SEO Is Not King

seo is not kingEverywhere you go, you hear people talking about how important SEO is for your business, as I’ve mentioned in this post.

In my opinion, SEO itself is okay. It’s ONE method of getting visitors to your site. And it works, which is good. What is not okay is how a lot of courses and software claim that you only need their secret magic sauce that will propel your site to the top of the search engines, and you will be rich overnight and your problems will be over.

Yeah right!

SEO Is Just One Part Of The Equation

Even with number 1 spot in Google for all your targeted keywords, you won’t earn any money if you don’t have some kind of conversion mechanism in place.

You must ask visitors to do something that you want them to do. If you’re putting up AdSense ads, you want them to click on it. If you’re selling products/services (both your own or as an affiliate), you need to convert them into leads and customers.

Without any conversion taking place, you don’t get any money.

Again, SEO is only 1 (ONE) way of generating visitors to your site. There are other methods available, like article marketing, forum marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, leeching off other people’s hard work, etc.

The last method is interesting – leeching off other people’s hard work. And I was just trying to be fancy with my choice of words. The method I’m referring to is actually utilizing affiliates to drive traffic to your site.

A Marketing Lesson

There right there is another important marketing lesson – using fancy words do arouse people’s curiosity, and curiosity gets people hooked up and buy.

We at Get Profits Fast get around 100 optins every single day (that’s including customers, leads, affiliates), give or take a few, on autopilot.

I know, I know.

“Autopilot” is very much overused in our industry. But seriously, it’s as close to “autopilot” as it can get.

If you’ve been following me, you know that I don’t like to hype things up.

I say “autopilot” because I get around 100 optins every day no matter what happens. Even if I decide to take a 3-week vacation (which I’m going to do just that end of this year), we’re still going to be getting around 100 optins every single day.

Systems & Foundation

It hasn’t always been like this, though. I was able to do this because I had set up systems in place, and our foundation is strong.

And here’s another lesson to take away – Whatever you do, if you want to achieve great results, your foundation MUST be strong. There is no shortcut. EVER!

All the Clickbank loophole courses/software that claim you can earn money overnight simply by ONLY using them is a joke. It’s sad that a lot of beginners fall trap to these and end up wasting their hard-earned money and precious time.

So coming back to the topic of SEO – as I said earlier, SEO is okay and has its place when it comes to generating visitors to your site.

Let Other People Do Your Work For You

But, for me, I’d rather have OTHER PEOPLE do the SEO and all the other heavy-duty traffic generation tasks for me.

This way:

- I don’t have to keep up-to-date with the latest traffic generation tactics

- I don’t have to keep getting backlinks to my site by blog commenting, social bookmarking, etc. (I do join link-network services though, because they are almost automatic and require little to no maintenance on my part — I just need to keep paying the fees). Even when I’m not that into SEO, almost all our sites are ranking on the first page of Google for their targeted keywords. Some are even holding the first spot.

- I don’t have to write articles

- I don’t have to do guest-blogging

- I don’t have to do forum marketing

- I don’t have to do Facebook marketing

- I don’t have to do Twitter marketing

- I don’t have to do video marketing

- Etc.

I know my affiliates will do all of the above for me. They’ll send their traffic to my sites. This way, we can focus on doing what we do best – creating more killer products that REALLY and TRUTHFULLY solve other people’s problems.

Secret To Persuading Affiliates

So how do you persuade affiliates to promote your products instead of your competitors’ products?

1. Create a product that REALLY and TRUTHFULLY solves other people’s problems (not like those Clickbank loophole products where most are FALSE and UNTRUE)

2. Make your competitors’ product look pale in comparison to your product (i.e, even a complete noob can spot that your product is much superior than your competitors)

3. Price your product lower than what your customers can get out of it. This means your product is $50 but your customers are getting values that equal to $500

4. Create a more generous affiliate program (than most affiliate programs) to attract affiliates to promote your product (instead of promoting your competitors’ product)

The above 4 steps are what we at Get Profits Fast have done, and are also the reasons why we’re able to get consistent visitors, leads, and customers every single day, no matter I work or not. If I decide to work today, my efforts today will pay off sometime in the near future (meaning our income will increase later on). If I don’t work today, I still get consistent metrics. The outcome is predictable, and with predictable results, I get to sleep comfortably at night.

Doing the above 4 steps will make affiliates want to choose to promote your product instead of other products. And when that happens, you won’t be short of website visitors. SEO (and other traffic generation methods), then, become secondary as other people are doing all these hard work for you instead of you doing it yourself.

