How To Build A List From Scratch

how to build a list

I’ve talked before in this list building explained post that the money is in the relationship AND size of your list. But how do you get your first subscriber when you are just starting your list building efforts? Wouldn’t you want to know how to build a list from scratch?

Dave Lovelace’s short report (direct pdf link; no opt-in required) shows you 7 ways to build your list from scratch.

Although I don’t agree with all the 7 ways, it does explain some good ways to building your list, particularly so when you are building a list from scratch. For example, one of the ways mentioned in the report is to build your list via ad swaps. If you’ve been following me for some time, you know that I don’t like and discourage ad swaps.

The method I like best is method #5, and it’s been my focus on building my list for a few months now. I see myself doing more and more of this now and in the future. Why? Simply because method #5 flat out works and is one of the best ways to build your list.

Please note that the methods in this report are NOT some new, ground-breaking, earth-shaking methods or “loopholes” that have just been discovered that you have to take evil advantage now (read: shiny new object with hype). These are old methods, but they are old methods that work. I know because I’ve been doing them at least one point in time.

If you’re an advanced marketer, you probably already knew the methods outlined in the report. If you’re just getting started and haven’t built a list yet or if you’re currently struggling to build your list, then this report is going to be beneficial to you.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in the report are my affiliate links.

After you’ve read the report, be sure to again keep this in mind:

The money is NOT in the size of your list.

Some marketers have tens of thousands of subscribers but they only earn pennies. And then there are others who only have a few hundred subscribers yet they outperform much bigger list owners. If you want to learn how to build a list (a really profitable one) – whom do you ask for advice?

The money is in the relationship AND size of your list.

After you’ve started to build your list, no matter how small your list might be, you need to:

1. Train your list to buy

After all these people are on your list because you offer them a freebie right? Don’t be afraid to sell. I recommend selling from day 1. Yes right off the bat!

A lot of marketers tell you how you need to give them (your subscribers) free content consistently so that you build relationships with them. After they trust you, then ask for the sale. Seems logical enough right?

A better way is to give the freebie PLUS ask for the sale in the first autoresponder email.

Another good reason why I don’t recommend you participate in ad swaps is because you’re not training your list to buy, since you’re giving away other people’s freebies all the time.

2. Maintain contact with your list

After subscribers are on your list, make sure you maintain contact with them (once a week at the bare minimum). For this, you can use autoresponder emails that are set to go out at pre-determined intervals plus you can also send broadcast emails.

Maintain contact with them to:

A. Give free valuable content

B. Ask for the sale

C. Tell your story – yes this is important too, like I’ve mentioned in this internet marketing basics post

Now go download Dave Lovelace’s “Your First Subscriber” report (direct pdf link; no opt-in required) to learn how to build a list from scratch. After you’ve started to build your list, make sure to train your list to buy AND maintain contact with them on a consistent basis.

2 Responses to “How To Build A List From Scratch”

  • Hey Welly,

    Thanks for the list building report!

    Wow…one of my favorite list building strategy is method #5 too! Well for the Ad swaps method, I think it must be done properly or else your list will only expect free stuffs from you and not buy your products.

    I’m on a list of a marketer and every 1 or 2 days he’ll just send out an email for subscribers to download stuffs. He did it too frequent and for me, the perception is that the stuffs are not valuable because he kept giving away free stuffs but need to opt in.

    Method 4 is not bad also but have to spend money and the ad has to convert well.


    • You’re welcome :)

      Ad Swaps is a problem in my opinion. With the marketer sending too many emails, people (like you and me) will have this perception that the free gifts are just not that valuable, not to mention the info overload problem.

      When are you actually going to have the time to implement what you’ve learned if all you do is download and consume the free gifts?

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