Make Money Online For Beginners

I have said several times on this blog already that the best way to make money online for beginners is through Ads Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

Ads Marketing – You allocate a certain portion of your website to display advertisements from other people/companies and you get paid in return.

Affiliate Marketing – You promote other people’s products and services and in return you get commissions. The commissions you get can be in the form of pay-per-sale or pay-per-lead.

The other method of making money online, which is through creating and marketing your own products and services (which I call Product Creation), is not suitable for beginners who are just getting started to learn the ropes of making money online. I don’t recommend beginners go this route.


Because creating your own products is no easy task for beginners, while at the same it’s not as difficult as it seems if you have some kind of previous Internet Marketing experience.

If a beginner were to jump straight in creating his own product without any kind of Internet Marketing knowledge, there is a high chance that he will fail to make even a single red cent.

Heck, even if he tries his hands at Ads or Affiliate Marketing there is already a high chance that he will NOT make it. Let alone creating his own product!

I’m not saying this to discourage any beginner who’s reading this. I just want to paint a more accurate picture in their minds that making money online is very, very hard.

The good news is that once you’ve managed to earn your first elusive $1, the next $10 becomes easier. My FREE report shows you how to earn your first $100 online. If you haven’t had a chance to grab it yet, I recommend that you do so now. :mrgreen:

Once you’ve made your first $100, your confidence will grow. You will start believing in yourself – that you possess the ability to earn money online. You will then put in more effort and time because what you did has already proven to bring in results.

As you continue to earn more and more money, your confidence grows even bigger, which will result in you taking yet more action to produce greater results. This is like a cycle of continuous improvement.

The converse, however, is also true.

If you’ve been going around in circles trying to make money online but have never made a single dime, you confidence will get smaller and smaller as time passes by. You start to wonder if everything you’re doing is worth it. You start to question your ability to really and truthfully make money from the Internet.

A few months passed and you still see no results at all. Your confidence shrinks even further and you take even less action.

Eventually you give up and you conclude that making money online is impossible and is only a scam. :mad:

Is this story familiar?

It certainly is for me because I’ve spent a total of 11 months before I earn my first money online. June 2006 I first got started in Internet Marketing. May 2007 I received my first paycheck.

Can you imagine the thrill and excitement I felt at that time? I was close to tears LOL! If you’ve already received your first paycheck, I’m sure you can relate to my feelings. That was a moment I can never forget for the rest of my life!

Now, coming back to the topic at hand….

If you’re a beginner reading this, my advice is to start with Ads and Affiliate Marketing first. Beginners Blog Profits shows you how to set up your own WordPress blog step-by-step (I do really mean step-by-step) and generate income through Ads and Affiliate Marketing from your blog.

After you’ve made some money this way, you can then start creating your own products as this is where you can make the most money. Instant Product System shows you how to instantly create your own sizzling, high quality information product in 1 day or less.

To make money online for beginners and intermediate marketers alike, the key is to always take CONSISTENT action every single day. :razz:

The next action you need to take is to Replace Your Job with an Internet business (hint: you get both Beginners Blog Profits and Instant Product System for FREE when you click the above link to join my GOLD Coaching).

56 Responses to “Make Money Online For Beginners”

  • psychologist on July 25, 2011

    Great information here. I will be passing this on to friends.

    By the way, Welly — I love your artsy Gravatar!

  • Chase on July 5, 2011

    I agree, the daily consistent action is key. Commitment to the process is important because of all the other people who are working hard at the same thing. Results are only possible with determination.

  • A great tip on how to make money online.I think you skipped one of the most innovative ways of making money, actually. Try joining websites such as which allow you to in fact become a contractor. People can outsource all sorts of work to you and you’ll get paid a fair amount, assuming you’re in the developing world! It’s quite great, and you don’t need skills for a lot of the jobs.

  • Don Roberts on June 22, 2011

    Hi Welly,

    I agree that affiliate marketing is good way for a beginner to get started making some money online. But, the AdSense route is a long, slow haul…pennies here and there.

    Most people are good at something…and there are others out there online who would like to know how that something is done. With today’s video technology and distribution channels, even someone new to making money online can begin doing so by making something as simple as a screen capture of a PowerPoint/Keynote presentation…accompanied by a voice-over.

    Best, Don Roberts

  • Quinn on May 31, 2011

    “If you’ve been going around in circles trying to make money online but have never made a single dime, you confidence will get smaller and smaller as time passes by.”

    Yes, this story is very familiar. I was beginning to think it was all a scam, but you’ve renewed my interest in trying. I’m more determined to succeed now.

