Repurposing Content – And A New Caricature!

Just very recently, I had a caricature of myself done:

repurposing content - caricature

Compare the caricature with a real picture of me:

repurposing content - welly

What do you think? Looks A LOT like me huh? :mrgreen:

Anyway, let’s continue with today’s post about repurposing content. I just thought I’d share something personal and funny with you, that is why we have the caricature introduction there…

Have you ever heard of the term “recycled content”?

Recycled content, as the phrase implies, means that you can repurpose the same content in different ways.

Why would you want to do that?

The answer is: to save time, money, and effort trying to come up with new content.

Don’t get me wrong. You still need new content, it’s just that by recycling content you’ll be able to leverage on the work you’ve already done, thereby saving you tons of time and effort.

There are 2 ways content can be recycled:

1. Repurpose It In Different FORMATS

Let’s say you create an ebook or report. The same content within the ebook can be repurposed in an audio mp3 format by doing a voice-over of the ebook simply by reading aloud word-for-word and then recording what is being read.

If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, you can hire a professional to do it for you at an affordable price.

The audio format has a higher perceived value and is thus valued higher. If you’re giving this away to collect leads, then people are more willing to give up their email addresses to get your audio course (rather than just another ebook). If you plan to sell this, then you can attach a higher price tag to the audio course as well.

Or you can repurpose the ebook content and turn it into a video course. Video has the highest perceived value compared to ebook or audio format, and will thus sell at a higher price.

Even when a customer buys an ebook and you upsell him the mp3 or video version of the same ebook, he WILL buy it. Okay, not everyone will, but there are bound to be some people who will take you up on your offer.

People have different preferred learning formats; and if you can provide your content in all 3 different formats – text, audio, and video – then you will no doubt grow your audience.

2. Repurpose It In Different OCCASIONS

You write a blog post today. Tomorrow, a month later, 2 months later, you can use the SAME blog post to attract DIFFERENT people to your blog.

How do you do that?

You do that by harnessing the power of autroresponders.

Every time you write a blog post, you tell your subscribers via your autoresponder broadcast feature that you have a cool, new, informative post on your blog.

You can even make this ALMOST totally AUTOMATED by setting follow up messages in your autroresponder to direct them to the many blog posts that you’ve done in the past. Of course, to be able to do this, your blog must have a substantial amount of blog posts so that you can provide “new” content to your subscribers on a consistent basis.

I put quotes around the word “new” because to your subscribers it seems as though they’re getting new content, when in fact your content is already a few weeks or months old. However, old content does not mean it’s useless. In fact, a lot of content is long-lasting.

However, as you’ve most likely already heard everywhere, perceived is a lot times better than reality. When your subscribers think that you’re creating fantastic new content all the time and letting them know that they can consume it at your blog (thereby making them “think” that you’re a good guy looking after their best interests), then they’re going to be very responsive towards you and what you’re offering to them in the future.

It is said that consistency and repetitiveness are very good catalysts in building trust and mutually beneficial relationships with your subscribers, so if you have enough blog posts on your blog and you follow up with your subscribers via your autoresponder by giving them AWESOME content on your existing blog posts on a CONSISTENT basis, then chances are they’re going to be “WOW”ed and blown away by you.

You can also copy your blog posts (if they are text in nature) and paste them into the email body so that subscribers will receive the content directly in their emails. However, I highly suggest that you refer them to your posts on your blog so that they’ll be exposed to offers on your blogs, thereby giving you additional opportunities to make more money at the same time building relationships with them.

You hit two birds with one stone. Cool?

In addition, by referring them to your blog posts, they can also leave their comments and feedback on the blog, thus increasing communication between you and them, which will further strengthen your bond with them.


So to recap what I’ve just talked about today, remember that content can be repurposed in different formats and occasions. The same ebook can be turned into an audio mp3 or video course, hence increasing its perceived value and thus the price you charge. Blog posts that you have done previously can also be used over and over again as great content that you can give to your subscribers via your autoresponder follow up messages.

The point is, don’t waste good content that you’ve created. We all should work smart in this day and age to leverage the work we’ve done.

What do you have to say about repurposing content that already exist? Tell me in a comment below…

(If you want to tell me how COOL I looked in my caricature, of course you’re welcome to do that as well :mrgreen:…)

15 Responses to “Repurposing Content – And A New Caricature!”

  • Really good and useful information. You can also take a batch of articles or blog posts and make them into an ebook.

  • zhayuri

    hi! i like ur caricature, what software did u use?
    I like to do mine also.

    • My designer did it for me. We’ll open up a service for caricatures soon, so stay tuned :)

      • I’m looking forward to it. Would love to have something similar on my site. :)

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  • Justine

    Hello, I am starting my own picture to caricature business and need a program to do so, which program did you use to do your caricature?

    I look forward to your reply !

    Awsome cartoon by the way !

  • I also recycle contents in different formats. when I was thinking of a new content for my blog, and I realized I can use one of my podcasts content to be transcribed as a blog entry.

  • I like the idea of feeding subscribers old but relevant blog posts via email. I must admit that I’ve noticed that some of your autoresponder messages were old posts. Nice technique cos it sure do works ;-)

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  • caricature looks great welly and I’ll certainly look into your program. Heaven knows that we should all work smarter…the question is, What’s smarter?

  • Have to confess I’m absolutely guilty of this… from writing articles to blog posts and even my autoresponder messages. I tend to start afresh every time with new content which a) makes it harder for myself and b) makes it harder for my readers because then they have to visit my blog and be on my list…

    It’s just plan stupid – thanks for the reminder! My goal for the next week!

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  • I like your cartoon Welly :)

  • I think it is an excellent idea. I have not ever been able to figure out why we hear fresh, new, content. Some of the old things we write about is really good and should be brought back to life.

    And I love the pictures.



  • This is an idea that I find very good as the content we create can make an impact many times at different times. I have learnt an important lesson, thanks.

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