Step By Step Affiliate Marketing

Step By Step Affiliate Marketing – While there are a lot of places online that teach you how to do affiliate marketing, most of them either teach you the WRONG way to do it, or they teach you the COMMON way of doing affiliate marketing.

Let me share with you the RIGHT way of doing affiliate marketing in 5 steps.

Step 1: Find An Offer

This is self-explanatory. If you don’t have an offer or product to promote, you’re not going to earn any commission.

If you’re looking to promote digital products, you can go to major affiliate networks like or If you’re looking to sell physical products, you can go to Another major affiliate network is Commission Junction where you can promote both digital and physical products.

A few things to lookout for when choosing a product or service to promote:

A. Commission

You want to promote something that will give you something WORTHWHILE in return. I’d rather promote a $27 product than a $10 product.

Get my point?

Everything else being equal, the lower the price, the easier it is to sell a product. However, if you’re talking about a $10 and $27 product, there really isn’t much difference when it comes to the effort needed to make an affiliate sale.

Apart from the price, you also need to take a look at the commission percentage you get.


100% commission for a $10 product = $10 commission

30% commission for a $27 product = $8.10

In this case, it’s better to promote the $10 product because you get a higher commission AND the sales conversion is going to higher as well (because of the lower price-point).

B. Trust

Who is the person or company selling the product you’re trying to promote? Are they trustworthy?

You are putting your reputation on the line here. Make sure you only promote a product whose creator is someone with a good track record.

Have they paid out affiliate commissions to affiliates on time? Are there any complaints about them not paying affiliates?

Do a Google search on them.

Step 2: Create A Related UNIQUE And EXCLUSIVE Bonus

Create a related, UNIUQE bonus that you give away EXCLUSIVELY only to people who buy via your affiliate link.

An audio interview with the product owner would serve as a GOOD bonus.

Why an interview bonus? Because it’s FAST to create and it has a high perceived value since you’re interviewing an expert.

If you simply sell the product as is, just like other affiliates without adding your own personal touch and exclusive bonus, you don’t stand out and people won’t buy from you.

Step 3: Create A Squeeze Page

Step 3 of the step by step affiliate marketing system is to create a squeeze page. If you follow how the majority of affiliates do affiliate marketing, then you’re also going to get the same results they get – which is little to no results at all.

Most of them send traffic directly to the sales page of the product.

This is a HUGE mistake.

Most people (99%) are not going to buy the product right then and there at the first encounter. This means they (the majority of affiliates) are not going to make any sale.

You should instead send traffic to your squeeze page so that you can capture the visitors’ email address. After they enter their email, you then IMMEDIATELY send them to the product sales page.

This way you can follow up with them via autoresponder to make the offer again and also to build relationships with them. It is said that it takes at least 7 repeat exposures before a person buys.

Step 4: Drive Traffic

Like I’ve stated above, instead of driving traffic to the sales page of the product, you drive traffic to your squeeze page and then direct them to the sales page.

More training on how to drive traffic via search engines can be found here.

Step 5: Follow Up

Again, you need to follow up with your subscribers and remind them about the offer. Build relationships with them by ENTERTAINING and EDUCATING them.

People like to listen to stories. So you ENTERTAIN them by telling them your personal story. You EDUCATE them by giving them free related content.

Combine these 2 and you have a POTENT follow up a system.

Luckily for you, you can follow up with them since you already have their email address.

Step by step affiliate marketing can be done by following the 5 steps outlined above.

14 Responses to “Step By Step Affiliate Marketing”

  • This is a good overall summary of affiliate marketing. However, each step could have 50 ‘sub-steps’ to it. I guess that’s why there are so many courses / businesses built around the topic! Thanks for the summary. Good job.

  • Well, the smallest step above is the most important…Driving Traffic. That needs to be elaborated on. It’s not as easy as it seems.

  • I think this is the first time I’ve seen anyone mention the “trust” factor. So many affiliates (including myself) have marketed products where the company has rather questionable practices. Sometimes one of the hard parts is finding products that not only have a good sales page, but are also sold by a reputable company.

  • A very good guide for the ones that are beginners in affiliate marketing. I have read some things that I haven’t know. Thanks a lot.

  • Affiliate marketing is very important in today’s world. I completely agree with you people in this respect. I wish you good luck in your endeavor. I would recommend all my pals to have a look at this wonderful website. Step by step process is too good.

  • Affiliate marketing is important, and you are right, the most important thing is trust. You don’t want to be scammed and not paid anything at the end of the day. That would hurt a lot, so it is best to do proper research before you get started. Make sure you are working with trustworthy people. Good luck. I’ve earned thousands through affiliate marketing myself and I can safely say it is one of the coolest ways to earn money. Easy and efficient.

  • Great guide especially for promoting products in Clickbank (marketing related niches). However, there are tons of products that don’t require bonus to get sold well, like Amazon stuff and more. However, building a list is a must on my opinion, since your customers may buy again and again…

  • Affiliate marketing is a great way to make some extra money, but it is also very competitive these days. You really do need to “stand out” from the crowd to get noticed.

  • Amazon Affiliate program pays much better than other affiliate programs out there.;;;

  • i signed up with the Amazon Omakaze affiliate program. i am not yet earning from this affiliate program because my blog is still very new.,.:

  • This is a great tutorial on affiliate marketing. I think this is one of the best ways to make money online because you can make a high percentage for every sale or lead you make.

    Clickbank is the first affiliate network that I started off with and had success online with.

  • i signed up on amazon affiliate program last year and i can only earn 100 dollars amount from this affiliate program. i guess i need more traffic to earn more.

  • Step By Step Affiliate Marketing…

    Step By Step Affiliate Marketing – 5 Steps To Success!…

  • I’m currently using to sell my products. While they are not as big as Clickbank, more and more sellers are using them.

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