Outsourcing Is Bad?

outsourcing is badOutsourcing is bad when you have better options, as you’ll see below…

A little while ago I conducted a survey asking readers of this blog and my subscribers about internet marketing, and one of the questions I asked was: what was the single most troublesome problem they have about making money online?

The 4 big problems, according to the survey, are: information overload, not enough technical skills, not enough traffic, and not enough money.

Not Enough Technical Skills

Today I’d like to touch upon “not enough technical skills”.

Before we begin, I’d like to point out that even if you have enough technical skills – for example you’re a designer or programmer – you shouldn’t design and do coding yourself from scratch if there are other better alternative solutions.

By better, I mean faster and cheaper. Faster means the time taken to accomplish a certain task is less. Pretty self-explanatory there. Cheaper means the direct cost and opportunity cost is lower.

You might say that it would be faster and cheaper if you do it yourself instead of outsourcing it to a provider. That might and might not be true, depending on your skills and situation. Whatever the case, make sure that you’ve factored in your opportunity cost.

Dictionary.com defines opportunity cost as:

The benefit that could have been gained from an alternative use of the same resource.

So let’s say it takes you 8 hours to design your site. If you didn’t design it yourself, you would have saved 8 hours and you could use these 8 hours in other areas – for example selling and marketing, or even spending time with your family.

But that is not the worst thing. The worst thing is if you’re not a designer yet you try to design your site by yourself. After spending so much time “designing” your site (and let’s face it, you’re going to take much more than 8 hours if you’re not a designer), you come up with a design that sucks.

Another Important Data

My survey also uncovers an important data: more people are into niche marketing (where you enter multiple niche markets) rather than into 1 market (where you go deep and establish yourself as an authority in your marketplace).

For these niche marketers, this means that the frequency at which they create sites is high, since they are always entering new markets all the time.

Now – would these niche marketers want to spend hours after hours trying to design their sites? I don’t think so. If they did, how are they going to find time to actually do work that matters the most to their business, namely as you’ve seen and heard so many times before – the marketing of their business?

Sure you can outsource the design, but that wouldn’t be cost efficient since the cost can add up pretty quickly if you have a lot of sites that need to be designed. Outsourcing is bad in this case, since there is a better alternative as you’ll discover below.

So far we’ve only talked about the design aspect of building the sites. What about the programming side of things?

If the sites are static html sites, it would be pretty simple. Just use a free web authoring software like Nvu, insert your content, save your page, and you’ll have a html file ready.

But what about sites like php? Do you know how to code in php? Fortunately today, you don’t need to know much about how to code in php, thanks to WordPress. Similar to Nvu, WordPress uses a what-you-see-and-what-you-get editor, meaning you simply type in your content, hit publish and your site will be live instantly.

Using WordPress to create sites, or more specifically blogs, is both fast and easy. But simply creating blogs for us internet marketers is not enough.

Sure, a blog serves as a very important vehicle/platform in which we can share our knowledge and expertise to become the leading authority in our marketplace.

How To Create Full-Blown Sites Fast?

But what happens when we want to create more than just blogs? And we want to create them FAST?

What if we want to create full-blown sites (that are super flexible) that include squeeze pages, sales pages, product launch pages, membership sites, legal pages (like TOS, privacy policy, disclaimer), thank you pages, and of course a professional blogging design platform?

Not only do we want to create these pages FAST, we want to create them with STYLE – meaning boosting a professional and elegant design.

The answer to that is Profits Theme – my upcoming tool (WordPress theme) that allows internet marketers and bloggers to create full-blown sites in MINUTES.

This should be ready sometime next week, so stay tuned for that.

Get Profits Theme For Free

I have a piece of good news for you. I’m going to give away 2 copies of Profits Theme for free (to be retailed @ $97). If you want to get it for free, leave a comment below and tell me:

1. WHY you deserve to win this

2. WHAT you are going to do with Profits Theme if you win

This contest will end on Friday 28 January 2011 has already ended, so make sure you submit your entry now. I will choose 2 of the best entries, and the 2 winners will be announced on the next blog post.

Remember, you MUST tell me the 2 things above if you want to win a copy of Profits Theme. One entry per person please.

Update: This contest has already ended.

