Internet Marketing Cost – How Much To Start?

Before getting started on their Internet marketing journey, people often ask me: “How much money do I have to invest in Internet marketing? What is the Internet marketing cost involved?”

And today’s article is about answering this question.

Side note: When talking about Internet marketing, I’m assuming that you want to be in the information publishing business – meaning you sell information products online.

First of all, let me tell you that to start and run an Internet marketing business, it costs you MUCH LESS compared to starting and running an offline business.

The major differences are:

- You don’t have to rent or buy a physical location like an offline brick and mortar store (which saves you money)

- You don’t have to commute to the office/store (which saves you money and time)

- You don’t have to store product inventory since your products are digital in nature. Even if you’re turning some of your digital products into physical products, you can outsource this work to a publishing company.

- You don’t have to “pack and package your products” and manually process each and every single order because your products are digital in nature – meaning customers can download them AUTOMATICALL Y without you having to manually process each order (which saves you time and money)

Now, let’s talk about more specific numbers as to how much a person has to invest to get started in Internet marketing.

5 Internet Marketing Cost:

1. Domain

Domain is the URL or web address you type into the browser. is a domain is another domain

If you want to seriously build a profitable Internet business, you need to get yourself a domain instead of using the free or free or any other free websites out there.

I usually buy domains at (NOT affiliate link) and it costs you under $10/year to get your own domain name.

You can even get a $3 off when you use the coupon code:


when purchasing a .com domain

This means you only pay $7+/year to register your domain (again the above is NOT my affiliate link).

2. Hosting

Hosting is the space to store your domain.

Figuratively speaking, domain is like your house address, and hosting is the land on which your house sits upon.

To make your site live on the Internet, you need to have domain AND hosting. When people type in, then they’ll see your website.

I usually buy my hosting on (affiliate link) and I recommend you do the same. It costs $10/month and you can host unlimited domains on this one single hosting account.

Yes the above is my affiliate link, but I’m not recommending it just because of the commissions. I’m recommending it because this is a top-notch REPUTABLE hosting company and it is one of the BIGGEST hosting companies today.

This blog you’re reading now is hosted on this hosting company.

When you buy hosting, make sure you buy it from a REPUTABLE BIG company who knows what she is doing. You definitely don’t want to buy hosting from some unknown company (just because their rate is cheaper) only to find out that they close business soon after. When they close their business, they take your business away too.

3. Email Autoresponder

The third Internet marketing cost is your email autoresponder.

This is NOT the same as an autoresponder where you email someone and they automatically reply you by saying:

“Thanks for sending your email. I have received it and will get back to you ASAP”.

What I mean by an email autoresponder here is a system where you can AUTOMATICALLY follow up people who have voluntarily opted-in to join your list.

For example, at the top right of this blog you can see an opt-in form where people can enter their name and email to receive my FREE cheat sheet that will show them how to REPLACE THEIR JOB on the Internet.

Once people enter their email, they’ll be added to my list and I can automatically follow up with them to give them yet more valuable tips and techniques as well as do some selling.

(…hey I’m a marketer right)

I have been using GetResponse (affiliate link) for my email autoresponder system since the start of my Internet marketing career. It costs $20/month to use this service, and it is well worth every penny because using an email autoresponder system will help make you MUCH MORE money than the cost of using it.

4. Software

Depending on the type of Internet business model you want to go after, having software to help do and manage your tasks is going to save you lots of time and effort, which you can then better use for other more important, higher value tasks.

I can’t give an exact figure on the Internet marketing cost for software because I do not know which type of Internet business model you’re after. Even if I know, different people have different needs.

Let’s just say that when you’re just getting started in this business, you don’t have to buy software first. Of course I’m assuming you already own a computer with an Internet connection, as well some basic software on your computer such as Open Office (free software similar to Microsoft Office).

5. Outsourcing

When you have made some money from your Internet business, it’s wise to invest back some of your profits to outsource those tasks that you’re not good at (for example programming or design work).

