “pushy” salesman.

The whole article today focuses on why you should give and create value first before you can expect to receive anything, because it is very hard nowadays to just be able to make sales on your first encounter with your visitors. You must build beneficial relationships with your visitors first so that they trust you.

Believe me, trust is a very, very effective and vital component in successful selling.

This is also the reason why I highly recommend you build your own lists for your business. Put in some kind of opt-in form and ask for their email addresses in exchange for a freebie that they will get.

You have put in a lot of hard work to bring visitors to your site; don’t just let them go like that. If you don’t get their contact info, you lose them forever! There are millions of sites out there, what makes you think they will remember your site?

Always try to get their contact info so that you can follow up with them and give them more Free benefits such as tips and tricks related to your field. The point is to build good relationships with them on a consistent basis.

When beneficial relationships are built, trust will be formed. At the end of the day, selling your products and services to them become much easier. :mrgreen:

21 Responses to “Give And Create Value First, Receive Second”

  • Hi Welly,
    I agree with you completely that it is better to give than to receive,especially on the internet where you deal mostly with strangers and you have to find a way to build trust first.

    Giving a gift is a good (GREAT) way to build that needed trust. If your gift is excepted then you earn the opportunity to build rapport in baby steps. Each step (e-mail) should continue to focus on building more trust and rapport.

    Soon enough you will become friends and after that even a trusted adviser. At that point your recommendations take on a totally new dimension and will be acted upon much quickly and consistently.

    All this takes time and a lot of giving without receiving but then it happens…… you start receiving.

    The key is to hang in there for the long term. And you do that by starting off with the correct mind set of giving more in value…. always.

    This is the natural law and it works.

    Warm regards,

  • Welly,

    I am one of your student in the Internet Marketing Business and I am interested in Info Products mainly.

    It’s generally true that we must ” Create Value” first,before we can get a “Return” and it’s the simple principle of Investment 101.

    Thanks a lot, Welly, for your “Wise Insight” and I hope to learn a lot from you. Consider me one of your
    friends, Welly, because I enjoy and share your ” Belief System.”

    From Orlando, Florida, Your Friend, Mario Alexandre

  • James

    Thanks Welly, Another great post. I have read this several times. Giving them something that will help them will build their trust and they will get to know you. The ones always sell,sell,sell will find their emails not getting opened and or unsubscribed from.

    @Rozaidi:There are a lot of ebooks,reports,software and some PLR that you can get and give for free. Some of them are for personal use only but there are a lot that can be given away. I got some this morning that someone sent and after the optin when I went to download they were not his.

  • @Rozaidi: Of course if you’re currently not making money online, you don’t create a freebie that teaches people how to make money online. People WILL know that you’re faking. Instead, find something that you’re pretty knowledgeable in and try creating some kind of valuable freebie.

    Don’t say that you’re not good at anything because there must be something that you’re good at. You just have to think hard enough.


  • I’m trully agreed with Welly. However, how to give if you are new in this business and have nothing to give.
    For instance, how to write e-book on internet marketing if you dont even have experience in it. Can anybody help?

  • Judi

    Many of us have been taught from the time we are very small that “It is better to give than to receive”. As a child, that made absolutely no sense to me. I wanted to get stuff not give it away!! But as I grew older, I came to understand that it’s not the stuff that is important. What is important is that we all treat each other well and be there to help one another if one of us stumbles. It is giving of one’s self. Following in this vein in the business of on-line or internet marketing, it only makes sense that in order to build a rapport with potential customer that you give of yourself so that the individual will know that what you have to offer is the real deal. Because the internet is such a vast space and people are so far flung, it isn’t possible to personally give of yourself to someone but we can do the next best thing and give a report to assist them in their endevours.

  • Lincoln

    As I remember the saying: “It is better to give than to receive!”
    It is a shame that this basic principle of life has slowly diminished, but it is refreshing, Welly, that you are trying to revitalize it. It is a cornerstone in any good foundation.

  • Hi,

    This is a great business practice, but it fits so well in life. Great post.

    Loralyn Tate

  • Good stuff Welly!

    I had the good fortune of being introduced to the universal laws well before the popularity of the Secret.
    I have always talked about the “Law Of Reciprocity” It says the more you give, the more you receive and you receive 10 fold. It continues to ALWAYS work in my business and my life.

    The cool thing is living this way just makes you feel good!

    Keep up the good work my friend!

  • Welly you out did your self this time with this article.
    It is truly heart felt, and you are 100% correct. I think all marketers at times have to look at their sales practices. After careful thought we each have to decide what are intrinsic values and motives.
    Travis@Bum Marketing also puts this topic in perspective.
    He says: ” we want to always be part of the solution, not part of the customers problem.”
    So once again you are the man, and thanks for making us all take a moment to reflect.



  • I totally agree its about trust there are so many people out there that just want to sell you something and they do not care if it is of any benefit to that person as long it benefits themselves.Will Smith the actor was on Opra and said it best that by “helping others you help yourself” It should be about helping people not taking advantage of people

  • Rommel – Yes the Law of Reciprocity is very powerful indeed if used correctly. See…you get to monetize your free subscribers now because of your past efforts in giving them real value :)

  • :razz: Well said!

    At first this was hard to understand,
    “How in the world I could ever start selling when I
    need to first give something of REAL VALUE?”

    Then I learned about the, “Law of Reciprocity” which
    says to give something of value first before receiving sdmething back in return. This was how I started with my first site- – -only thing is, I was only able to monetize my f/ree subscribers just recently with my new offers. See it here:

    Thanks Welly and I you indeed made this look real good and easy to understand for myself and the others as well!

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  • Seth – In order for people to buy from you, you don’t always have to give them something first. I strongly believe though that the attitude of giving first before receiving can definitely catapult the number of people buying from you, and hence your business.

    Haiden – Glad you found it useful :smile:

  • Haiden

    Welly thanks for the article. Informative and I learned something out of it. Keep them coming. :eek:

  • Although what you said makes sense and might be true, I have found myself not having to resort to “giving and giving” in order to make people buy from me.

  • Victor – Trust me, when you start to give unconditionally, the rest will fall into place :)

    Jade – And when your potential customers like you more, not only do they want to buy from you. They will also spread your good name to other people.

  • This is very true what you’re saying. Giving to your potential customers while others are always selling and selling can definitely make them like us more.

  • Thanks for the informative article. All these time I think I haven’t been giving enough, all I did was take all the time.

    I guess I need to concentrate more and giving rather than taking all the time, and hopefully my business will be beter.

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