Internet Marketing Basics – What’s Your Story?

internet marketing basics

Sometimes when I browse around the net and I come across INTERESTING and USEFUL blogs (not necessarily blogs in the Internet marketing area), I’d like to find out who the creator of the blog is. However, not all blogs have an “About Me” page. Even when they have that page (meaning it’s clickable), some of them are empty. This is a HUGE Internet marketing basics mistake.

Kick Yourself…

If you’re in the Internet business or Internet marketing niche and you have an empty or no “About Me” page on your blog, then you should really kick yourself.

We (as Internet marketers) should know better than everybody else in the world that we ought to have an “About Me” page on our blog so that visitors, prospects, subscribers, and customers can get to know us better.

After all, people buy from those they KNOW and TRUST.

Other people NOT in the Internet marketing niche might not know about this very IMPORTANT principle, but you and I should.

TRUST is the number 1 sales force on the planet!

If you do NOT trust marketer A, you’re NOT going to buy his product even though it’s the greatest product out there in the market.

If you trust marketer B, you might BUY his product even without looking at the sales letter. You just trust him so much that you believe anything he says.

If you don’t have an “About Me” page on your blog, how do you expect your visitors to get to know who you are and what you do?

Sure, you can tell your subscribers and customers later on in your autoresponder emails. But why wait to tell them later when you can do it now?

In addition, what happens to blog visitors who haven’t opted-in to your list? If you tell your story in your autoresponder emails, then they won’t know who you are FOREVER.

Make yourself known in your marketplace.

In fact, I encourage you to be a CELEBRITY in your marketplace.

Whenever anyone thinks about “how to REPLACE THEIR JOB on the Internet“, I want them to think about Welly Mulia.

Whenever anyone thinks about “where can I have a CHEAP yet PROFESSIONAL minisite design done”, I want them to think about WOW Minisites.

Do you get the drift here?

When you become a celebrity in your marketplace, people will regard you as their go-to guy and their trusted advisor. When this happens it’s a lot EASIER to make the sale.

So what should you write in the “About Me” page on your blog?

Be honest and authentic. Don’t try to make up stories that don’t exist just for the sake of looking cool. Your audience will see through that.

You can also share your PERSONAL story that is totally not related to your niche or market. Be personal so that they feel that they know you better than your competitors, who are always ONLY talking about stuff related to your industry.

Make friends with them and ask them to become your subscribers and customers.

Don’t be afraid to tell your EMBARASSING stories too. When you do that, you STAND OUT from the crowd.

How so?

You see, most of the time experts only talk about how great and cool they are TODAY, without telling their other side of the story – which is the PAIN, HARD WORK, and COUNTLESS FAILURES it took them to get to where they are now. They are EMBARASSED by this FACT.

(I say FACT because ALMOST ALL people who succeed at whatever they’re doing encounter and suffer from failures A LOT of times BEFORE they finally learn the correct way to do things and eventually find the success they’ve been looking for…)

Arrogant Creatures

You’ve probably seen a lot of times websites that boast how great and cool they are, complete with pictures showing them driving their Ferrari and enjoying themselves in a Bahamas beach, while all this time money keep pouring into their bank account.

If you can do the EXACT OPPOSITE and instead tell your EMBARASSING and FAILURE story BEFORE you tell your successful story, then there is a higher chance that your audience will relate to you BETTER and like you more.

You become a LIKEABLE person…

I don’t like an arrogant person who always boasts about how much money he’s making and showing off his Ferrari or mansion or whatever. And I believe you don’t like such a person either. This kind of person is NOT likeable.

Be a LIKEABLE person. Get your audience to like, know, and trust you.

Tell them how you first got started in this industry. What was your first attempt trying to make things work like? Tell about your painful experience when you’re just starting out. The shift to how you finally succeed.

Do you have an “About Me” page on your blog? If not, you better starting creating one TODAY so that you can build DEEPER and BETTER relationships with your audience. Stop making this huge Internet marketing basics mistake.

In the next post, I’m going to cover how you can become a likable person. In the meantime, let me know your thoughts in a comment below…

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  • Hi Cass,

    It’s nice to know that you’re loving and appreciating my emails.

    Be on the lookout for more!


  • Welly,
    I don’t know how long you have been around but I have just subscribed to you recently and over the past few weeks getting your emails. I LOVE them! You are a real person giving great advice. I know if you are trying to sell something, it’s because you think it’s a good product. And you are right about letting people know WHO you are. What a great idea putting pictures of you and your family out there for us to see. If I can’t put a face to a name, I am more likely to not even listen to the person that is trying to sell to me.
    Thanks a lot and I wish you and your family happy days now and in the future!
    Cass Fisher

  • Awesome article – heres my story in a nut shell.
    I lost my job and had to scramble to make ends meet, luckily I was able to survive without loosing anything. But what I learned was that I dint have a need to earn extra income, what I needed to do was eliminate my debt(overhead). I spent a long time researching and developing a service to do just that and now help clients avoid the finnacial mess I almost ended up with. Through my research and trials I developed a systematic process that has changed my outlook of money an believe it can possibly be the answer to correcting our economy financial issues. THis process has allowed me to wipe out my credit cards and now I am working on my first and second mortgage, it has also sky rocketed my credit score to 825 . Now I can relax and enjoy my life a bit more, with less stress and more money as I no longer am giving it away like candy.
    I wish every success in their path , make 2010 a year of recovery for all.

  • Thank you welly. I appreciate your dedication in giving your free chest sheet. I will treasure this as one of my learning tools. I purchased a couple of months ago this blog article program only to my dismay I got burned. They promised that purchasing their program will give me an internet business that will be earning 1,000 dollars a day. They said and make you believe that it is that easy to have a google adsense approval. The truth I should be blogging for at least 4-6 months before I get approval. Your free e-mail have really given me a boost to continue what I’m doing. Thank you for your tips. God Bless!!

  • You are right. All the money I have invested has resulted in zilch but I keep plodding along. Maybe one day everything will fall into place and I will start making money.

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