39 Responses to “Outsourcing Is Bad?”

  • I know I’m late, but I really don’t need the competition, since I’m already using this cool theme.

    I just want to say a thing about outsourcing. It saves your TIME. And there’s nothing more important to me than my time. I will earn money from the things the outsourcing provided for me, but I would never be able to earn back the time.

  • I know the contest is over, but I just wanted to say: outsourcing is awesome! hehehe However, you are right, there are much better places to invest your money and time besides designing a clean, profitable website. There are literally thousands of awesome templates out there, including the Profits Theme. Great post!

  • Excellent post, I think it all comes down to the opportunity costs of what you are doing. Sometimes outsourcing is the best choice and other times it isn’t. I think people make this decision all the time but at times the dollar cost scares people into taking the task that doesn’t give the highest return.

  • My husband outsources tasks he doesn’t want to do – luckily he found someone who is very reliable, fast, and works for room and board – ME!

    Setting up sites is no biggie compared to marketing your sites. I find this tremendously time consuming and BORING. We’re going to outsource as soon as it makes economic sense.

  • I reaslised long ago that I cant do everything myself, so outsourcing is an absolute must. If you think about it logically we all outsource every day of our lives in our private life. Even if its just getting ther paperboy to deliver the paper!

    Graham McAndrew

  • I don’t think outsourcing is bad if you know how to use it wisely. The first step is to make sure that you’ll be selecting the best person to hire. I’ve been outsourcing stuffs like web designing, programming, etc. and I’m very satisfied with the work of my freelancers. It also allows me to spend time for more important things that I’m capable of like marketing my website and talking to my clients.

  • On my own point of view,.. I want a lot of time spending with my family.. and outsourcing is best for me,.. From my experience is cost-effective…

    I would not reach this quality living of life if I didn’t engage to outsourcing..

    Thanks for this great post..

  • I said, forget the contest and just clicked the buy button. I’ve seen, bought and used a number blog themes and this one seemingly has all the necessary features needed to build ad grow a nice continuity site.


  • Just saw this blog post today.

    Sounds like it’s going to be something that will blow other themes out of the water.

    Looking forward to see your latest theme, Welly. :)


  • Ashley @ Hello Kitty Bags

    Better luck next time for me:)… you have great article!.Thanks for sharing and i will choose outsourcing.

  • Hi Guys & Gals

    The contest has now ended. Thanks a lot for participating in this contest, it’s very much appreciated.

    I will choose 2 winners, and they will be announced in the next blog post.

    Stay tuned…

  • Welly,

    1. I think that everyone that took the time to write to you should get a copy. This way you can beta test you theme and get some reliable feedback. I think I should get a copy because I use your products (see the site that I’ve built with your premium squeeze theme). Also, I am a customer of WowMinisites.com (here is some more free traffic for you). Thanks for the opportunity!!!

    2. I would streamline the site-creating part of my business. Thanks for your help!


  • Rita

    Thank you, Welly
    for this topic because i finally found a
    great solution how to go from such a
    -integrated-proxy-language-embedded-in-a-virtual-multimedia-system… LOL

    Pardonez-moi for such a bizzaaaarrrrery, I just asked an “ask-&-get-answers-generator” and i got THAT!
    Funny? Stupid? hmmm…Anyway I found a solution.

    No, I don’t talk here about your nicely evoquet contest, i personally do not hope nor expect something to win because never ever i won in similar “games”. Most important message is that it’s NOT about a prize or price at all! What matter that’s after any even smalliest communication, and even in this virtual way always “generate” some crazy wondrous ideas…:-)



  • Hi Welly!

    Sorry, i don’t really have a website right now – just a blogg

    But I’m here, not just because of your offer, but because I truly enjoy reading your letters. I don’t read all of them, mind you, but you are more interesting than most, and I think I could learn from you. Outsourcing can be a real necessity at times – but for the most part I just blunder my way through and figure things out as I go.

    Nobody has enough time to do everything.

