Guru Hype (And Scams) Is The Name Of The Game

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I always wonder if there is going to be an end to all the crazy, over-hyped IM product launches. I would also categorize some of these launches as make money online scams. Not all, but some of them…

I’m pretty sure most buyers, or should I say “victims”, of these products are beginners. If you’re an advanced marketer, you shouldn’t fall prey to these launches.

Yes this post is a rant. Because I believe

The “Circus” Is Not Stopping Anytime Soon…

How many times have you seen these way over-hyped IM product launches? How many times have you been bombarded with email after email from marketers on the same day a big product has just launched, hammering you to buy and promising: “THIS IS IT! – this is the only thing you need to buy in order to achieve financial success online”?

(this is what make money online scams would look and smell like by the way)

A more accurate promise should be:

“This is the only thing you need to buy TODAY! Come tomorrow, you’ll need to buy another amazing product from another member of the circus”.

(…of course they don’t tell you this – but hey we’re not stupid right?)

After all, profits come first and “who cares whether you make money or not as long as I am!”

Welcome to the world of over-hyped promises and the big gurus and their circus promoting each other’s over-hyped products. I’ve also ranted about this phenomenon in this Crazy Guru Promo Emails post, if you’re keen to take a look.

Way Over-Hyped

What do you think about the following headline?

“Discover a new, unknown, secret traffic loophole that only 0.1% of the earth’s population knows about that you can steal away and make $10,000/month by working only 2 hours per day. Best of all, you can achieve this in a few days from now…”

“And take a look at the money I’ve made from this secret underground system” (with the infamous Clickbank earning screenshots flying everywhere, followed by pictures of red Ferraris and yellow Lamborghinis).

WOW Vs. Stupid

There are typically 2 reactions when people see this type of headline.

First reaction (the beginners) – WOW! Amazing! Really? So I really can make money online and I can make $10,000/month by working only 2 hours per day? And I can achieve this within a few days from getting this “secret”? I could quit my job soon! Yeah, awesome! I’m going to get this system and I’ll be rich in no time!

Second reaction (the advanced guys) – Yawnnn… another boring product launch. This is stupid!

The screenshots might be real, but the question is: Are they really earning that much money from this “secret” system? Or are they earning money doing something else? (for example promoting each other’s product launch – in which case then it can be considered as make money online scams)

Are They Telling The Truth?

And maybe they’re right after all – they do earn $10,000/month by working only 2 hour per day. But they didn’t tell the whole story. They didn’t tell what their backgrounds are; they didn’t tell what the requirements are for you to achieve $10,000/month by working only 2 hours per day (the experience needed, the skills needed, the learning curve, etc.)

The Endless Exit Pop-Ups

There are 2 other issues worth addressing regarding these product launches.

The first one is that when you close the window and try to leave the sales page, there will be a pop-up offering you to get the product in question for $10 off.

Still not interested by the offer, you close the page again, only to be shown another pop-up offering you an additional $10 off (total $20 off from the original price).

Then when you try to close again, the same thing happens. Another pop-up shows up (again) offering you an additional $10 off (so far $30 off from the original price).


Money-Saving Tip:

So the next time you want to buy any IM products, try closing the page and see if you get a discount. The worst that can happen is there is no discount (which is VERY UNLIKELY if the product in question is a hyped-up product launch), which you can simply go to their sales page again and order.

But then again, if it’s a hyped-up product launch, I recommend skipping them altogether unless you’re really going to USE and IMPELEMENT what’s taught in the product.

Before you buy another product though, read this internet marketing product – do you really need it post first. You’ll save even more money.

I’m NOT Against Using Exit Pop-Ups

I find exit pop-ups to be useful to me and using it have resulted in opt-ins, and some of these opt-ins eventually resulted in sales.

But I use it sparingly -meaning I don’t use it multiple times and I don’t put it on every page. I also don’t use exit pop-ups to offer a discount to my paid products. I just don’t feel comfortable because from a marketing standpoint this will decrease your credibility and make people think that my product does not sell well and I’m desperate to sell it.

The Fake Scarcity

The other issue about product launches is the “fake” scarcity involved. Not all of them have this issue, but a lot of them do have.

They say they have this $100,000/month system but they are only selling it for $37 to 500 people…

Is that so?

I’m no math whiz but if you do some basic calculation, they will only get $18,500 in total revenue. Minus affiliate commissions and you net only $9,250.

Who in their right mind would reveal his $100,000/month system for only $9,250 and get himself some competition as a result?

