Guru Hype (And Scams) Is The Name Of The Game

make money online scams

I always wonder if there is going to be an end to all the crazy, over-hyped IM product launches. I would also categorize some of these launches as make money online scams. Not all, but some of them…

I’m pretty sure most buyers, or should I say “victims”, of these products are read more…

How To Build A List From Scratch

how to build a list

I’ve talked before in this list building explained post that the money is in the relationship AND size of your list. But how do you get your first subscriber when you are just starting your list building efforts? read more…

5 “Secrets” To Failing Online

why people fail online

I’ve been talking about how to succeed online all the time. Today let’s have a change of appetite shall we? Let’s talk about why people fail online – more specifically the 5 “secrets” to failing online.

There are a few ways how you can go about to fail online: read more…

2 Techniques To Get Affiliates To Promote Your Product

affiliate programs that work

Affiliate programs that work? Does such a thing really exist?

Yes as you’ll see below…

You’ve often heard how recruiting your own affiliates to promote your product/service is going to bring you tons of visitors to your site.

But is it really the case? Does having an affiliate program for your product really guarantee that you’ll attract tons of affiliates who will promote you?

Not necessarily.

There are a lot of “ghost ship” affiliate programs out there. What I mean by “ghost ship” is that read more…

Why I Don’t Like Online Product Launches

online product launches

I bet you know about the kind of online product launches going around ENDLESSLY…

It seems almost every week there is a new product launch; and during these launches, the product owners hit their list SUPER HARD and they ask read more…

How To Squeeze As Much Money As You Can From Your Affiliate Efforts

what is the highest paying affiliate program

In this post I want to specifically reach out to affiliate marketers.

If you are an affiliate marketer, of course you promote other people’s products/services in exchange for commissions right?

Now, the process of doing affiliate marketing correctly to get as much commissions as you can is by no means easy – nothing that brings about great reward is easy by the way. You’ve spent so much time and effort promoting other people’s products; of course it makes perfect sense to try to squeeze as much money as you possibly can from your efforts.

How Do You Squeeze As Much Money As You Can? read more…

Please Welcome Baby K

2 days ago I just got back home from the hospital tired and happy at the same time – this time bringing a new addition to the Mulia family… our newborn baby.

Please welcome Adeline Kaela Mulia who was born on Thursday, 12 August 2010 :razz:

Adeline is the baptism name (the baby is not baptized yet, but will be soon). Kaela is the given name, and Mulia is the last name.

Here are some pics of Baby K (by the way people also call Kaela Baby K):

And here are some videos:

(…please excuse the Indonesian language spoken in the videos :cool: )

Me and my wife Yen now sleep in different rooms – Baby K with her mom; I sleep in the other room.

Friends and family members who are already parents told me that this is the start of many sleepless nights. So to anticipate that, we decide to sleep separately in different rooms. This way I can rest well and replenish my energy so that I can work during the day.

(yes I still have to work on my online business)

Yen is having sleepless nights though, with the baby crying for milk every 2 hours. Other than that, the 3 of us are a happy small family :smile:

My work tasks have also increased ever since. Yen was helping me with customer service and some admin tasks before Baby K was born. Now I’m taking over some of her duties. I’m sure this shouldn’t be too long though. Once everything has settled down (including Yen’s increasing skills to take care of the baby), things should be back to normal.

I’m now starting to understand more the advantages of running an online business instead of working a 9-5 offline job. Yen was admitted to the hospital the day Kaela was born (Thursday 12 August). For 2 full days, I didn’t work on my business and yet it continues to make sales and provide income for me and my family.

Apart from that, I also have the luxury of choosing when I want to work. For example, yesterday (Monday) and today, I didn’t really do much work apart from answering some support tickets (which needed to get done to keep my business running).

I’m still so EXCITED with the presence of Baby K that I just want to spend time with her (even though all she does is sleep, drink milk, pee, and poop). Just watching her sleeping silently with her innocent cute look is enough to make feel happy and blessed…

Please welcome me and Yen to parenthood :mrgreen:

Where Do You Get Backlinks?

backlink seo

In my last email, I mentioned the importance of 1-way-backlinks to your SEO efforts (backlink SEO). To get on top of search engines, the number one factor is read more…

Unusual Or Weird (Email Marketing Tricks)?

email marketing tricks

We all know how profitable email marketing is when done correctly, especially if you were to factor in the implementation of some unusual or weird email marketing tricks. Today I’d like to give you a tip that can boost your email marketing profits.

The tip is: You should read more…

Content Marketing (Naughty) Trick

content marketing training

Content Marketing Training – Okay, so you’ve heard so many times that one of the easiest ways to get content for your site/blog is to go to an article directory (Ezine Articles for example), search for a relevant article within your market, and then simply copy the article and paste it into your site.

No doubt that’s EASY!

read more…