    Thanks for considering me – Diane

  • Hi Welly

    Will be interested to see what your new theme is like, like one of your earlier contributors I rate Optimize press highly but that said I know from past experience that what you produce is really good as well so I will wait and see

    Why do I deserve a copy, well I am just about to launch a new product and I want it to look really good

    For most people Outsourcing is the best route, the time they spend learning how to do new tasks would be better spent developing relationships, new products and improving the customer facing services of their business

    Thanks for sharing Tony

  • Nylon

    Hi Welly,

    Thanks for this amazing opportunity. I will attempt to answer your questions in one go.

    I have a child with special needs who is six years old and I am scripting a trailer to make a film about the challenges these families and siblings face.

    The idea is to bring these communities together, starting in Trinidad and Tobago and expanding outward into the rest of the Caribbean and internationally. It will serve to realistically brainstorm the future for our children in this part of the world especially.

    Your Profits Theme sounds like a good fit to bring our communities together, to collect opt-in information from our communities and visitors, promote, market and sell the DVD, soundtrack CD and merchandise and make us look professional in the eyes of our sponsors, funders, film festivals and community.

    We have been blessed by an angel who will be paying for all of our son’s Occupational and Speech therapies for as long as he needs it, transportation to and from therapy, fix his teeth and straighten his eyes. We see this as an opportunity to pay it forward and be angels to other children who cannot afford therapy and other medical interventions.

    Thank you for considering us.


  • good Welly
    I thank you for materials sent and pictures.
    Are back in business on the internet just now gather and study materials , i have great confidece in this business and not let chear me if you have five years tosucced .
    I wish you good health and happiness …

  • Welly,

    Here is my contest entry. I decided to answer your 2 questions in a short video I just recorded. Please go to the link below…


    P.s. I can’t wait to be one of your success stories!!!

  • Hi Welly,

    Thanks for the chance to win a free copy of Profits Theme

    I have been writing articles for 2-3 sites in 2010 and now have gained enough confidence to start my own WordPress blog in 2011. I also plan to start a blog for an NGO “Dignity Homes Foundation” which will be building retirement homes for the elderly and this theme will be of great help since I have limited technical knowldege. Profits theme will be of great help in starting and developing both blogs and I will sure to network with you and help to promote this theme by sharing my experience of it with my blog audience.

    Good wishes to all those who have entered this draw.

    Warm regards,

  • Hi Welly,

    Well I at present I am using Optimize Press to sort some of my sites out and I am very happy with it. I recommend the product to my list and also through affiliate marketing.

    Now your product sounds pretty similar. So to compare them would be great and it would have to be some good theme to beat Optimize Press.


    But if it does then I will be shouting it from the roof tops.

  • Marquerite

    If I were in your shoes, then everybody that left a comment are sure winners in my eyes. You can see all of them are serious marketers and very much focused.

    As being fairly newbie to IM, my burning desire is off cause also like everybody else’s ,to cut the learning process, and also being in a position to spot the real deal.

    I have recently subscribed to Michael Cheney’s Millionnare Mentorship Program, with Dave Nicholson and John Thornhill as my tripple back-up to make sure
    I make a success of my training.(being part of the bonus by subscribing through their link).

    By what I can see from your description, and also from the comments, I can see that this will be a perfect match to the worldclass training I am currently undergoing. Your product will give me the perfect platform to apply my teachings.

    Due to technical capability, I will unfortunately not be able to pull your product apart and put it back again (Lol), but I sure as hell need all the
    help I can get along the way.

    If you feel comfortable with me associating your product with my mentioned training, then I will give you all the testimonials you need of my roaring Internet success. (As mentioned, I have worldclass training eyes upon me)

    Will be happy to hear from you.


  • Why do I deserve to win? Because I have neither the time nor the inclination spending years, months, or even a few weeks gaining the knowledge that you possess. I’m a 65 yr old dude that can’t afford to waste time so I fully expect to make full use of your knowledge and experience to make as much money as quickly as possible.

    What do I plan to do with Profits Theme when I get it? PUT IT TO WORK – NOW. I’d like to prove to those sceptics out there that it is still possible to successed in todays environment if you are willing to work and apply yourself. My wife raises Miniature Horses (to show) and she has this T-shirt that reads “Water, Feed, Muck, Repeat” and it seems that Internet Marketing is much the same. You’ve got all the knowledge, we would be fools not to take full advantage of it.