SEO is not king, so stop focusing on SEO all the time. Next time someone pitches you on an SEO course or software, remember that SEO is only one part of the equation.

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  • SEO is apart of marketing plan. However we do not need focus it over. I think to try use multi method shall be better for us.

  • Hi Welly,

    First off, yup, fully agree that SEO is not king…Conversion optimization is. But above when you say, “There are other methods available [than SEO], like article marketing, forum marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, leeching off other people’s hard work, etc.” << i always thought all that was just part of SEO. Why do you try to separate SEO from things like forum marketing?


  • Solving peoples’ problems will be even more important in the future since this is also Google’s own goal. This is why you can now rate companies and give them stars taht will be visible in the search engines. This is why likes and followers on Facebook/Twitter matter. This way you also get tons of free links from bloggers and website makers out there – just because they simply like what you’re doing.

  • Guys/Gals

    Thanks for your leaving your thoughts.

    Regarding the above 4 tips to get other people to do the heavy work of promoting your sites, you’re right. It does not apply to people who have yet a product of their own.

    In that case, you still need to drive traffic yourself — SEO, article marketing, forum marketing, etc.

    I’d suggest that after getting familiar with how this IM industry works (i.e. after being an affiliate for some time), that you create a product of your own so you can then have other people drive traffic for you.

  • The only thing that SEO can do well is drive traffic but never guarantee for sales if we don’t know how to get the potential one. I don’t believe very much that SEO can bring sales rather than reviews :-) Great points listed and I think selling our own products is still the way to go now

  • Agree that SEO isn’t the king (…nor the queen, jk). However just like the other have said, SEO greatly matters to those who rely on article marketing.

  • Nice post Wendy, I for one though am only flogging affiliate products at the moment but I do agree that having your own product is the way to go..Grant

  • Bill

    Love Welly´s products and the above must be true, if it´s from you.

    Welly, any update on the profitstheme (template)to look like premium list magnet homepage?

    Seems like every IM pro is using this style now (video+button above the fold, two color separator) understandably and can´t figure out how to re-create it with PT and have no expensive wp programmer to do it for me.

    If anyone nows, please help!

    Other than that, please keep offering us these amazing products, anything new to come up soon?

    Fortune favors the brave

    • Bill

      If every IM Pro is using the same format, how do you stand out?

      By being different!

      The problem with following the Pros is you become a ‘Me Too’ marketer. Soon every visitor to sites using the format you mention will get bored. By that time the Pros are already doing something different leaving their followers to crash and burn.

      Try to lead, not follow. Soon you will have your own followers.

      As you rightly say at the end of your post “Fortune favors the brave!” Being different is ‘brave’, following is ‘safe’!

      Have a great day


    • Hey Bill

      Regarding making Profits Theme the ability to create a template like PLM homepage, we can’t guarantee that it will be implemented, but suggestions are always welcome.

  • Well said!
    SEO is a highly technical feat – without specific knowledge of how your pages get indexed, you are working in the dark. Optimisation should be just one tool in your kit for getting traffic to your site.

  • Hi Welly, I love PT and am still working on building it into my site. Happy, too, to be your affiliate.

    How about building the ability for US to build our own affiliate programs within PT in a way that we don’t need to use those OTHER services? Creating a membership site is great, and I love the way PT does it. But creating a membership site that can promote itself through affiliates would be even greater!

    Unless I’m missing something… :)

    • Hi Sarafina

      We don’t plan to build an affiliate management feature within PT. That is why we integrate with Clickbank and DAP to accomplish that.

  • Looks as though I will have to get cracking and get my killer product out there.

    Thanks for the tips

  • Great post and I agree… I tire of the SEO and PR games… I see so many people obsess over it and get no where only to waste their valuable time! If they took the time to focus on things like you have mentioned they would be much more successful.

    Linda =}

  • Hi Welly,
    I used a similar subject for an article on my blog a couple of days ago.

    The search engines, and by this we really mean Google, aren’t interested in us who try to optimise for their front page, because we are not revenue producing.

    Their main concern is those who pay to be on the front page, no matter how good or bad their website is.

    Okay, mini rant over,


  • Hi Welly. Nice post.. I agree with you BUT…

    you forget one thing.. and that is that not everyone has their own product for sale online.

    most people trying to make money online are going down the “affiliate marketing” path..that’s why their best option is SEO.

    sure, if you’ve got products of your own, affiliate programs are where it’s at.. but for affiliates, they don’t have that option.

    For me, the top 3 traffic sources for ANY site are SE traffic, article traffic and affiliate/JV traffic. If you can get a mixture, that’s even better.

