Should You Just Do It?

how to start taking action

How to start taking action – I like the concept that one shouldn’t think or plan too much and “just do it”, or in other words just start taking action.

The reason for this, as you probably already knew if you’ve been following me for some time, is because if you think or plan too much, there is a high chance that you are going to over analyze, which eventually leads to inaction.

Inaction VS Taking Action

Inaction is worse than not taking any kind of action. If you don’t take any kind of action, nothing will happen.

If you take action though, there are 3 possible outcomes:

1. Something good happens

2. Something bad happens

3. Nothing happens

#1 is of course great news. Let’s talk about #2 for a minute.

Something bad happens – if you’re a negative person (one who tends to complain and blame other people), you’d think that this is terrible. Something “bad” just happened. OMG!

On the other hand, if you’re a positive person, you’d think along these lines – okay, so this “bad” thing just happened. I can’t change this fact. Being angry is not going to help my situation. What can I do to alleviate this situation so that I don’t suffer as much? Hmm… I can learn from my mistake so that I don’t repeat the same one in the future. I also gain more knowledge and experience as I continue to become a better and wiser person.

So you can actually turn #2, which started out as negative, and reframe it so that it becomes something positive.

“It’s all in the mind” as they say.

#3 – Nothing happens – You might think that since nothing is happening, you’re not losing anything. Wrong. When you sit still and do nothing, your competitors are moving forward and leaving you behind.

Just Do It?

Now that you understand the importance of taking action, should you simply “just do it” and blindly take action on everything that’s presented your way?

Of course no, that’s not the point I’m trying to convey. Even though you shouldn’t analyze too much, you should, at the very least, have some kind of goal or target that you want to achieve. This is how to start taking action – start from your goal.

This is VERY important because having a goal is the starting point of where you are going to take off. If you don’t have a goal, you’d be at a loss of what you should and should not do since you don’t have clear objectives of what you are trying to achieve.

Determine what you want to achieve. Then WRITE DOWN your goal on a piece of blank paper and stick it in your bedroom so you can see it and be reminded every day.

The next step is to think about how you are going to achieve your goal, and then stay focused on achieving it. While having a goal is great, if you don’t know how to achieve it, your goal is just a dream.

Of course, I’m not saying that you must know the “how” immediately right after determining your goal. In fact, most of the times people don’t have a clue on how they are going to achieve their goal. The key is to find out, discover, explore, and learn so that you eventually reach your goal.

Reaching your goal is a journey. It is a process. If you trip over and make mistakes along the way, that’s fine great. You learn from your mistakes and you become more knowledgeable and wiser. You have more data in your hands on what works and what didn’t work. Cool.

And I can guarantee that it’s not going to be a smooth ride. That is why so many people give up on their goals – they don’t want to work hard for it, they just want to reach their goals easily and effortlessly. They go after the path of least resistance. Do a little more work, go after the path of greater resistance, and you’re ahead of them. Nice.

But I Want To Be Perfect

A word of caution – don’t strive to be perfect. There are 2 reasons for this:

1. You can never be perfect

2. What’s perfect for you might not be perfect for your targeted audience

#1 is pretty self-explanatory. Nobody is perfect, and nobody can be perfect. Instead aim for incremental and continuous improvement.

#2 – a lot of times we “think” that our audience love A, B, C. Turns out they love D, E, F. What I’m trying to say is you might spend hundreds of hours trying to create the “perfect” product for your audience by incorporating a whole bunch of cool features (based on what you “think” your audience love). Turns out they don’t really like the features you’ve implemented. Great, you’ve just wasted hundreds of hours.

A better way (than striving to be perfect) is to roll out an “ok” product and upgrading and improving it along the way, as you gather real user feedback. This is a much better and accurate way of knowing what your market wants instead of just “guessing”.

Another point to add is that when you strive to be perfect, your product will never, ever be completed. Once in a forum, this guy told us that he’s been “working” on his perfect product for 2 years and it’s still not completed yet. I’m pretty sure he’ll never release his product. Oh well…

Again, think of incremental and continuous improvement.

So what’s the takeaway of today’s post?

1. Doing something is better than not doing anything – so start doing TODAY!

2. Write down your goal on a piece of paper and stick it to your bedroom so you can see it and be reminded every day.

3. Plan on how you are going to achieve your goal. Then stay focused on achieving it.

4. Don’t strive to be perfect. Instead strive to be “ok” and improve along the way. Strive for incremental and continuous improvement.

So stop asking yourself how to start taking action because I’ve already laid out the steps above.

19 Responses to “Should You Just Do It?”

  • Melhor Suplemento on September 18, 2011

    Excellent tips!
    I hate when people say “My life is so bad” but don’t take any action to change this.
    I personally prefer to make a huge mistake than don’t make anything, don’t take any action.
    Very good post!