    Marty Cordova

  • Scott

    Not that I am the only one this boat but my back is up against it. I work hard and am committed to the process.My attitude is one of no retreat because I believe eventually my breakthrough will occur.

    I have an 1100 pound gorilla on my back and need help removing it, receiving a ton of pressure from those you would think would be the most supportive. I work way too hard to build sites with little to no return. Would love to be one of the people chosen to receive your theme for free. Money is extremely tight, so much so that Abe Lincoln on the penny is starting to get squeamish. thank you for the chance to turn things around.

  • Welly, I want to say to you right now I fettered by a dull routine of work and earnings that have not moved for five years. AKu want to change my life. So, I deserve to win this contest because I wanted to change my life for the better, happier and more time for my wife and son

    Second, I have prepared some niche market to make a blog that I make money with a few articles about technology and hosting it has become kegemaranku in the field of information technology …

    Welly So please give it to me … because I deserved to win!

    Your friend
    Tri Wahyu Sasongko

  • I deserve to win because I desperately need the ability to create full blown sites that are super flexible that includes sales pages, squeeze pages, product launch pages, membership sites, legal pages, thank you pages and of course a professional blogging design platform. I need to create them fast and with style.

    If I am one of the winners, I will use Profits Theme to do all of the things metioned above and become an affiliate so that I recommend it to everyone! :-)

  • I know what you mean when you say time is money…It sure takes a lot of time to build website. And to build a website that looks good is a complete different story. That until I had to GOOD fortune to stumble upon professionally made template. They are the most awsome (check out my website as I am using one of them) After I was done, I had some of my buddy check it out and they could not beleive their eyes, neither could I. I am looking forward in building more website with YOUR product. I think it was like 180 template for 40.00. I don’t know how I ever went without these. I am sure going to keep my eyes peeled should you ever have anymore of these, I am in. Good job guys, way to go.

    Why do I deserve it? Simple, I am a fan of your product and I am sold. It would be a great addition to my templates. I worked long hours before without any success. That is why I deserve it.

    What would I do if I win? I just can’t wait to look at the product and dream of ways of using it. And I will use it.

    You are the best

    Thanks again,


  • Fahmi

    For years I practice internet marketing with no results, but I do not break !!.If I won I believe that, you will give can help me win my dream.

  • G’day Welly,

    I will start by answering your 2 questions.

    Q1. WHY you deserve to win this
    A1. I can think of no obvious reason except to win you have to be in it. It would be nice of course.

    Q2. WHAT you are going to do with Profits Theme if you win
    A2. A very good question as it is a product you have not finished. So with out sighting it’s full capabilities and functions I can only say let me have a go at it as I have no problem with exploring and using functional themes as I move further away from using HTML the power of wordpress now is just to hard to look past.
    So now you have raised my interest in Profit Themes I will be watching with keen interest what you have coming as it sounds very powerful to be able to have all the features you are claiming. Bring it on.

    Now in regards to outsourcing this is a bridge I will not be crossing again in the near future as I have had bad experiences at the two largest outsourcing sites on the internet. They in my eyes have got to big for there own good and as a paying customer I found there support and help when things are going wrong to be pathetic. I will not degrade them or put them down but they cost me a lot of money to have one site ruined and another taken over and infected.
    So now I am looking at independents such as yourself as the possible way to go. I found you through the Warrior Forum and I have had nothing but good experiences there and I see this as a site that persons like yourself it is not worth doing bad things to paying customers as I believe the members there would go out of there way to have an unreputable person put off line rapidly.

    And Kudos to you yes I have now received a few emails from you and No Crap. Keep it that way and you will be in my inbox for a long time. And I see an order from me for your WowWminisites design for one of my sites coming your way very shortly as soon as I have put my finances back in order after having to pay to get my domains repaired.

    Good Stuff


    Rob Paris Cruisin 8-)

  • I agree with you. I have technical skill like u said, but still not know how to make “it” as money like internet marketer.