    Stu Sensei

  • Must agree that you have some valid points here. However, not everyone online has a product that affiliates will promote and so this does not really apply. However, seo is really part of the traffic generating system BUT is really a BIG part!

  • I totally agree.. both have a place but you need to be doing more of one or the other dependant is you have your own product or are simply an affiliate marketer..

  • not just a good article, it is a lesson in marketing …
    Thanks Welly, this kind of articles open your mind and give you inspiration.

  • “SEO is not King” As a matter of fact is SEO is more easier nowadays because you can get quality backlinks from your personal online activities like twitter, facebook, forums, blogs and videos. What is difficult to achieve is a good number of sales!

  • I have to say that Welly’s products are always ones I look forward to promoting. Great quality and value AND he really takes awesome care of his affiliates!

    Thanks buddy!

    • Thanks for your support as always Lon!

  • Welly,

    You make some great points here. If your websites aren’t converting, SEO is a useful part of the equation.

    Thanks for those awesome tips on getting affiliates as well.


  • Hi Welly,

    Many thanks for your advice. I really like the way you explain things in such a easy to understand fashion. It is so important to offer quality and value to our clients. You have provided that with your theme and excellent advice . Take care Rosemary

    Ps: I had a query a little while ago about menus on the theme and your customer service got back to me with a day and I had everything sorted in no time at all.

  • For me Paid Traffic is king..

  • haha, your headline is so attention catching;) I’m still learning SEO, but I think the human element is more important because the human make the machine;). Say hi to me on my blog sometimes;)

  • Your article regarding seo is really interesting.
    I am just a newbie, so need to learn more before starting my online business.

    People said there are many ways to earn money online. But I am confused which one is the simplest.

    That is why I still keep on learning.

    Thank you.

  • Hi,

    You’re right. Both aspects must be considered and it’s possible to write good valuable content that it’s indeed SEO optimized.

    Before anything else I always look for:

    What are users asking in forums and social networks?
    As SEO, I Ask to my client: What is it more requested in your conversations?
    After that, I do some keyword research.

    After that, I start to write.

    And finally, add some keywords here and there… ;-)

    All the best,

    All the best

  • i think QUALITY is king. Content, SEO, etc etc are all great, but it’s the quality of everything you do that will make your business a long term success. My opinion.
    cheers – Syd

  • Welly thank you again for share your experience and knowledge. You are a trust guy.

    Again, you have talked about the foundations, and about how to make everything working? What is the software that you are using for? How do you conquer affiliates, excellents affiliates, and remain with them?

    I suggest you writing an article about this.


    • I think you’re a Gold Coaching student if I’m not mistaken?

      Your question has already been answered inside the Gold Coaching course and also in the 4 tips mentioned above.

  • Yes I agree with Titus . For people without products SEO has to be king

  • Welly, I´m an affiliate marketer and I like promoting your well designed products. It´s a “win win situation”, because I feel confident that your customers are as happy as I am with their purchase.
    So I get a commission and readers that are satisfied with my recommendations.

    Thank you!

  • Good advice Welly, I signed up to your coaching course, im now on week 14, people REALLY need to sign up for this if they want things to happen with their internet business.
    Thanks for the post.

  • Right On Welly,
    As you know, this is exactly what I coach.

    Steve Rosenbaum
    Author: Back End Blueprint

  • Welly,

    Your point is validated by this observation: many SEO info products are sold via affiliates!

    Thanks for the insights.

  • Agreed. Focus on creating high quality ideas, products and services (as true marketers do) and leave the rest to the rest. SEO however is a good starting point though and is required initially to provide a solid foundation and steady flow of traffic…You cant have one without the other…Thanks Welly, Lucas.

  • Wawan Wibowo

    Great point of view Welly..
    Content is King and SEO is Queen, i agree somebody’s said. Interesting part is different between producer and comsumer. It’s little bit hard to implement the tactic for just affiliate marketer…

  • Hello Welly…. As a customer I know you deliver on the value.

    I will have to look into the affiliate program!

  • Next to SEO and the above tips; I think the nr1 advantage that you have above others is that you present yourself as a real life, genuine person and not as a ‘salesman’.
    Thanks for that.

    • You’re welcome! And I’m glad that I have presented myself that way.

  • Yeah, I do agree with you Welly.
    Focusing only on SEO will not make you money in one night.
    We also have the conversion on our site. Without this conversion, our site is useless..

    Thanks for sharing..

  • I think SEO is useful, but back to the goal of the website/blog. If we don’t have a product, or we just an affiliate marketer, your tips is not for us.
    We are still doing some traffic generation like you had mention above. This is my opinion Welly :)

  • Excellent point welly.

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