  • Fred M. on September 12, 2011

    “Inaction is worse than not taking any kind of action. If you don’t take any kind of action, nothing will happen.”

    That is actually true. Very inspirational post! :)

  • Zoop on February 10, 2011

    Excellent write up – it took me a while to read but i could not agree more!

    It is extremely important for people to realize that they need to take action inorder to accomplish something and start their path towards success!

  • Katty on January 21, 2011

    Just do it! three little words, but so much fear. Fear is good only if it makes you more cautious, not when it scares you and stop actions. But without action wouldn’t be progress, in youeself including.

  • Sarah on January 21, 2011

    The best advice ever is — don’t aim at being perfect, just do your best on achieving your goals. I read somewhere that if you took a decision to reach some goal and then did no steps towards it in 72 hours, then you’ll probably never achieve your goal. So, just make sure you’re ready to act right now;)

  • patih on January 14, 2011

    It’s true what you said about perfection..
    i felt this before.. and it was make me very-very difficult to take action..
    The second problem is information overload. Just don’t take information in internet too much.. because it will make you difficult to get focus.
    I think the best thing to do is just do it..!

  • Allen Walker on January 12, 2011

    Great post, Welly. :)

    Indeed, success is the result of many experiences. You need to make mistakes in order to gain experience. So I would say that means you need to make mistakes in order to succeed. :)


    • Welly on January 13, 2011

      Hey Allen

      I always say mistakes (or failures) are inevitable if you want to succeed :)

  • Riel on January 12, 2011

    Thanks for another great post! Acouple of random thoughts; we should actually learn from our successes as well, we are so inclined just to accept our successes and bask in the glow that we don’t ask why and try and find the recipe so that we can repeat it. Tom peters says:”Plan for small successes” and I think we should and try and find the recipe. We should change our mindset about planning, we have an either or minbdset as if planning is not part of the doing process; I agree with you one can over-plan and over-analyse, but we are so inclined to have a mindset of either plan or do. We should plan on the fly continiously as we do. Maybe business plans once a year for the year is the culprit?

    So true what you said about perfection – perfect for who? Usuall for us, but are we the customer – definitely nnot! We want others to buy so start with them and give them something they’ll buy and keep improving – that is get closer and closer to what the customer wants andhe will keep buying.

    • Welly on January 13, 2011

      Hey Riel

      Plan on the fly continuously — I LOVE this! You adapt your plan and strategy as time passes and circumstances change. Cool.

  • Bill on January 11, 2011


    As I see it…the reason for inaction among many people includes being overwhelmed by marketers in general….
    The best piece of advice I was ever given when I was a newbie in trying to build an online business was to unsubscribe to all IM lists and focus on being an expert in 1 monetization method.

    Again…..very important…be an expert in 1 method.
    Follow 1 system and duplicate it many times over…

    This is what works!

    • Welly on January 13, 2011

      Definitely Bill. It’s better to be a specialist rather than a jack of all trade.

  • Michael on January 11, 2011

    Ready – Fire – Aim

  • gabriel daalmans on January 11, 2011

    Hello Welly,

    Best to start with, I think, is to look for the needs of potential customers. As soon as I know about their needs I should look for a solution. If there is one interesting in the web, I would offer that product as an affiliate. Thereafter knowing the response of the offer I would think about adding value to that product and title it as an own product. No product is perfect, but if it covers 80% of the needs it is perfect enough to be published. Usually it makes no sense to make an internet product perfect; it is no sience or art.

    All the best

    • Welly on January 13, 2011

      Hi Gabriel

      What happens if, after all the research, your product is still not well receipted by the market?

      You’d have wasted tons of time.

      Selling affiliate products to gauge market feedback is a smart strategy before you actually go out there and create your own product.


  • james on January 11, 2011

    very true indeed, perfection is not of this world. A good book to read that explains this perspective in more details and is less than $20 I believe is Ready,shoot,aim from Michael Masterson. It pretty much says the same as you say Welly but it goes in much more details and I got it myself a few years back and I’ll give it another read. That guy built an empire using that strategy of thinking.

    • Welly on January 13, 2011

      Thanks for sharing the book James. Appreciate that!

  • Craig Sowerby on January 11, 2011

    Hi Welly,

    Being a perfectionist is a sure fire way to never getting anything done. I come under this category from time to time.

    As mentioned above I think the best way is to just get out there and get it done, you can always go back and tweak it, change things and improve it from customer or subscribers feed back.

    After all it’s giving what your customer wants not what you want.


  • Marian on January 11, 2011

    Yeah, I still need to remember that! Taking action and staying focused is the key. Thanks for this post! :)

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