Please Welcome Baby K

2 days ago I just got back home from the hospital tired and happy at the same time – this time bringing a new addition to the Mulia family… our newborn baby.

Please welcome Adeline Kaela Mulia who was born on Thursday, 12 August 2010 :razz:

Adeline is the baptism name (the baby is not baptized yet, but will be soon). Kaela is the given name, and Mulia is the last name.

Here are some pics of Baby K (by the way people also call Kaela Baby K):

And here are some videos:

(…please excuse the Indonesian language spoken in the videos :cool: )

Me and my wife Yen now sleep in different rooms – Baby K with her mom; I sleep in the other room.

Friends and family members who are already parents told me that this is the start of many sleepless nights. So to anticipate that, we decide to sleep separately in different rooms. This way I can rest well and replenish my energy so that I can work during the day.

(yes I still have to work on my online business)

Yen is having sleepless nights though, with the baby crying for milk every 2 hours. Other than that, the 3 of us are a happy small family :smile:

My work tasks have also increased ever since. Yen was helping me with customer service and some admin tasks before Baby K was born. Now I’m taking over some of her duties. I’m sure this shouldn’t be too long though. Once everything has settled down (including Yen’s increasing skills to take care of the baby), things should be back to normal.

I’m now starting to understand more the advantages of running an online business instead of working a 9-5 offline job. Yen was admitted to the hospital the day Kaela was born (Thursday 12 August). For 2 full days, I didn’t work on my business and yet it continues to make sales and provide income for me and my family.

Apart from that, I also have the luxury of choosing when I want to work. For example, yesterday (Monday) and today, I didn’t really do much work apart from answering some support tickets (which needed to get done to keep my business running).

I’m still so EXCITED with the presence of Baby K that I just want to spend time with her (even though all she does is sleep, drink milk, pee, and poop). Just watching her sleeping silently with her innocent cute look is enough to make feel happy and blessed…

Please welcome me and Yen to parenthood :mrgreen:

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  • Hi Welly,

    It is brilliant to think of you having something so special to celebrate. All the best Rosemary

  • Hi Welly,

    Congrats on Kaela’s 1st Birthday. May you all be truly blessed of the Lord.

    I remember the birth of my first daughter 43 years ago on 16th August 1968. Today I have six children, 2 sons and 4 daughters. Children are a blessing from the Lord.

    Take good care of yourself and your family.



  • Hey everyone…

    THANK YOU so much for all your kind words and well wishes. Baby K, Yen, and me definitely appreciate it :)

    May you and your family be blessed with good health always, and may your business soar to new heights!

    Welly, Yen, and Baby K

  • Congrats on the new addition to your family.

  • Joy and Phil Rogers

    God bless you, your wife, and your new baby. Children are a lot of work but also a blessing. We slept with our babies between us. It was convenient and helped them bond with us. We did not make them sleep in their own room until they decided to move themselves. I think it helped them be happy children. Try it, you might like it.

  • Congratulations! Adeline is totally adorable and beautiful. I love her name too. Enjoy every minute that you have with her, she is so precious!

  • Robert

    Hi Welly, well done to both of you.
    Just remember, when the baby cries at night while
    you are watching TV, say to Yen, you go & look
    after Adeline, & if Yen says, “she is half yours,
    you go,” you reply, “No’ you go, because it your half that is crying”.

    Keep well,

  • Annette

    Congratulations Welly on your new little “LEO” baby! She will have lots and lots of energy and fire. Good sign to be born under. Very lucky.

  • Your baby is so adorable. Congratulations!
    You now have very full hearts – and hands!


  • Welcom Baby Adeline

    you have the face of an angel
    and a beautiful Mother, and a Great Father

    may you always have plenty,good health,
    and peace of mind. lots of love toyou.

    well done mom and dad

    She is a keeper

    god bless you all

  • Hi Welly
    Wow she is really beautiful! That is just awesome. Congratulations and I am so happy for you.

    If anyone reading this is feeling a bit left out of baby world because of infertility, you can visit my new blog that I recently made. There are a lot of us out there who yearn for what you have.


  • Congratulations Welly & family! What could be better news than a new family member. This is a true blessing.

  • Connie Wake

    Welcome! She is beautiful, congrats to both of you!

  • Congratulations Welly!
    She is DARLING!!!!
    My kids are by far the greatest thing to have happened to me…
    my baby girl is now 13….and becoming an awesome woman! Enjoy each moment…it goes fast!
    All the best to you & your wife!

  • James Elliott

    Congratulations to you both, she’s beautiful. You can tell she got her good looks from mom. I wake up more at night now than I did when the five I have were young.

    Joe said It’s a lot of work. Diapers to Teens there’s always something. I think it is something we do because we love them and from diapers to Teen stops a little early. There is always something even after teen. Then along comes another great part of life. Grand kids and the joy they bring.

