Selling Information Products Is Totally CRAP?

Selling information products – Okay, so you are interested in selling information products online.

I compliment your enthusiasm. However, it’s worth noting down that the majority of people just starting out in this business are NOT going to be able to sell a lot of products within a short period of time.

There I’ve said it…

Not the first thing you want to hear I bet.

But it’s the truth.

A lot of times, beginners just starting out receive INACCURATE and just plain WRONG information. They are told that they can sell a lot of information products online EASILY with little to no work. They are sold the “big dream” of getting rich easily.

This is totally CRAP and couldn’t be more wrong!

Selling information products online successfully is NOT easy, and it definitely takes time, hard work, and dedication.

Sure you can sell 5 information products today. But can you do it CONSISTENTLY every day for years?


As with anything, there is always going to be a learning curve involved.

You also need to understand that selling information products online is a numbers game. You generate visitors to your squeeze page and you get a 30% opt-in conversion which turns these visitors to leads. They (the leads) are then presented with your sales offer and 1% of them buy from you.

Let’s run those numbers:

Visitors generated to squeeze page = 300

Leads generated = 90

Number of sale = 0.9 (meaning not even a single sale!)

How’s that for a reality check?

And you know what? It’s NOT easy to get 300 visitors to your squeeze page when you’re just starting out. You don’t have any contacts that are going to help you. You don’t have much internet marketing skills.

It’s not my purpose to discourage you from building and running an online business. I merely want to tell you the truth. I’m sure you already had enough of hearing the good and cool things about selling information products online. You get rich quickly with little or no work. You fool around at the beach sipping pina coladas while money flows AUTOMATICALLY and MAGICALLY into your bank account. You sleep and money continues to flood in. You get the drill.

It’s time for some honest straight talk today. It’s time for a change of appetite.

Whether you’re selling your own information products or affiliate products, you need to do 3 things:

1. Generate visitors

2. Convert visitors to leads

3. Convert leads to customers

Generate Visitors

You drive visitors to your squeeze page or blog by using a few traffic-generation methods. In this interview I did with Terry Dean, he advised choosing one of three main methods:

- PPC and paid advertising

- SEO and blogging

- Affiliate marketing

Convert visitors to leads

Like what I’ve already stated in this post, driving visitors to your squeeze page will yield a higher conversion than if you were to drive visitors to your blog.

This is because on your blog, there are a lot of distractions in the form of outgoing links to other sites, as well as other links that link to your other blog pages and posts. Not to mention the banners on your sidebar and blog commentator’s links in the comments section.

In short, visitors can’t focus because of these distractions.

Your squeeze page, however, only has ONE purpose – that is to collect the email address of your visitors. They can only choose one of two actions – to enter their email address into your opt-in form or to close your website.

But how do you create a high converting squeeze page? I share a few tips in this same post.

Convert leads to customers

After visitors enter their email address, you want to direct them IMMEDIATELY to your sales pages where you present them your offer.


Because they’ve given you their email address right THEN and THERE – this means they are VERY interested in your subject NOW.

Spam emails are getting worse by the day, and if they actually hand over their email to you voluntarily, you can be almost certain that they are REALLY REALLY interested in your subject NOW.

Again, in this interview with Terry Dean, he explained how to persuade online visitors to buy your products.

Selling information products online is all about TRAFFIC and CONVERSIONS, and it’s a numbers game. The more you generate visitors to your squeeze page, the more leads you’re going to accumulate, and the more sales you’re going to make.

3 Responses to “Selling Information Products Is Totally CRAP?”

  • Great graphic! This just goes to show that if you accept the hype and go for the “get rich quick”, you’re not going to make it. Converting visitors to leads is a new concept I’m bringing to a lot of small businesses. It seems like a common concept but there are a lot of people that just don’t get it.

  • I like your honest approach here.

    Yes, most internet marketers are selling unrealistic dreams that hurts people buying the products.

    It takes time and effort to reach success and you need a blueprint or a whole lot of time.

  • Welly, thanks for the straight shooting. My put my first infoproduct up for sale almost exactly a year ago. I definitely make sales, but I definitely ain’t rich.

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