Premium List Magnet Contest Winners

Hey guys and gals,

After a hard time deciding (there were about 150 entries), I’ve selected the 2 winners for the Premium List Magnet contest I held a few days ago.

They are…

1. David Taylor — your story is very entertaining, and I trust that you will make good use of PLM to build a huge list and provide value towards your subscribers.

2. David J Ciup — best wishes to your SMS/text message marketing service and I really hope that your business will do very well, especially with the help of PLM!

We will email you access to Premium List Magnet when it’s available next week.

By the way, it’s not that I have any special preference for people with the name David. It’s just a coincidence :)

Thanks once again to everyone who participated!

7 Responses to “Premium List Magnet Contest Winners”

  • I think more interesting for blogger to write article for SEO contest.. little marketing cost…

  • Well, I obviously missed this one. Can we know when will be the next contest? me and the rest of my friends would also like to join. :D

  • Gosh, I missed this contest. I am looking forward for the next.

  • Opps, I missed this. Hope to get next time :-)

  • Hi Welly,

    Hoping for some updates from your blog!
    Congratulations to the winner!

  • Wow congratulations to all the winners! So when will be the next contest? I love to join. :)

  • Yee Ha! Thanks Welly and I’m very glad you enjoyed my story.

    I am looking forward to using the plugin and spreading the word. It looks like a fantastic piece of kit.

    All the best,


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