    You and Yen have just added to the many wonderful things that will happend in your lifetime.

    God bless you,Yen and baby K.


  • Cool, congrates man… hope all goes well

  • Nylon

    You have a beautiful family! Cherish them. Welcome Adeline.

  • Congratulations to the three of you. A whole new part of your life is just beginning


  • Welcome, baby Kaela. You are six days old today. Exciting, isn’t it?!
    I wish you a long and glorious life.

  • Congratulations on one of the wonders of two people in love who produce a carbon copy of themselves, but with a mind of their own. I should know with tree grown kids and 7 grand kids.

    Today it is love them and hug them when they come home to visit and hug them and love them and blow a sigh of relief when they leave. LOL

  • Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful little girl! Children are such special gifts and add a whole new dimension to your life.

    Best regards,


  • Just beautiful! I love newborn babies. Everything, absolutely everything, from this point on will be a brand new experience to her. You will enjoy watching her explore the brand new world around her. Enjoy it while you can…one day she will be a teenager.

  • hi Welly
    congruations to you and your wife and welcome to baby K into this world I wish you all a long and happy life together and yes a few sleepless nights your wife will soon get sick of spending all night looking after baby K
    Welly soon it will be your turn to be awake all night
    looking after your new baby K
    peter mcgrath

  • Welcome Baby K! What a precious gift. She is beautiful!

  • That is really sweet to share your experience with the new baby. Adeline is my grandmother’s first name. I wish you and your family the good health. Congratulations!

  • Hi Welly,

    Congratulatoions to the new Mum & Dad ;)
    You have a beautiful daughter there….

    Maybe you should think about being more westernised and take shifts during the night so mum can get some sleep too…lol ;)

    Best Regards

  • God bless you with the most valuable gift in live. Take care.

  • Baby K is so cute may god bless you and your family congratulation dear.

  • Hello Beloved Mulia Family,

    Glory to God Who in His mercy has added
    to your family. Congratulations!

    Welly, welcome to our world – I married 20years
    ago. Marital life for me has not been blissful
    but I did find God’s grace sufficient.

    You have the responsibility of bringing up your new born in the nurture, admonition and fear of the Lord.

    Now Welly for nine (9) whole months you have been
    expecting this baby. Now what do you have for us? lol
    Helpful, FREE INFO to help us succeed online like you.

    Baby K, welcome to our world – sinful and wicked
    world of ours though! May the all loving God keep you,
    bless you and preserve you from ALL EVIL, in JESUS NAME, AMEN.

    Pastor Joshua Ude.

  • Hi Welly and Family,

    Congratulations, a new beginning and remembering caring for an infant is just like managing a business in so much that it is a marathon not a sprint.
    Hope all is well with mother and child.

    All the very best


  • La

    Congratulations and be a good daddy.

  • Congratulations to you both, she’s beautiful.

    Wishing you all the happiness for the future


  • Congrats!

    Internet business really does give you all the perks :-)

  • i love your beautiful angel “BABBY k”…..

  • val

    Congratulations to you and Yen. Welcome to the world Baby K.

    Enjoy time with your family!

  • Robert

    Congratulations! and Blessings to you, your wife and Baby K!

  • That’s wonderful.

    Children are such a total gift and I wish you a family filled with love.

    It’s a lot of work. Diapers to Teens there’s always something.

    Don’t forget to save a little time for each other.

    Best wishes,

    Joe Townend

  • Congratulations to you both, baby k looks fantastic. My wife and I had 3 wonderful children, your journey is just starting. Enjoy.
    All the best

  • Congratulations to you all of you

    Now the fun really begins, enjoy your time with baby K, you quickly forget just how small babies are.

  • Congratulation for becoming a Dad….

    And Welcome Baby K.

    Hope you spend sometime with your new born and your wife!

  • Morning
    First of all congrants to the new parents…Many happy moments to you both.
    To baby Kaela, “Hi Sweetheart, we almost shared a birthday together but you had to come on the 12th August and that is just fine because it was meant to be but hey we share our birthday in the same month, that should count. Today I saw your first picture and first video, (this is just the beginning, trust me, I have seen it many times already)…Welcome to the World…may you only see and experience all the best life can bring for you…Grow up strong and wise and remember you are so Special.
    Love to all of you,

  • Ohhhh Baby K is so cute I bless you with Much Happiness and Good Fortune for you Welly and Your wife Yen, and Baby K!

    Ohhhh Ya just want to hug her and kiss her I am so happy for you hey cherish this time cause it is most precious!


  • saisubbulakshmi

    congradulations! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

    Have a nice time with your family

  • J

    Welcome Baby!

  • congrats on your new status. This is just the new beginning . Enjoy.

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