How To Build A List With A Blog

how to build a list with a blog

How to build a list with a blog – We all know how important it is to have your own WordPress blog. If you’re an authority marketer, you want to present yourself as an authority and one excellent way to do that is to have a blog where you share your expertise and experience with your audience.

If you’re into multiple different niche markets, you also need blogs where you create content and post the content there.

Blogs are the preferred choice of publishing your content because it’s easy to set up and maintain, especially with the thousands of WordPress plugins that are readily available that make things so much easier for us marketers.

You also know how important it is to build a list. It seems I’ve been talking about it ALL THE TIME. Please don’t mind me nagging because it’s THAT important!

You can build a list using a squeeze page, where you are going to experience higher opt-in conversions than if you were to build using a blog because of all the distractions on the blog.

Nevertheless it doesn’t mean you can’t build your list via your blog.

Take this blog for instance. There is a sidebar opt-in form on the right. There is also a message that is shown on the top (right below the header) to new visitors, which prompts them to download my free report. Then there is also a footer opt-in form at the bottom of the blog. Lastly, I have a banner on the right sidebar that again advertises my free report.

Why Do I Provide So Many Avenues To Get Visitors To Opt-in To My List?

I’ve already told you the answer actually – there are way too many distractions on a blog. You have links to other posts, sidebar links, commentators’ links, etc. By providing as much avenues as I can, I increase my opt-in subscription rate. When I increase my opt-in subscription rate, I increase the number of subscribers.

This is how to build a list with a blog.

Of course, since it’s a blog where you are “supposed” to share information instead of being too “sales-pushy”, you want to make sure you are not overdoing it by asking for visitors’ email address every time. That’s why I only show the top message to new visitors, and show the bottom footer ad for every 5th revisit.

Of course you want to find your own sweet spot to balance between providing content and presenting opt-in forms and what not.

To be honest, I actually want my current footer ad to NOT show up once a visitor has already subscribed to my list. So the footer ad would only be shown to those visitors who have not opted-in to my list.

However the current footer ad I’m using (Ultimate Footer Ad) does not have this feature. The good news is that Digi List Builder has this feature and more.

Update: I’m no longer recommending Digi List Builder since we at Get Profits Fast lab have come up with our own version that is much, much more powerful than Digi List Builder.

I don’t like to toot my own horn, but give Premium List Magnet a risk-free try. This is the most powerful list building WordPress plugin in the market today, hands down.

So this is how to build a list with a blog – you use tools to help you do that. Otherwise your results are going to be dismay.

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  • actually I know the importance of the subscriber, but I still do not know what I would offer to the user because I do not have any skills …

    I could not lie to the users with a my free product…

  • So far I just know that using a Lightbox is the best way to build list on a blog. But if Digi List Builder can do more than just a Lightbox, it really worth a try.
    Thanks for the nice share Welly! :)

  • I wondered about the appearing-disappearing footer ad. So it’s every fifth time? Geez, there are so many cool add-ons and plug-ins these days.

  • Welly,
    ANother great informative post. I do have a question, though. I am very interested in the Digi List Builder, but I am a little confused. Does WordPress Self Hosted mean at My WordPress blog is hosted on Go-daddy, will it work for me?

    • Hey Shawn

      WordPress self-hosted blogs means blogs that are NOT

      Since you are hosting your wordpress blog on GoDaddy, that means your blog is a self-hosted wordpress blog.

      • Hi guys,

        Just to clarify - = they host WordPress for you = you host it for yourself

        Digi List Builder is a plugin that works on the blogs you host for yourself.



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  • Hi Welly,

    What a coincidence, I was looking at using Ultimate Footer Adder on my blog but the price was a little out of my range.

    Andy Fletcher the owner of this software is renowned for bringing out cool pieces of software to help us marketers along, and this is just another one of those little gems.

    I have just purchased Digi List Builder and will be increasing my subscriber list not only from blog but from many avenues now.



    • Hi Craig

      Yeah Andy is superb at creating software isn’t it? And he’s a nice guy as well :)

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