Money Blogging or Personal Blogging?

If you take a look around the web today, you will find that there are a large number of blogs out there.

The reason why blogs have become so popular is because it is so easy to build and maintain that almost anyone can do it. Yes, even those people without technical background knowledge.

Now these blogs cover a wide variety of different subjects; ranging from blogs about teens who want to network with their friends, blogs about the hottest and latest music, blogs about cars, blogs about politics, entertainment, food, fashion, finance, etc.

The list goes on and on.

Whatever the topic of the blog, it can be categorized into two types of blog: Personal Blogging or Money Blogging.

Personal Blogging means that you are blogging simply for the fun of it. You blog because you want to share your feelings and opinions, because you want to network with your friends and peers. You don’t expect anything in return other than the good feeling it brings. :smile:

Money Blogging, on the hand, is blogging for the sake of making money from your blog. Yeah, you may enjoy what you blog about and you may feel good about it, but the real reason behind why you blog is because of the money it can bring. :lol:

Now let us take a look at the nature of these 2 different blogs.

Folks who are involved in Personal Blogging typically use free blog platforms like or Using these blog platforms virtually doesn’t cost any money as you only need to pay for your ISP (Internet Service Provider) fee and electricity fee for your PC.

People who indulge in Money Blogging usually use blog platforms like This is different from in that it ( requires your own domain and hosting.

There are, however, in some few cases where people are also using free blog platforms for Money Blogging.

So which one are you? Personal or Money Blogging?

Or maybe you haven’t got a blog yet?

There are still people out there who don’t have a clue that blogging can bring in money, real good money.

If only they knew, I bet a lot of them would switch to Money Blogging, don’t you think?

For instance, when I told a friend of mine that one can earn money by blogging, his reactions was: “Yeah right, how exactly will blogging earn me money? Blogging is just for personal stuff you want to share with your friends and family. You enjoy doing for the fun of it. Nothing more.”

See? :cool:

My response to him was: “I’m serious, you can really make money from blogging. You just need to blog consistently and bring in visitors to your blog on a consistent basis, and when your blog gets crowded, you can sell advertising space on your blog.”

This is called monetizing your blog. :mrgreen:

So if you currently own a blog but have not monetized it yet, why not switch from Personal Blogging to Money Blogging?

You would blog the same way you have always did, the only difference lies in the fact that you are going to sell some space on your blog for advertising purposes.

One of the easiest ways to monetize your blog is through Google Adsense. Every time someone clicks on one of these ads, you are paid.

As simple and straightforward as that! :wink:

There are other ways to make money from your blog other than through selling advertising space. I will cover these in later posts.

For now, just keep in mind that you can always switch from Personal Blogging to Money Blogging anytime. Since you have already made the effort and time to write to your blog, why not make some money in the process?

You don’t have to do any additional significant work. You just slap some Google Adsense ads and you are good to go.

And if you don’t have a blog yet, why not?

Go out there NOW (not tomorrow or next week), and start blogging on the topic of your interest!

Creating and maintaining a blog is really simple. All you need to do is just write your content and then click “publish”, and your blog is live and ready to be seen and recognized by the world.

Creating your blog is definitely easier than creating a site using Dreamweaver or Frontpage!

So which one are you? Personal Blogging or Money Blogging?

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  • make money online on July 11, 2008

    Very well said. Thanks for your regular updates….

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