    I need the Profit Themes, of course to analysis it, and find what the different between your Profit Themes and my wordpress themes. Maybe from that, I can find how the internet marketer sell/make money

  • wow. thx 4 opportunity.

    wow. Profits Theme is full-blown solution?! hard to believe. there are 1000s of web site templates out there, even WP themes. 2% are great in UI, 1% have UI + functionality/stability.

    to see more than junk & to see a full-blown template or theme that even does marketing pages & helps profit, that remains to be seen. there’s no point in demo if one can win it, right : ) if not win, could you show demo?

    to answer questions:
    1. i deserve…because i got burnt by outsourcing! i tried most freelance sites & even went to India, spent my savings on outsourcing company, went to eBay Live Expo, but programmers saw potential & blackmailed me for much more to release fixed beta version. i lost everything. i have been trying to find honest programmers since 2007, worldwide, on most sites: elance, guru, rentAcoder, scriptlance, oDesk, freelancer etc. it seems all programmers are crooks or take advantage, do not follow contracts etc.

    of course there are many other reasons as to why i deserve it, but that’s one of the main reasons: i lost too much time getting burnt instead of gaining from my business concepts – which was not really for me, but to help my sister, mom etc.

    2. what would i do with Profits Theme? simple. use it to finally profit from my concepts! no man is an island. but a worthy service that is practical and helps you at least do part of your business independently, self-sufficiently is always a good thing.

    i have so many concepts, but materializing even one is hard. i’m not into cheap generic niche markets that so-called internet marketing gurus hype up as profitable. i’m into social business, ethical consumerism, software utilities & consulting for small businesses, art, philosophy products/services/info.

    nothing is really hard, it all takes time, yet life is too short. meanwhile, you spend less time with family. so outsourcing is essential. if you find honest workers, reliable, affordable, creative ones. if someone can solve that problem – they’ll be rich in mind, soul, and funds.


  • I’m a fan (and daily user) of the squeeze themes you offer and would no doubt benefit from a more flexible WordPress theme. I own three different businesses, my website listed is the more traditional model (wholesale/retail). However we will be incorporating a new affiliate program in 2011 , as well as launching several new product lines that will require unique websites for each.

    Any tools/systems that will reduce our opportunity costs and get us to the market faster will certainly be considered. Thanks for the opportunity to test drive this new theme.

    To Our Collective Success,
    Mike Walker

  • Great post. Yes it is essential to have the right ‘tools’, which include knowing when its time to hire someone to do jobs that, need to be done, but are unproductive for you to do, when there are many other things that need to be done. Getting your WordPress website up, with all the right pages, seo, and what-not and to have a nice clean looking site is not a walk in the park. It takes a lot of time, I have done it quite a few times, it gets a lot easy when you have these steps already in place. I have a buddypress backup that I use. But it doesn’t have the extra features that you mention.

    So, why do I deserve to win and what will I do with it?

    I have spent years working in this industry, IM and, while I have made a bit here and a bit there I have not made enough to ‘pay the bills’. I realize I have been in information overload for quite awhile, constantly gathering more info. I have come to realize the importance of action. I have a number of projects that I am working at. But time is a challenge. I have a new baby, four months old now. I also am recovering from a serious car accident, so have been unable to seek work. The baby has been keeping us very busy. Now I MUST begin to make money…I need to, or my family will be in trouble.
    Winning a theme as you have described would save me a huge step in the Blogs that I want to create. I am following Mike Johnsons AutoBlog Blueprint, which is very very good training. I have premium content in a bunch of niches. The more pieces I can put together the closer I get to my goal of 100+ blogs. This theme would help make that happen, a little faster and easier!



  • Greetings Welly,

    I believe you said it better than Mr. William Shakespeare himself, To source or not to source. That is the question.

    WHY and WHAT you ask? Great questions. I recall reading an article that stated less than 2% of all aspiring Internet marketers actually put the products they purchase to use. Well, it just so happens that I fall into that category – the 2% who actually make the time and effort to learn and utilize a system to its fullest.

    No, I’m not living the “Internet lifestyle” just yet, as I still work a full-time job during the day – and pretty darn close to another full-time job at night too – after my family goes to bed. It’s not for lack of effort; that’s for sure. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining, just stating a fact.

    Your new WP theme sounds intriguing, and I can’t wait to see what it’s all about. Let’s be realistic, though… I don’t believe this is going to be the EASY button everyone seems to be looking for nowadays. It just doesn’t exist. However, I do feel it could be one of the components needed to finally realize a reliable and recurring income from my online pursuits.