  • Scott on May 7, 2011

    At first, I pretended that I would be able to make money without putting ads on my blog, but I soon realized that it was practically impossible. Now, I appreciate the little money it generates, but now that I’ve had a taste, I’m interested in taking it to the next level…

  • Dennis on April 29, 2011

    I appreciate all this info… I was beginning to think it was impossible to earn money online, but you’ve given me hope! Glad I found this site…

  • Jason Flaherty on April 27, 2011

    I’m really intrigued by the Instant Product System. I love how it’s not necessary to even have an idea for a product before using the system.

    Thank you for all this information — I’m looking forward to exploring all the opportunities.

  • Marion Peterson on April 19, 2011

    Thanks for helping out those who want to make money from home!

    I’d never heard of affiliate marketing before. I am interested in the “product creation”, but I’m going to do more research on the affiliate marketing first.

  • Jason Madsen on March 19, 2011

    I really like your article and think you made a valid point when you said, If a beginner were to jump straight in creating his own product without any kind of Internet Marketing knowledge, there is a high chance that he will fail to make even a single red cent. That is why most people fail online good article

    Regards Jason

  • kitchen flooring on March 16, 2011

    Good post and you are right once you make the first $100 all you have to do is the same thing you did again and improve as you go along so the $1000s come in a lot faster.

  • Rca Ieftin on January 25, 2011

    I think all beginners are very happy in the first stage because they think that is very easy to keep a blog or to get traffic. The secret is to have a food strategy and a lot of patience.

  • Avocat Bun on January 23, 2011

    It is a bit easy to make money online if you know how to get lots and lots of visitors on your website and if you have very good content on your website. you can use adsense, adbrite or infolinks.

  • James Thomas on December 13, 2010

    earning money online is just like earning money offline, it also takes a lot of work just to earn a penny ;:.

  • Boilx on November 30, 2010

    I replaced my full time income just a few weeks ago with a combination of Adsense and Affiliate. I’ve learned it’s good to diversify your income streams.

  • Money Guy on October 17, 2010

    I agree that developing your own products to sell online is a difficult task. Promoting affiliate products is always a winner. I find that buying PLR products is a great way to make money providing that you find products to sell into niche markets that appeal to customers.

  • Maegan Salvador on October 2, 2010

    This article will be very helpful for those beginners because they will be able to make money through online.

  • Maryam Kaur on June 21, 2010

    it is not always very easy to earn money online, it is a lot of work too.;”"

  • Eddy Croft on June 18, 2010

    I think if you don’t know much about internet marketing and then try and create your own product, you will more than likely fail. If you know a lot about golf, tennis, playing guitar, internet marketing, then you can quite easily create an information product even as an internet marketing beginner.

  • Callum Harris on May 14, 2010

    i also use infolinks on 3 of my blogs and it is also earning as much as adsense. .*:

  • Arianna Torres on May 7, 2010

    it is not very easy to make money online because you still need to do a lot of website promotion to gain enough traffic. `

  • Isabella Edwards on May 6, 2010

    My online job is freelance programming on and i also maintain a couple of websites.;:’

  • Chuck Ediger on April 27, 2010

    It is really very exciting to Make Money Online from Google, Adbrite and Infolinks. All you need to do is make a website with great content and attract visitors.

  • Elizabeth Clark on March 28, 2010

    The word website and traffic are not easy task better training for the beginner would really make more money for a successful online marketer.

  • Cheenez on February 4, 2010

    It is a bit easy to make money online if you know how to get lots and lots of visitors on your website and if you have very good content on your website. you can use adsense, adbrite or infolinks.

  • Geraldine on January 9, 2010

    i also want to make money online that is why i immediately joined the google adsense program and also read a lot about making money on websites and blogs. i am also trying to learn affiliate marketing.

  • Betsy H. Chang on December 30, 2009

    Pretty much all my friends are willing to take a shot at making fast and easy money online these days, either through eBay Powerselling, affiliate marketing, ppc networks

  • Jakee77 on December 30, 2009

    Making Money Online is easy if you have a website that have lots of traffic. You can just sign-up with Adsense, Adbrite or Clickbank and start earning cash. **

  • Freebie Sites on December 9, 2009

    I’ve done both ad marketing and affiliate marketing. I’m currently using ad marketing on one of my websites, using Google AdSense. I plan to start affiliate marketing again soon.

    If you really get into affiliate marketing like the hardcore marketers do, you could be making a six figure income, no problem. It takes a lot of work to start making money online, but once it starts to come in, everything is pretty much on autopilot.

  • Seriöse Heimarbeit on December 4, 2009

    think you have a great business opportunity my main
    concern is the hidden additional cost? In just about
    every online opportunity

  • david on December 3, 2009

    Thank you so much for giving this opportunity. I found this imformation very useful. Thankyou once again

  • josh09 on November 28, 2009

    great article. It’s tough to make money online just as you said and not giving up is even tougher. this is probably the first real blog I’ve read that tells it like it is. you won’t make a lot of money on the internet over night it takes hard work just like with anything else.