Instead of trying to learn how to design using Photoshop (from scratch), or how to program (from scratch), save your time the trouble and headache by outsourcing it to professionals who know what they’re doing and who can do a MUCH BETTER job than you FASTER.

This will free up your time to do other more important tasks such as creating high quality content and coming up with marketing strategies to take your business to the next level.

Regarding the Internet marketing cost for outsourcing, it depends on how complicated and difficult the task you want to outsource is. You can go to freelance sites like,, and to see how much professionals are charging and also outsource your work there.

Of the above 5 Internet marketing cost, number 1, 2, and 3 are REQUIRED to get yourself started in this business. Number 4 and 5 is NOT compulsory when you’re just getting started – meaning it can wait until you see some profits coming in.

What are your thoughts on the Internet marketing cost needed to get started in this business? Let me know below…

19 Responses to “Internet Marketing Cost – How Much To Start?”

  • That’s just to start but you will need monthly running costs too. This relates mainly to SEO (imperative nowadays as sites are not found by accident anymore)

    I give a round figure of £250 a month but of course you can do cheaper.

    This consists of a monthly subscription to a backlink checker at £36, Blog comment software at £60, SEO software £32, outsource the commenting at £60, article writing at £85.00.

    Okay this is for more than 1 site but you get the picture.

  • Yo Welly,

    Your knocking off some great content here. I just discovered your site and am working my way through lots of the past posts…man they be gems!

    Good stuff..

  • Again another great share. What I like about internet marketing is you can always start your online business even with just a couple of dollars in hand. Of course your success is dependent on the amount of work you put into it.

  • You are right this will cost less when promoting your business in internet, You’ve got a very nice idea. Thanks for sharing.

  • Apparently, an online marketing business doesn’t need you to cost you that much unlike the offline business which really need a capital to start a new one. In this field of online marketing coaching business it only requires you to understand the flow or how does this work and how you can gain from it.

  • Wow! What a very detailed information you got here. But what do you think is the best host working on domains? I really don’t have any idea since I just started in this industry.

  • marketing always makes a product more popular and is necessary for its success.”-*

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  • I guess you still forgo that you need to invest In Education you need to know how to use all of that stuff effectivly and how to market it.
    Plus it doesN’t stop with one domain you need to buy severyl domains if you realy wnat to replace you’re day job and earn you’re living Online

  • my small home business which sells health juice use a lot of internet marketing to promote our products. we use facebook plus adwords advertising and we have also created a forum for existing customers. Internet marketing really helps boosts the sales of our small home business.

  • What attracted me to internet marketing in the first place is the fact that compared to a brick and mortar business it cost peanuts.

    It’s not about how much are you willing to spend. You can start marketing online for literally the cost of going out for dinner.

    The real issue is how willing are you to learn how to market? That is the question.

  • You can start with 0, blogger is free, adsense is free, after you earn some money with adsense you can buy your own domains and hosting.

    However, this greatly increase the time so would be better to throw 20$ for a dozen info blogs on a 6$ hosting with unlimited domains.

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  • Welly, excellent post.

    One other factor to bear in mind when starting an information products business: the amount of money you would have made working elsewhere in the time you spend on the infoproducts business. This is the opportunity cost.

  • 3 simple steps to start an internet business;

    1. Product
    Solve people’s problem

    2. Website
    Capture email list and sell to them.

    3. Traffic
    Targeted traffic that buy your product.

    To your success,
    Bryan Hee

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  • @Estelle,

    Yes you may be followed up asking you to sign up for their coaching program which can range anwywhere from $2000, or $20/month like my GOLD Coaching. But you don’t have to join if you don’t want to.

    And yes there is of course no guarantee that you will succeeed, because at the end of the day, succeed is dependent on yourself, not on the mentor offering you their coaching program. They are there to HELP you achieve success faster by HELPING you avoid costly mistakes and potential pit holes.


  • Those may be the start up costs but to succeed – and I haven’t yet – you probably need to spend a considerable amount on various software programs which, as soon as you by them, will be followed by someone contacting you with a coaching program which can cost anywhere from $2,000 – an unlimited amount and then there is still no guarantee.

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