    WHY do I think I deserve a free copy? Well, I can’t say I actually deserve a copy. If I really felt that way, I’d be giving in to the sense of entitlement that seems to afflict society as a whole today. It seems like everyone thinks the world owes them something, and as a result, they don’t apply themselves. These same people just aren’t willing to work (hard) to earn their “just rewards”. Well, at the risk of offending those who feel “entitled”, I can honestly say I am NOT afraid to exert myself. I do it everyday (and night – until about 2-3 a.m.). So, do I deserve the copy? No. I will ask, however, that you consider my “application”, please.

    As to WHAT I intend to do with the theme… plain and simple, expand my Internet empire – hopefully a lot quicker than I am at the moment. During my journey to success and financial freedom, I’d like to play it forward and help other aspiring Internet marketers to succeed, too. Perhaps this theme will help me to be able to do this – sooner than later.

    “Practice giving, and people will give to YOU. They will pour into YOUR laps a fine measure, pressed down, shaken together and overflowing. For with the measure that YOU are measuring out, they will measure out to YOU in return.”

    Thank you for this opportunity and for your consideration.



  • Even I’m completely newbie in internet marketing and its really hard for me but I will pump a big motivation to reach it one day. so I thought a profit themes will very helpful for me to pull out whole profit. thanks

  • I prefer to outsource some of the job..so i can concentrate with doing the research and marketing.

  • Really nice offer Welly :) I’m in.
    1. I’m now in building my own product (membership site using wordpress), such Profits Theme is really needed for people like me.
    2. I’m going to use it for my blog/website. With the nice features of Profits Theme, it will useful for Internet marketer.


  • rita

    Hey, Welly,

    even if I persuaded that YOU TOO will not accept my comment perhaps due my “outsourced only for comments” email?, but I will kill about five minutes of my personal time anyway…sorry…:-)

    THX for nice proposal just let me ask you: if I have no clue about what you talk here and where to find some example or demo of this theme, it’s of course quite complicated to comment…:-)

    No, I ask not especially for win — never ever I have any possibility in reality to win in other way as clearly critically thinkin & realising these thinks — just because am very curious(but not cat, LOL), and it’s interestin to know exactly what is this.

    Concernin outsourcin personally I have zero experience how folks outsource all these tasks for $2-3K per year…i would like to outsource locally which is unfortunately absolutely impossible when you know the situation&etc…:-(

    Wishin you all the best of success in life&love,

  • It’s pretty simple for me. I’ve tried everything when it came to building website’s. It’s finally time for me to have some good luck at this thing called internet marketing. I believe the Profits Theme will be perfect for me in establishing a strong foothold for my marketing efforts. I will use the profits them to make my first 100,000 dollars on the internet.

  • Darrell McNish

    One of the biggest challenges I face today is TIME MANAGEMENT. I work three positions, supporting two different employers, and try to work on my internet / network marketing business at the same time.

    Is it necessary for me to work this way? For the moment, yes – I’m under contract to both entities, until I train a replacement that THEY deem acceptable. And, well, I quite frankly work my IM / NM businesses in order to be rid of such headaches in the future.

    So, the prospect of outsourcing to me is quite enticing – especially with the wealth of video and written tutorials already available for WordPress to send my workers. The big issue, as you put it, IS with creating stable, interactive, good looking, well thought out sites that outsourced agents can reliably work with – and boy, your Profits Theme seems like it will be a winner !

    The “what will I do with it” seems obvious – I’ll be passing it to my lady in Cebu City (Phillipines), where she will spend a week learning it’s in’s and out’s, it’s good and bad, and how it will integrate into my business most effectively. I’ll probably pass on my copy of Mass Control to her then, too, so she can use BOTH to start a new campaign for my networking biz…

    Why should I be the winner? Obviously, everyone is going to pony up their own sob stories about how broke they are, or how much they deserve it, or why you “owe” them the win – not me.

    I’ll simply say this;

    I deserve to win it, because I’m not going to download it, sit on it, and do nothing with it. I’m actually going to USE it, test it, probably break it, and put it back together again, just so I can do what it’s DESIGNED to do…

    … be a THEME for my PROFITS .



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