  • Hayley on November 1, 2009

    i Make Money Online by using Adsense and Adbrite on my blogs and websites. i am earning a decent amount of money online but it also requires a lot of work to build traffic.

  • Domestic Appliance Repairs on October 26, 2009

    I agree – with Google Adsense, link building, article marketing, and all of the various known methods of generating traffic these days, this makes CPA marketing THE single fastest way to earn a fast income on the internet.

  • Janna on October 21, 2009

    i Make money online using the very popular Google Adsense program. i also tried Amazon affiliate program but i dont earn that much from amazon.

  • dean bennett on October 19, 2009

    You’re absolutely right. You can make money with a good site and relevant back links but you have to put in the time and effort if you want to make it a success!

  • werner on October 18, 2009

    Great article, I can toatally relate!
    but I have to tell beginners be consistent it pays of in the long run! and is more than worth it!

    kind regards!

  • Sell My Flat Fast on September 28, 2009

    I don’t think anyone makes huge amounts of money in the first months. You have to have a few good ideas and stick with them. Keep building content and links.

    If you keep at it your site will become popluar and make money.

  • Sell My House on September 3, 2009

    We just keep saying the same thing.

    Either build lots of rubbish sites and try and build faster than knocked down (yawn) or build good sites for advertisng and selling puposes.

    NOTHING Beats good sites and good organic SEO.


  • Don @ How to Make Money on August 29, 2009

    I agree with you that it’s not easy to make money online, especially in the beginning. My first months gave me only $1 or even cents a month. I’m glad I went through them though.

  • Welly on August 13, 2009

    @Elizabeth: This is a REAL business, so operational costs or advertising/marketing costs are inevitable. You can choose not to invest in advertising/marketing expenses when you’re just starting out. However, if you want to make it big, then do consider investing your profits into your business.

  • Elizabeth Clark on August 13, 2009

    I think you have a great business opportunity my main
    concern is the hidden additional cost? In just about
    every online opportunity I’ve encountered, advertising
    in some sort or fashion is required. List building and
    traffic exchanges. Is there an easier way?

  • Home Typing Jobs on July 24, 2009

    Loving the post…

    I’ve been making some money online for sometime now and I couldn’t agree with you more about choosing affiliate marketing or “ads marketing”.

    This is the way to go. You got a new rss sub. Keep the quality coming. ;-)

  • Rick White on July 6, 2009

    Keep up the good work. Very informative post.

  • Forex trading canada on July 3, 2009

    You have given a perfect motivation for the beginners.Thank you for your valuable tips… keep doing this great job.

  • Aryz on June 12, 2009

    Thanks for the tip! People shouldn’t give up quickly once they tried making money online, yes it’s quite tiring and boring for some, but it gives that rewarding feeling after finishing the online job for the day.

  • get out of debt fast on June 7, 2009

    i like the concept i hope it works for me too .
    but where do i find people to put ads on my site?
    i guess they will reach me by their own .

  • drifin on June 2, 2009

    Nice tips. Good for beginners. But I think, for beginners, first thing first is to learn about SEO because the most important thing is to drive traffics. No traffics equal to no revenue.

  • This is a good blog and that’s not meant to patronize you. Too many people offer get rich schemes which always fail.

    The first step on any online business is to make that first dollar, then a hundred, then a living. All solid businesses are built from that first dollar.

  • Welly on May 11, 2009

    @Everyone above: Glad you liked this post. Watch out for more! :)

  • Beth M on May 9, 2009

    Very encouraging post, I wish I had seen it when I was just starting out! Great advice for the beginner – I also chose the affiliate marketing route and haven’t looked back! It’s a great way to earn some extra residual income each month and I love that I can choose to do it full time or part time, it’s up to each person individually. It’s great to have choices!

  • Money Making Salenko on April 30, 2009

    It can be difficult for beginners to make money with affiliate marketing since they need to learn SEO first or have some money upfront to invest PPC. But once you learn it, it is a great money maker, great post by the way.

  • Maverick Money Makers on April 28, 2009

    As for me, freelancing is the easiest way to make money online. Of course you need to have some skills such as programming or designing but it is not a problem is you are really serious about making living online.

  • Scott McGregor on April 13, 2009

    Yea that is good advice. Once you get the ball rolling, it gets easier.

  • Bo Tipton on March 9, 2009

    Good post and you are right once you make the first $100 all you have to do is the same thing you did again and improve as you go along so the $100s come in faster.

    Bo Tipton
    The Ornery Marketer

  • Zack on March 5, 2009

    Thanks for the tips. This article very useful for beginner who want to start making money online

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