(…unless this guy is a philanthropist)

What do you have to say about the crazy, way over-hyped product launches and their circus? What about make money online scams? Leave your comments below…

23 Responses to “Guru Hype (And Scams) Is The Name Of The Game”

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  • Ralf Dooley@Amazing Widget on October 31, 2010

    Hey, i totally agree with your comment about all the hype on the internet.Also there are a lot of scams and false information on especially clickbank,but it is a shame that all the product owners get linked with these over hyped marketing strategie.There are a few that really want to help you with great info.Research is the key to seperate the hype from the goods.

  • Welly on October 21, 2010

    Like you said I probably shouldn’t respond, but I’m going to give you a bonus and give this a quick response, and my respond is:

    Thanks for reminding me to spend time to work on my business instead of responding :)

  • Princenth on October 20, 2010

    Don’t you think that you were just doing the same as that stupid circus gurus out there?
    You were on the same point. What you do now is better as a responsible guy with big idea to walk on the right side as you can. No one blame you. It’s real life… You learn from there. Should say thanks to those stupid circus gurus… heh??

    I mostly hate and really hate with those people saying or shouting to other “Hey you are scammer!!” just after he got scammed. But then he still do the same thing with that scammed product to other (maybe to make a revenge – but to other one else – Man, this is ridiculous). And then he simply say… I was learning. So I need “victims” just like me before. But I’m now a good guy. Etc. Etc. Etc. Bla… bla.. bla…
    And then suddenly say… You can trust me now, better than that stupid circus gurus. Because I have the experience with them. So, I will tell you truth…


    Man… this is 100% SICK THING ever happen in this online world.

    I hope you are not this guy! But who knows?!
    Nothing is free in this life. At least for you and for me. :)

    Bye. :)

    PS: You shouldn’t respond to this, unless you’re the wrong guy! :)

    The end.

  • Jason @ Infrared Heaters on October 19, 2010

    Very funny and well-written piece on this kind of scam. I enjoyed reading it. That said, I have to differ with you about exit popups – I really, really, really, do not like exit popups…. :-(

  • EZcash on October 14, 2010

    Yes always exit the page and get the best price out of it.Tomorrow, someone might give it for free in their optin page :)

  • Welly on October 13, 2010

    Hey guys and gals

    Thank you for all your comments and thoughts about this matter.

    We all need to educate ourselves better and also help educate other beginners to stay away from the crazy hype and scams.

    This would help clean up (even though only a little) the bad reputation of IM, since the circus is not stopping anytime soon…


    • Udegbunam Chukwudi on October 13, 2010

      I do my best to educate the newbies on avoiding such scams but most of them just don’t listen or take caution and s I let them be. Like they say ONCE BITTEN, TWICE SHY ;-)

  • Shawn Mackey on October 13, 2010

    I still consider myself a newbie, and yes, I fell for the Traffic Avalanche scam. I tried to load the software but could never get it to work, and so I just tried the advice for the Facebook ads, and spent about 200.00 in ads and never made a dime.

    I have since learned to watch for the ads with the 25 or so pop ups. I don’t use them and probably won’t. I feel if you don’t like what I have to offer, you are free to move on!

    Thanks for the great post. As a writing instructor, I find it disheartening that so many marketers use the same ad copy over and over again. Write form the heart people, and if it doesn’t make you any money, you will still feel good about yourself in the morning!

  • John on October 13, 2010

    Thanks Welly,

    You just put into words all the things I’ve been thinking lately.

    The worst insult is the PRICE of some of these things.

    If I could afford the price I wouldn’t NEED the product would I?

  • Heather on October 13, 2010

    Hi Welly. Thank you. Someone needed to say this.
    One thing about gurus inflated lists: it takes more time to unsubcribe than delete. So I think a lot of people just delete. I am trying to get rid of most of the IM emails and stick to the personal growth stuff. (But even there you get hyped up products supposed to solve all your problems.)
    I agree: if it looks too good, it probably is. Success takes time and hard work.

  • sorcerer on October 12, 2010

    Truely well said Welly, I have actully taken myself off the mailing lists of the worst of the scamming gurus.
    Everytime I received an email from one of them, it was like listening to one of the fly-by-night scamming barkers at the circus, Bigger, Better, Faster, Make Millions…

  • Marcus DeVries on October 12, 2010

    Hi Welly,

    Well, you have probably already guessed what I think of all this bill shut. I’ve had enough, she’s had enough, he’s had enough, everyone has had enough. Triple exit popups….go away. Every week I have a purge of all the bill shut and I unsubscribe from all the peddlars of bill shut. Too much hype.

