List Building Techniques – The Essential 4 Steps

List building techniques – there is no doubt that you’ve seen and heard it time and time again that “the money is in the list”. While that statement is only partially true (the REAL statement should be “the money is in the RELATIONSHIP with the list”), you should, nevertheless, start building your own list if you haven’t started doing so yet.

But how do you build your list?

Here are 4 essential list building techniques that you must know if you want to be successful at building a list:

Step 1: A high quality Freebie to give away

Before you can build your list, you need to have a high quality Freebie that you can give away to your visitors.


Because nobody wants to give their email address to a stranger (you). They already receive tons of email every single day, and they don’t want their inbox to get more flooded than it already is.

Your high quality Freebie will act as a bait to bribe them so that they want to give their email address in exchange for getting your Freebie. This is why your Freebie must be high quality enough (at least in their eyes) so that the perceived value of your Freebie is greater than the perceived value of their email.

Do NOT simply give ANY kind of freebie away. You need to give away a Freebie that is related to your market/niche. It’s useless to give away a weight loss report if you’re in the forex market, for example.

Step 2: A squeeze page

You need to create a squeeze page where the ONE AND ONLY purpose of this squeeze page is to get visitors to give you their email address in exchange for the Freebie you give away.

When you’re just getting started, you’re NOT going to be able to build a high converting squeeze page right off the bat.

This is totally fine. The most important thing is to just create that first squeeze page and tweak it along the way to make it better. In other words, we’re NOT aiming for sky high conversion for our first squeeze page and instead we’re looking for INCREMENTAL improvements.


For starters, let me give you a few tips on creating a high converting squeeze page. Create a BIG opt-in form and a BIG subscribe button so that they’re CLEARLY VISIBLE and STANT OUT from your squeeze page.

Try using the word “FREE” and “INSTANT” too as people LOVE things that are Free and Instant.

So far, I’ve given you 2 list building techniques, now let’s take a look at the third one.

Step 3: Put an opt-in form on your blog too

Apart from putting an opt-in form on your squeeze page, you want to put an opt-in form on your blog too.

This is because your blog is going to attract a significant number of visitors via search engines (if you diligently post content to your blog on a CONSISTENT basis) and via other traffic sources.

When visitors land on your blog, you want to give them the ability to subscribe to your list as well. If not, you’ll just be wasting valuable traffic and these visitors will NOT come back to your blog, EVER!

Hence, it is important that you put an opt-in form on your blog too. Give away the same Freebie that you give away on your squeeze page.

Step 4: Drive visitors to your squeeze page and/or blog

Driving visitors to your squeeze page is going to give you a MUCH HIGHER opt-in conversion than if you were to drive visitors to your blog.


Because on your squeeze page, visitors have only 2 options:

One – they subscribe to your list

Two – they close the browser window and do not subscribe to your list

However, on your blog, they have A LOT of options. They can subscribe to your list, they can close their browser; they can click on other links (within the blog post and blog comments, and also those on the sidebar) which take them out of your website, and they get easily distracted since there are a lot of things they can do on your blog.

That said, it doesn’t mean that you can’t drive visitors to your blog. You can. Do keep in mind, though, that your squeeze page is going to have a MUCH HIGHER opt-in conversion than your blog.

If you want a more-detailed, STEP-BY-STEP approach of creating a HIGH converting squeeze page to build your list faster and better, and getting your list to be more responsive to your offer, my Get Profits Fast GOLD Coaching covers more of these list building techniques in greater detail.

14 Responses to “List Building Techniques – The Essential 4 Steps”

  • Ashton

    This is an excellent post on building a list. Straightforward and concise. I definitely agree on the first pointer in which you should give a high quality freebie to attract visitors and then eventually them giving you their email address. That’s one sure way to do it definitely.

  • Hi Welly,

    List building is one of the old ways to get new clients, yet it’s still the most effective technique. I agree that giving away an excellent freebie that they can’t resist in exchange of their email address will surely do the job. Thanks for the tips!


  • This is one helpful tip in building a list. Step 1 is something that we must consider because what it says there is true. Nobody can just trust someone especially if they have not met them yet.

  • Ok, I’ll admit that I’ve been building and running websites for the last 12 years and still have yet to actually build a list, that is until now.
    It wasn’t that I didn’t want to build a list, I just didn’t really understand where I should start.
    Thanks for the info I look forward to implementing these steps.

    Thanks again Eric

    • Hey there Eric! I agree with you, I think it’s also important for web developers to understand the importance of building lists especially for websites that require it. It only takes a few steps then you’re off to building traffic.

  • I think its the best post for building a list! I didn’t know if there is someone can help me with this..Well, you had help me somehow. Thanks for your techniques.

  • This is great advice and actually makes a lot of sense. I’ve heard a lot of successful marketers talk about the importance of a list, but have never really been sure about how best to implement it. Plus the thought of having to craft lots of follow-up emails sounds like a daunting task.

    I’m sure that the results will be worth the effort. Just need to get started…

  • These are all good tips. I’ve started on some of them already and see conversions every once in awhile, but the thing I find hardest is split testing my squeeze pages when I’m driving traffic with SEO.

    How do I do any kind of significant testing without changing the HTML of my page and hurting my search results?

  • Good pointers, I see the benefit of a freebie to lure potnetial customers

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  • What a great informations. Anybody knows any course to build list?

  • @Jared: Thanks for becoming a fan :) I haven’t tried capturing opt-ins with just email, but I heard it’s going to increase your conversion. And it makes sense because the visitor has less information to enter.

    The less steps the visitor has to take, the higher your conversion.

    I might ask for email only in the future, but for now I’m staying with both name and email.


  • I’m your new biggest fan. Great posts and information. Definitely worth a RSS feed subscription.

    I’ve successfully used giving away freebies on a squeeze page for a real estate business to generate leads with a phone number. This has doubled our sales.

    Have you tried taking opt-ins with just an email address? I used to capture name and email address but I found opt-ins significantly higher in a split test over a month when I didn’t ask for a name. I figured that I don’t really need the name anyway.

  • Very good advice on building a list. I think it’s quite important to have a good freebie, one that’s different than most of the others that competitors offer.

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