I’m Impressed (and of course satisfied)

increase customer satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction – I usually go to Mardin’s mechanic shop to service my car. Mardin’s shop is an automotive repair shop that services all kinds of cars, not limited to a specific brand.

Once in a while though, I’d go to the local dealership maintenance shop to have my car serviced there, since they are the specialists who only service my car’s brand. A few weeks ago I did just that, and I have to say I’m surprised and impressed by their service (compared to my previous experience).

I’m not referring to the service done to my car because it’s actually hard to judge whether the mechanics did a good job servicing my car or not since I did not spend every second watching over their shoulders while they worked, and also since my car didn’t have any major problems. So everything was already running fine before the service, and everything was also fine after that.

What I’m pleased and impressed about is the service I received as a customer from their front-liners. So they now have this pick-up and delivery service where I can simply call them and ask my car to be picked up, and after the service work was done they would deliver my car back to my home.

I don’t have to do anything except calling them and explaining to them what I want serviced or any other mechanical problems with my car.

I mean how cool is that? I used to sit there at the maintenance shop waiting for hours (if it’s crowded) just to have my car serviced. How boring and a waste of time! Now I no longer have to do that. Awesome…

But since I only knew about this service when I was there at the shop – which means I’ve already brought in my car – which means I have to wait there for another couple of hours before my car is done.

I really don’t like that. So I asked if I could get a free ride home from them, and they immediately complied. They also offered to deliver my car right to my doorstep after the service is done – but if I choose to do so I’d have to pay by cash since their credit card “device” is not meant for mobile use.

Since I wanted to pay by credit card, I again asked if they could pick me up after my car is done, and I’d go over to the shop to pay by credit card. And without hesitation, they said “absolutely”.

What a positive experience! These guys are really trying hard to “WOW” their customers with their incredible done-for-you and we’ll-take-care-of-everything-for-you services.

I’m VERY Impressed

These guys are totally different now. Just a few months back when I last had my car serviced by them, they did not have pick-up and delivery services. They really know how to increase customer satisfaction.

I would gladly pay more (as long as it’s within reason) if I can be “fully serviced” like my car experience above. It’s about how you save me time and hassle by doing the dirty work for me. I like that. And I appreciate the people doing all the work for me so I don’t have to do them. Now I have more time and I’m happier.

A Few Lessons Can Be Learned From This Experience

1. Customers have more options than ever before to choose from. For business owners, this means competition is getting tougher. If you don’t adapt and change, your business is going to die eventually.

2. Customer is (somewhat) king. Although customers is not always 100% right and you don’t have to satisfy all customers (you only need to satisfy the majority of your customers), making sure you please customers as much as you possibly can is going to have a direct positive impact on your business.

3. Price is not everything. Having a lower price point doesn’t guarantee that you’ll beat your competitor. Instead think about how you can WOW your customers and leave them with an amazing buying experience they’ll never forget, and better yet – one that leaves them telling their friends and family about.

To summarize, customer satisfaction plays a very important role in determining if your business is going to be a success or failure. That said, if you can look for ways to increase customer satisfaction, then you are going to be ahead of your competition.

2011 is just a few short days away. Most people have new year resolutions at the start of the year. Don’t be like them. Instead think about your resolutions NOW. This way you’re different and you get a head start ahead of everyone else.

Be different. Do different things. Different results often await you.

2 Responses to “I’m Impressed (and of course satisfied)”

  • james on December 28, 2010

    how about being lent a car just like here?

    • Welly on December 28, 2010

      That would be awesome as well! So they actually lend you a car even when your car is serviced for a few hours?

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