    Good quality information will always sell, and in the right circumstances will sell well. Learning good quality SEO, quality advertising and quality presentation with top quality products will always be the winner.

    All the very best


  • Isis on October 12, 2010

    There really is too much of this sort of thing going on. The good ole boys club. I signed up to a bunch of IM lists just as a test – and they really all do seem to cross promote till the cows come home. It is a sad scam. The truth is most those screenshots are photoshopped and many of them even use the same screenshots from each other’s sales letters. There’s so much of this garbage out there that it’s almost impossible for legitmate IMs to feel good about their own industry. There needs to be an association of legitimate Independent IMs who help one another but also help set some criteria and guidelines that we all agree to uphold.

  • Rick on October 12, 2010

    I agree 100% with everything you have included in this post. However, you left out one of my greatest pet peeves which is something I call the price knockdown. “I could sell this for…$5k…most people would pay $2500 for the valuable info…etc, etc…but today I am going to let it go for $47. Geez how I hate this time wasting drivel. Oh and one more that is really starting to get my goat too which is…videos that you cannot tell how long they are and have no control over the speed it up and list no price until the very end. People you use this ploy are completely inconsiderate of my time. In response to these sort of things and those you have mentioned, I use opt out like a vote religiously.

  • Paul Perry on October 12, 2010

    Hi Welly
    your right there has been a lot of B/S around the web for a long time. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

  • Ann on October 12, 2010

    I completed on request for informatiion form and have been inundated with product launches from every would be guru out there. My inbox was being hit at least 50 times a day, and often repeatedly from the same marketer. I was spending half my life it seemed unsubscribing so that I wouldn’t have to scroll through miles of junk to get to the real mail. If the product is that good, tell me once, tell me well, keep in touch with me when there are “real” additions and upgrades and when and if I feel you have credibility, I will purchase. Sometimes I look at something several times before I consider purchasing at any price. And half the stuff I did purchase was junk that I could get for free on the internet. I’m a newbe and still trying to figure out this maze. You’re right Welly, there is a massive learning curve before you earn ten cents never mind $10,000 a month. They don’t tell you they’re earning this from 400 websites and 40 JV’s they are paying.

  • elsa on October 12, 2010

    Absolutely true.

    Too bad that I got such e-mails by marketers that I respect. I would not do that if I were them.

    Recently I got a free access to one of the over hyped products, and I felt that there’s no value whatsoever in there.

    Thank God Clickbank’s refund process is easy ( If you ever buy such products).

    Let’s get back to reality and work our plans out instead of looking for another “magic software” or “magic formula”.

  • James on October 12, 2010

    I agree with it all Welly, I have the advantage and disadvantage that some don’t have. I have fixed very small funds to do anything and am on too many list.
    I get probably 50 + emails a day about the same product before and after the launches. I will look at it from the first email and then delete the rest when they hit my inbox. Have been deleting a lot the last 10 months. All this ad swap has got a lot of the deleted too. Most of it is for something I already have and some things I have had since 2008. AQwhile ago I downloaded something I got 6/6/2010 from the same person.

  • Zulfikar on October 12, 2010

    Welly, you have sum it all up pretty much to the T, I could not have put it better myself.

    Having been the newbie not long ago, I relate well to what you wrote and totally agree that the vast majority of these product launches are way too “Hyped” & “Scams”.

    I’ve come to learn the lesson that not everything that glitter is gold – such sums of money are not made easily and most definitely not over night.

    If I see the words “Loophole”, “Secret”, “Underground”, “Autopilot” and “Automation” or even if I as much smell them anywhere near a salesletter I run – in the opposite direction.

    It’s a circus out there in today’s IM World and no, I don’t see it relenting anytime soon. Newbies beware!

  • Udegbunam Chukwudi on October 12, 2010

    U said it all man. Only d newbies fall 4 this kind of scam. Some gurus here in nigeria r so retarded that they keep peddling d same ol’ info which can be gotten 4 free on d internet and people r still flocking to buy 4rm them.

    P.s: sorry 4 d shorthand. I’m commenting via my cell phone. Cheers

  • David on October 12, 2010

    Couldn’t agree more, Welly. I’m sick of the hype and the straight-out dishonesty of it all.

    Wouldn’t it be great to see some form of audited, third-party proof of how many people who buy these products ACTUALLY make any money at all, let alone get the purchase price back.

  • Marian on October 12, 2010

    It’s well said Welly, I completely agree! :) I like to entertain myself a bit by reading all those *shocking* sales letters though! ;)

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